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Knowing me knowing you - Gandor1

1 - Vital Pompey username?

2 - Where do you come from/where do you currently live?
Came to England from Italy when I was four. Lived in Copnor with my Grandma. We were the first of your "bloody foreigners" with eight of us living in this tiny house. Ma used to be the matriarch and her 4 kids (including my mum) used to go out to work, and then there were us three grandchildren who Ma used to look after while my mum was at work at the Royal Hospital. I never had a dad, he died when I was a baby. Our mum was a stunner (she used to be a clothes model) and we used to tell her if she was a proper mum she would go out and find us a dad. She never did though. We used to play on the Bomb Sites between Moneyfields and Portsmouth Airport. When the weather was bad, we would go and play in the SEB OUT houses in Buckland and Landport during the slum clearance period. Also used to catch butterflies on the site that is now occupied by Copnor Fire Station. I now live in Southsea, near Canoe Lake. I was a George Street girl til I went to the Catholic Convent in Lawrence Road.

3 - How long have you been a Vital Pompey member?
I have been a VP member for exactly one year. (Written in March 2009)

4 - What do you think of Vital Pompey? Be brutally honest!
I like VP a lot. When I decided to follow Pompey, I knew absolutely nothing about football. Everyone on VP were very helpful and friendly and used to call me "mate" - which I thought was great - til they found out I was a woman! I know the site is for football, but I love the sense of fun and the camaraderie that goes on. I also appreciate the wit and humour of some of the participants. I am also impressed by the measured way we (some) analyse some of the awful things that have happened to us. I like the articles that the Rug, Dave, Chix and Paultsmouth write. I loved the recent one Paultsmouth did about a footie match he attended in 1985. I can also remember one about someone's childhood (I think it was Chix), that was lovely too. I am very impressed with the knowledge that Dave has and I think Rug is a very good editor and comes across as being a very fair and nice man. I visit all the Vital sites of the teams we are about to play and we are, I think, the best for all round appeal. I think we are also one of the liveliest (most of the time). Considering my old man went crackers when he found out I was chatting online to what he imagined was a bunch of "football hooligans" I think everyone is very nice! (So does he now).

5 - How did you find out about Vital Pompey?
I was looking for a Portsmouth site so that I could find out a bit about football and came across VP. I looked no further.

6 - When did you first watch Pompey live - not on box unless this is the only way you have been able to see them? Not necessarily at Fortress Fratton though.
I used to have a very very good looking boyfriend who lived in Alverstone Road (back of the Milton stand) when I was 16. He was football mad and bloody boring. He used to take me to Fratton Park and we used to sit in the North stand. I absolutely loathed and detested it. It was around the time of Albie McCann etc.

7 - How often do you get to watch Pompey?
I go to every home game. I used to go to the pub on my own to watch the away games (if televised) but had some very unsavoury experiences. (Why is it every time a woman talks to a man she doesn't know, he thinks she fancies him?) Anyway, I now have Sky at home or listen on the radio. I am going to my first away match this week at Middlesborough as I know the team needs as many supporters as possible, and it is difficult for people who work to go so far away of a weekend. I quite fancy Newcastle as well, but don't know if Mr G will wear it.

8 - Who is your favourite Pompey Player - current and/or former?
I don't really have a favourite player. I like to watch Nadir Belhadj, Glen Johnson, Jermaine Pennant and Angelo Basinas, and fancy the pants off of Jamo!

9 - What is you favourite Pompey moment?
Milan Milan Milan Milan Milan Milan. The Blue Army Chant that went on forever. The first goal. Especially the second goal - my cousin, all 19 stone of him, was blubbing like a baby!

10 - What are your realistic hopes for Pompey in the future?
  • I would like to see us survive in the premier league.
  • I would like the team to stay more or less intact (is that realistic?)
  • I would like a new owner to be settled in before the next transfer window.
  • I would like us to get a new Manager before the next transfer window. I would like someone like Mark Hughes, who may well become available.
  • I would like the existing stadium to be enlarged and not moved, if that is possible and I would like it all done as soon as the new owner takes over.

    Knowing me knowing you


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    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Thursday April 16 2009

    Time: 7:27AM

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    Lovely personal read. I remember the bomb damaged areas that were around for a very long time.
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    16/04/2009 08:05:00

    nice one Gandor, enjoyed reading this - as i always do with these features.
    keep 'em coming guys, ive only got a couple left so we need more if we want to keep this feature going - hopefully some will come forward willing to do this, if not i will have to start asking again :-)
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    16/04/2009 08:08:00

    Not sure what to say after that amazing read. having met Gandor on many occasions I knew this would come from the heart - thanks for the comments on the staff too - these things make it all worth it.

