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Pompey vs. Spurs




Pompey v Spurs

Pompey will be looking to break their goaless duck at Fratton tomorrow against a Spurs side without a win away from home so far in the Premiership.

Vital Quotes:

Harry for England can take a back seat now, that boat has sailed, now its back to the matter of addressing our goalless streak at Fratton, all this against a side with a clean sheet record like a small child with gastroenteritis.

Pompey Team News:

Sean Davis is fit again after hamstring trouble, but has Pedro Mendes done enough to keep him out?

Jamie Ashdown should return to the bench after a hamstring injury of his own.

Player to watch: Kranjcar

I am not sue who Paul would have said as I am not quite sure who 'G' was... But Kranjcar has been a different class this season ans all seems to be going through him - I expect the same tomorrow.

Spurs Team News:

Spurs have a few long term injuries Anthony Gardner, Ricardo Rocha and Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Gareth Bale has just joined them.

Ledley King is not quite ready to return and Robbie Keane is out through suspension.

Player to watch: Defoe

Again I am not sue who Paul would have said as I am not quite sure who 'GH' was... But as much as I wanted to say Didier Zokora after his 'antics' at White Hart Lane last season the fella who I still think could come to Pompey could be the one to watch if he plays.

Match Facts & Stats

Spurs have won 4 and drawn 1 of the last 5 league meeting between the sides but in the premier league we have a 2-1 win advantage over them at the Fortress - with the other a draw.

Ref Watch:

Chris Foy - not one of my favourites but are any of them...

Match Prediction:

So long as Pompey beat Spurs I could not care less what the score is, although I will be delighted to beat them - put your predictions here.

Next Fixtures:

We will be looking to keep the trend going of winning at grounds we cannot usually win at when we go to Anfield next weekend.

