Portsmouth - Pompey stung
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Pompey 0 - chelsea 5




Pompey stung

Pompey lost again, that much was evident once Hughes, Mokoena and Mullins took to the pitch, to be fair to Mullins he was filling in at right back once more with Belhadj totally absent and Finnan switching to the left.

Ho we lost however is another matter, 5 goals flew in, two by Malouda, one to a Jamo howler and the others were by Lampard and Drogba, but today was witness to one of the most weak refereeing displays Fratton has seen in recent times, we often feel hard done by officials, but how Pompey could lose two players to suspected broken noses and cheekbones, and yet only one yellow was shown for the challenges is beyond me.

Lee Mason is your man, any big decision and he bottled it, another day and both Malouda and Sturridge could of walked, as it was, one stayed to score two and the other was inconspicuous anyway.

Avram said he may field weakened sides at times, tonight was one, Pompey put in the effort but the quality was substandard to say the least, I'm wondering if Michael Brown is on the brink of a ban the way he is being left on the bench, I would certainly liked to have seen him stick his foot up a few Chelsea arses tonight.

Th e game itself was similar to the one at Anfield last week, we held out well for half an hour and then a goal keeping error costs us dear, cue capitulation.
Drogba was the beneficary of James' swing and miss, but the move should never have happened, Jamie O'Hara was taken out at the other end, Mason deemed the foul ok and up Chelsea got to collect their gimmee.
Next came Malouda's assault on Rocha, I cannot say how much intent their was, but an elbow in the face is clumsy if nothing, Rocha was in trouble on the floor while the Frenchman was flashed a yellow, the dust hardly settled when Smith got the same from Sturridge, this time play wasn't even stopped, Smith prostrate on the floor, had to wait for the ball to leave play for treatment.
To highlight Mr.Mason's quality, Rocha must of been down for nearly 5 minutes, 2 subs came on, a goal was scored and Smith was treated for another 2 minutes, time added on? 3 minutes!!

Second hald and it was all over as a contest by the hour, Maloda enjoying his get out jail card scoring twice, his first effort looked off from my seat, the telly may prove different, he smashed home, the second was a follow up from a good save from Jamo, 3 down, game over.
Drogba was next to cash in, another long ball found him (again close to offside) he chested down and smashed past James.

Poor old Hughes was next in the spotlight, with the goal gaping, he showed why he has one goal to his name, with great finesse, he took aim and splurted his header wide with Cech watching.(and no doubt laughing)

Lampard got his customary goal 3 minutes into stoppage time, the ball pinged in and out of the box and he headed home unmarked from 2 yards out, again the linesman was derided in the South stand, but Pompey were not going to get anything on the night, and the Premier leagues wish of a Pompey free division is getting closer by the day.

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Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 24 2010

Time: 10:56PM

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and Bloody Spurs won!
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24/03/2010 23:05:00

Referee was shocking! Chelsea should of had two players sent off! And bloody Spurs!
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24/03/2010 23:09:00

oh dear what a calamity!!!! jamo should have stayed on the lavatory But save the luck for April 11th And we'll have fun at Wembley!!!! He promised to save us But ain't such a hero And since Avram's arrival it's made little difference Too late for survival but perfect for ribbons so let's snatch that cup away from 'arry!!!!?????
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24/03/2010 23:24:00

PS. above was written in poetic format as i often feel in that sort of mode after a good thrashing! PPS. what f***in' bobble? PPPS. think I'll just av another glass of red
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24/03/2010 23:30:00

Bunch of thugs. I'm glad the Fratton End gave Terry a hard time, should have done some more. We did our best, but in the end the dfference in quality showed through. Not the players fault. Lets hope we can do better at Wembley. Don't BELIEEEEVE Spurs got through, I really never thought they would. Wishful thinking I suppose. Is it just me or does anyone else think Quincy is a big showoff?
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24/03/2010 23:30:00

Ok, it was Chelsea, but 5-0? I don't think we deserved that. Could have done with Belhadj hurtling up and down! The Smith injury I was more appalled at in some ways; it cannot be right to leave a player bleeding on the pitch for that length of time, just out of common humanity surely? How malouda did not get sent off is a mystery, but with no MOTD to watch...will we ever know...
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24/03/2010 23:33:00

Chelsea - the reason I hate the Premiership. I can't wait for the season to end.
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24/03/2010 23:34:00

