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The news of the world reveal that Jamo uses a sports psychologist to mentally prepare him to consistently play at the top level. He readily admits that this extra help has taken him to new heights this year.

Although it is my opinion that along with this psychologist, sheer hard work and dedication are key contributing factors to making saves like the last minute effort against Bolton. Let's be honest, you don't get a physique like Jamo's by not training hard.

He says in today's NOTW that his preparation starts in the car, "We work on loads of things. Imagery training, for example. There have been a lot of jokes about when I drive into games, every time I stop at traffic lights, I'll imagine catching crosses. It's taken as being quite nuts. But it's part of the imagery work, you imagine yourself doing the right things and it helps you to do them." In my book, that's dedication, concentrating the mind before he even reaches the ground.

He goes on to talk about watching the darts players on TV, "They are all hitting 180's and, suddenly, they go. The TV cameras are on and some can't cope. It's a big mental thing."

Jamo will admit to being a perfectionist, but with the experience of age is now admitting that you must be happy with what you have done well and that in goalkeeping in particular you cannot produce a perfect display, although I can name games where he has near as performed one!

Jamo likes what he sees in the Fabio Capello England camp, where he was recently given a huge vote of confidence by being played the whole 90 mins, he said, "It would be easy to say everything was perfect because I played for 90 mins and felt good. It was thorough and felt good. Wearing the no.1 jersey is great, but more importantly, I saw a set up that I liked. I thought, hey, this is a guy who knows what he wants and he knows how he wants you to do it."

On a personal note, I've said on this site more than once that I honestly believe that Jamo can play at the top, top level for at least another 3 years, taking us past the 2010 world cup, if so he can hardly be seen as a short term measure can he! This is how some continue to label Jamo's England status, but there is most definitely not a better English keeper, if indeed a better keeper than him playing anywhere.

On his domestic club football he has this to say, "We are making large strides to be one of the best teams in the country. Part of that progression is getting to the F.A. cup finals - and winning the F.A. cup final."

So then, fellow Vital Pompey members, that is the vision Jamo has for our future, one of the best clubs in the country and F.A. cup winners this year. How refreshing to hear confidence and long term vision coming from the dressing room at Fratton Park.

I have written this article following suggestion on the site that Spurs are after our man Jamo. I think the last part of the article would suggest that Jamo sees himself in Blue on the south coast for the foreseeable future.

One worrying note though is that as yet Jamo is, as I understand, out of contract in the summer. I would hope the club make it an absolute priority to address this issue, then if anyone were to come in to take away one of our prized assets, it would cost, say, 9-10 Million.

Written by pompey4me.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 17 2008

Time: 6:45PM

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crackin read pompey4me... let me make it clear that he also wrote this before the game...
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17/02/2008 18:47:00

there isnt a better keeper in the country at the moment, jamie redknapp reckons there aint a better keeper in the world - the fella watches alot of football, so im not gonna argue... we must get a contract in front of him asap, we cannot afford to lose this fella for a good 2-3 years minimum...
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17/02/2008 18:49:00

Gianluigi Buffon is the only other keeper who I can think of who saves as instinctively as James. Both keepers play for my favourite teams and when Buffon moved to Juventus he cost 27 million. It seems mad that 10 years is costing Jamo that same price tag.
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17/02/2008 18:54:00

Mr Irreplaceable. Give what he wants, just sign him up for another 3 seasons.
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17/02/2008 18:55:00

nice read but if you pop across to Vital Spurs (have the innoculations first though) they reckon they're gonna sign him!
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17/02/2008 19:07:00

Great stuff Simon sorry P4me - I say after today we should sign him for life!! He was immense and totally out thought and out nerved Whaley with the penalty. Awesome.
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17/02/2008 19:27:00

Just how many points do you think he has won, or saved us this and last season? What a player, what a guy! merlin, we find now that the more successfull we are becoming our better players (and we have many) are being linked here, there and everywhere. We are getting used to it. As for Jamo, I dont think he will go anywhere.
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17/02/2008 19:47:00

