Portsmouth - Man City 6-0 Pompey
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Man City 6 - Pompey 0


Sun 21-09-08, 3pm


Man City 6-0 Pompey

30 pound. I paid 30 pound today lads, to witness what can only described as a piece of *("&$*". I mean, everything went wrong today. The fact I was stuck in the turnstiles for 10 minutes, as they broke down just as I was walking through, the fact that only diet coke was on offer at the kiosk that I went to, oh and the little problem of the 11 players wearing pompey shirts didn't care, they didn't care if we were beaten 6 nil, they wouldn't of cared if we were beaten 100 nil. All they did was waddle around trying to get rid of the ball, no spirit, no heart, nothing.

First half actually wasn't that bad. Should of scored through Crouch, Campbell and Diop, but I'm not considering him a Pompey player anymore, he was absolutely pointless. All he did, was....err nothing. Jamo did a couple of wonder blunders, letting Jo score the easiest goal of his career, when David went AWOL and ran after him. And then you may of seen it, but it was probably the worst mistake James has made in a Pompey shirt, corner coming in, easy catch, or you would of thought, but no, he reacted to it as if it was 1000 degrees and let Dunne score, whoopee. Now, like I said, we weren't playing to badly, certainly not 2-0 down badly, and we were having some good success down the right, but honestly why cross to big Pete when his aerial skills are nonexistent? He had a couple of clear opportunities to score, cross from Johno, centre of the goal, and smashed it wide, then from a corner a tame header. Like I said Campbell with a good header but cleared off the line.

As we went in at half time, I was in pretty average spirits. Sure we were getting beaten, but I knew some chances would come second half if we performed a little better, and if we had performed like we did in the first half, I would be sitting here, probably writing about a pretty average performance but no end product.

Instead I'm writing this:
The second half was so bad, that I was embarrassed for Pompey at fulltime. I truly was. Every single player who walked out of that dressing room was crap. Even Diarra, who for all his endeavour couldn't lift the rest of the team to even play football!! I don't even think we created a chance! It was if they didn't care, and that got me angry when they're getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to play football and they couldn't be arsed to even try to play!! For 45 minutes!!

Utaka came on, and was rubbish like always, sell him. Now I'm not even going to go into why he was bad because we've all heard it before. Campbell is to old for 3 games on the bounce and was slower then an oil ship in reverse. Even Distin was showing his age against the likes of Robinho and SWP.

All 4 goals were well taken, but they shouldn't have happened. All of them came through mistakes in defence, or a stupid pass or just a sloppy touch. I actually cant remember who scored the 3rd. according to BBC it was...Robinho, who was clear on goal with no black shirt in sight to score.

After that it turned into a horrible, horrible half an hour and I don't really want to plunge in there guys, see for yourself on MOTD, it was hideous what we were playing.

No positives to take away from that I'm afraid, and I'm sorry for the poor effort of a report, but if you can believe me, I'm not really in the mood!


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Date:Sunday September 21 2008

Time: 5:03PM

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And our goal difference is???.......
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21/09/2008 17:10:00

I'm going to have an Anelka sized sulk for at least the rest of the day.
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21/09/2008 17:11:00

yep we should sulk, and the players need to take a long hard look at themselves - the worrying thing today is that we seemed to give in so easily and had no fighting spirit at all... very bad day at the office today, but lets not forget at 3pm today we were 'a fantastic side' this one spnaking doesnt make this any different does it?
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21/09/2008 17:18:00

Just woken up from a Siesta in the heart of Rome. Off to the pub now. Will review tomorrow to see if it all a bad dream
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21/09/2008 17:55:00

If playing in Europe means prem games like this then I hope we get thrashed in Guimaraes!
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21/09/2008 18:17:00

Disgusting. Still, bet they will all skip in and pick up their obscene wage cheques again without a second thoughts for all the fans that help pay them.
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21/09/2008 18:18:00

glad i didnt make dat journey to watch crap like that harry should make dem watch the game tommorrow morning and not give them there wages we should get our money back !!!!! absoutley shocking today our goal difference must be *****e im really peed off I WANT MY POMPEY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!
stfc ballboy
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21/09/2008 18:30:00

what the hell happened there?
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21/09/2008 18:41:00

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21/09/2008 19:10:00

Gutted absolutely gutted. Watched it on-line and I wanted to switch off and go away but somehow felt compelled to keep watching to its grizzly end. The UEFA cup is no excuse, Citeh played on Thursday night too. Citeh were good but we were awful. But I've been there before, as has anyone else who's been a Pompey fan for any length of time, and we know we can put it behind us and bounce back. I hope we play the reserves against Chelski though, and hit Spuds with the backlash next weekend.
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21/09/2008 19:17:00

oops! please don't recover too much before we arrive on Wednesday!
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21/09/2008 19:54:00

guys, im gonna be honest, it was a great effort of a match report, im not in the mood. couldnt be arsed. i sound a bit like a pompey player dont I?
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21/09/2008 20:02:00

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21/09/2008 20:03:00

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21/09/2008 20:05:00

not sure we need to know the gory details. Those of us who didn't see it don't need to know more and those who did see it don't want to be reminded
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21/09/2008 20:07:00

What happend, 6v0 =[ daymm ohwell we beat them 4v2 =]
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21/09/2008 20:07:00

Wow, thought our defence was bad. Well our defence is still bad, but christ 6 against *****teh.
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21/09/2008 20:10:00

The worst goal difference in the Premiership - so much for our multi-international defence
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21/09/2008 20:26:00

