Portsmouth - He Played For Them Too! - City: Paul Walsh
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He Played For Them Too! - City: Paul Walsh

I won't always focus on the most 'popular' player to have graced both teams, I might for example focus on somebody who made his name, or lost their reputation in the move.. I'll just select one and try to bring them back into our hearts and if I manage to spark a few memories in the process I'll be more than chuffed.

This Sunday Pompey entertain Manchester City at Fortress Fratton and I found I had a few players to pick from:

The obvious choices, looking at our current squad, would be one of the two players to have featured in every minute of our premiership campaign so far this season;

James or Distin.

Jamo, the 'Foreman of the Laundry' joined us from City in August 2006 for 1.2m whereas Sylvain one of the best Centre Halves in the Premiership was unbelievably wrapped up in sky blue ribbons and gifted to us on a free by Stuart Pearce!

I could have chosen Andrew 'Andy' Cole whose 500,000 move from City a week or so after David James never really captured the imagination; either that of the player or the Pompey's fans. So much so that the one time Newcastle & Manchester Untied goal machine left Fratton Park with the reputation of being no more than greedy journeyman.

I could have gone back a few years and chosen Kit Symons who spent seven years and made 160 appearances for Pompey before moving to Manchester City in the summer of 1995 for a 1.2million fee. Funny how Symons cost Man City the same as we paid for Jamo ... Twelve years earlier!!

There are others too, including;

Eyal Berkovic (Free - Jan 2004), Martin Phillips (100,000 - Aug 1998) or even Anthony 'I only played for Pompey once' Fenton (Free - March 1999) or better still the little known Paul Smith!

We could have chosen Michael Brown or Paul Ritchie who we loaned from City in 1999 & 2002 respectively.

And let's not forget, Lee Bradbury who moved to Maine Road for 3M in July 1997 (bargain!)
But when all is said and done the focus has to be on only one man... Walshy. The blonde bombshell was one of the most exciting players ever to have graced Fratton Park (and Maine Road). So when considering who to choose it really was a no brainer especially as, not only did we sell him to City... we also brought him back again!

Although Walshy played for the likes of Liverpool and Spurs before joining Portsmouth I'm positive there isn't a Pompey fan in existence that doesn't believe we had the best out of him.

The former European and League & FA Cup double winner, arrived at Jim Smith's Fratton Park in June 1992 as part of a 400,000 payment for Pompey's 'Player of the Season' Darren "Shaggy" Anderton just months after Shaggy had scored 'that' goal.

At the time I remember thinking that I knew about Walsh and had even seen him play a couple of times but as good as he was, he was in no way as good as the potential we had let go... How wrong I was!

From the moment the Bald Eagle introduced Walshy to a certain Guy Whittingham everybody knew something special was about to happen. We were right! And when on one Saturday in August 1992 he made his debut in a Pompey shirt in the 3-3 draw at Bristol City's, Ashton Gate we all knew that we could live with Anderton's departure .. Maybe, we thought, a hero was in the making.

Walsh was outstanding in that game and more than played his part in helping Corporal Punishment to a bag an opening day hat-trick, but despite that blistering start by the 'W-Act' Pompey's season started very averagely, but a surge of form towards the middle of the season saw us step up a gear and become the strongest side in the league.

Class is always recognised at Fratton Park but none more so than Paul Walsh. In a season which saw Corporal Guy achieve all sorts of goal scoring feats including breaking Pompey's all-time scoring record of 42 league goals (48 in all competitions) in a season, the Fratton Park faithful acknowledged Walshy's contribution of skill and craftsmanship and voted him, not Whittingham their man of the season

Unfortunately, despite the Walsh and Whittingham partnership Pompey narrowly missed out on promotion to the (old) First Division. Ironically, goal difference was the deciding factor as we lost out to West Ham by the narrowest of margins.

In what seems ludicrous now, Whittingham was sold in the summer following that season, but although Walshy had lost his strike partner he quickly formed another (although not quite as lethal) with cheeky Scouser John Durnin, and It was this partnership which produced arguably Walshy's best ever game for Pompey.

