Portsmouth - Everton 0-3 Pompey
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Everton 0 - Pompey 3


Sat 30-08-08, 3pm

Attendance: 34418

Everton 0-3 Pompey

Crisis, what Crisis??

Firstly I need to get this off my chest, as for the last hour and a half I've been stuck on a train with Everton fans glaring at me, "Yippee". What a game!!!

As the match started I immediately noted the somewhat different formation that we adapted. To me it seemed that we have 3 at the back, with Traore, (who should be signed NOW), and Glen as wingbacks. Then Diarra, Davis and Papa in the middle, with Defoe and Crouch upfront.

After seeing how we played today, I think this team could gel and the formation kept. Traore is just what Harry's been banging on about, someone with pace who can get past players. Credit to Glen as well who supported the midfield well, and did his job at the back.

We started off reasonably well, nice touches on the ball, and not too many hoofs up field. As this was my first game of the season, I noticed that Crouch, for all his height, isn't the player to play that ball anyway, he got beaten too many times by Lescott in the first half, however the ref was oblivious to the fact Lescott had handfuls of his shirt!!!

The crowd at this point was rather subdued, and I was wondering whether the "suits" had invaded the away games, but my fears were vanished when Defoe got his opener.

Crouch flicked the ball over to Defoe, who seemed to have the ball stuck to his feet as he twisted and turned, to then let fly a sweet low drive past Howard. The stadium at that time was stunned, I actually thought it was wide, silly me!! But after seeing the Pompey players celebrate, I joined in!!
My elation seemed to wither however as Everton took control, with Superman making the save of the season. Yakubu on the right of the penalty area got past Papa and Johnson far too easily to cut the ball across and into the path of Arteta, who volleyed it right into the path of......Jamo!!! Couldn't believe it myself! It was one of those moments where your heart drops, fearing the worst, only to see the magnificent hand of Sir James, to parry it against the post and collect in both hands. The chants of England's No.1, were accepted with a thumbs up from the Pompey keeper.

The Everton wave of attack was still not over however as it was time for Kaboul to show his worth, a long ball over into the box, was missed by Jamo, and he had to hopelessly watch, as the ball was flicked passed him, going straight towards the Yaks head. However, it was Kaboul's turn to act saviour as he came in with an almost acrobatic kick to deny Everton the equaliser.

At this point I just want to comment on Kaboul. I think he has potential, bags of the stuff, but he seemed nervous, and it made me nervous watching him at times. It also seemed apparent to the Pompey players as he got a barking off Sol a few times as well. Playing time is a priority, for him to become a solid figure like Sylvain.

Everton continued to attack, and at this time I was continuously looking up at the clock hoping for halftime to arrive when a swift Pompey counterattack lead to our second. In the 40th minute Johnson collected the ball ran to the right of the Everton area, did a simple one two's with Defoe, which lead to a clear shot on goal, which he converted coolly. This was again an example of how both Traore who also made some nice runs and Johnson had an effect on the game; both were really good, and maybe the answer to our width options?

Interval, time for a coke....

The second half started with a disaster, 2 minutes in and we concede a penalty. This probably was the pivotal moment of the game as Johnson hauled down an Everton player, and as a result the penalty was rewarded. This was the second time in which my heart dropped, as who would bet against the Yak? Well three thousand Pompey fans in full voice 10 seconds later would have as Superman again denied a probable goal with a leap to his right to parry the ball away. What a legend!!!

After this the wind went out of Everton's sails and the game died down slightly. We continued to have a few attempts and so did Everton until finally we sealed a fine performance with a sublime finish. Now in the first half Defoe attempted the same chip, which also hit the bar, but he was offside. The build up for this goal was class as Davis to Traore on the left, back to Davis who back heeled it to Defoe who magnificently chipped it over Howard's head, hitting the underside of the bar to go in. I actually thought Crouch scored as the ball bounced up after hitting the ground, and he headed in. But who cares right?? We WON 3-0 AT GOODISON PARK!!

Harry seemed happy giving us a couple of waves, the crowd in full voice. Mr Portsmouth amongst us. Players seemed very happy when the fulltime whistle went, so I ask Crisis? What Crisis? Proud to be a Pompey Fan!!!

Star Player

Men of the Match:
Got to be Jamo, Diarra, and Defoe for me. All three were pivotal to the win. Jamo for his consistent catches, great saves and commanding the area, Diarra for his neat passes and driving runs and Defoe for his constant threat and 2 great goals.

