Portsmouth - Pompey slump again
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Blackburn 2 - Pompey 0




Pompey slump again

Pompey crashed to another defeat, hot on the heels of last weeks demolition by Arsenal came another no-pointer at Blackburn.

I'm getting a bit sick of it all right now, the team is the same whoever we play, wherever we play. I can predict the team 2 days in advance, so for all those scouts at games it must be a joy to know Pompey will play one upfront, cram the midfield with Stonewall types, and basically hope to hit you on the break.
I hate to be critical of Paul Hart and Brian Kidd, but the football Pompey are churning out right now bores me silly, some may say its a results business, but I'm firmly in the 'entertainment business' camp, if I'm expected to dish out £600 a year to watch football, I want two sides playing it.

The match was played in steady rain, this obviously didn't help proceedings, and Blackburn scored with the first effort on target after half an hour, James dithered a bit by all accounts, the prescence of Samba proving unsettling, and Pedersen was left to steer into the net.
Crouch seemed exiled up front, he was by himself and the midfield was showing few signs of making late runs into the box.

Pompey had their first proper effort on almost the stroke of half-time, predictably it came from a corner rather than open play, Hreidarsson heading narrowly wide.
On 53 minutes Pompey made a couple of attacking substitions, Kanu and Utaka coming on, but this was all undone when Blackburn got awarded a penalty straight away, Hreidarsson handling a ball into the box.
Up steps McCarthy and its game over for another week.
Pompey did spark a little in the last 20, Pennant shooting wide after good link uip play, and then Utaka rounded Robinson, but Ryan Nelsen slid in to block his weak roll toward the net, it was almost vintage Utaka from 18 months ago, but his finish will further frustrate the already tetchy Pompey support.
Just to emphasise this statement, with a couple of minutes left on the clock, Pompey got their first penalty post-Defoe, but like his last effort against West Ham, Utaka blew it, and when I say blew it, it was last seen orbiting Venus.
Game over, no points, no leadership, no inspiration.
Pompey resembled Holland today, not total football, just flat.

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Manager Rating

Sorry Hart, but time to tinker, all his shortcomings as manager are becoming evident now, good at organising, but not so good at inspiring, thing is Pompey crowds have had entertainment for the last 6 years, ready salted football will be hard to revert back too.

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Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday May 9 2009

Time: 7:07PM

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Its taken a few months, but yes, I miss Harry Redknapp in charge, I'll say his name and remember how good it was when he ran the show, we were crap before him, crap when he disappeared first time, and we are crap now.
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09/05/2009 19:10:00

and in danger of falling into oblivion I'd say!
Al Billy
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09/05/2009 19:19:00

Is that a dig at ready salted crisps at the end? I can't believe it
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09/05/2009 19:27:00

I really do not understand how difficult it is to realise to score goals you need to attack. It's almost as if Hart thinks if we score it'll make the opposition mad and they might want to score themselves. Doesn't he realise if one team wants to win and one not to lose the one that wants it will win, especially as we're not good enough to defend for 90 mins. It is sooooo frustrating. We need a real manager not a childminder. If Reading fail can we have Steve Coppell, or even Tony Mowbrey at least he tries to play good attractive football.
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09/05/2009 19:28:00

so is Hart the man for the job or just a stop gap? Call for Avram?
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09/05/2009 19:33:00

Ruud Guilet , slaven bilic can do croatia and us or claudio ranieri as it look he wll be getting sacked from juventus 2 be manager.Some good managers to pick from but we need a decent owner to back us. BRING BACK MILAN MANDRIC
stfc ballboy
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09/05/2009 19:38:00

I was ashamed of the performance, or lack of one today, the journey back home was a very subdued one, however we all agreed that the players today were an embarrasment. The team selection was again completely wrong, and how Hart perserveres with the rubbish that is Mullins and Hughes is beyond us all. The performance was gutless and heartless, please we have to do something for the last two games otherwise we could still go down. Utaka and Kanu WHY? Basinas and Pennant together with a partner for Crouch please, Gekas, Pele players who will have a go, where was Traore? Pompey need to think long and hard about Hart, he is never the answer short or long term, some results are going for us, but our luck could run out and i fear for our safety, Hart and Kidd no way!!
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09/05/2009 19:47:00

i prefered it when tony adams was in charge. we played good football, we always had a go - even if we were the unluckiest team in the league.
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09/05/2009 21:42:00

