Portsmouth - Pompey gain little in Spain
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Real Betis 5 - Pompey 1

Betis' ground



Pompey gain little in Spain

Pompey would have gained very little from a Spanish trip, going down 5-1 on the night.

Pompey were forced into naming a relatively inexperienced and youthful team, players like Benjani and Mokoena couldn't get visa's in time, while another clutch were on International duty.

Real Betis on the other hand could name a strong squad, Santa Cruz apperaing on the bench after his move yesterday.

Betis tore into Pompey from the off, the scoring opened on 2 minutes, it was not to get any better mind!

3-0 down by half-time and Pompey looked leagues away from Betis, the Spaniards playing a similar style so revered by Barcelona, quick pass and move and plenty of quick closing down as well, Pompey really did look lost.

After 80 minutes the stats showed Betis had had 18 shots at goal, Pompey not one.

After Betis added a fifth, this one the softest of the evening, Henderson allowing a tame effort squirm under his body, Pompey either found a little bit extra or more likely Betis slowed right down, first off Norris and Varney tested the 'keeper at last, then the crossbar was rattled from a corner, tails now up Varney swivelled and his shot took a deflection to nestle in the bottom corner, scant consolation in night more about building relationships rather than football.

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Oh dear

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Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 31 2011

Time: 9:50PM

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... :\ oh well
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31/08/2011 21:56:00

just caught last minutes..pointless
plymouth graham
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31/08/2011 21:58:00

Why go all that way if they weren't going to treat it as a good work-out or give one or two players the chance to get match fit? It wasn't the 5-1 loss, it was the humiliating way we lost. I hope you managed to see that on FirstRow Graham.
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31/08/2011 22:22:00

and Vital beats the official site by 15 minutes to a report!
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31/08/2011 22:26:00

Wasn't that weak a side with Rocha, Pearce, Halford, Norris, Ward, Kitson and Varney. Yet another coasting performance from our boys it seems. Are they aware that the season has started already?
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31/08/2011 22:41:00

Get in being first! Cheers Paul as said earlier! Blue; As you say, did we treat it as a work out? Well; Betis certainly did! I was impressed by them! that's how to treat a friendly, I bet a months wages they learnt more about themselves than we did!! If we as players, management and fans are going to keep treating these games as a don't give a toss session. Then why not just bloody well give up being So called footballers. Give up and become...Carpenters, Office workers, cleaners, bankers or...well...anything other that what they are! No doubt as pessimist say's...Oh well! Well then what's the point? Why not just have a training session. What i'm saying is, If we're not going to treat a friendly as a proper work out, then don't waste everyone's time!
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31/08/2011 22:52:00

I think the game only went ahead as makeweight, Pompey were due a major payout to Betis otherwise for the failure to play the Fratton friendly
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31/08/2011 23:08:00

... but there was also a financial element to it .. As it stood we had to pay Betis compensation from the previous game that was cancelled .. this game was arranged to negate that cost .. there are more things in play than the scoreline or performance .. A sound 'financial' move by Mr Lampitt i think ... FFS fellas cut the club some slack .. 18 months ago we nearly never had a club .. now all 'we' appear to be doing is moaning and groaning at everything the club does... In the past three months we have seen a new owner .. ten new signings .. developments to both Fratton and the training ground .. and hopefully more things to come.. things are on the up ... So what if we go to Spain for a 'pointless' friendley .. everybody wants the youngsters to come through the ranks .. surely this will help their knowledge and experience !!
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31/08/2011 23:17:00

HERE HERE Chix mate well said... I am truelly happy with SC and CSI..I am disapointed about the deadline lack of action...but we were told this in the press..even so its like those christmas eve's i remember as a kid..buy in reality the pudits all say that its best to get yer buisness dome before the deadline.
plymouth graham
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31/08/2011 23:58:00

I think it's a good sign we didn't do any business on Deadline Day, as it means we have our squad in place before the desperation kicks in and people start paying ridiculous money for players. As for the match, a bit of a confidence blow for those who played, but as long as we can put it behind us when we visit Upton Park I don't think many fans will mind.
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01/09/2011 03:18:00

Chix...Ive NEVER said a word against CSI. In fact I came out in praise of the way they have conducted themselves, (which you commented on!) and continue to do so. I dont doubt their commitment. However; as for SC; thats a different matter. Don't like him, his methods, and saw little point in what happened last night. Either the team (a mix of young and old) were poor and didnt bother, or Betis were quite superb! As for SC's substitution of Henderson by Ashdown right at the end; Why?? How humiliating for the lad! Typical man management cock up by the bully that is SC! So there we are; CSI, I back and have admiration for. SC I wouldnt give him the drip off the end of my nose!! But just because i dont like him, I NEVER stop supporting my team, But I will have my say; and will say what I think, regardless of how unpalatable to some people it is.
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01/09/2011 07:05:00