Its also worth noting that Papa and Davis, two players who have question marks over there heads played a nice tidy game, tackled when needed to, passed the right balls, etc. To wrap up a crackin performance which leads to continuous outbursts of the Pompey chimes whilst writing this report and eating my sweet and sour chicken!

Written by Gleams.


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Date:Saturday August 30 2008

Time: 4:57PM

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3 goals, 3 points, do for me!
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30/08/2008 16:59:00

Looking forward to Gleamers report.. what a match to pick ... A great result and just what the doctor ordered ... Well done Pompey are season is off an running !
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 17:04:00

only 3 points off the top now!
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30/08/2008 17:05:00

goal difference doesnt look too bad anymore! great win.
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30/08/2008 17:05:00

its no longer a "bad start" to the season... and best of all, it looks like we are finaly playing the 3-5-2 that I have always wanted... happy days!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 17:07:00

great win pompey! jermain defoe back to his best, david james superb, well done defence for a clean sheet, excellent partnership for defoe and crouchy, and well done midfield for giving our strikers the ball! well done boys
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 17:07:00

How wrong could i be ??? I said a goal either way.. This is just so fantastic. Well done you blues..we're on the march now. 3-0 i'm just so happeeeeee.....
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 17:07:00

Clean sheet 3 goals it doesn't get much better & away to a good side too OOOH YESSS were on our way.
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30/08/2008 17:17:00

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30/08/2008 17:18:00

Pleased to be wrong, thought it might've been 3-0 to them. Lets hope that it doesn't gloss over the weak spots in our squad though.
Steve C
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 17:20:00

...that was the first game I have actually been abl to follow live all season - It was like watching the pompey of last season all over again!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 17:30:00

Woohoo! So glad to be proved wrong, I should never have doubted in the first place. Had some trouble with internet connections, but saw most of it - not the penalty though. Jamo on cracking form! The debate will go on about whose goal it was. My view is that Defoe's shot did cross the line, but the officials didn't see it, so didn't give it (blind fools) which left Crouchie to score for the rebound. So unfairly on Defoe, its Crouchie's. But interesting to see other people's opinions on that.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 18:12:00

Well done Pompey, unexpected and against the share of play, well done. I visited the Everton site of the BBC, 606 debate, to see the home supporters opinion. I have never looked at anything apart from Pompey Vital. I was shocked at the vitrolic response and bad feeling, something I have never experienced on Pompey Vital. I explained this situation to my wife and quoted some of the posted remarks. She said it was "Absolutely Ghastly From Those People Up There". She went to Public School in Bounmouth. Me, Wymering in the 1940's followed by Leigh Park in my youth and proud of it.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 18:55:00

Despite playing with 2 centre halves in midfield, Defoe is the only player we got near the height of. So, ******** genius that phil neville is, let's punt it long. We're going to go down if we keep playing defenders in midfield, it's beyond a joke now.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 18:59:00

Well done! Excellent result!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 19:15:00

tracy - i missed the penalt too... I saw right up untill the penalty was given, ansd then my connection failed! anyway, although everton played some pretty nice football at times, and had some chances that on any other day, against any other team, would have gone in - so in some ways, we were pretty lucky!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 19:46:00

i have now edited to add Gleams' match report, and a crackin' effort it is - nice one mate!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 19:57:00

cheers rug, thanks alot for allowing me to do this, legend!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 20:03:00

A very good match report Gleams. Much better than The News!
Pompey Half Pint
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 20:42:00

Good review Gleams, nice to get a different perspective
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:09:00

Great win for you today, its nice when things click ie the 3-5-2, the partnership of crouch and defoe and a super performance from James. Unfortunately things just haven't clicked for a while for us and today was beyond a joke. We have become hard to beat at GP under Moyes and today you made it look easy, in fairness though as this report right points out, the penalty save was the turning point as the third goal was always going to be the important one. well done anyway, i just hope we get our midfield back and sort out our defence soon otherwise this season will be a write off before its begun.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:16:00

great result lads, well done!
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:28:00

On the box (ish) kaboul didnt look shakey at all - he seemed to pick out the ball just like sol and sylvain - and even seemed to have learnt the art of the acrobatic goal line clearance (which seems to be pompeys trademark move now, as we seem to do it so often). Traore was incredible and like you say, just what we have been looking for. He seems to be built in exactly the same mould as johnson, being an attacking full back who is a little shakey defencivly, but covering for an amazing fullback at a top 4 club. I think our only hope of signing him is if, after 12 months, he will inevitibly return to arsenal, and then realise he wont get first team football there, otherwhys I won't hold my breath...
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:38:00