Completely agree about the player ratings. Even Johnno looked flat today. It's almost as if they all woke up this morning and said "aww, do I have to?"
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09/05/2009 22:14:00

Agreed, Paultsmouth, and I've said it before (and I'll etc etc) I'd rather play our usual (6-7 yrs) classy football and LOSE. Ah, de ja vu, we did lose - bu&&er!
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09/05/2009 22:21:00

A long trip and a poor attempt by the player's to make sure of Premiership football next year.
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09/05/2009 22:38:00

10.30pm and i have just got back, well its 11.00 now - had to have a drink and a quick nibble first - and once again i return, having left around 8am, beening subjected to that tripe again...
24.50 for a ticket, 21.00 for petrol, thats, what 45 before you even factor beer into the equation and its not good enough! at least the whole journey money and ticket today only costs around a fiver more than the ticket alone for the sunderland game will on monday, when i expect to see more of the same, so on that score it was a 'cheap' day out...
we started quite brightly, then soon reverted to type, had a 'mad 5 minutes' and paid for it, as soon as that 1st goal went in we lost it, altho not really threatened that much by them we never looked like scoring - no organisation on the pitch, and sure as hell none off it, anyone who still thinks hart should get the job only needs to watch the dvd's back of the last dozen games to see why he shouldnt get it - we should be challenging for a top 10 spot by now, and could have had we won games we should have won and at least drawn others than we have lost, yet we are still battling the drop... as it is i think we will be ok, but not due to what we do, but what others do not do!
not good enough, i dread the thought of 38 games with hart in charge, altho i doubt he would make it through 19 tbh, and if he did i sure as hell know i - and everyone else - will not get their monies worth, and it sure as hell aint cheap these days is it!
the positive i took from today, and said this to ken, rob and my brother on the way out 'at least the rain stopped and the sun came out before we left!'...
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09/05/2009 23:17:00

also, how disrespectful is it of us to play kanu in a midfield role - when he isnt a midfielder
*** thinking about it nor is utaka a left winger, mullins isnt a 'midfielder', mullins and hughesie, bless him, arent a 'midfield combination', kaboul isnt really a right back, johnson isbt not really a right midfielder (way, way too many square pegs in round holes here dont we think guys!)***
when we have an international with 100 caps to his name in basinas picking the splinters out his arse once again, that is a midfielder, and a decent, even if aging, one!
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09/05/2009 23:39:00

Youv'e said it all Rug. I'm not going to get a season ticket til I know who the Manager is going to be. Or should I say til I know for sure that Hart is not going to be IT. Call me a JCL, I don't care. I am not going to spend good money watching that crap week in, week out. full stop.
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10/05/2009 01:21:00

On the bright side we may be safe even before we play Sunderland. The loser of the Toon v Boro game cannot catch us, neither West Brom already. This leaves Hull who if they lose to Bolton next week-end also cannot. A draw at Bolton leaves them with the daunting task of beating Man Utd and I relish the thought that the title hasn't been decided until that last day. A draw with Sunderland would also see us home if their is no result at St.James Park. Premier League without Hart here we come, so cheer up lads, it ain't all bad and remember next week-end is our FA Cup win anniversary - plenty to cheer about.
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10/05/2009 01:35:00

Why was Utaka taking the penalty at the end? Doesn't make any sense. Glen would have been my first choice followed by Kanu. I know I'm not the best person for the choice but this gives me no confidence in the current managerial line up. I've waited for a defining result of the Hart campaign and I think he has missed the boat.
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10/05/2009 02:45:00

i know what you mean Gandor, and thats fair enough...unfortunately ive already renewed mine :-)
johnson was the first name that me and ken both said as well Pompeyscum - had utaka scored it 'might' have boosted his confidence, clearly a player lacking this shouldnt have taken the spot kick, as he was never likely to score, but hey ho...
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10/05/2009 08:14:00

Get Bilic in, and Utaka out!!! He had it on a plate to silence his critics, and totally ballsed it up - when he took it round Robinson it wasn't even on target. GRRRR
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10/05/2009 08:33:00

