Portsmouth - Bolton 2-1 Pompey
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Bolton 2 - Pompey 1

The Reebok

Sat 20-12-08, 3pm

Attendance: 19884

Bolton 2-1 Pompey

Well, erm, I'm annoyed as you would expect from seeing a side which couldn't give a toss. I would actually rate that as a worst performance then the one at city, and if Bolton were more clinical so would the scoreline!!

From kick-off for crying out load, punted it up, right to Matty who, fair play to him, produced a great bit of skill but then again, it was Hermann who he was up against (useless), and provided a mediocre finish, Jamo could of done better! Then, straight for the re-kick-off, sloppy play and rubbish marking led to Gardner, to thrash home the second, which Jamo again could of done better with!!

Only two players put in the shift today, Davis and crouch. Neither played great, but at least they put in the effort....unlike Pamarot. Not joking, worst performance from a player I've ever witnessed. He gave the ball away a ridiculous amount of times. No pace at the back either, Sol and even Distin at times showing poor pace levels, whilst the midfield didn't have the killer pas..or any pass. Defoe wasn't at his best, but the worst thing throughout the game was the long punts up to crouch and Diop. EVERY single time! It didn't take a genius to stick to Bolton players on Crouch so he couldn't move, and it didn't take a genius for people to track Defoe's run either.

The one goal we did score, which I must say was a quality cross from the outside of the foot by Niko, and a firm header by Crouch. That was it really; Bolton could have easily made it 3, 4 or 5. With James and the defence, showing that they can be amazing at certain times. How Jamo managed to save a one on one with Gardener, then the defence clambering the ball out was utter miraculous!!

The main thing that worry's me was the lack of heart and effort, no one wanted to be there, no one really cared if we won, even the support wasn't great. I could hear my own voice, and I don't shout that loud!!

Few positives was that Nugent I think, or hope can do a similar job as Defoe, who was just out muscled from the game today, Cahill was pretty good. I'm worried, also about Adams tactical awareness. He only changed things around the 60th minute mark, and that was to bring Lassie on, who lets be honest should have started!


Unrelated but worth noting: When game finished Diarra came over and clapped us for around 5 minutes, very tearful, what a legend! And what a professional.

But an interesting thing was that Defoe came over to us, and started pointing at the fans shouting something, now I don't know what it was, but I'm hoping it was something like "I'm staying put". Haven't the foggiest though.

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Writer: Gleams Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 20 2008

Time: 4:58PM

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The Quay has let slip that Gario will rejoin in January, one bit of good news anyway
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20/12/2008 17:48:00

There is a God! Cheers for that Paul thats cheered me a little
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20/12/2008 17:57:00

Just got home to Liverpool, and i must tell you all that we were hammerd out there today. How we got away with a 2-1 defeat i will never know, we were gutless, heartless and played with no passion at all. We are on a spiral towards the bottom of the table lads, and unless there is a dramatic change we are going to be relegated without a fight. Campbell and Distin were bullied again, this time by Davies, and the midfied was rubbish, even when Diarra came on, and as for Nugent, well i reckon i could give more pace and width than him. Tony Adams needs to tale a long hard look at this situation, and react very quickly!!
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20/12/2008 18:26:00

i listened on the quay. now i know you guys tend to ignore my comments (lol) but im gonna say a very contraversial thing here... is anyone else out there thinking david james SHOULDNT start the next game. still averaging about 2.7 goals per game conceeded since TA took charge. ashdown one game (admittedly a training game against a championship type team) but kept a clean sheet ... morale booster. also campbell needs to make way now, he keeps putting his hands up coz he cant be a**ed to run with players. agree with most, wilson needs to be given the chance. keeping him on bench/sending out on loan wont help the guys confidence levels. and one final thing (for now) STOP CHANGING THE BL00DY FORMATION TONY, FOR CHRIST SAKE! no1 knows whats going on when it happens... nugent MR and herman ST?! LMAO lost the plot completely. i give TA up until valentines day to make some progress or I will be 100% behind him going. at the moment i am 5050.
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20/12/2008 19:14:00

I partl agree. David James has been a bit out of form recently, and if we play jamie ashdown for a game, David James will realise that he actually will need to perform to keep his place. West ham at home shouldnt put too much pressure on the goal either... so yes, maybe that would be a good thing. Campbell in defence, we don't have much choice at the moment, with everybody injured. But when kaboul comes back, yes, by all means, Campbell needs to be dropped.
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20/12/2008 19:56:00

However, i disagree about changing formations. Something wasn't working, and if we didnt change things, we would have had no chance. Herman up front gave us another target man to aim for, and nugent down the right gave us more pace and effort there. I can understand where he's coming from. Marc wilson perhaps COULD have come on in the last 20 minutes as he seems to be able to cross the the ball fairly well - but more than that, and he would have just been torn to peices. He isn't a right back, and he isn't a right midfieler player. and he certainly isn't better than diara, who we brought on to change things in midfield (and you wouldnt really want to bring on two midfield players... would you?). Oh, and I would give TA at least untill this time next year to change things (this isn't his team, it's his first time in proper management, and the players are all unsettled, as no-one knows what is going on at the moment). Even if we get relegated, I still wouldnt sack him... that wouldnt solve anything!
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20/12/2008 20:03:00

