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Vital Pompey - On the Up!

So late on Wednesday (midnight in fact) in the midst of drowning my sorrows at our Carling Cup exit with a whiskey large enough to float the Warrior in, I dragged all the stats down from the Vital Members League, put my anorak on (the one on loan from Eastneydave, Ninja Tim & pompeygray to name a few) and performed some magical analysis.

What I found was very interesting … well interesting if you like looking at statistics that is.

Vital Pompey (that's us! … you & me!… and anybody else logging on) amassed an amazing total of '3588' points for the month of October.

"Wow", I hear you cry, "but how does that compare to other club sites?"

Well I'm going tell you … For October Vital Pompey was the 8th most contributed to site on the Vital Network. Now that's not bad considering Vital covers all the English and Scottish leagues as well as the Conference. So that means we are 8th out of about 150 fan sites … not bad eh! …

The Top 15 teams looked like this

1. Millwall - 19014
2. Aston Villa - 13369
3. Spurs - 11132
4. Chelsea - 8901
5. Arsenal - 6912
6. Sheff Wed - 5562
7. Rotherham - 4153
8. Portsmouth - 3588
9. Blackpool - 3439
10. Leeds - 2701
11. Celtic - 2455
12. Swansea - 2437
13. Forest - 2224
14. Blackburn - 2175
15. Hull - 2170

As you can see we have some way to go to topple the likes of Millwall, Villa and Spurs but they each have nearly 400 members contributing to their site on a regular basis and there's no way we can match that (at the moment at least). We can however target Rotherham and Sheffield Wednesday as their site are of similar size to ours and surely, within our grasp.

For info Dundee and Ayr shared the bottom spot with 1 point each! … They must be exciting places to go if you ever get bored in the early hours!!

Exciting stuff eh! … But come 'ere, there's more …

If you look at the individual contributions you'll see our very own 'Landlord Rug' amassed a crackin' total of 564 points, making him to 10th best individual on the network - This goes to show the amount of effort he puts in to keep the site up and running for us all to contribute. Well done Rug… you truly are a 'Jolly good fellow!'

Carpet and I managed to secure places in the top 50 with more than respectable 40th and 22nd placings and eastneydave and storagematt were 72nd and 73rd - Well done fellas.

The Individual standings for the entire network looked like this…

1. merlin (Chelsea) 1046
2. Blue is the colour (Chelsea) 894
3. herringthorpe (Rotherham) 844
4. daspecial1 (Chelsea) 714
5. will it ever happen (Sheff Wed) 659
6. muffdaddy1983 (Liverpool) 639
7. glensider (aston Villa) 637
8. ozanne park rangers (QPR) 589
9. SMOKIEJACK (Chelsea) 579
10. pompeyrug (Portsmouth) 564

Mention should also go to NinjaTim, paultsmouth, russellm, pompey4me, PompeyGleamer and linvoyforengland for amassing over 100 points each… again another tremendous effort fellas…

Obviously (as I'm sure Rug would point out) every bodies contribution is valued and valid and it really doesn't matter if you just log on for a minute or two to the take part in the polls or the prediction league… but next time you do just spare a minute to say 'hello' in one of the many forums going on, you're guaranteed a warm welcome and your post and the responses you receive will all collect points… which will help push Vital Pompey further up the Vital League … Wouldn't it be good if one day Vital Pompey could sit proudly at the top of the Vital League and Pompey FC sit firmly on top of the Premiership … now there's a thought …

So there you have it, the results of a couple of hours cutting and pasting, collating, validating, cell referencing and the myriad of other geeky things I do when the kids are in bed!

Now that's done, can I keep the anorak for another month or shall I buy some pyjamas and call myself Stato!