Kanu wouldn't be allowed near the pen, his last 2 were shocking
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10/05/2009 09:43:00

It looked like Belhadj wanted to take the kick from where we were, and of all the things he can do he is capable of hitting the target from 12 yards unlike the waste of space who took the kick. Maybe if they missed snooker/golf/shopping for an afternoon we would have someone who could take penalties. Blackburn were fighting for their lives and under Sam will give you nothing, he should indeed be our manager instead of the waste of space who is still in danger of taking us down, i just keep thinking about Wimbledon and Oxford Utd when it all went wrong.
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10/05/2009 11:18:00

I think Belhadj was off the pitch mate
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10/05/2009 11:49:00

Another pathetic performance. Getting very frustrated with a naff formation based around some very poor players. No doubt Sunderland will turn us over on current form. I really fear it will get a lot worse before it gets a lot better!
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10/05/2009 12:28:00

Lesson I took from watching Fulham yesterday - Roy Hodgson will never be a fashionable type but he's obviously worked wonders with a team with no superstars and has managed to get the very best out of what he has got by getting each component to give of their best. You don't need superstar players, you need passionate players (tho not in the Joey Barton sense of the word). Mind you, passionate, superstar player might be good.
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10/05/2009 12:34:00

Thats what i meant. he was the only one who jumped up and wanted to have a go, the rest seemed to not want the reponsibility!!
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10/05/2009 14:29:00

Oh God what a frustrating afternoon. I ended up spitting at the tv, especially when Utaka was on the screen! I was the one who thought Hart was doing good, but now, I doubt it, even if he got some good results some time ago. I look forward to get rid of so many players who are worth nothing. And where were Johnson, Davis, Kaboul, Hermann, Campbell, Distin... we know??
Pompey Malta
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10/05/2009 22:51:00

Didn't I tell you it would all end in tears .. Would you all still sck Tony Adams ??... Hart is a joke .. We panicked by getting rid of Admas and look where we are .. no better off in fact I'd say we are in more danger now than we were when he was here ... We should have addressed the players NOT the manager... We next season holds with Hart in charge heaven only knows .. Just as well sack him now rather than go through to Christmas with the same old performances and few points..
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11/05/2009 07:38:00

'Hart has made us hard to beat'. Well, if that was the basis of his claim to the managers job next season, I think he's blown it. For the record, I supported Tony Adams and thought the football we played at that time was excellent. Agreed, Chix, at the time I couldn't understand why, for example, Distin continued to get a place in TA's team. That was his problem; not knowing who was 'with him'.
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11/05/2009 07:49:00

Belhadj could have taken penalty from the bench and still be closer to target than the hapless JU.
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11/05/2009 08:01:00

I agree with you Rug. Actually though we didn't always play the most attractive football under Frank's uncle - we were often lucky. Under Tony Adams we played some great football but were both unlucky and defensively niave. Although I accept we've lost an entire quality midfield, Hart is now showing his limitations and is also making us universally unpopular as a dull unattractive side. Let's take survival as a bonus because we've been totally *****e and then rebuild over the summer - starting with the manager.
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11/05/2009 09:26:00

You can only paper over the cracks & get away with it for so long. i suppose we shouldn't be surprised really. The frustration no doubt is showing as we limp over the safety line due to the even more pathetic teams below us. Too many players have given up & hart can't seem to get them going again!
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11/05/2009 13:20:00

Without exception all the players were awful on Saturday, are they waiting for the Sunderland game, thinking that they will turn up and roll over for us to get 3 pts we need for safety? If so , what a complacent attitude! Hart and Sol need to show some leadership on and off the pitch, after all they are all still Pompey staff until after the Wigan game. I didn't see Tevez giving up yesterday thinking he wasn't going to be around at Utd. next season. New contracts or not lets get the job done better than limping over the line.
Report Abuse
11/05/2009 15:13:00

Newcastles win tonight hasn't helped, has it?
Report Abuse
11/05/2009 22:15:00

it means boro join west brom in being unable to catch us... defeat for either hull or newcastle this weekend and we are safe before we even play on monday - i wouldnt be against putting money on this being the case, but think the barcodes will probably stay up now tho.
on the other hand if hull and newcastle both win this weekend its squeaky bum time on monday!
Report Abuse
11/05/2009 22:31:00


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