Portsmouth - Pompey stalemate
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Pompey 0 - Bristol City 0



Attendance: 14,446.

Pompey stalemate

Pompey remained undefeated in the FA cup for another week, but that was the only real plus point today.
Bristol came with a plan, 1 man upfront and Jamie McCombe was in to counter Crouchs height. Trouble is Pompey went with one up front as well, Tony Adams will no doubt say it was 3, but Kranjcar was deep and Nugent wide right.

Adams has obviously gone back to basics with Pompey, thing is with Adams, basics means clean sheets first, the rest is a bonus. Pompey played with one upfront at home, this shored up midfield, but took away a threat to City's back line, ok Defoe has bailed on us, but surely Nugent would be best played as an out an out forward?

The game was not without chances, Styvar cleared off the line from Wilson, Kranjcar headed a great chance wide, and Distin forced a great save from the 'keeper, but Pompey are looking a bit like Shane McGowan at the moment, toothless.
Second half and Nugent curled one in that was well saved, Kranjcar smashed one into Basso's body, but Pompey had David James to thank for preventing another defeat, Bradley Orr forcing a fine save with about ten left.

All this leaves Pompey still floundering around somewhat, the clean sheet was a bonus, but a lack of firepower and real leadership on the pitch makes us look a bit rudderless right now.

Star Player

Kranjcar had his best game for time, he looked the most likely to score, but will rue the header he placed wide rather than between the sticks.

The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 3 2009

Time: 6:16PM

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Bit like a solo Richard Ashcroft,- no verve
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03/01/2009 18:20:00

Bit like Adolph, no balls.
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03/01/2009 18:38:00

From Utaka, Diop, Muntari, Diarra and Kranjcar to Nugent, Wilson, Davis, Mvuemba and Kranjcar. It says it all, sad times. We need so much new blood it's unreal.
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03/01/2009 18:40:00

I'm happy with a clean sheet. It's something to build on, and is a confidence boast for the defence - who were in DIRE need of one!
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03/01/2009 18:41:00

Bit like Seppuku, no guts
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03/01/2009 18:41:00

Bit like a Eunuch, no penetration.
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03/01/2009 18:43:00

That is dire need - clean sheet at HOME to a CHAMPIONSHIP club!!!!
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03/01/2009 18:45:00

As a long term Season Ticket holder, this is one of the few times I get to 'vote with my feet'. I'm unhappy with many aspects of our club and they management need to understand that. The missing six thousand will, hopefully ring some alarm bells, although I suspect they will be ignored. My main gripe is, why buy all these great players just to sell them again? Don't believe it's the credit crunch, that's b*110ckz. It's just $h1te management, planning and stuff and that's not acceptable. What are the chances of winning the replay?
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03/01/2009 18:55:00

Good. I like you saved 50 today - just can't afford it on top of Christmas and all the games in 2008. Love to have been there but 50 for the wife and me was just too much!!
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03/01/2009 19:02:00

Et_tu_pompeii - we had no chance of keeping a cleansheet against a premiership club - meaning now was the perfect time to give the defence a confidence boast! Hopefully, in our next game, we will be able to keep one against man city - then totenham... start small, build big.
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03/01/2009 19:35:00

Be difficult to get the win back at their place now.
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03/01/2009 20:11:00

we've been laying better away from home recently though...
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03/01/2009 20:12:00

Citeh lost 3-0 we did not conceed & are in the draw Bristol are better than Forrest come on guys is Carpet the only one to take a positive from the game, oh yes ,& we will win the replay "come on Pompey'
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03/01/2009 20:14:00

Yes he is!
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03/01/2009 20:22:00

We looked a championship side, little quality, poor finishing. Yes we should have won & we should win the replay. However with some very awkward games coming up, you wonder where the extra quality is going to come from? Johnson is the obvious answer, but we need much more! Took my 12 year old daughter Ellie to her first Fratton park match, some 34 years after mine. A historic personal moment which was all that pleased me on this, another poor day.
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03/01/2009 20:25:00

