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Chew The Fat With Chix - May 26th

Well here we are again for another session of Chew The Faton Vital Pompey!

Tonight,as with every Thursday at around 7:30pm I will be live on-line to discuss the topics of the week.... Not that there has been much to chat about this week!

Those that took part last week will no doubt testify that a lively debate was had by all both on the front page and in the forum. So why not join in with me 'on the spot' to respond to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter and controversy thrown in as well.

As always I'll be happy to discuss all things Pompey however tenuous, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

How about ..

Tal Ben Haim - Would you like to see him back in a Pompey shirt and earning his money or would you rather he rotted away on loan somewhere.

Or what about your thoughts on Standing as a Board Member for The Pompey Trust Do you think you could make a difference? or perhaps you feel The Trust are just wasting their time (and your money) and do not represent the views of Pompey fans generally. Come on share your views

Perhaps you have a view on which players Pompey should sign this summer - Takeover allowing of course.

Or perhaps you just want to speculate about the imaginary takeover.. well whatever it is I want to hear from you.

So if you`ve nothing better to do join me only on Vital Pompey, on this article and in the forums for what promises to be a lively debate.

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in at 7:30 tonight but want to add to the debate why not throw in your two penneth worth right now?

The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 26 2011

Time: 4:55PM

Your Comments

Plymouths loss is Pompeys gain - as Peter Ridsdale takes over....? Just a thought - I will try and log on later but no gaurantee. My opinion is that I'm glad he is off the market... for now!
Rows of Chix's empties on the top of the article then!! How appropriate!!
Of course you can read my views on some of the subjects Chix has raised on Summer Toast on the front page.
Evening all ..
So we've got a couple of comments to work with before we kick off the evening .. I'll pick the bones out of Eastneydave's Summer Toast as we go through the night but first lets address ...
Peter Risdale .. So the moneymaker of Leeds who delivered them so much then got abused for it (much like our own Mr Peter Storrie... deliberate attempt to insite has been offered control of Plymouth .. Question is .. How would we cope with a character such as Risdale at the helm of our ship ?
..can't believe I made a spelling mistake on the first post .. incite .. Christ my six year old can spell that !!
..and it's Ridsdale too .. Innit .. stand by for an evening which is only gonna go one way .. Much like Plymouth I guess..
For me .. I don't have a problem with the bloke .. During his Chairmanship Leeds were never outside the top 5 of the Premier League and they reached the Semi-Final of the UEFA Cup in 1999 and the Semi-Finals of the Champions League in 2000. He was also the owner of Barnsley for a while, rescuing them from folding after dropping from the Premiership to Division Two after the loss of revenue from the ITV Digital collapse.. and at Cardiff he was responsible for the building of the new Cardiff City Stadium .. So if I were a Plymouth fan .. I'd be preety sure that some 'action' was gonna happen .. question is .. At what cost .. ??
Blame it on those empties, Chix.
If he were here I guess he'd come under close scrutiny after our experiences with PS et al.
But I bet many of us 'fickle' fans would be whooping with joy if he got us a new stadium and some success. Few would be counting at what cost.
If those empties were mine it'll only be the last hours hours worth.. And I wouldn't drink that weak **** either .. as for Ridsdale ..
I think he'd come under scrutiny wherever he goes .. But did he really do anything wrong.. He chased a dream.. And nearly got it .. Imagine what would have happened to Leeds had they won the Champions League .. He would have been considered a God .. instead he's a villian and enemy number 1
.. Just seen your third post and completely agree.. Bottom line is that all footie fans are fickle .. Even those who claim they aint .. We all think we could do a better job..
why do ya think Champ Man is so popular (lol)
Has just posted a cracking post in the forum ..I'll paste it here for all to see ..
PompeyJake says..
"Evening Chix. This is probably going to be my only post tonight as I am in revision mode! Firstly I was amazed by the development in the Tal ben Haim saga this week. I can't believe his agent came out saying that. Although we know little of whats going on behind closed doors, the fact he is still on a reported 36000 a week is of great concern. Secondly, I am finding it increasingly tedious getting in debates about takeovers and new signings. maybe its just me but I have a real issue with the fact this takeover has gone on so long and so far, nothing has really come out of it. I'm getting bored of the News constantly saying it will be done within a week and then 2 weeks later it still isn't done. I'm growing bored of the whole club at the minute. The sooner the takeover talk is over, the sooner we can start talking about football again I hope. Its also painful watching all these free agents on the market and knowing, they're not going to come here. I can't imagine what it must be like for Steve Cotterill at the moment and I do feel for him particularly at the moment as he would have been hoping for better after January. I'm not normally this pessimistic but I am really struggling to be positive about the club at the moment.
I guess the first bit to pull out of that is Jakes point about being bored with the club at the moment .. To be honest (and it was apparent when I posted the artcile about 5pm tonight) that I am also bored with the same old crap being churned out time and time again.. by The News.. The offical Site and even the Pompey message boards ... hence the imaginary takeover comment in the leader article
Some of you will know that I keep files on everything Pompey and also keep a (virtual) scrap book of everything that happens day by day at PFC ... But the past week or two (since the season has finished) must be amongst the most boring weeks in my file.. There's nothing to report that hasn't been reported a hundread times already and nothing to say that we all haven't had our opinion on 100 time before