I don't beleeeeeeve it! Went out for the day and didn't watch on telly as I thought it was in the bag! What happened? Guess where I was - yeah, Sandbanks!
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21/09/2008 20:41:00

Bad day at the office, block it out. Rest the lot of them for the midweek game with chelski, field a a different X1. Then come Sunday take it on the spuds. We ain't 5hite overnite.
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21/09/2008 20:44:00

Have been to visit ManCs site. They are beginning to sound just like ManU! Am going right off them, and just to think, I was really pleased for them! Well, I am going to be a lady and keep my thoughts to myself! Am dazed at the moment...........
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21/09/2008 21:17:00

*lets all pretend to be spurs fans* SACK HARRY, THIS IS C***** WE ARE ALL DOOOMED ... sorry, couldnt resist... But on a more serious note, we should move on, look at what we did wrong, then forget it ever happened. so what about goal difference, how likely is it that we finish on the same points as someone else?
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21/09/2008 22:09:00

Yeah, you are right Carpet. I am feeling better already!
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21/09/2008 22:40:00

we were awful, really awful - basic, basic errors cost us several goals. citeh are a decent side but no way 6-0 better than us, they were good but we were terrible, very few players can be given any credit here... playing in europe has nothing to do with us being spanked here, playing crap and probably not ustilising the squad enough cost us...
at 3pm on sunday afternoon we were a fantastic side, at 5pm on sunday afternoon despite being spanked we're still a good side, lets not forget that - major blip, but they happen, some players need to be punished (by being dropped!) to make them want the shirt back.
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21/09/2008 23:01:00

Well done Gleams, best not to dwell on it.
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21/09/2008 23:07:00

Great report, was embarassing to watch, as well as painful. I am beginning to wonder how Kaboul & Campbell get into the 1st team. They were total garbage to say the least. I can see Crouch improving now, but i hope that's sooner rather then later. Great report. Nice one. End of the day it is only one game, and that's how im looking at it. Roll on Spurs!
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21/09/2008 23:47:00

To all other Pompey fans, bad day at the office. Good luck the rest of the season. To pentonpompey, who came to vital Liverpool to laugh after our 0-0 draw with Stoke, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha .
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21/09/2008 23:58:00

I think Crouch has been the worst signing so far. His touch has been poor. Ref's absolutely hate him. I really thinks young sarhar, and nuge should be given a go
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22/09/2008 03:21:00

we are still above Man U, Newcastle and Tottenham, it was on off day, they happen, just hopefully not again. But why Belhadj was played in Midfield I do not know
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22/09/2008 03:57:00

To JohnDoe, I take it back.......................Doh!!!!
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22/09/2008 07:57:00

i think after 6 goals past them, we should realise that Sol is passed it.. I think Kaboul isnt ready to be a fulltime starter so we are 1 CB short
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22/09/2008 08:14:00

Six of the best, yes we got well and truly caned. The aftermath could be detention for the defence, a few lines for midfield with the strikers to form a better composition - back to school for the whole lot of them I say, they need to learn all over again.
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22/09/2008 11:24:00

Great report Gleams, at least you did not have too far to go. Why did it happen tough?? Too many games is not a reason only an excuse.
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22/09/2008 12:27:00

City will beat lots of teams by many goals this season but I've always said Crouch is a waste of space and i'm being proved right. Dont beleive all the media hype he is really a below average player at the top level.
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22/09/2008 13:25:00

No fight unusual for a Rednapp team
Tiny T
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22/09/2008 14:25:00

6-0!???? Portsmouth!?? You made Citeh look better than CHELSEA! Portsmouth is hardly my favorite team but that scoreline was a bit of a disappointment. You made Citeh look like the Barcelona of 2 years ago!
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22/09/2008 15:35:00

Cheers pentonpompey.
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22/09/2008 17:01:00

cheers forever united - ok, so we didnt turn up. this time last year (well... not quite) we wipped reading, before going on a goal drought. maybe this year, having been wipped ourselves, we can have a goal glut of our own?
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22/09/2008 17:15:00

Even the City fans at work thought we made them look good, rather than them being brilliant. Harry got the tactics for this one very very wrong, the whole lot of them should be disgusted with themselves.
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22/09/2008 19:10:00

Even I could have predicted Sol couldn't hack this many games, but what's the excuse of the rest of them? There are some true blue Pompey heroes from yesterday though - the fans that travelled. Well done to you all, true martyrs to the cause. You should all get a trip to Portugal paid for by the players.
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22/09/2008 21:56:00

OK, we were *****e and what is more disappointing, we had no fight in us but lets give credit where it's due - City were outstanding and, were I not a Pompey fan, great to watch. Let's get over it and move on.
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23/09/2008 09:25:00

Without a bad day at the office but we shouldn't judge the players on one performance, the real test of how much they care is how they bounce back from it. City are riding a cloud of euphoria at the moment. What it's done more than anything is show that our squad is not strong enough to fight on all fronts this season.
Steve C
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23/09/2008 10:37:00

isnt it ironic that "pompeysno.9" is having a go at crouch.
Report Abuse
23/09/2008 11:26:00

I think he fancies the job himself, eh number 9?
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24/09/2008 09:44:00

we should never have sold toddy he is way better than crouch but hes not english so he doesnt get the hype.
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 13:45:00

Fair comment.
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 16:11:00

Could you guys not come up to Eastlands for a re-match soon. We are in need of some serious cheering up right now (after losing at Newcastle)
Report Abuse
22/10/2008 17:22:00


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