Not quay, sky, beeb or any other pundit so far (00.07) thurs AM, believes they were sending off events. We were negative in formation, negative in tactics, negative on play and from what I can tell from Macca and Quay, Sky and radio reports we got what we deserved. I hope Grant gets the cup win, I think he deserves some reward, he is a gent, but I won't miss his negative tactics.
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25/03/2010 00:11:00

im guessing mokoena aint really impressing? i liked him with us at rovers, more for his effort rather then anything else
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25/03/2010 05:43:00

russellm - the fact is there was gratuitous thuggery being dished out by Chelsea - regardless of how we played - at least two Chelsea players should have been sent off and there can be no argument against that. I the ref gave Malouda a yellow then he must've seen the offence - an offence which was violent conduct and can only be punished by a red.
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25/03/2010 07:32:00

gotta agree with with Tim two red cards at least and as for the media saying they weren't .. both sky and the Quay also claimed not to have seen them .. so how they could have an opinion is beyond me .. The Rocha incident was awful.. Good luck for the title Chelsea .. kicking our way to the title is the way to go ... Got to agree with the negative tactics though... but what other options has grant really got .. oh and Gandor I think Quincy peaked against the scum.. but he does love his step overs .. even when there is not an opponent within 40 yards of him .. show-off .. Yep!
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25/03/2010 07:51:00

Chix, 50 minutes last night (Yes i watched it again for the red cards) and both commentators on there did actually say it was 2 straight reds, they also pointed out 2 goals from a man not meant ot be on the pitch, and the bobble (Saw that too, how unlucky just like robinsons a few years back), yes the bobble goal would never have happened if we had the free kick or foul on o'hara, which James was reminstrating as captain, hence him being out of the goal too.
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25/03/2010 08:12:00

Gandor - agree Quincy is a show off, and a time a place is what he needs to remember. agree with Chix, he showed class against scum, but lets not forget thats 2 leagues lower in class. Yess we are bottom of prem, but still 25 places above league 1 so he should show class. For me, we had 9 men on the pitch at any given time willing to give there all. But Freddy and Quincy failed big time to chase down balls and charge the there goal to force goalie errors. Too lazy for my liking.
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25/03/2010 08:16:00

We were CARP..as an aside there is an interesting article in the Guardian today, saying Balu may stay on as owner...for me the whole article looked very positive..obviously with AA looking to sell the entire first team it seems, we will be avery different team net term and must look to championship consolidation..I love it at Pompey we turn everything round..We are the best supporters..but the smallest in numbers in the prem..we forget about the league to concentrate on the cup...and we look to consolidate after relagation...PUP
plymouth graham
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25/03/2010 08:50:00

I've scanned the Premier League rules & I cant find the rule that says it OK to lead with your elbow when playing against Pompey or do Malouda, Sturridge & Gerrard have a differnet rule book?
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25/03/2010 08:56:00

There is a different rule book for 'BIg 4' clubs. I don't know why we don't have Premiership 1 with 4 teams and Premiership 2 with 16. Obviously there would be no promotion or relegation.
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25/03/2010 10:44:00

Good one Lemmi!!!
Pompey Malta
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25/03/2010 17:28:00

Guys you have now been robbed twice by incompetent referees. First Gerrard gives the elbow to a blue and then last night's performance. I am sorry but because of last night I honestly hope Chelsea do not win the league. I have already said I hope Pool don't get into the top 4 slot they want.
SFC Forever
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25/03/2010 17:53:00

Dirty cheating cockney b'st'ds - they didn't need to put 2 of our players in hospital, they would have won anyway, but the Gerard incident proved its OK for 'big' clubs to assault Pompey players and get away with it. Yet the ref booked Jamo for throwing the ball away after the 5th goal, but ignored Chelski doing the same thing, earlier, as well the actual assaults. Had enough of this league now, it stinks. Our club is doing a pretty good job of destroying itself on its own, there's no need for the officials to join in.
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25/03/2010 19:23:00

Well I expected us to lose, thought 3 or 4 nil at worst. However 5 was insulting but hardly surprising. A mixture of bad luck & some awful referring. First Liverpool's Gerrard & now Melouda. Can't imagine we would have got the benefit of the doubt. Not a good nite for the fans in the stands.
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25/03/2010 20:23:00

Im not quite sure why people are having a go at Jamo about the first goal, the replay zoomed in clearly showed the ball hitting a monster sized divot and bouncing away from his foot, not a lot he could do about that, the two assaults on our players were disgusting, the ref was a complete wanxer and completely played to the normal theory of not annoying the top clubs as they clearly have more say on what refs take the pitch. It was such an inept display, not just by the ref, linesman and forth offical, but also by Pompey, the boys generally tried hard, but the fact that one Chelski player is the value of our whole team shone through resoundingly, I like many others expected to loose, the margin was the only thing in doubt, with the first goal which shouldnt have occured, then the two goals from malouda, who shouldnt have been on the pitch, Chelski down to 10 men (maybe 9) we may have been able to hold them to a draw, but nevermind, I think most of us genuinly believe we are going down now, so the result really doesnt mean that much, as for Tottenham, I cant see us beating them , even once, but I would take a cheaky 1-0 in the cup over the league game, so if there is a footy god, you now have my request!!!! pup
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25/03/2010 21:00:00

True about the foul and the divet. But you are, like us, only a little team there to make up the numbers. We are not allowed the same protection as the overpaid cowardly scum that play for the big teams.
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26/03/2010 08:19:00


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