PS. The ref was a knob.
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03/01/2009 20:26:00

essentially storage matt, we looked like a team that hadn't won for 5 games, had conceeded more goals already this season than in the whole of last season, had suffered the loss of one of there most succesful managers earlier in the season, and the loss of two of there best players in the last month. We are short of confidence - 0-0 was a good result.
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03/01/2009 20:35:00

Matt I hope she enjoyed it though! I was going to take Joshie my youngest to the game today, but have been laid low with flu all week. If we survive the replay and get another home draw i'll take the boy to that. Ps. The Quay agreed with your appraisal of the Ref.
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03/01/2009 20:41:00

Quite right Carpet - Play Up Pompey! Maybe this is the test we need, Save the Third Round, Save the Cup'.
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03/01/2009 20:48:00

Never mind blaming the ref, we were utterly **** in every department today. Let's not put a positive spin on "oh well, we kept a clean sheet" - wouldn't we rather play with a bit of verve and style and win 3-2?.....Jeez, I'd even take an unlucky defeat instead of total crap I wasted my money on today. It was shameful. No midfield whatsoever; gave the ball away on the rare occasion that we did win it, backed off, didn't create, no width - apart from Belhadj from time-to-time. I'd heard Wilson was a bright prospect - well, on today's showing he's got a long way to go before looking like a Premiership footballer. Even my 10 year old daughter couldn't understand why the midfield was conceding so much space and was second to the ball. Sort it out Tony.
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03/01/2009 20:54:00

i thought we played quite well considering the current "problems" that are going on. the tactics were wrong, but we defended solidly and apart from bradley orr's shot, we never looked like conceding. the ref was shocking, we could have had 5 penalties on another day. tony should have swtched formation late on, and perhaps out little on, but we have stopped our losing streak and are still in the draw.
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03/01/2009 21:21:00

I must have been in a parallel universe then becuase I've just watched an abysmal performance.
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03/01/2009 21:39:00

I think you must have been in a parallel universe Tim if you think that was an abysmal performance. Perhaps you should be greatful you aren't a Man City fan? At least we can't criticise the commitment today can we? At least not of the players but perhaps the missing 5,000 fans? James was faultless in goal and Sol and Distin were solid in front of him. Cranie was impressive on his return and Nugent worked tirelessly as did Crouchie. Wilson did less well in midfield than he has done as a full-back and I don't think Mvuemba is good enough but those two apart I thought it was a good display. If we can get Gary O'Neil back before we play Man City we will be fine. Just keep your fingers crossed that Mark Hughes stays in a job until after we beat them :0)
Pompey Half Pint
Report Abuse
03/01/2009 22:00:00

I meant "grateful" of course (blush).
Pompey Half Pint
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03/01/2009 22:03:00

Et_Tu until the ground is built the club will have no option but to sell players from time to time. To enable us to attract the players needed for success in the premiership we have to pay a lot of money. 20,000 fans would not pay the sort of gate prices required for the club to survive without selling players, until the ground is built there will be more Diarra's coming along, we'll give them a bit of a polish and sell them on again in order to survive. The alternative is Championship football or worse.
Steve C
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03/01/2009 22:05:00

Far rather a stalemate against Bristol than the shambles we had in Manchester today. You kept a clean sheet. You're still polishing the FA Cup and you'll probably walk the replay.
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03/01/2009 23:07:00

Some weeks I think I've turned up at the wrong ground and been watching the wrong game when I read all the comments on here. Like PHP, I saw a team of players who wanted to play playing like they cared, and I saw a performance we could build on, particularly if TA gets the money he's been promised. Additionally, I was going to say that people calling for the sacking of TA should consider the plight of Man City, and that Vital MC members aren't calling for him to go because they know that he's a quality manager and the performances are down to the players. Then I checked Vital MC and noticed they are calling for the head of Mark Hughes, they don't seem to know that he's a quality manager or that the performances are down to the players. So it's obviously me. As you were.
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03/01/2009 23:11:00

Well if Chelsea drew with SOUTHEND...!!!???!!!
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04/01/2009 00:58:00