In January 1994 with Walsh in fantastic form and scoring both goals, the underdogs from Portsmouth shocked the Premiership Champions Manchester United by holding them to a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford and thus earning themselves the right to a Coca-Cola Cup fifth round replay at Fratton Park. Unfortunately Pompey could not complete the job and United won the replay by a goal to nil.

Sadly, that was one of Walshy's last games for Pompey (during this spell at least) as approx six weeks later and after 73 league appearances the then Manchester City Manager Brain Horton paid 750,000 for the striker's services. Typically, much to the distress of the Portsmouth fans who really couldn't understand the club selling him, Walshy scored on his debut and went on to score six more in the remaining ten games of the season helping City to avoid relegation.

Walshy continued his form and began his first full season at City by scoring twice in games against Scummers, Everton and one of his former club Spurs, but City failed to maintain their good start to the season and finished the campaign in 17th position.

Without question Paul Walsh had endeared himself to the City faithful, who appreciated his energetic & relentless displays just as much as the Pompey fans had, so it was not surprise that they too felt gutted, when new manager Alan Ball (of all people!) swapped Walsh plus some dosh for Portsmouth's Gerry Creaney.

Yes, Paul Walsh was back at Fratton Park and although Pompey were never quite able to re-capture the form they demonstrated during his first spell.

Walshy once again showed why he was (and always will be) considered one of the gods at Fratton Park.

Unfortunately, however he only managed 21 more league appearances before suffering a cruciate ligament injury to the knee (which brought his career to a sad and painful end) during a game against Leicester in February 1996

Since hanging up his boots, Paul has worked for TV and Radio, providing match analysis for ITV and Sky Sports (amongst others) and he is still regularly seen appearing on Soccer Saturday and Football First.

Walshy was (still is) a hero at Fratton Park and also at Maine Road, but it seemed that wherever he went he managed to get the crowd behind him and on their feet. One of his former clubs, Liverpool, commissioned a poll in the summer of 2006 entitled 'One Hundred Players Who Shook The Kop' 110,000 Reds worldwide voted for their favourite Liverpool crowd pleasers of all time. It was no surprise Walshy finished a more than respectable 71st

Written by Chix.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 9 2007

Time: 12:34PM

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fantastic stuff Chix - a real great read, so when you get a chance do read! and do be inspired fellas to write accounts of your own, just send to me and i will publish for you... ive also got one planned, which i will write on the train in a minute when i go out, type up later and publish tomorrow...
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09/11/2007 12:39:00

what a legend. one of my favourite ever Pompey players.
The Rabbi
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09/11/2007 14:28:00

Great article Chix. Brings back so many memories. He was definuitely a favourite of mine. What a partnership he had with Corporasl Guy. Was a travesty that we didn't go up that season - it all went wrong with a 4-0 away at Roker Park, I recall, with a couple of sendings off (Possibly Butters and Walsh was it? Might be wrong there).
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 14:47:00

Fitzroy Simpson!
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 15:13:00

And I have one on City to write tonight. Will read fully later Chix but nice one!! How about another from the past John McClelland - who was a guest at the Reading game?
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 16:10:00

Great article chix. Super walshy super walshy walshy walshy walshy!
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 18:16:00

How about Carl Griffiths, what a shrewd signing he was!!
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 18:25:00

NorthStandDan you got the right two who were sent off, but it was 4-1, Whittingham scored 1 of his 43
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 18:32:00

Fitzoy Simpson & Carl Griffiths .. I'd forgotten all about them - It's funny how many players you can think of when you just focus on one particular club, I,m sure there are plenty of other I've missed .. but that just means there's some to write about nexxt time we play Man City
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 18:54:00

Top draw. What a player. Saw so many of his games for us. Great days & great heart ache. Oh what we might have done in top league with him & Guy. The pain of that time now eased by what we are achiving now.
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 21:38:00

Outstanding article - best I've read on here - I may be a bit biassed however
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 22:00:00

fitzroy, i always liked the fella and he is a nice guy too, im basing this on some autogrpahs that he has done for me over the years - he always had time to write alittle message to go with them... no biased opinion there WalshWasGod :-)
Report Abuse
09/11/2007 23:30:00

