Portsmouth - Nightmare continues
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Imposters 0 - Chelsea 4




Nightmare continues

After conceding six at Eastlands, Pompey capitulated once more at home, letting Chelsea romp into the 4th round of the Carling cup.
Once again Pompey's defensive unit had a nightmare, so much so I swear Freddie Kruger was calling the offsides.
Glen Johnson has gone from England Full-back to an absolute arse in one short week, his defending for Maloudas goal was schoolboy at best, totally ignorant at worst. Lampard opened the scoring with his customary goal against Uncle Harry, Harry must have been vile to him as a child as he walked in another straight after the break after James played droppsies once more.
Kalou wrapped things up after Distin gave possesion away cheaply, and Pompey had their second hiding in 4 days.

Tottenham await Pompey this Sunday, they dispatched Newcastle tonight and must fancy their chances of doing the same to Pompey, but we can't keep this up surely?

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Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 24 2008

Time: 9:59PM

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oh dear oh dear lol
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24/09/2008 22:01:00

Lack of effort, lack of Ideas. No excuse for that. Best buck up and at least try for next weeks pay cheque.
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24/09/2008 22:16:00

Pompey4me.. i Agree but think of the +s. less games, less injurys =]
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24/09/2008 22:23:00

so much for Kanu to the rescue eh...roll on saturday
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24/09/2008 22:29:00

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24/09/2008 22:30:00

or sunday even :-)
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24/09/2008 22:31:00

posted at the same time... disappointing, but there you go no excuses, frustrating for those that paid the money but sunday will show how 'bad' things really are, and they arent as bad as 10 goals in 2 games suggest...
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24/09/2008 22:32:00

A game worth forgetting. And fortunately, everyone *will* forget it, because of another game tonight. Wish I'd been down at Withdean to watch City get beat :D
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24/09/2008 23:06:00

Just got back home ... After that display I'm worried for the confidence of some of our 'bigger' players Distin and Johnson looked all over the place Jamos England place must surely now be in serious doubt. Utaka.ha.ha.ha if he comes out with another 'I'll prove myself quote' I reckon I'll shove it down his throat... 6 million more like 6 francs. Kaboul runs around like littel Bo Peep. Crouchy tried to do a job but got little service from a poor midfield and although Pamarot, Hughsie and Arnie ran around and chased the ball a lot it was clear to see that they are no more than 'bare bones' players at best especialy against the better opposition.. Belhadj left his leg trailing inviting the penalty and although it should never have been given name me one pro who wouldn't take advantage of his naievity.. Herman tries but his well past his best. Other than that I think we did alright !!.. Spurs on Sunday.. I'll settle for a 0-0 right now.. we must get some confidence back in the back four and I'll think we'll see 442 for the rest of the season ... changing formations fpor a few games brought us instant success but the players arent sure who is doing what job anymore.. it's unsettled us
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24/09/2008 23:25:00

Well I'm glad I know bugger all about football, because up to nearly half time, I was enjoying the game. The team were trying, even Utaka was exercising himself. There were great big wodges of time when the ball was up the Chelsea end and we had several chances at the goal, one in the first five minutes of the game. We got the ball off of them quite often as well. I concede that even I could see the horrible horrible mistakes, unfortunately always near the goalmouth, and Chelsea certainly made the most of them. OK, the score says it was a walkover, but it wasn't! I wasn't the only one who thought that, because the people around me were saying that Chelsea didn't look that great in the first half. Some people in the crowd when we were leaving were even saying it was a good game! That said, we have obviously got problems, but I don't know what they are. I'll leave that to you to debate, as you all know what you are talking about. I'm probably embarrassing myself, but hey, thats how I saw it! and I felt I had my 20 quids worth as well. Meanwhile, I am off to wind Moonarmy at ManC up. Brighton 2 - ManC 1. Wot a laugh! and Moonarmy thinking he was on the brink of world domination!
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24/09/2008 23:30:00

Great idea Gandor .. I'll come and join ya !
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24/09/2008 23:38:00

Very quiet at ManC. They must all be on the journey back down to earth - they have a long way to come - lets face it! Come on everyone, I'm not too down yet. It was Chelsea after all, no disgrace in that - it could have been Brighton and Hove Albion! and how many injuries do we have - did the News say 10? At the end of the day, thats one less competition our little squad will have to worry about, so silver linings and all that! Lets all have a disco la la la la. (Nope, I haven't even had a drink)!
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24/09/2008 23:59:00

Yeah, I'll reserve judgement until after the Spurs game.
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25/09/2008 02:09:00

Hopefully we'll turn it around Pompeyscum.. three on the bounce wouldn't be good preparation for the Vitoria game... Thnak goodness we have a cushion in that game ..
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25/09/2008 07:59:00

Well you lot can say what you like, I had a 2hour drive from Andover because the A34 was shut at Bullington. Got overrun by Chelski. produced a performance that was NEVER going to score if we played till Xmas! Crouch just as well of been playing on a different pitch, for all the good he was doing. Not his fault, that excuse of a midfield did nothing to help out. Ooohfrickingtaka...I swear if he goes inside one more time instead of going down the outside, I will personally hand in a transfer request for him! ps. he can't defend either; the debacle with Johnson was comical. Johnson should have helped him out, but looked panicky. Jamo reminded me of my short stint in goal when i was 15...Crap! Hughes looked for all his huffing and puffing to have consumed one too many pies (And I normally like him) Arnold had no product. Herman looked scared to venture forward. Harry please tell me the point of Crouch up front when he gets no help? He has no pace, so ball to feet played into Chelski hands, meaning they could play higher up without fear of being turned and outrun! Now here's the bit you all won't like...I was dying for the loo just when the Penalty was given, And just kept walking...to the pub! I feel slightly ashamed of myself as this is the first time i've ever done it, but hey so should some of the staff at Fratton. The WORST defense in the Premiership...God sake!...Report from PeedoffofAndover
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25/09/2008 08:00:00