Ps...If SC does get something right i will praise him, because no doubt it's for the benefit of the team. But 2 wins since March is taking it's toll with me! Hopefully for everyone's sake, he starts getting things right ASAP. No more excuses from him! it's his team and his tactics now, so on his dammed arrogant head be it! Prove to me and the thousands of Pompey fans he is as good as he undoubtedly thinks he is...
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01/09/2011 07:30:00

Chixy got to say that i think you are being a touch unfair? CSI, from what i have read on the whole, have been given a fair amount of backing with people supporting what they have done and will (hopefully) continue to do. the lack of trasnfer activity on wednesday, and most recently, has not been overly criticised by many has it, all in all - perhaps the only one coming under fire, and tbh in many ways rightly so, is cotts...
i make little secret of the fact i am not 'overly keen' on the guy, altho also make it perfectly clear quite regularly that he is 'getting a chance' from me. he rebuilt the squad as HE wanted it over the summer and is playing football the way HE wants to with HIS players - i am not convinced he uses them to the best of their ability, or in the right way but it is still a squad that is growing so has at least half a dozen more games i would say. altho what i would also say is that CSI have an investment to protect, they have spent a decent amount of cash and if they have doubts that cotts is the right man for them they will have little hesitation in removing him. i am not convinced that they are convinced by him but time will tell. many more performances like what we saw against cardiff, which was horrible with all the long ball punting - especially 1st half, which if we are playing surely the target man needs to be the 'big man'? - and he will be moved on. do not think cotts is that great tactically and only seems to have a plan a and nothing in reserve but we will see...
one last thing, and not having a go at you personally really (perhaps i am 'coming off the fence' you could say) but as much as i appreciate what you say about 'almost not having a club 18-months ago i DO NOT think we can keep trotting out this line when a few people do pose a few questions about things at PFC - as fans surely that is our right? to keep hearing the 6-months, 12-months, 15-months, 18-months, 24-months etc. thoughts is not something i think we can keep doing time and time again, can we?
regarding this game, yep it was pointless but worthwhile at the same time - if it saved us paying compensation it was well worth it i just hope that cotts does not now start trying to shift the blame for a heavy defeat onto players that do not deserve this - any kids on the fringes of the squad will 'probably' not get a look-in now, but (and i did not watch, just go on what i was told) betis were pretty good and showed us how football should be played...
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01/09/2011 08:45:00

vital burnley saying they should get shotton!
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01/09/2011 11:25:00

Chix nobodies knocking the club or CSI - it's SCs attitude that's coming into question. If you watched the match you'd have to admit it was a shambles on Pompey's part and a missed chance to gain experience and get match fitness.
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01/09/2011 11:51:00

Do I sense a 'slight' falling out here lads? The people I feel sorriest for are the three hundred or so Pompey fans who were there!!CSI are doing OK and yes this was a form of compensation to Betis and they got a gate of 10,307 too.
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01/09/2011 13:22:00

PentonPompey, I am afraid you are right SC is arrogant, and he has no reason to be, he hasn't achieved very much in football. I have said before he is a one trick pony, he starts off well and runs out of steam. He lives in a "blame others world" he lacks nous tactically and also in transfers. It won't be long before CSI find him out. We won't go anywhere with him except middle of the table obscurity.Not sure thats what CSI want. Nor me!
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01/09/2011 13:46:00

Good points Rug, CSI are doing an excellent low key job. Cotterill is on trial and being judged as we speak.
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01/09/2011 16:23:00

.Guys ..my comments were not aimed at you.. Well not anybody specifically anyway.. My comments were mostly aimed at those on The News and other sites last night who within minutes of us going 1-0 down were bemoaning everything about the team the squad and the new owners.. chill out fellas
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01/09/2011 17:44:00

Oh ..and I never mentioned anybody having a dig a Steve Cotterill either... despite the fact that you have all defended a position that I didn't oppose or even mention.. erm.. I don't think I even metioned his name in my post .. are we still friends ??
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01/09/2011 17:46:00

Chix how can we fall out over a difference of opinion? You (normally!!!) speak a lot of sense and I've always respected your views. It looked like you were having a go at CSI knockers on this site - and I haven't seen any yet. Still friends :-)
Report Abuse
01/09/2011 20:09:00

Thanks Blue .. my intention is always to put my view but never offend I guess (after a busy day watching the transfer discussions and the comments re the defeat in Spain, together with the gobby trouble maker at Fratton on Saturday) I just didn't express myself as well as normal .. I was just annoyed by those (not necessary on this site) who just seem to 'knock' for the sake of 'knocking' ... maybe I should stick to Vital and not look elsewhere for comment .. as I sometimes do ... Play up Pompey eh !.. after all that's what we all want .. I hope
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01/09/2011 22:45:00


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