Walshwasgod - I am honesty not lying... when I chose to do Walshy as the focus of tthe article (no brainer really) a little smile came over my face as I thought that I was guaranteed at least one happy reader.... Your name says it all mate..'Walsh was God !' He's there in the top drawer of Pompey Legends
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 07:24:00

sorry boys i cant contribute much, as i dont know many legends which have played for pompey in my life, de zuuew, mers, stone are the only real legends for me, but my dad keeps naming walsh & whittingham? he stirs in his sleep and just blurts it out
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 07:47:00

they dont have to be legends mate - the one ive written and will add soon is far, far from a legend - just a fella i always like for some strange reason :-) i never saw walshy play in a pompey shirt - well not at a game anyway, saw him on tv and that but it wasnt the same... same applies for whittingham - well in his 1st spell, i saw him when he returned a hat trick completed in the fratton end in front of me still remains one of my best ever memories...
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 09:54:00

whittingham has got an interview on PFCTV now, talking about the man city pompey game
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 10:13:00

Guy was a great servant to the club wasnt he? Not the most gifted but just had the habit of scoring goals, i wonder if he had his time again if he would go off to Villa instead of staying?
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 10:39:00

interesting one isnt it Owenspompey - i doubt he has too many regrets, as he doesnt seem the kind for this, but in hindsight - which is a wonderful thing - i dont think he would go, if he could relive things again...
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 15:11:00

don't think i ever felt as gutted as the day walshy left, it eclipsed barry horne signing for the scum
Report Abuse
10/11/2007 17:46:00

walshy is a legend, although he doesnt compare to merson both on the pitch and on sky sport news!
Report Abuse
11/11/2007 08:22:00

Disagree Gleamer.... As good a Merse was... He wasn't as loved as Walshy and also the way he left the club left a bitter taste with some as well .... walshy still bigs up Pompey (even played for us in the soccer sixes last month) Merse almost treats us with contempt... just my thoughts.. that's all
Report Abuse
11/11/2007 09:17:00

yep merse helped get us up - well he more than helped but his status isnt as great as walshy... altho i also feel that wlashy sometimes slags us off and doesnt always give us the praise and credit we deserve, but i might have just caught him on a bad day, as he seems to be doing it alot... merse certainly does treat us with a lack of respect at times - he was going it during the asia cup wasnt he.
Report Abuse
11/11/2007 09:47:00

when i say doing it alot i means walshy praising us now...
Report Abuse
11/11/2007 09:48:00

chix, whilst i agree with you in parts don't forget Walshy got very anti pompey when he was let go and even more so as a failed agent we wouldn't buy any of the players he was hawking around. Also you may recall some of the comments he made on sky sports which caused what Geoff Stelling described as " more than a thousan irate pompey fans" to contact Sky and complain, Walsh was not seen on a pompey match for a while after that. The " i love pompey and had some great days there " is a fairly recent phenomena and at odds with what he said for two years or so after he left. Even Tim Sherwood told him to shut up once.
Report Abuse
11/11/2007 10:47:00

haha, last time I was watching skysports, mers was saying that pompey have a chance at champions league and, if anyone asked him who the best manager he has worked with, he would instantly say harry redknapp, and raved on about him! whilst when paul walsh is there, which isnt that often, he doesnt really say much, plus,,,,,i wasnt going on about who talks about pompey on skysports more, i was just saying genrally I like mersons commentrary better, because it is funnY! and...i never saw walsh play, but I saw merson, therefore I went with merson! : )
Report Abuse
11/11/2007 11:01:00

They were both fantastic footballers, and capable of winning games on their own. You cant expect players to be in love with their old clubs forever, they both say both good and bad things, that is why they are pundits, however they both have a big part in the history of the club.
Report Abuse
12/11/2007 09:24:00

yep, neither players started at pompey wither thoug did they, do it is kind of hard for them to fully support pompey like they would there starting tems
Report Abuse
14/11/2007 20:32:00


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