We just might be in for a tough few weeks. Time for a few players to stand up & be counted but you can't help feel without our entire midfield we will suffer.
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25/09/2008 09:41:00

Right have we got that all off our chests. lets look on the bright side the result was on the cards from the moment the teams were announced. The squad just isn't strong enough to cope with that many changes to the side against a strong Chelsea side. We have a few less games to play now so that has to be a plus under the circumstances. Ok after Ballacks dive everything went tits up but till that point things weren't so bad, Mvuemba was having a tidy game till that point. Belhadj looks great going forward but needs to work on his challenges in the penalty area. His challenge allowed Ballack the chance to con the ref, he got away with an awful challenge in the area against Boro. Kaboul should only play as a defender. I'm not going to criticise players for effort because once the goal went in they weren't given chance to get near Chelsea. We're not Chelsea or Man utd we will lose a few games over the season, it just happens that we have come up against 2 of the richest clubs in the world back to back. We've been shown how inadequate our squad is if we get injuries we might accommodate 1 or 2 changes to the team but anything else will just weaken us too much. 3 games ago everyone was saying how great we looked, we haven't become a bad team over night, things will get better again.
Steve C
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25/09/2008 15:58:00

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25/09/2008 15:59:00

Was gratified to hear Harry saying virtually what I said last night -think I'll become a pundit:-) Yeah, we have problems, but its not as bad as it seems. Come on everyone, cheer up. Everyone is c--p sometimes. Its just that we are spectacularly c--p! If we had lost both matches 1-0, then I would have been more concerned. We have problems, they will be sorted, then we will be spectacularly mustard! Off for a nap now, I'm going out tonight!
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25/09/2008 16:58:00

ok, so what if we got hammered? We were always going to get beaten heavily, we all KNEW we would - so it's no surprise at all really. I was on the vital chelski site all evening, and I must commend them not one gloating comment at all - all civilsed football chat. I was going to go to the game, but at the last minute, had to cancel (long story...), but by the sound of thing's it wasnt a bad game of football, it jsut wasnt the result we wanted.
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25/09/2008 17:39:00

Carpet we were rubbish, it was not a good game and most of it was like a training ground exercise. I dont travel for 8 hours to watch teams pass around us, and make us look second class. Brighton showed what hard work and belief can do,as did QPR, we are not as good as so many people thought we were, and it has really come to light in the past two games, when the players were required to show some guts, spirit and hard work.
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25/09/2008 19:52:00

come on lads - positive thinking we want you to beat Spurs on Sunday!
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25/09/2008 20:19:00

Of course 10 goals in 2 matches is disastrous, but what is troubling the most is the sudden dip in form (and even attitude?) of the experienced players like Distin, and especially James. Jamo has been our rock for the past 2 years, and has done so well to get his England place back. Please let this be a blip! Lets just go and rollover Spuds and the weekend, and then book our place in the Euros, and then we can look back at this odd week in this season.
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25/09/2008 20:41:00

someone at work offered me a business card for an osteopath to pass onto Jamo on account of his supposed back pain from picking the ball out the net so much these days. Fortunately, most colleagues are QPR fans and therefore easily diverted away from taking the ***** out of me.
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25/09/2008 20:59:00

Come on Owenspompey,it really wasn't as bad as all that. i wasn't at the ManC game but I must say, this team kept going until the end. They did show guts and spirit but in the end, Chelsea were the better team (1) we made some studpid defensive mistakes (2) and our midfield was non existent (3). Point taken about having tavelled 8 hours to watch it tho.
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26/09/2008 00:44:00

Gandor, i felt we were rubbish, we cant turn out performances like we did at the tail end of last year and against Chelsea twice and Man City. The team have to show a hard work ethic, and the ability to wear the Pompey shirt, if they havent got it, then they have to go. We all know that Hughsey, Mvuemba, Utaka and Little are no match for Chelski's superstars, but to make up for that get into their faces and make them work, they were ataking the mickey out of us early in the game, as City did, and that is not acceptable. Spending all the money on Crouch and Kaboul was a mistake, we needed to bring in a couple of midfield players and Either stole Benjy or Johnson who was desperate to leave Everton. Bad planning by Storrie and Harry, if we lose to Spurs where does that put our season?
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26/09/2008 09:12:00

Owen, if we lose to Spurs that puts our season half a dozen league games old with no reason to panic and everything to play for. I accept your opinion of the team in terms of performance and attitude but let's not start saying our season is over when it's only September! PLAY UP POMPEY!
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26/09/2008 09:52:00

Come on Owenspompey, we haven't lost yet. I take your point about the bad planning, I think we have quality players, but they just don't seem to gel and haven't done since this January when the Africans came back from the African Cup thingy. Prior to that we seemed to be doing OK. I also agree there has been a certain amount of apathy in the first team, but I certainly didn't see it on Sunday. I thought they worked hard, but what do I know, I just saw 11 players running around the pitch. It possibly takes a more experienced eye than mine to see if Chelsea were taking the P. Anyway, I haven't given up yet. Harry looked absolutely shell shocked again, but he'll pick himself up and sort it out, I'm sure. PLAY UP POMPEY! and Harry!
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26/09/2008 10:16:00


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