And thanks for the comments Rug, yep all, I did write this before todays game, but then he produces wonder saves every game out, doesnt he?
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17/02/2008 19:49:00

Pompey4me: Very good article - Don't you think also that Jamo is in danger of becoming a true idol - not only a superb footballer but his post match interview was refreshingly articulate - a real change from the usual can't read or write fodder that ends up on our screens - It left me thinking that Jamo is destined for a post football career in TV - move over Lineker.
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17/02/2008 19:49:00

Anyone, look at the guys physique, (a bit like my own I like to think) after the game today This guy can play for England for at least the next 3 years dont you think?
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17/02/2008 19:51:00

Dino Zoff was 40 when he won the World Cup with Italy in 1982 - so no reason why not
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17/02/2008 19:53:00

Thanks chris, yes, as a fan that goes to the home game with my kids, we quite often have the job of lining up for 2 hours to get the players autographs. Let me tell you, jamo makes sure he signs every one, gives my kids tips and encouragement for thier own football and then talks to us parents in an intelligent way. A very articulate guy that knows what a priveledged position he is in. Lets all thank 'arry for Jamo!
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17/02/2008 19:55:00

And i dare so Jamo is a lot fitter than dino was!
Report Abuse
17/02/2008 19:56:00

my thoughts exactly when I looked Zoff up on wiki..
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17/02/2008 19:59:00

Jeez, just been to vital spuds, concieted lot they are, aint they!
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17/02/2008 20:26:00

yep, so have i - again, must admit ive nipped over several times today to check the jamo story - and as i said there i 'might' have had similar views - but nowhere near as blinkered - before he signed for us... he is without doubt the best keeper in the land at this point and if he 'was' playing for them this season despite their shocking start to the season and a woeful defence he would have saved them, and won them enough points for them to have been in the champions league places by now - if we could have profited more from some points he has saved us and turned them into 3 we would be now, and maybe still could be... but thats for another time :-)
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17/02/2008 20:36:00

just look at the Bolton game, then today, he's won them for us!
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17/02/2008 20:53:00

Great article Rugster! I gtta say, that save from Mellor was outstanding..however, when ur keeper keeps getting MOTM u know u got problems in defence..it hasnt looked all that good over the past couple of games!
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17/02/2008 21:08:00

Hes great for you guys and hes the reason your doing so well in the league. Hes Englands number 1 deservedly but due to his age i hope trhe links to us are false , for both teams! good luck this season
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17/02/2008 21:51:00

My god, a spurs fan with a decent outlook, thanks mate, shame some other of your cave dwellers arent as honest as you!
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17/02/2008 22:08:00

i'd love to take credit for it CharlieChimes as like you say it is a great article but pompey4me wrote it, i just published it on his behalf...
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17/02/2008 22:10:00

HuddersfieldYiddo dont let the fact that jamo is 37 fool you, i think you'll be hard pushed to find many fitter, more agilie and athletic 17 year old than him... he is only 37 as his birth certificate says he was born in august 1970 - for every other reason it is merely a number...
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17/02/2008 22:12:00

Why does it make some people feel better to criticize someone that should be celebrated? If Jamo was crap and 30 nobody would bother to comment, yet he's 37 and brilliant and attracts all sorts of nonsense. I haven't had a body like that since my mid 20s and I ran 7-10 miles every night either along the front or up the hill with a 40 pound pack on my back - how Jamo can look as he does and play as he does at his age is a near miracle - Surely the way to go is to applaud the man for being twice the man of most half his age, not berate him for something that after all, effects us all.
Report Abuse
17/02/2008 22:25:00

woop woop chris, applaud that one. Never mind, they are only spurs fans!
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17/02/2008 22:28:00