The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday December 14 2007

Time: 6:08PM

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Well said.
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 18:15:00
G is a quality player!
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 18:53:00
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 18:59:00
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 19:12:00
Yeah - play well for 3 months and you lot are in europe.. apparently. Who has finished 5th two seasons on the bounce? And is by far the bigger club?? Wind your neck in.
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 19:48:00
Enjoy the Coca-Cola Championship next year, oh far bigger club !
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 21:03:00
...be careful though...I hear there's a high risk of food poisoning at some of the grounds of those " far smaller " clubs down there :-)
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 21:06:00
Portsmouth 2 - 4 Tottenham see ya later toronto *****
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 22:15:00
Got to say as a loyal Pompey supporter how ashamed and disgusted I am with this disgustingly racist article title. I personally feel that a written apology is required here, I am appalled at this and am pleased that I am only associated with this site historically, I wish for my login to be terminated forthwith. For the record I'm C of E but this is disgraceful!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 22:35:00
effing hell TPB get off your high horse
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 22:39:00
you think you lot can boast coz you got all our reserve rejects !!!
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 22:56:00
I don't think anyone was trying to be racist TPB...it's a nickname (albeit maybe a dated one) that's been around for awhile and I don't think any of the Spurs fans are offended. If so, then apologies from all of us. This is all good natured and in fun after all.
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 23:20:00
...and by the way...thanks for your reserve rejects Spurred...but you can't have 'em back, so there.
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 23:21:00
come on TruePompeyBlue, lets chill out abit here eh mate... i think this is another example that the world has gone well and truely mad! paul meant to offence with what he said i am sure and know many, many spurs fans find the fact that the word 'yid' is so frowned up now... i know it has others meaning, but i can only say what i feel and feel sure that paul meant it for nothing else other than the fact to show it was spurs, okay maybe not his best call, but there you go...
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 23:35:00
im not quite sure what has happened here paul - i think that i may go in make a few 'amendments' myself...
Report Abuse
14/12/2007 23:37:00
4721archer, just what i like to see a 'typical' spurs appraoch mate - living off past glories... im not even going down this 'were bigger and better than you' approach mate as it winds me up, i just want the talking to be done on the pitch tomorrow.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 00:04:00
fellas, spurs rejects or not am i bothered they are our 'rejects' now and are doing very nicely with us thank you very much...
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 00:06:00
Read the article, re-read the article, didn't see an offending word then read the pompeyrug amendment post, for the record the word has been associated with Spurs fans for decades, the majority find it offensive that you find it offensive, go to the Spurs site and see how many people have it in their name. 2-3 Spurs win.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:01:00
its a case of 'the world gone mad' with that kind of reaction to something that has no negative meaning in this context isnt it TeddyLyon?
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:04:00
Not sure how I feel about headline, perhaps it's only better for spurs fans to use the Y word though, just a thought! I don't know why people are getting so aggresive about this big club/ little club thing. Nowadays to me any team in the premier league is a big club. Pompey have been playing well, you have my favourite english manager, my favourite recently ex spurs player (Mendes), if anyone is going to finish fifth bar us (and I don't think that will happen) then I hope it's you lot. Good luck to you apart from tomorrow of course. Is that hairy tatooed bell ringer coming?
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:07:00
okay - usually i would not change the work of someone else, but in this instance i will change the 'y' word to spurs, im certain that paul meant no offence to anyone at all... i would expect that to be the case mate he doesn't miss a game... im looking forward to the game fellas, may the best side win - it should be a good game between 2 sides who both play good football...
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:09:00
The comments before this one illustrates why Spurs fans are at the top of my hate list.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:15:00
Why's that Lysimachus?
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:22:00
I have friends who live on the south coast, are pompey through and through, I remember when they told me about 'boy' Anderton and I've always had a place in my heart for Portsmouth. At the moment there are a few teams that I admire in the prem and those are spurs, villa, portsmouth, everton and maybe because of hughes, blackburn. Why would that make me a figure of hate? And shouldn't hate be too strong a word for football affiliation?
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 01:39:00
Just read this lot from the top for the first time and 'Jesus ! what a palaver... Talk about sensitivities on both sides of the fence .. I think we all need a chill pill - But I will say that Spurs fans making comments would do well to read what TeddyLyon said (well said mate) - Play up Pompey and whether there's hatred of not I've Pompey down for a 2-0 victory and Spurs despite my pre-season hopes for them (I actually thought you'd break into the top four this year) to finish just about in the top ten. ... Oh one final comment re spurs being better than Pompey coz they finished fifth in the last two seasons.... I wasn't aware that stlll counted ... I thought that everybody started again from scratch again each August... so on that basis looking at the league table as it stands at the moment Spurs are actually only better than Bolton, Birmingham, Boro, Fulham, Sunderland Wigan and Derby.... now that's pretty poor for Spurs I think !!... 'Oneday' Spurs 'Oneday'
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 08:26:00
Blimey its all kicked off here hasn't it! Lets hope the Spurs rejects do a job today - I think they will!
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 09:15:00
I'm with you TracyC ... wWould love to see Solid score in front of the Milton End... and then Noe, Pedro and Sean pop another three in at the Fratton End !!... maybe I'll take my rose coloured specks off !... I'll settle for a 1-0
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 09:40:00
Chix, that is my biggest 'gripe' with many - not all, but many - spurs fans is exactly what you point out, the whole 'last season, the season before and the x amount of years before that' talk which is often used as making them 'superior' to others... yep, spurs were a great side and are again a very, very good side - who i too tipped big time to be the new team that broke into the top 4 this season, which i still think will happen, it just wont be them - but altho you should not, and never will forget the past you have to live for the now dont you...
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 10:18:00
wow, all a bit over the top this.....come on all you guys, this is football, be passionate about affairs on the pitch, loyally support your team, but lets not stoop to this level. Personally i have always looked at surs results after pompeys cos i loved them whilst i was growing up, hoddle, waddle, hazard, villa, ardeles.....Hope this game delivers what it promises, a good game, and, i feel a pompey win.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 11:30:00
Christ, talk about sensitive! My computer went mental when I was doing the match preview, I don't know what happened to it, but cheers Rug for sorting out the glitches, I'm round my mums now on their computer so its the first i have seen of all this. An apology is needed is it? Well sorry to all the Spurs fans like Yiddo and Yid4life I have so obviously offended, sorry if i ever called a Villa fan a Villan, didn't mean you were all thieves, sorry to anyone from Newcastle for calling them Geordies, sorry to Sunderland the Mackems, sorry to Arsenal for using the word Goon, sorry to the Brum, your nothing like a cartoon car, and sorry to TruePompeyBlue that i don't fit into your blueprint of life. I am a Yidiot
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 12:03:00
not a problem mate, just sorry that the computer went a bit mental for you... it looked strange tho - i thought you were maybe going for some kind of 'contemporary art' thing, a turner prize entry or something :-) as said before, i always knew the the use of the 'y' word was not to offend, the fact that it has - well to a very, very, very, very limited degree - proves as i have also said, the world is going mad and is overly sensitive... will 'pompey' be wrong to say soon?
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 12:10:00
paults do worry about the apology, thanks for the 3 points.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 16:59:00
Paultsmouth, call me a Yid, a dirty Jew, a skull cap mug, and a Barmitzvah boy all you want, but I will be drinking tonight knowing that we have gone to "The Fortress (hahaha)" and picked up 3 points. Quite a Fortress it is, we can't win away from home or keep a clean sheet. And where is my mate Toronto4Pompey? Thanks for the 3 points you lot.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 17:12:00
okay WhiteHartSpur you won and you deserved to as you were the better team but dont come on here 'giving it all that' about fratton not being a fortress... 9 months unbeaten here prior to this defeat i think proves you wrong!
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 17:20:00
you are right tho mate you should thank us for the 3pts as we litterally gave them to you as we were so poor - again tho, the better team won, end of.
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 17:21:00
Well thank you and I must admit that I took it a little over the bar there. I like Portsmouth and I am glad that if we cant challenge the top 4, you and Everton can. I went to Portsmouth last year on New Years Day and I was very impressed with your support. Heard you even have a roof over the away end these days? Anyways, best of luck to ya the rest of the year, until you come to the Lane in March or April. COYS!
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 17:38:00
yep weve had that put on during the summer - which i think is not quite doing us any favours as its really helping the away support... someone will challenge the top 4, i was convinced it would be spurs, maybe it still will be but you'll have to go some wont you? if we can get our home tactics right then we could still do it, blackburn look to be tailing off, city and everton tho are also giving it a go... im hoping i will be at the lane when we play, if we keep playing like we are away from home we could win that one i reckon :-)
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 17:42:00
If Birmingham could do it, then for God sakes Coventry City could do it ;-)
Report Abuse
15/12/2007 18:45:00

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