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Chew The Fat With Chix

Yes the rumours are true I am back on Vital Pompey !

Having been away for nearly year or so I thought I would start with something new and something regular. So from around 7:30pm tonight and every Thursday thereafter Vital Pompey is having a Chew The Fat With Chix night.

Nothing special, just me on line to respond 'on the spot' to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the day, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter and controversy thrown in as well.

I'm happy to discuss all things Pompey (unlike a certain person we know) and you don't even have to pay a fiver to have your say (unlike a certain organisation we know). So just toss in the topic you want to discuss and we will take it from there.

But for starters..

How about the latest poll stating that nearly half of season ticket holders will not be renewing for reasons of 'principle' - What tosh!, Or are you one of the invisible 6,000? If so let's hear from you, if you exist of course!

What about Pompey's retained list - What do you think of the current players who will be here next season - Doesn't bode well does it? - Or do you think differently?

Or, how about Niko Kranjcar one of our most overrated 'stars' of recent years wanting to ply his trade in Serie A. Is Any Italian club daft enough to spend money on such a woeful Prima Donna who has failed to impress everywhere he has played without his Daddy in charge !

Perhaps you want to discuss the latest takeover speculation.. well whatever it is I want to hear from you.

So if you`ve nothing better to do join me only on Vital Pompey, on this article and in the forums for what promises to be a lively debate.

I even might throw in one or two Quiz Questions too !

The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 28 2011

Time: 4:31PM

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Welcome back mate. If Gill permits, I will be there :)
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28/04/2011 16:41:00

I will be out having a well earned pint but here in spirit!! Just renewed my ST and introduced a new sth to get the discount - this will be my first as a OAP too so I make a double saving !! Hope the night goes well and if anyone can suggest a subject for Toast history lesson it would be great - even more so if they wrote it.

This week i am celebrating the 25th birthday of the closure of the old Fratton End. Anyone got any memories worth noting?
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28/04/2011 18:55:00

So here we are then.. Let’s get this show on the road .. Anybody want to offer a topic or shall I just wade in with something
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28/04/2011 19:34:00

Looks like Eastneydave has had his say (three times) I’ll delete two of those comments to keep the thread a little cleaner
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28/04/2011 19:36:00

Reckon you know your Pompey players? There is a Pompey Player Picture Quiz in the forum. See if you can identify the three I’ve selected for tonight’s ‘Chew The Fat’
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28/04/2011 19:40:00

How are you mate ? .. Your answer for No1 in the picture quiz is correct .. but that is the easy one .. any idea on the other two ?
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28/04/2011 19:43:00

Recognise both, just need to find the names! Is it true you have been kicked out of the Salisbury Crown Bowls team for being over age?
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28/04/2011 19:47:00

Pm'd over number 2 I think
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28/04/2011 19:48:00

Being the shy and quiet type tonight eh ! ,, unlike you .. but yep you are correct for picture number two as well... one more to go.
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28/04/2011 19:53:00

Salisbury Crown Bowls.. Lol .. well that’s more original than ‘writing for Vital Scum’ that Sea-Juicer suggested in the forum... or as somebody else mentioned doing a stretch for smuggling
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28/04/2011 19:55:00

Done all 3 now I reckon, good to have you back though mate
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28/04/2011 19:57:00

Well done Paul .. All three in less than half an hour .. Not bad going. Thanks for the welcome back note .. It has been a while hasn’t it and no doubt it’ll take a few weeks to get back in the swing .. but we’ll see how it goes.
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28/04/2011 20:01:00

So.. Anybody got any thoughts on Niko Kranjcar supposedly wanting to join a Serie A club.. Seems Harry didn’t rate him after all .. or was it just a case of Modric being soo much better.. What do you think fellas.. let me know your thoughts..
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28/04/2011 20:02:00

Niko will probably do alright in Italy, more scope for strolling around until the ball comes to your feet!
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28/04/2011 20:09:00

For me Niko was just so overrated it was untrue yet there was no arguing with the bloke two rows in front of me in the Fratton End (must be row AA or BB) who thought the sun shone from his backside .. He even commented that Niko was the best corner taker the club had seen in ages But strolling around the place doing nothing was what he was good at .. so you make a fair point.. Wonder what he’s worth after a period warming his bum on those Ricardo (is that how you spell it?) seats at WHL
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28/04/2011 20:12:00