Yep, I've been on panic alert for many weeks. The next three games are harder than the three we have picked up a point from. We have quite tough 2 months coming up & we easily could be be bottom 6 & at worst bottom 3.
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20/12/2008 20:08:00

sorry for the lacklustre report, nothin to report on apart from how ***** we were. Yes, drop jamo, he wasnt himself today, didnt seem to care when we went 2-0 down. his heads not in it, makes me consider all the reports from the papers. Resign matty!!!!!!!!!!!!! he would come back!!!! him and gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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20/12/2008 21:58:00

a little bit of agreement ... i can handle that! :) i understand the formation needed changing today ... but herman up front didnt really work did it?! im more annoyed that we changed formations when we were winning 2-0 a few weeks back and thats where our late draws came from ... some of the players clearly arent there in body and soul anymore, and whilst i partly agree with you that this isnt TAs team, i also think youll find some of the players came on TAs advice/contacts/presence. the reason i say valentines day, we could get someone in (the first thought that comes to mind is roy keane!) in feb with enough time to get some influence to the players. basically ... they need a kick up the arsenal. and if TAs half time talks are anything like his media talks i wouldnt give a tos if i was playing badly. he IS getting better with his choices but too much experimenting has effected the team. would harry switch the formation to 3-4-3 away to bolton?!?! lol. as for matty t, how much we love him, he wouldnt fit into the team now. at least that is my opinion :)
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20/12/2008 22:14:00

BRING ON JANUARY!!!! Tony must find out who still has the passion to play for pompey. Those that don't must go!
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20/12/2008 22:30:00

hi from down under pompey where cr*p if defoe wants to go let gom. with man city looking at all these forwards maybe we can let man city off what they owe us and reaign benjani. linvoys fit again play him he cany be any worse than some of those out there saturday james johnson campbell distin prmus mveumba davis krancar bejahd benjani crouch
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21/12/2008 02:11:00

Carpet, thanks for common sense.
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21/12/2008 10:18:00

The Times player ratings ......... James 5, Pamarot 4, Campbell 5, Distin 4, Hreidarsson 6, Hughes 5 (Diarra 63min), Bouba Diop 3 (Nugent 75min), Davis 4, Kranjcar 5, Defoe 6, Crouch 6 ... Says it all really !
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21/12/2008 10:45:00

..Just one comment on Carpets 'West Ham shouldn't put too much pressure on us' .. Carps West Hams problem is that they can't finish rather than create - They will click soon and I just pray it's not against us otherwise Bellamy will have a field day against our defence.
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21/12/2008 10:53:00

Benji is a no-no, he is crocked again, Taylor hardly celebrated did he?
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21/12/2008 12:38:00

chix - they are playing away, and not in the best form... I was thinking they might try to play for the point. I was at the west ham away game, and they really didnt create anything - even with bellamy playing. However, if kaboul doesnt return, he could cause us problems...
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21/12/2008 12:45:00

Jermaine was saying,"its ok lads dont worry we still get paid", they dont really care lads, get it into your heads, they are not bothered whether they win or not, as they have proved this season in many games, no heart, no passion, and no desire to play for Pompey.
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21/12/2008 12:46:00

Roy Keen??? Miserable manager and a poor person. Rather have Roy Kinear.
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21/12/2008 17:34:00

Tony here is a thing. Send out eleven players, short on talent, but determined to die for the cause, battle for the whole game, and see what happens. West Brom did this today and won 2-1, watch and learn, you overpaid, lazy Pompey players.
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21/12/2008 18:57:00

ET_tu, Roy Kinnear...Not a bad idea! Couldn't ride horses though!!!
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21/12/2008 19:04:00

PP. That killed him! RK deserves better than that, even in jest!
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21/12/2008 21:20:00

benjani played on sunday not injured
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22/12/2008 03:45:00

sorry missed that he went off
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22/12/2008 03:47:00

Owenspompey - I agree, there's no point having all these superstars in our team if they perform like that, if they want to leave, let them leave, we'd be better off with the likes of GON who will play with some commitment. I noted Tony's comment - "we lost the game in the first five minutes" Nothing gets past Tone then!
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22/12/2008 10:31:00

There's 2 things can happen. We sell all the overpaid big names who can't be bothered and replace them with cheaper players who want to play for Pompey and/or Tony. Or we decide we can't afford to give Tony the chance that he should deserve, bring in someone else with more experience who can put the same kind of transformation on the team that happened at Sunderland when Keane left, at Spurs recently (gnash!) and possibly at Blackburn this weekend. Graeme Souness? Of course the club is heavily in debt and up for sale, so I guess they'll go for the first option.
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22/12/2008 12:36:00

Blimey lighten up storage
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22/12/2008 14:06:00

Second thoughts. I apologize to anyone who has been upset by my little quip, no offense intended, just trying to lighten the mood.
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22/12/2008 14:14:00

time to drop James I think, give Ashdown a go, and get rid of Sol
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22/12/2008 14:56:00

Anyone else think James' thoughts are elsewhere?
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22/12/2008 15:21:00

He is paid too much to be thinking of gong to Spurs!! If he wants to go let him tell us, agree the fee and then move on
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22/12/2008 17:48:00

Drop England's Number 1 for a goalie unproven in the Premier League? I don't think so! Any goalie is only as good as the defence in front of him and ours has major problems at the moment. Send for Linvoy the Great!
Pompey Half Pint
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22/12/2008 19:30:00


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