Brilliant read, bloody marvellous result. And scum lost at home to Blackpool. Fantastic.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:39:00

WEYYY HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Fanballytastic. I am so glad to be wrong! Excellent report gleams, top lad.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:40:00

cheers lads, carpet, kaboul seemed nervous, Like his expressions and the way the other players kept explaing to him what to do, I dont know, he played well I suppose. good player, I think wingbacks could be key to our success this season. BLOODY MARVELOUS. IM SO HAPPY I MAY WATCH MOTD AND STAND THE FREAKY HOSTS, WHO CARES ABOUT HANSENS STUPID COMMENTS WHEN YOUVE GOT A 3-0 WIN!! yay yay : )
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 21:43:00

great article Gleams and a fantastic performance and i think i'll go watch MOTD just too see those goals again W00T
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 22:24:00

What a great game! The move to the 3-5-2 seems to be the right one. What a fantastic result to jump start our season. Very nice match report Gleams.
Report Abuse
30/08/2008 23:18:00

Glen Johnson ripped em apart! 3-5-2 definatley started well, good to see Defoe and Crouch gel
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 00:41:00

Great report Gleams and fantastic result Pompey. The doubtful goal debate will go on - my wife agrees with tracey saying the linesman did not signal the goal and therefore it cannot be a Defoe goal. Had the ball been cleared it would not have been a goal and would not have been changed later. Therefore the dubious goals panel cannot award the goal to JD and it must be Crouchy's!!
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 01:03:00

Only 1 serious point about an otherwise flawless and entertaining report - SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN !!. Are you serious, do you actually eat that rubbish ? Is it the Pineapple, The vinegar, or that rich red sauce. Or maybe I have just picked up on the bigger picture (SWEET for Pompey, SOUR for Everton). Keep up the good work son and take my comments as tongue in cheek, sweet hopefully.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 06:30:00

haha, cheers gray!
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 08:53:00

agree it has to be crouchy's goal as the linesman did not give it so the ball was still active - the 'dubious goals panel' cannot give it to defoe can they as it wasnt a suspect deflection that caused the goal, they cannot go back and say it was over the line so its his goal - if crouchy wasnt on hand to head it home would we have been given the goal? on the evidence of the lack of a flag no - so would the dubious goals panel have looked back after the even and said 'actually it was in so we will give that goal after all!' again no, so for me crouchy has his first goal in a pompey shirt again...
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 10:05:00

Gleamer.. a crackin' report and a great read. I reckon the standard has been set now .. who's gonna wanna go next ;) Fantastic result and as none of us saw it coming it make it all the sweeter. Save me a prawn cracker please Gleams ... oh and the pineapple that always gets stuck at the bottom of the sauce container
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 11:33:00

Sir Gleams; I feel that you should be a regular reporter now; cracking read.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 14:09:00

Everton's Defence looked like ours in the Chelski match. The 'Crouch' goal, they just let him through, they fell asleep at the wrong time. Great result, good to see the Defoe - Crouch Partnership is starting to gel. Good times ahead.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 14:35:00

Gleams, that really is a cracking report mate, how do you get all that info whilst watching? Good job mate! On the game...well, 1st on MOTD, says it all. Come on you blues, who's up next ? 'Boro at FP is it?? Keep it up.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 15:38:00

Return of the legendary Gary O'neil.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 15:44:00

Great game. Great day and more like the Pompey we truly love. I noticed that there was no bell ringing at the game??
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 17:33:00

an almost perfect performance, great to see defoe/crouch partership working now, everything now looks much better after that win.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 17:36:00

no bell ringing, but plenty of noise - our season is underway now, boro will be a tough game as they are a decent side, but we should be looking to beat them - especially at fratton...altho they did the double last season over us didnt they!
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 23:12:00

there wasnt any bell ringing at goodison last time I went though guys, so I suspect they didnt allow it, alot of teams reject it.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 08:28:00

Great report Gleams. First on MoTD too. What a day!
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 09:40:00

after the first 2 matches for pompy i thought the team not good enough to stand , but it's clearly now that pompy will battling to get at least 5th place
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 19:06:00


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