Pompeyjake Has the ball rolling in the forum .. hop across to see his view on things and join the debate there ..
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28/04/2011 20:16:00

Lots of ‘guests’ logged on and viewing .. Why not sign up to Vital Pompey.. It costs nothing and more often than not your receive a warm welcome and be able to join in with the chat By the way, Thanks to CornyPomp for his take on the Royal Wedding photo .. made me laugh loads .. If you’ve yet to see it have on a look on yesterday’s ‘Chat with Chix’ thread in the forum.. It’s well worth a look
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28/04/2011 20:30:00

So Hermann wants to stay at Pompey eh.. Can’t say I’m surprised he is afterall part of the furniture but he’ll be 37 by the time the season starts! Is that too old .. or is it a case of ‘if he’s fit enough, age doesn’t matter’ ?
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28/04/2011 20:40:00

Not sure that age matters with Hermann. He has a heck of a lot of experience. If he stays injury free then he can bring a lot of experience to the team. I wouldn't advocate more than a year, or even go for a pay-as-you-play thing, but I'd like to see the Ice Man at the Park next season.
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28/04/2011 21:30:00

As I said on the forum Chix, I completely agree on the Niko point. Niko was a complete passenger at times. Slow, and predictable. I think he'll struggle to get into the side at one of the top sides in Serie A. I can only see him at a middle-of-the-road side.
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28/04/2011 21:33:00

Pompeytim Re Hermann I think The man is a ‘True Blue and would love to see him hit his Pompey Century.. I just don’t want him to start making mistakes and undo all the goodwill he has built up over the years.. Still if no contract is forthcoming he can always ply his trade as an Elvie impersonator I guess ..
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28/04/2011 21:47:00

Elvie .. who is Elvie ? Obviously I mean Elvis !! .. and not the Costello version either (much prefer his wife.. To listen to of course)
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28/04/2011 21:49:00

Don’t forget the Picture Quiz is in the forums fellas .. Can you name the three Pompey Players featured on the thread ? ... So far, only Paultsmouth has managed it
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28/04/2011 21:53:00

Picking up on an earlier point from EastneyDave. The old Fratton End has been closed for 25 years this month.. Jeez am I really that old. My obvious memories are standing anywhere I wanted to and the bearpit which was anywhere behind the goal from what is now row DD back.. Funny.. that I now have a seat there. .
Also no (or very few) girls and certainly no (small) children ever ventured into the 'back of` the Old Fratton End as there were bound to be arrests for something or other and an awful lot of jostling and swearing... Come to think of it, I learned most of the swear words I now know from those old days in the old Fratton End .
And besides all that the fact that we had no allocated seat meant that you tended to get in the ground well before (up to an hour) before kick-off to get a good space (which I only managed to hold to until a surge) which led to a far better pre-match atmosphere.

[Edited by Chix]
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28/04/2011 22:15:00

Well done Dave 3 out of 3 in the Pompey Picture Quiz .. I wouldn`t expect any less from you to be honest .. but after a night in the pub I must admit I`m impressed.. I`ll not reveal the answers (publicly) until the morning in case the Australian, NZ, American or Thailand members want to have a go .. but if anybody is dying to find out out before then just send me a private message [Edited by Chix]
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28/04/2011 23:17:00

You have given away a few clues there are to the nationality of the players!! Good stuff Chix I think those around have enjoyed having you back and no doubt numbers will grow over the weeks.PUP
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28/04/2011 23:23:00

Cheers Dave.. I’ve really enjoyed it and it been good to chat to a few old faces either in the forum or by PM .. Yeah I expect things to start slowly and pick up as the weeks go by.. part of the reason I started when I did (end of season).. so by the time we start the new season .. We’ll have Vital Pompey top of the tree again,, and although we have always said ‘quality over quantity’ it’ll be good to generate a bit a bit more quality on the site .. They are all out there just need a little encouragement .. or a bloddy minded singleton (me!) to rant to
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28/04/2011 23:36:00

You have given away a few clues there are to the nationality of the players!! Good stuff Chix I think those around have enjoyed having you back and no doubt numbers will grow over the weeks.PUP
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29/04/2011 06:58:00


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