Written by Chix.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 4 2007

Time: 2:44PM

Your Comments

reading this really does make you realise just how far vital pompey is coming - and makes me amazingly proud of how far it has come so quickly, which it has... if we keep going the way we are this really will be the only place to be, and could one day be the no.1 vital football site, as Chix says wouldnt this be great to see both vital pompey and pompey fc at the top of the tree - its not as unrealistic as it might have once sounded... keep up the good work fellas, keep having your say, putting forward your polls and articles etc.
ye, i heard that harry redknapp has an account name, PompeyGleamer, just a rumour however
You shouldn't spread vicious rumours PG that you are HR. But seriously good work everybody lets keep it on the up!!
Quality over quantity any day ! (not sure we need or want to compete with the likes of Millwall. At least here, there's never a forum on whose doc martins have the hardest steel toe !!!).
im not spreading them!! Its Newsnow!
No Im joking, Im not HR, but perhaps one day i could be, first of I would recruit NinjaTim, with his knowledge we would win everything!
I think this is a great site.
niko kranjcar opened an account last may...i always did say he was an unimaginitive fella, he coppied the name of the site editor (who i heared was actually sol campbel! where else would he get all that footie memrobelia from?)
oh, and its raining! can i borrow your anorak, or whoevers it actualy is?
and i have just realised im slacking behind this month. better make lots of posts...and for that matter, put each new sentance as a separte post.
that way, ill get more points, you see, as i am slacking off a bit this month!
More power to us all.
haha, what do you mean by slacking behind??
well, i am way down in 6th place - and when i mad those comments, i only had about 25 points! on the verge of not even getting top 10!! how tragic would that have been?
i just wasnt contibuting as much as i could have been...which is why ITS CATCH UP TIME!
what do you mean by 6th place, and points!!?
Time to crush the mighty Rotherham! Bring it!
havnt you looked at the "members league"? your winning with 169 points for november ;-)
members league? explain please?
errr...too the right of the article, there is (on my laptop) a coloumn of things, such as a list of the site editors (all hail the king) pompeys league position (FOURTH!!!), our latest 6 results (which look quite nice!) and the members league. and the poll.
wow, im top!! haha, so you get points for posting?
bloody hell fellas, i only looked at this a while back and there was about 3 comments - stop hogging it Gleamer and carpet :-)
seriously tho fellas its a pleasure to write on this site - its so easy writing about the team you love isnt it, maybe sometimes you can be alittle 'blinkered' but thats understandable eh, altho we try not to dont we... so long as we keep using all areas of this site it will keep growing - and we also have to keep getting inolved, as so many of us are with our comments, poll votes, article and poll suggestions etc.
yep. thanks rug!
sorry, the young 'uns are still getting to know how the site works, isnt that right newby ;-) you get points for posting here, on the forums, and voting. and doing all them on any of the vital football sites.
and pompey gleamer, ypu are 9th overall - but some way behind the 635 of dazza 71
ahhh, i getcha', well 100 or so down 500 to go! : )
good luck trying to catch him/them up the top! you could be on this site longer than...well...longer than anything else really if you want to keep up!!!
just so you know fellas if you only keep posting in the one article you dont get so many points - but its not a competition anyway is it, we comment to make get our points across and share opinions etc dont we... altho tbh from my point of view the more people that are above me in the leaderboard the better it means the site is doing - so im happy to be knocked off my purch...
na, i have a social life aswell! usually go on when doing coursework or at school, and tonight i have been doing coursework for the past 4 hours!
im not doing this for the points (if i was, i would have been voting like mad, on every vital football site there was - and making random comments - its all in aid of saving some of the sites younger members time - so they dont need to look up how everything works, and they can get on with coursework!
haha, well if you want to save more time, you can do my art coursework!!
Good work Rug, and the others - I think its a great site. I'm sure we can keep going from strength to strength on the web as we are on the pitch!! We've one of the best managers, some of the best players, definitely the best fans, so why shouldn't we have the best vital site too?!
Yep, Rug, take credit here mate, Paultsmouth too, this place has come a long way and is a great place to while away the hours!PUVP!
sorry...i think pompeygleamer and i got a little distracted :-0 (and i wouldnt get me to do your art courswork, you would fail) - and i have no idea how many hours i just "whiled away" - but it was probably too many!!!
merlin posts on everything in vital
Out of interest .. how do you get to other vital sites ... do you have to go back to your browser and type iyt in or is there a quicker way... I fancy going to the Ayr site just to say hello and give them another point !!!
you can get to it via the drop down menu at the top right of the page 'vital football menu' - you then select the option you want...
Good to see another vital forum picking up, very good fun and some excellent reads. Hope you continue to go forwards just like your team.
will it ever happen
you are from vital wednesday arent you mate? its a nice active site that one and i have a couple of wednesday supporting mates that use it - they are so addictive arent they, i cannot get enough of it!
By the way Gleamer thanks for your promise to recruit me! I'm not a TOTAL anorak though....on top of this, I keep a business running, teach tae kwon-do and train in tkd three times a week. Not bad for an old man, eh?
Slacking down in tenth lads, sort it!
...on the verge of getting into the op 4!!!
pompeycarpet!, or should I say pete?
why pete?
who's pete... i have an uncle pete!
i have a friend called peteR...dont know anyone who goes by the name pete...
If I had known this article was gonna result in so many post I would never have written it ;) Good work fellas but we must heed the advice offered by Toronto4Pompey right at the top of the thread... It's quality not quantity that counts... Let's try and maintain the good things about the site and keep it clean (well ish), informative and friendly... oh and keep the threads on topic!!
Just reread the above ... Sounds a bit school teacherish .. sorry (he says going off topic) ..... But I think you all know what I mean ;)..
yep i know what you mean Chix - sometimes topics take a sideways movement which is good, others they just completely change course and not always for the better...

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