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Vital Pompey Final T-Shirt - At 5 who can resist!

Vital Pompey T-Shirt

Initial interest has been great and our first order was sold out within an hour or two but I managed to secure some more, but they too are going fast.. As it stands we only have 16 left at the MAXIMUM price of 8.50 each - That's 2.50 cheaper than we thought yesterday.

Remember the more we sell, the cheaper they become for everybody. For Example.. If we sell half the remaining stock everybody will pay approx 6.50 but If we sell all of the remaining shirts (as we hope) nobody will pay more than a fiver!

5.00 - That's cheaper than any of the T-shirts on sale in or around Fratton Park (or Wembley come to that) and that's because we are selling at cost price - no profit is being made whatsoever.

So, not only will you have a cheap T-shirt you'll have something which carries an original design as a memento of Pompey's FA Cup Final appearance.

For UK based members the T-shirts are guaranteed to be with you before Cup Final day and there is a good chance we will have them earlier (by the Fulham game). So we'll probably select a meeting place (The Milton Arms) so you can come along and collect it in person if you wish.

If you can't make the Fulham game or live overseas posting is a possibility simply place your order and give Rug your address and he will put you in touch with me so we can arrange things. There will obviously be a Post Office fee for posting.

All sizes (S, M, L, XL & XXL) are still available but get your order in fast as some of the smaller/larger sizes have only one or two left.

Don't wait for the price to drop (although I'm sure it will) - Place your order now before it's too late and reduce the price for everybody - All we need to know is how many and what size..

Size Guide
Regular Fit
S - 35/37'
M - 38/40'
L - 41/43'
XL - 44/46'
XXL - 47/49'