Only spurs fans pompey4me!!? what cheek!! lol I wasnt berating him at all lads you guys are right he looks fitter than ever and has probably got at least3 years left at the top. I just hope for both of us he doesnt join Spurs as at 37 like it or not hes coming to the end of his career and also it would be weird singing "englands number1" to someone other than Robbo lol Good luck this season
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18/02/2008 02:23:00

Fingers crossed we get Bristol or Cardiff in the next round and DJ is still on fire. Chelsea against Man U would do for another match and we dont want WBA either.
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18/02/2008 03:58:00

Great article P4me ... I have to admit that I wasn't convinced Jamo would do a good job when he first joined us but boy how wrong was I .. The guy is immense and as most others have said has saved us more points than any striker could gain us over the last two seasons.. Being out of contract in the summer does worry me as although I think he is happy at Pompey and has regained his Englands No1 spot... his career history does suggest he likes a move.... I really hope he doesn't though...
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18/02/2008 07:04:00

Its no secret that I think he's amazing, and he was amazing again yesterday. But he's not out of contract, he signed a contract extension last year and wrote in the programme for the Arsenal game 'I am hoping to stay here (at Pompey) for longer than the 2 years left on my contract'. Its paper talk - he's going nowhere, he loves it at Pompey. He's so good, other clubs are bound to show interest though. If we had Paul Robinson we'd want Jamo wouldn't we!!!
Report Abuse
18/02/2008 09:56:00

tracyc you don't happen to live in Plymouth do you?
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18/02/2008 10:08:00

Great article P4me. Jamo's dedication reminds me of Shilton who just seemed to get better with age (and played in a world cup aged 40) but even he made the odd mistake . That said, Cloughie reckoned Shilton was worth a 10 point start to Forest each season and that's when it was just two points for a win!
Report Abuse
18/02/2008 11:46:00

the thing that i think jamo has over shilton in my thinking is, that unlike shilts time isnt catching up on jamo, and it caught up horribly with shilts in the end... jamo shows no signs of time catching him up that quickly for some time does he?
Report Abuse
18/02/2008 11:54:00

don't forget guys, back in Shilton's day keepers used to catch the ball : ) There were also not so many pig headed prima donnas around and Shilton was therefore able to influence the outfield players so much more than Jamo is today - he commanded the pitch like no other and had superb positioning and dead ball skills.. he also saw off competition from Bonetti, Stepney, Parkes and Clemence and learnt from the best keeper of all time, Gordon Banks.. who he later replaced at Leicester.
Report Abuse
18/02/2008 12:27:00

Not entering into the debate about who was the best keeper but just to pick up on ChrisW's post. Yes keepers did catch the ball more but the ball itself was different and the players less agile. The presently used ball is lighter, smoother and moves around a lot more in the air thus making it harder to judge. The players themselves come in faster and harder and can jump higher. I am not disputing who is the best or not but it isn't as simple as who catches the ball the most.
Report Abuse
18/02/2008 21:48:00

True Frattonaussie, but goalkeeping coaches have been instructing 'keepers to punch long before the dynamics of the ball changed - it's much more to do with the numbers game, if in doubt punch it, moreso when the ball is passed back, hoof it first time. And what happens is keepers become less adept at the skill in question because by definition they don't practise live during the match - on the subject of the ball, I'd like to see us go back to something a little heavier - I reckon. We'd see less balls hoofed over the bar from 20 yards and perhaps more on target shots... more goals perhaps and maybe goalies making a more few saves
Report Abuse
19/02/2008 07:14:00

I agree with the increasing the weight of the ball again and maybe a bit of research into the surface of the ball so it has more grip for goalkeepers so they don't run so much of a risk of it just sliding out of their grasp when it is wet.
Report Abuse
19/02/2008 09:32:00

Also.....keepers didn't wear gloves the size of a frying pan in the days of Banks, Bonneti, Wilson, Stepney and co.
Report Abuse
19/02/2008 15:54:00


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