Ninja, I must have slipped into your universe because that display yesterday was shocking. Abismal. For god's sake, where does TA get off by playing 1 up front at home to championship opposition?? He made NO tactical changes all game. Couldnt believe it when the team came out unchanged 2nd half. Christ, Traore was on the bench, now I seem to remember before I went on holiday Bellhadj and Traore ripping apart the right back for AC Milan, so why not let them rip apart a championship one. Half pint says Jamo was solid. Bloody only had 1 save to make. How many times did we work their keeper?? ONE. from a Sol header. Niko blasted the ball straight at him. I'm shocked at a) how bad the team have become since Adams took charge in such a short time. b)how tactically poor Adams is (and i wanted him to get the job) and c) how you guys are saying its good not to have conceded against Bristol and how we played well........CRAP and it needs to change fast or we are gonna be gone................rant rant rant
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04/01/2009 07:49:00

Pompey4me, I'm not one of those calling for TA to be sacked, but I really can't believe that people thought there was any quality in yesterday's performance. Yes, the cup produces upsets and, frankly, a draw at home to a Championship side in the cup is not the end of the world - I'm more concerned about the manner of the performance. How can anyone say there was commitment in midfield? It was a lethargic and gutless performance. We couldn't keep possession and we were second to the ball more often than not. Nugent chased harmless "channel" balls all afternoon but that's about as much commitment as we saw - oh, and Sol gave his all.
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04/01/2009 10:15:00

I was disgusted yet again by another poor performance, what goes on all week in training baffles me. The tactics are shocking, and Nugent is nowhere near good enough, tries hard yes, but good enough, no way, we could get any number of players who could run around alot and fall over etc. He is not the only one, but is an example of Adams/Metgod getting it wrong. New faces need to arrive very quickly, take the Defoe money, get the new faces in, and then lets hope that Glenn, Younes and Utaka get back soon to give the squad some depth. Another eight hour round trip for that pile of rubbish
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04/01/2009 12:21:00

Tim, I'm agreeing with you, and all you and Owens say in your last posts, apart from Utaka.
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04/01/2009 14:28:00

I was quite shocked by the quietness of the Pompey fans. Admittedly the City fans had the whole Milton end and were doing a great job at keeping the noise going (not that I'd want to hear them again but fair play to them, they did their jobs as supporters really well) but Fratton end had huge empty spaces in it and it was rare to hear any Pompey chanting. Ok, so there wasn't much to sing about but it won't help them do their jobs if we aren't gonna do ours.
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 18:34:00

hammer, I've always believed that something on the pitch has to spark the fans. Not too much to ask of the players, surely! (having a dig at them there, not you.)
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04/01/2009 20:39:00

Pompey4me, I agree.There was even some booing afterwards. Now, some people think this is out of order, but given that these guys are paid more in a week than most of us could ever hope to earn in a year and that we fork out our hard-earned dosh to watch that shambles, aren't we permitted to vocally let them know our opinion?
Report Abuse
05/01/2009 09:34:00

I'm a bit in between all these comments here. I went to the match on Saturday (the first one i've been able to get to for ages) and was impressed by some performances (especially Sol's dive in the middle of the park) and others need to get their a*ses in gear or we need to ship them out. Don't understand how Kranjcar was the Star player on this review. He gave the ball away too often and too easily, had one good touch where he turned his man in a Berkampesque style but that was it. For me the star man was (disagree with me if you want) Nugent. He was running at their defence, and i believe only because of lack of confidence, wasn't taking any shots. He was open in the second half but instead of shooting, played the ball to the middle which was cut out. But he ran his socks off along with Sean Davis and these 2 look like the only players that are fighting for the team. Distin had a good run at their defense which was also amusing and nearly scored, but i believe that as soon as Johnson comes back the defence will be sorted and Crouch will be getting the crosses that he thrives on. On the TA subject i don't believe he is the man to keep Pompey up. I was all for him when Judas left us, but i thik we need someone like Roy Keane who will deal with the whinging in the dressing room by telling players how it is. If Defoe were moaning to him he would tell him to shut up, get on the pitch and earn his money. TA seems too much of a pushover and we need someone with some backbone to lead this team. On another note KAsper Schmichael is leaving Citeh. Anyone reckon new backup for DJ and replacement when he retires?
Report Abuse
05/01/2009 15:44:00


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