Written by Chix.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 30 2008

Time: 5:03PM

Your Comments

come on fellas dive in, if we sell the lot we only pay 5 each - bargin! absolutely no profit is being made on these at all, they are being sold at cost - if we sell the lot we pay 5 each, if not we have to devide the overall total between numbers sold, with only a few left - and assured delivery in time for the final - what have you got to lose?
Chix. You put down for 2 x XL, sorry to be a pest but can you change one of them to large. My kid brother hasn't such a big tummy as me! So to confirm 1 x X Large + 1 x Large. I'll spread the word to see if others want some. Ta very much.
top job fella.
The Fear
Not a problem Matt - consider it done
Txs Chix. any chance of having ironed so we can wear them at the Fulham match?
Chix Enterprises now in full swing.
Full swing indeed .. Dave, only a few left and price dropping all the time.... Oh and Matt I've ordered yours in a presentation case so it'll be in pristine condition.
Another 4 gone this evening .. The maximum price for everybody is now 7.50... keep it coming folks ... only 12 left now.. get your orders in fast..
Chix Do I have to re order? 1 *XL 1* M; can't make the Fulham game but Rug knows where I live
No Tony I've got your order and Rug and I will arrange getting them to you before the final somehow.
im sure that p4me will happily collect them for you tony?
you had my order didnt you chixy? 3xL and 2xXL...
I'm sure he will if I ask nicely; I'll need to get some money to him tho'.
Do we pay in English money or Welsh euros?
I'll pick them up for you tone, no probs.
Can you put me down for an XXL. I can collect from the Milton Arms at the Fulham game
Bielefeld Pompey
With my name I don't suppose it will surprise anyone to know that I would like a small shirt please.
Pompey Half Pint
good stuff Bielefeld Pompey, you'll become another that has been part of a 'face to face' meet and greet, i will have to check with chixy but im sure we'll have a XXL left over...
Pompey Half Pinti think we only had one small extra, but i would suspect you'll be lucky - i really dont think we have many more left!
dint forget tho, if we sell the lot we all only pay 5 each - bargin!
chixy you will probably want to double check the other t-shirt article too, as i think some amendment might have been made on that one?
Right fellas - I haven't got my list to hand but I'm positive the S and XXL are ok .. although with these two gone I think those sizes are now sold out...
Another two went by PM last night .. so we are down to ONLY 5 LEFT (in M. L & XL) with everybody paying 6.25 or less...
What sizes and how many are left now?
Bielefeld Pompey
I haven't got the exact figures in front of me Bielefeld but I'll email Rug later this morning and ask him to update this thread... so we all all the right info..
why not, its only a fiver! i'll take 1 x M (if theres any left)
right, ive had an update from chix - he can view the site, but cannot comment on it from work, he said: 'As at 13:50 today (after Jbakers order) we have 7 left.
The sizes of the 7 are 2xMed, 3xL and 2 xXL - there are no small or XXL left....
I can spot a company flotation coming here. Great work Chixy.
Chix! You haven't forgotten me, have you? I must be on another thread. I x large for me and I shall collect at the Milton Arms before the next at home game. Manythanks.
Gandor do not worry Chix has a memory like an elephant. In fact he is built like one lol/
Thanks Rug ;).... No Gandor I hadn't forgotten. I've got you down for one promise...
Right fellas roll-up, roll-up for the final 4 - we've got 4 left 1@Med, 1@L and 2@XL - who are gonna be the lucky people today ? - The first person to response with an order gets a souvenir plastic bag with their shirt ...
hey! how come we dont get souvineer plastic bags?
Not enough to go round I suppose. Plastic bags are the scourge of the Earth.
Can i order 1 to wear out here in iraq? I know that if you send any package under 2 kilos, postage is free to BFPO address!! Please Please Please!! 1 x Large if you have it!!
5 each two for 8 perhaps?
I gest lads - good luck at Wembley - let Johnno lift the cup for us at Vital chelsea!
Why is that then Merlin? Johnno plays foir us, so what does that have to do with you chavs?
Milhouse consider it done my friend, PM me with your BFPO address and as soon as they come I'll get it posted off to you.
Right fellas three to go ... One Medium and Two extra large...
Brilliant hope you win it
Chix, Many Thanks, have sent you a message which should hopefully be sitting in your inbox!! Many thanks again!
Milhouse hopes it gets to you before 17th.
thanks to all of you who took the time to leave intelligent, thought provoking points on the saints page (there was one i think). really sorry things didn't work out the way you hoped. not gonna stoop to your level. good luck in final
Didn't realise anyone read vitalscum anymore, thought it had all gone quiet over there!
fair comment. i'm trying to resurrect it. and you're right its very quiet and its not easy. so despite some of the less than friendly remarks i'l take it on the chin and carry on. i dont resent your arrogance no matter how ugly it is. all part of the game.
Well good luck to you then my scummy friend! It would seem tho that all have deserted you. Funny how they all used to come over here once upon a time! Thought your team was for life, not just the premiership!
well it is for me.and yes some fans are fickle but what can you do? and i'm not heckling ok.i'm not gonna be here bombing your boards all the time, just replying to all those kind words of support lol.
Hey 73, you seem like a nice guy, and as passionate about your team as I am about mine. Good luck in reviving the site, although I hope you don't unearth any of those nutters that seem to hate us more than love you! So, how do you think things will fare for you lot next season, I must admit to being (pleasently surprised to see you lot down that end of the table! Thanks for the best wishes in the final BTW.
so how many shirts are left now chixy?
Thanks for your kind commens Col8, especially as you haven't bothered to read the article. Quick bucks are generally made from profit, there's no profit being made on these shirts whatsoever. Tacky they may be but we've sold all but 2 or 3 so Vital Pompey members must be tacky... I'm sure we can handle that tag. I (and a number of others on the site) have seen many if not all Pompey games this and many past seasons and will be wearing them so you're not quite right on that point either. Perhaps when Aston Villa reach the final you can wear your home shirt (only if you are worth your salt, mind !) until then we we wear what we like ... Maybe you can look out for us on the telly ... we'll be the one wearing the tacky shirts
i can understand your anger chixy, but in all fairness and to give some credit where it is due the fella sent me an email after he sent the comment asking me to remove it, he hadn't read the article properly and thought it was an 'official' product. when he found out it was a product of our own he was very sorry...
Ere - I'm posh, how tacky are these Tee shirts....:-)!!!
We are reasonably posh gandor, it's called looking after your own.

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