Portsmouth - Pompey stuffed!!
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Chelsea 4 - Pompey 0

Stamford Bridge


Attendance: a lot

Pompey stuffed!!

Pompey's new season got off to the worst possible start with a spanking on millionaires row, many speculated how Chelsea would fare under Scolaris new regime, if is the answer God help us!
On the day Pompey were below par, but that is not to take anything away from Chelsea who were first to all loose balls and moved it around a lot better than we did.

Pompey actually started fairly brightly, we had the first effort at goal comfortably fielded by Cech, but on 12 minutes Ballack clipped a ball through Pompey's static defence for Joe Cole to tuck inside James' post, Pompey were slipping into the familiar routine at the Bridge.
Only minutes later and it was 2, watching the goal again it had an element of luck, Jamo went awol but the cross for Anelka's header had more luck than judgement about it (Chelsea fans and SkySports presenters aside) the ball seemed to ricochet off of Deco and loop into the perfect cross for Anelka to get a running jump in on the flat-footed Johnson.
Pompey were showing little as an attacking threat, our midfield couldn't string two passes together, Kranjar was largely annonymous, Diarra over-run, Kaboul looked like a centre-back in midfield, and Diop looked like a ball winner asked to impersonate George Best on the wing.
Pompey were trying desperately to find a foothold when the linesman decided to kill the game off once and for all, Distin was both trying to keep one arm out of the way, and looking the other way when a ball struck his flailing left arm, hand to ball my arse.
Lampard did the rest, tucking the ball low to James left (just as SkySports stats showed he nearly always does) and Frank got his usual goal against Uncle Harry.
Half-time and 3-0.

The second half started and Pompey were going with the same 11, Chelsea were in the comfort zone but at least we kept the ball a little better, Crouch was winning a few flick-ons and Defoe was trying desperately to get on the end of them, hooking wide from one of them. To sum the game up, Carvalho succeeded where Distin failed, he managed to turn a Kranjar shot arond the post with a hand but get away with it. From the corner he was also given free reign to try and change shirts with Hreidarsson a little early, but Mike Dean was again wearing Stevie Wonder eyes. Mvuemba replaced Diarra, who had taken a kick on the knee very early in the game from Deco, Thomas got his debut replacing Kranjcar to try and provide the width we so desperately craved.
Pompey were pushing hard for for a consolation, but Deco finished it all off with a 25 yarder into the net which James got a bit wrong.
As the game drove into a death, Kaboul managed to block out Ferreira, he ran in on goal but his shot was smothered by Cech when a square ball to Crouch was maybe a better option.

Star Player

Deco, I doubted if he could handle the more physical Premiership, but more than coped and enjoyed his debut with a cracking hit.

Player Ratings


I said in my preview that he had to be on top form for us to get anything, he wasn't


Beside one dodgy square ball across the goal was okay defensively, and actually provided the best bit of wing play all day, running a long the line beating 2 players before crossing just over Crouch


Oo-er, skinned down the left more than once and was caught out along with Sol for the first goal


Looking more like Naomi Campbell these days, his pace has gone, and good strikers playing off of his shoulder know they have him.


So unlucky for the penalty, was rightly agreived, he and the rest of the defence have a lot of work to put in.


Took an early kick and I don't know if it subdued him, but it highlighted why Arsenal and Chelsea felt they could let him go, he is our best player most days, but struggled against a rampant Chelsea.


Given a surprise debut in midfield, didn't look like one!


Non-existent display, in 2 appearances so far this season he hasn't shown at all what he can do.


I'm not his biggest fan, but the big man battled gamefully on the right side of midfield, he tried hard to beat his man, but again he is no right winger, if he can keep Utaka on the bench the Nigerian needs to hang his head in shame.


Won a few headers as you would expect, one knock down presented Defoe a chance, more to come hopefully.


People question his work-rate, but the little half of our strike force covered a lot of ground in pursuit of the ball, spending a lot of time in midfield trying to help out his team-mates.


Faired little better than the rest of his team-mates in midfield


Was greeted with a kick as soon as he came on, hopefull he can provide a bit of service to the front two.

Manager Rating

Harry must be despairing, he has lost Mendes this week and deemed fit to replace him with a centre back in midfield, this experiment didn't work. Today though Chelsea were on top of their game, not many teams leave Stamford bridge with any more than we did, what Harry will be crying out for though is width, we lack it so badly, if we can get Little fit we need him in the side, Utaka needs a rocket up his arse rather than be content with a place on the bench.

Opponent Rating

Scolari will be made up with this result, new managers normally win their first match in charge, but he will have tuffer resistance on other days.

What now?

Us fans have plenty to say after a defeat like this, but what went wrong and how can it be put right? Haveyour say with vital.

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The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 17 2008

Time: 5:03PM

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W-I-D-T-H needed
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 17:07:00

Poor guys no offense. We were too good for u. i am surprised the way spurs & Portsmouth make signings. Doesn't look a balanced team.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 17:21:00

For F*** sake! I need a pint of the 'Old optomistic' that rugs been drinking!!...No make that a gallon. I know Chelski are a good side, but we were second rate second class. Bring on Man U ;-)
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 17:52:00

Sorry Paul forgot to say, good honest report
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 17:54:00

This was my worst fear, getting stuffed. We look like a team vety low on confidence. Too many players past there sell by date. Players out of position & not working together. Worst of all a very peed off 'arry. If we play like that against manure they'll stuff us too. Reality check.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 17:59:00

Deco can dish it out as well as take it as Diarra will testify!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 18:06:00

I'm not going to get too down after this, it went against us, but things can only get better, Man U next I know, but the Prem is not a level playing field, you have the top four then the rest, I'll make my assumptions when we play some of the rest
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 18:18:00

