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Pompey vs. Spurs




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Down, now for day out!

Pompey may have taken our inevitable drop to the lower tiers of football, but that was hardly unforseen was it?
Next up is satrip to Wembley, and one that is more unexpected than when were a Premiership force.

Vital Quotes:

Tomorrow will be the highlight of our season, that is unless we return in 5 weeks time of course, but in a season of valleys and troughs, a day out at the home of football will be embraced by all those who see through blue tinted goggles.
If we overcome the manager and players who once wore our own Royal blue, Chelsea will await in the season show piece, so a club that is the equivalent of Orphan Annie, has to first overcome 2 sets of Daddy Warbucks to once again hold up the silverware.

30 odd thousand fans will again head North to the footballing mecca, tomorrow is all about the football rather than finance and woe.

Pompey Team News:

The Fa cup has proven to be an elixir in the Pompey treatment room, KPB who was out tfor the season has made a miraculous recovery, while our two Algerians have shown all the recovery powers of a phoenix to also be available. Tommy Smith has recovered from a broken beak and will also be able to feature.
Out though will be Jamie O'Hara, he cannot figure due to loan conditions, he will have to console himself with a place in the final no doubt.
Vanden Borre also blew his chances of a Wembley appearance after his sending off last week, Finnan is fit to start however.
From our succesful campaign of 2008, only James, Utaka, Diop and Kanu look likely or able to figure, the rest have either signed for Spurs or are injured!
Dindane may get a swansong appearance, his loan conditions will see him have to be permanent if he plays any more, that will not happen.

Player to watch: Kanu

He may well not start, but will figure at some stage, if one Pompey player has the pedigree, it is the King.

Spurs Team News:

Spurs have almost a full squad to choose from, Defoe and Crouch and Pavlyuchenko will vy for two spots up front, while King should return to marshall the defence, poor old Younes is cup-tied after playing for Pompey earlier. Kranjcar will no doubt start alongside compatriot Modric.
Corluka and Dawson have an outside chance of making it.

Player to watch: Defoe

Not a pompey favourite after basically throwing in the towel for Pompey while still at the club, but he is a real goal threat.

Match Facts & Stats

Spurs fans will tell you that every time they have beaten Pompey in the cup they have gone on to win it, that is twice, in 1991 and 1967, Pompey of course have only met them the twice!

Ref Watch:

Field Marshall Montgomery

Next Fixtures:

A meaningless Premiership fixture against someone or other

The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 10 2010

Time: 8:52PM

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Is everybody ready? Lets let the watching millions see what they will be missing when we depart this lopsided division!!
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10/04/2010 20:54:00
Come On Pompey! We can't lose to jamies dad and the others.
Report Abuse
10/04/2010 20:56:00
what is the betting that if you beat the Sadspurs Dindane can get a reprieve. His parent club would look pretty despicable if he was kept from a game that he deserves to play in because of some stupid clause in a loan agreement.
SFC Forever
Report Abuse
10/04/2010 20:56:00
Glad that Janice is cup tied.
Report Abuse
10/04/2010 21:30:00
"Day out"? B0ll0cks to that - we're going there to win it, aren't we? Come on everyone - INDOMITABLE SPIRIT from us and the team will win the day and show the world!
Report Abuse
10/04/2010 22:25:00
ninjatim, WAKE UP... it's morning, take your hand off it.
Report Abuse
10/04/2010 22:34:00
Never say never!
Report Abuse
10/04/2010 23:05:00
yep i do want the day out, and i will enjoy it for big time but i also DO want to win and believe that we can win! almost time for me to set off, i will see some of you this afternoon, come on pompey you can do it.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 07:06:00
Teddylyon.. go back to Vital Spurs ..there's nothing left to rape over here !
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 07:48:00
I want to win, but I want a d@m good day even if we don't - we deserve it. It's all about us getting behind the team and making this a fantastic day. Wemberley Wemberley We're the famous Portsmouth City and we're going to Wemberley!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 07:53:00
TeddyLyon - I'm rendered stunned by the depth and genius of your wit.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 09:16:00
Ninjatim you should ask whether he is a real spur. has he had it cut?
SFC Forever
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 11:18:00
Can't see it happening but wouldn't it be good if we did it!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 15:45:00
pompey have done the impossible and taken the lead. Second half of injury time to go and the miracle is still on.
SFC Forever
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:16:00
Pompey, you never cease to amaze me. Congrats and best wishes from a gooner.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:37:00
K sera sera, what ever will be will be , were going to wembley, k sera sera!!!!!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:37:00
did you see all the sad yiddo's faces, Arry had a right strop on!!!!!!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:39:00
As a Liverpool fan i say Congrats your fans deserve the FA. PLAY UP POMPEY.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:41:00
Hats off to u bunch. A good win. All the best for the finals. If you win the FA Cup will you be eligible for Europe? A great team unlucky to get relegated
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:42:00
(Villa fan) Well done Pompey. You have softened the blow of us losing yesterday. Gutted it's not us facing you in the Final but glad it's you and not Spurs against Chelsea. Good luck in May, next season and beyond.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:43:00
Cheers guys, all nice sentiments!!!!!! I dont think we are eligible for europe as we didnt fill in our registration (it costs a fiver) so I dont think that would be an option, but great for our club and fans, great also to hear that so many other fana have simpaphy for our plight, bring on the final!!!! PUP
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:47:00
please excuse the spelling!!!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:48:00
Spurs fan here - WELL DONE POMPY you wanted it much more than us. Happy for you guys. Appauled at the ref mind and i thought we were unlucky, but enjoy the final and i hope you win.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:50:00
@HuddersfieldYiddo It was outright decent of you to congratulate the winning team. Not many Spurs fans do that(We too don't do that). But it s a real nice quality
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:52:00
we should be in europe coz chelsea will qualify thourgh leauge...
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:53:00
thanks yiddo now u can go beat liverpool to 4th i hate spurs but hate liverpool more ..
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:54:00
What a game,what a spirit! Bravo Pompey and Grant!!! PUP
Stanley (Moscow)
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 18:57:00
well done pompey even if it`s just one to get over that t.w.a.t harry ,it`s still well done ,i`ve never liked harry myself & i`m spurs but congrats ,ha ha harry you muppet man i hope we sack him ,caused you all that debt then walk away ,well he`s walked away with his tail between his legs this time ,well done pompey `arry has egg on his face ,milk it guys mik it ,lap it up, hope to see you in the pl next year & i hope you win the final
big cockeral
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:05:00
oooohhhh pompey we love you ,we love you pompey we do .we love you pompey we do ,we love you pompey we do ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh pompey we love you ,`arry is a w.a.n.k.e.r `arry is a w.anker a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,,,,,,rrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,,,,,,rrrrrrrrrrr
big cockeral
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:08:00
Good stuff .. well done pompey beating those arrogant Tw*ts .. See you when you bounce back .
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:13:00
Congratulations Pompey - i'll be cheering you on in the final and that's from a Manchester City fan.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:17:00
It might be partly because I'm an Arsenal fan, but it's mostly because I'm a football fan, but I'm delighted with your result today. You guys have been royally f***ed over for many years now (mainly by the man you just knocked out of the cup) and to get through to the final took a monumental amount of spirt, courage and determination. I'm made up for you chaps, and I'll be keeping an eye on your results next year and hoping you make it back where you belong. Now go win that cup :)
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:18:00
Thanks to all you true lovers of the game. The result shows what spirit and pride can do.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:23:00
congratulations chaps from all at Vital Chelsea!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:25:00
congratulations chaps from all at Vital Chelsea!
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:25:00
Congrats guys! I was literally singing 'Play up Pompey' throughout the extra time! Now after beating the twitching man who faced his former club today, Avram Grant will try and beat his! Come back up next season! :)
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 19:43:00
I'm so happy.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 20:29:00
Congrats Pompey, delighted to see you guys in the cup final after the ***** you've had to put up with this season. Good luck against Chelsea, and I hope to see Portsmouth back in the PL soon.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 20:50:00
Well done Pompey from all at Man City - you fans deserve the victory and the Cup Final appearance - hope you go on and win it.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 21:13:00
Well played Pompey. Another arsenal fan offering congratulations to you guys, and best of luck for the finals. Will be cheering you on then.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 21:28:00
Gooo onnn Pompeyy!!! Fantastic achievement, shame about the season, best of luck getting back to the prem though and good luck in the final.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 21:30:00
Spurs fan here: well done, totally deserved and all the best in the final.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 22:12:00
Just got back, what a day out, possibly my best ever bring on Chelsea it's time to break our duck against them.
Steve C
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 22:25:00
Having done all Wembleys trips over the past 2 years this one was the best as it was so unexpected. Many thanks to all the good wishes from all other supporters.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 22:41:00
well done lads best of luck.
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 22:43:00
Fair play to the Pompey. You lot deserved all three there.
Blue is the colour
Report Abuse
11/04/2010 23:17:00
******** hell, I'm in shock.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 00:25:00
Doug4ever you're the arrogant T.W.A.T mate. Cheese- end.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 03:34:00
Lets keep it tidy eh fellas, Just for all those from other clubs that have posted with awesome comments, thankyou very much, at the end of the day, football should be the winner!!!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 03:40:00
cheers to all the guys from other clubs who've congratulated us. I still can't believe it! Being a Pompey fan is certainly never dull! Now to try and find the pics of Arry's face!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 07:25:00
It was priceless Tracy, I mean hes no oil painting when hes happy!!!!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 08:25:00
Congrats, hope u go all the way and stuff Chelsea.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 08:39:00
So where's TeddyLyon now then (smug chuckle)?
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 08:49:00
gutted spurs fan here but not going to moan jsut going to say i am happy for the fans of pompey you were awesome yesterday and have been all season good luck.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 09:45:00
i said on this site weeks ago that i would love it if you scored the winner against spurs in the last minute of extra time, well you surpassed that , and i am over the moon. i also said that i hoped that rednapp and his cronies would would get done for fraud and tax evasion surely after yesterday, if there is any justice in the world, that to will happen well done pompey, if ever a team deserved a happy end to a season its you and i am convinced that you will be back where you belong, in the premiership at the end of next season, thank you for showing the world what true supporters are all about
cornish gooner
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 10:10:00
Well done guys great win. All those big headed Yids who have already booked there final hotels are gutted. They never contenplated loosing at all. Your team has given me the best lift this season.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 10:31:00
Spurs fan here, I'm still gutted but congratulations Pompey,your team were excellent yesterday,especially your defence,I really hope you go on to win the Cup now,put a bit of a shine on an otherwise forgetful season.Well done and good luck.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 11:33:00
Oh what a day. So happy. To have my daughter with me on one sidr & my best mate on the other. Words can't descibe the magic.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 14:16:00
Cripes - I'm all overcome. Thank you chaps, thank you so much. Did someone say this puts an shine on an unforgettable year? We'll never forget this year. Never!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 15:40:00
Yes, where is TeddyLyon? He can't be a true Yiddo because he's still a COMPLETE****!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 17:05:00
....p.r.i.c.k was the word. Thanks though to the true football fans from other clubs, especially Spurs, who have shown their class in paying compliments to Pompey.
Report Abuse
13/04/2010 10:31:00

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