On the Steve Cotterill point .. And feeling sorry for him .. Most of the people I speak to fall into two camps .. Those that love him and those that don't ..
If pushed I would have to fall into the 'love him' camp ... Yeah I know he's got rid of the reserves and most of the youth set-up and 'alledgedly' walks around the club as if he owns the place but if that's what he believes is the right thing to do then it has to be his decision.. if he was indecisive we'd moan about tht wouldn't we ?
I fall in the against him camp tbh Chix but whoever is in charge i want them have the best chance to shine. I do feel sorry for him and I would do for any manager (Other than redknapp) who was in this situation.
I thought you were revising (lol) .. Interested to know what you think he (SC) has done wrong Jake ... I'll try and defend him of course .. But good to see that you'll stand behind him for the sake of the club... Very much Rug's view too ... If truth be known Rug hates him with a passion, but for me .. OK he's made a few tough and unpopular decisions but he has managhed to keep the boat afloat .. and that weas our dream this time last year ... So why the 'Dislkie him' camp ... or is it just a personality thing ?
I'm hoping to join in the chat, but can't scroll the comments on the iPhone. Something Vital should look into.
Hi ya Sneaky .. Um.. I'll have to have a look at that .. Can you join in the forum chat I wonder .. Also got any idea how Twitter works ... Do you follow Vital Pompey on Twitter ? [Edited by Chix]
Sneaky, I'm on my iphone 3GS and I can scroll, two methods 1, move the whole screen to the left a touch, put one finger on the grey border and use the other to scroll, 2, sometimes just scroll; gotta be honest took me a while to get the hang of it.
I fall into the don't love Potty Cottey camp; far too many errors and stupid statements for me. We do however need to give him a chance but no more than 12 weeks.. . . . Regards the boring takeover a rumour that is gaining currency is that the stumbling block is Gaydamaks ransom strip lands. As for the freebies there ate plenty of those to come free in mid June when the PL has an extra clear out in prep for the incoming home grown player rules.
I'm against him as I think the way he treated some of our young players was criminal. I also don't agree with moat of his tactical calls and his early loanees. I still maintain to this day that the system he played last season ws the reason we didn't finish hire up. His ignorance of making Kitson captain as well. I'll support him but god, he gets up my nose some times.
I'll try that oin my iPone too thaks for that ... Re Cotterill .. What stupid mistakes are you refeering to .. And are they any worse than those made by the (so called) Giods of Grant & Redknapp or Adams and Hart... I really can't see what the bloke has done wrong.. and so far nobody can tell me .. Nobody likes him but noboady knwos why ... Would you have rather had Avram this year ?
We'll always wonder if Matt Ritchie, Marlon Pack et al could have developed like Joel Ward has, given half a chance. Its a crying shame, but I do support Cotterill. How many would have put up with what he has?
A big NO to that Chix. I didn't like him before he came to Pompey and his personality gets up my nose. It's difficult to know if another manager could have done better but I'll give his due team-wise with such a limited squad.
Hi ya Gandor
I guess where I am with the youth players is that the jury is out .. As it stands none of those that he has released have gone to club anywhere near our league position.. So at this moment in time he has been proved right.. That's not to say that that he won't be wrong in the future but if they weren't good enougth for Pompey thi syear or next .. why keep them.. we are not in a position where we can 'pay potential' no matter how good ..
So still no reason .. To dislike Cotterill as far as I can see...
If these youngsters haven't potential it makes you wonder about those in charge of our youth academy in the past.
Just a reminder too that Arsene Wenger .. Let a certain Lassana Diarra go .. So that proves either that Mangers get it wrong or player develop witha change of environment
Interested to know if anyone renewed their trust membership. I let mine lapse (sorry Ken). Nothing seemed to happen at all. They raised 10,000 and seemed to have nothing to spend it on. I did see that they ran an art exhibition, but that wasn't what I had in mind! Did anyone renew, and if so, why?
PFC Blue fogetting the current crop .. The so called guru that was Paul Hart .. Had under his control ...
If these youngsters haven't potential it makes you wonder about those in charge of our youth academy in the past.
As for Cotterill, I think the guy is a bit of nob, with poor people management skills, but he's probably the best we'll get right now. He's here and he didn't relegate us, so probably best stay now.
Did I hiccup?
Cowan-Hall, Mahoto, Sowah, Wilson, Begovic, Ciftci, De Chattelier, Jordan Hughes, Gregory, Ryan, Ritchie, Pack, O'Brien, Ward, Martin, Goddard, Nsaku, Talack, Smith, Carter.. Need I go on... Yet Cotterill gets beratted
Hiya Tim Why is Coitterill a knob ?.. And who could have done better .. Whether we could have attracted them or not .. Was our league position such a dissapointement to ya this season
If you did hiccup PFC Blue ..they are gone now
The TRUST I know of nobdy that has renewed with the trust .. That's not to say some haven't .. But most of those I know were prepared to pay a fiver 'just in case' .. But not many of them know what they got for the money.. And therefore have nt renewed..
If I were to give you my view on the triust we could be here all night..
looks like you have been ;D. I knew i wouldn't remember twice in a row xD lol
1977/78! Answer to your question on Toast comments!
But you did remember twice in a row .. Eastneydave.. ..Did you have to look it up as well .. I remembered it but not the year .. As always .. I still think 1980 was ten years ago...
Did I hiccup?
1980 was ten years ago Chix - wasn't it? [Edited by eastneydave]

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