One sobering thought, it's now 7 games since our last league win. On the positive, there were some unpredicted results this weekend. Hull, Middlesboro, Newcastle, Blackburn. Think it could be a very unpredictable season, lots of teams have spent alot of money, And remember this time last year we had just drawn with Derby and went on to have our best season in 50yrs!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 18:24:00

Now take out your frustrations on ManU, and you do seem to do well at Fratton Park against them (aided by a Ferdinanad own goal here and there ofcourse!)
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 18:31:00

Good point about balance, we were reminiscent of Jordan today, money spent and out of proportion
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 18:34:00

What aload of bullo*ks we were crap . Chelsea were class but we were poor campbell has 2 go he was at fault for 2 of the goals , kaboul has to play centre back !! keep hoffing the ball up front to crouch and he always dont get it to defoe we need signings and we need them now !!!! if we play like this all season we will be down and out it is upsetting and frustrating to see us bottom of league and on 0 points that scum down the road must be laughing we need 2 buck our ideas up 4 united !!!
stfc ballboy
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 18:55:00

Just didn't really turn up today. SO many errors it was like watching Premiership against Division 2.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 19:30:00

U missed Muntari very very badly.U need a winger,A replacement of Muntari & need to make ur defence right. Why I am telling these its simple I want u to dig MAN U.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 19:30:00

Thank the Lord for that Saimon, I'll make sure Harry gets to it this week
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 19:35:00

I'll come see Harry with you Andy - this is a complex message and we need to get it right.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 20:11:00

I do think Muntari was very good and very effective for you lot. And how on earth could yuo let Benjani leave last season? Those 2 were surely one of the best for you lot. Anyhow, yes we were good, but you lot weren't your best either. Do the Mancs please. If the barcodes without Owen and barton can do it, surely can you lot as well.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 20:12:00

Sorry for ruining your opening game, please take it out on Man U.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 20:36:00

I for one thought we would not get anything from this game as I am sure most of us in all honesty would agree, now let's move on after all Chelsea don't have that home record for nothing, & even if we don't beat Man U on monday we will get results its just a real tough start,& credit to all who went to the game singing right trough, I would normally have been there but could not make this one. So come on guy's "PLAY UP POMPEY"
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 20:50:00

The singing yong you're right about, as always a source of pride!!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 21:11:00

I heard the singing on the telly and thought it was great. Can't wait for Monday and ManU!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:12:00

Chelsea were 2 classes above us and will win the Premiership. The make up of our team has me baffled. Players didn't play in the line up positions and in many cases just roamed all over the place. The subs bench was loaded with players who, if they came on, would just give us more of the same. Still if you sell arguably our best 2 midfielders what do you expect. Harry looked as if he couldn't give a stuff and came with the attitude that we were going to get beaten anyway so why worry.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:19:00

If we dont get a striker in im fancying your chances on Monday.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:22:00

Blimey 4life u must be down ;-)
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:30:00

Or really be from Manchester!!!!!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:30:00

haha just extremly deflated. you wait all summer and then you get a performance like that. fair enough, we were without Ronaldo, Tevez, Nani, Anderson, Saha, Hargreaves, Park and Carrick, but we were *****....we made newcastle look good...NEWCASTLE!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:32:00

yep, and the Chelsea supporters are delighted, united4life.
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:44:00

Yeah you're right 4life, I thought we were depressed...but;... Newcastle...Pah!!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 22:44:00

maybe we can make a couple of signing before next monday. benjani and mmendes anyone
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 23:23:00

glad to hear it radioactiveD, i wouldnt want you to be depressed ALL season!
Report Abuse
17/08/2008 23:41:00

surprised that no one has mentioned how bad that actual tackle from Deco was, it was high, studs showing, and he didn't even get a ticking off. Another things what is with the Singaporean linesman. I bet he will be running the line at all games for Chelsea, Liverpool, Man YOO and Le Arse. He had a shocker, missed two blatant offside decisions, and the penalty decision(which was wrong). Still absolutely nothing to take away from this game at all, I am thinking I would rather have Benjani and Defoe than play the long ball game to crouch. And time to sell Krunchie, severely lacking in the last two games
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 08:59:00

harrissman, Benji was a bad sale, Crouch a bad buy.
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 09:15:00

007; you may well be right but it's done now and we have to move on. My fear is that the cup win has papered over the cracks which started to appear after the sale of Benjani. It's early days though and maybe this is a wake up call. Our league form over the past seven or eight games is dire! Always look on the bright side of life.....it's stopped raining here in Farnham.
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 09:41:00

"Diop looked like a ball winner asked to impersonate George Best on the wing," brilliant! A little like Baldrick and the dead slug impersonation of Charlie Chaplin
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 10:25:00

Yes, Diop was out of position, but he gave the ball away far too often. No excuse for that. From memory, one led directly to the first goal. All in all, a bad day out. LEt's hope we pick ourselves up for the first home game. Get the atmosphere crackling and I reckon we'll surprise them.
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 12:01:00

Ha Ha Ha Pompeyscum thats superb :-)
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 12:13:00

I wouldn't be too down lads, to be fair the gulf in the money available to the so called big four is huge. It will be the results against the other teams vying for the European spots that will make your season and I still see you kicking on and improving on last year. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 16:16:00

Thank you sw6cfc, we are all pretty down at the moment but trying to pick ourselves up - and we will!
Report Abuse
18/08/2008 21:25:00

Unlucky Pompey. Not that you were poor on Sunday, Chelsea just had a really great day. Now go take it out on United!!
Report Abuse
19/08/2008 11:49:00


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