    Who's next to offer their story?
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    16/04/2009 09:22:00

    A lovely read Gandor, but then it is coming from one of the nicest people on VP, so I can't say I am suprised. I am very glad you decided to come and chat on here with the rest of us as you have been most enteraining (in a good way).
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    16/04/2009 09:53:00

    Aw! What a great read that was Gandor! Although I'm sure I read somewhere once on an old message that you emigrated from South Africa (?) I'm easily confused!
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    16/04/2009 10:03:00

    Excellent read - didn't know we had bomb sites in Portsmouth - shows how much I know about my city eh! Although I suppose that's probably a bit of ignorance on my part, but fantastic answers. I remember when I first spoke to Chix about writing for VP he told me how shocked he was when he found out you were a woman!!
    Report Abuse
    16/04/2009 10:31:00

    I remember playing on bomb sites in the mid 70s at Somers Town and when you think that it was 30 years after the war had finished, makes you realise how weird it was that no-one had developed it (or rather they were developing those rather imposing blocks of flats down there instead). Cheers, Gandor mate! No reason why a woman can't be a mate.
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    16/04/2009 10:57:00

    Nice one Gandor, not at all blokey!
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    16/04/2009 12:13:00

    That's alright Gino, I didn't even know we used to have an airport! I blame my youth and blissful ignorance.... Great read Gandor, you're another one of the pivotal Frattonista's on here that has some very valid views and thoughts on the forums. Long may it continue.
    Report Abuse
    16/04/2009 14:39:00

    Well thank you all for your nice comments... Squee, no its not you - I was born in Cape Town but left when my father died to go and live with his people in Italy. Gino, outside of London and possibly Coventry, I think Portsmouth took the worst of what the Germans wanted us to have. Quite a bit of the High Street in Old Portsmouth was obliterated, including the The George Hotel, where Nelson spent his last night. Pies, the airport went all the way from around the Golf course at Salterns through to the roundabout at the Hilton. There were loads of little two bit aviation companies trying to make a go of it there. I remember a plane crashing on the Eastern Road (1968) and paralysing the City, as it was the main way out of Portsmouth at that time.
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    16/04/2009 17:33:00

    Hi Gandor, what a great read. Its the first time I've seen one of these articles for someone I've already met. I can vaguely remember a bombsite in Southsea around 1970. It's great that you found this site, you always have such good comments, and help bring the site to life.
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    16/04/2009 19:33:00

    Gandor - I'm late with my comments (sorry) but the others have said it all already I think... Just one thing for me to add.. On all the occassions I've met you and we have chatted I never knew you were a George Street girl... me, my brother Rob (Sea-Juicer) and my two sisters all went to George Street Infant and Junior school .. We used to live in New Road East .. small world eh !
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    16/04/2009 19:46:00

    I remember there being SEB OUT houses in Eastney too Gandor. As a child I used to wonder who poor old Seb was and why people wanted him out. It was years later that I realised it meant that the electricity had been cut off prior to demolition! A very interesting read. Thanks!
    Pompey Half Pint
    Report Abuse
    16/04/2009 20:01:00

    I tell you what Half Pint - I only found out about two years ago when my husband told me what a SEB OUT was. To us they were giant dolls houses and the best ones were the ones with the nicest wallpaper. We use to move in and play happy families. (Isn't it funny the things that go through our minds as children, I am going to start a thread one day where everyone has to own up to the daft things they thought as children). Chix - It's quite something to be a George Street Girl or Boy, they seem to be everywhere, so I felt sure someone else on the site would be one! I believe there is a club or something somewhere for them. I lived in Queens Road, just across from the fire station, but it would have been a bit before your time.
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    16/04/2009 22:15:00

    As a boy we used to go to Jersey from the airport in a DC3 on a grass runway. In the rain it was pretty hairy!!
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    16/04/2009 23:16:00

    Gandor.. I think you should run a nostalgia thread (as well as the other one you suggested) .. This is all great stuff .. 'Gandors trip down memory lane...' it's got a nice ring to it ... My Gran lived in Powerscourt Road.. and one of my sisters still does... A mate lived at 275 Queens Road .. not your old house was it ?
    Report Abuse
    16/04/2009 23:25:00

    No Chix, I lived at 292 which is on the other side of the road on the terrace between the old Sweet Shop and Percival Road. I would imagine 275 was further up by Tennyson Road? Actually, I am amazed to look back through the years and realise that a lot of people wouldn't know what I took for granted. Might have a bash at a Nostalgia thread later on. The best Sweetshop in all the world was in New Road East, a couple of doors from the Mermaid Pub going towards George Street School, and it was called Strudwicks. It was run by a little old lady - Mrs Strudwick. Way before your time, I think.
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    17/04/2009 01:28:00

    So glad you found Vital Gandor,always enjoy what you have to say! The first time I ever saw you in the Milton; I think it would be true to say you could have knocked Chix and I over with a very small feather!! :-)
    Report Abuse
    17/04/2009 19:15:00

    Cioa Gandor. Great read. I have my Maltese mother, also brought up in the Copnor area. As for the bomb sites, a bit before my time thogh some parts of Pompey could do with bombing! Lovely to hear the stories from the ladies!
    Report Abuse
    22/04/2009 16:09:00


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