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P-ortsmouth vs. Man U

Fratton Park



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Pompey v Man U

Pompey get the chance to appease for last weeks debacle at Stamford Bridge, against none other than old foes Man utd, tonight at the park.

Vital Quotes:

To be frank, last week we were bloody awful against a Chelsea side who were on top form, getting anything at the Bridge was a tall order anyway, but to under-perform was a lost cause straight away.
Tonight won't be any easier, Man Utd had a dissapointing start themselves last week, only drawing to a committed Newcastle side at Old Trafford.

In early press we have had Ryan Giggs saying only a win will do at Fratton, while Vidic has been praising the virtues of both Crouch and Defoe, backing both to come good sooner rather than later.
On the Pompey front its a case of does Traore step straight in and give the side a lift.

P-ortsmouth Team News:

Pompey will be forced into at least one change tonight, Niko Kranjcar was injured on international duty wednesday and will not figure, Glen Little,fit again and newly signed Jerome Thomas will vie for that berth.
You can count on Defoe and Crouch to start up front, Ben Sahar will have to strain at the tether a little while longer.
Defensively its only Hreidarsson who looks under threat at the moment, Traore's arrival at last gives competition at left-back. Younes Kaboul didn't look too fit last week, I reckon he will sit on the bench for this one, but any frailties in the middle of defence and he could come on sooner rather than later.
In midfield, Davis, Hughes and Little have all returned to full training, as I said, Kranjcar's injury has necessitated a change on the left, I feel Diop may slip back into the middle with Utaka replacing him on the right, whoever can display the greater fitness will get in on the left, Thomas is my bet.

Player to watch: Campbell

His performances are starting to slowly ebb away, that is clear, time is catching him, but he always performed in the big games last year, we need big Sol for this one.

Man U Team News:

Man Utd's midfield has been all but wiped out by injury and suspension, Nani is ruled out by the latter, Anderson has only just returned from Beijing, Carrick crocked, and Hargreaves and Park just back in training.
Looks like old man Scholes must do it all himself again!

Player to watch: Rooney

He needs a performance after falling flat last week both for Utd and England, he is hardly a favourite at Fratton after his antics from his Everton days, how he curtails his temper and channels it tonight could have a big part to play.

Match Facts & Stats

Charity shield lost on pens, Nigeria lost 2-1, but the last real competive game belonged to us, Muntari blasting home a penalty in the quarter finals at Old Trafford.
At home our record isn't too bad either, 1-1 last year and a 2-1 win the year before.

Ref Watch:

Bruce Foxton (bass)

Match Prediction:

Pompey to come alive? Or Man utd to get the season up and running? Place your bets here.

Next Fixtures:

Next up is Matt Taylors favourites Everton at Goodison

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The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 25 2008

Time: 9:53AM

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Any point will do!
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 11:15:00
feel we can do these , swap kaboul 4 campbell , diop in middle and utaka and thomas on the wings . PLEASE DONT HOOF THE BALL 2 CROUCH
stfc ballboy
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 12:48:00
Im worried about tonight. We rarely do well at Fratton Park and as you say we have no midfield. Alot will depend on Tevez and Rooney.
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 13:18:00
Play with pride, play with passion; PLAY UP POMPEY!!!
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 15:12:00
so long as we play well i will be happy, that is all i ask!
i do have a good felling about tonight tho, and whilst i almost always think we will win, i reckon we can do them 2-1 - we all know that manyoo hate coming to fratton!
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 15:52:00
Tim is right pride and passion but that must come from the crowd as well.
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 16:05:00
i assume the milton is the meeting point for those that can tonight - so anyone that can, i will see you there i guess! got to see chixy as i want my t-shirts :-)
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 16:08:00
Yep agree pride and passion on and off the pitch!! Come on you blues!!
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 16:39:00
Every one above is saying just give 100% and hopefully play well. It almost seems more important than the result. So beware Pompey footballers, you can see what is expected, you have been warned.
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 17:11:00
good luck tonight lads from all at Vital Chelsea! Be nice to see United five points behind us!
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 19:19:00
anyone found a P2P channel in english?? ive got the quality but im sick of watching games in russian ;)
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 19:39:00
unfortunatley i guessed the score right.. looked better than last wk but still really lacking any creativity up front. A hard start to the season must be said, bring on West Ham soon please... Johnson was best for pompey for me
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 21:55:00
Of the home debuts… Kaboul looked good and strong but was prone to the odd lapse of concentration (well known at Spurs for that). A.Traore was very bright and had a lot of pace but he needs to perfect his touch, some were very wayward and he didn't seem to have much of an end product. Crouch wasn't fed well in both senses of the term and Jerome Thomas also looked bright but couldn't get the ball off the ground for crosses.

All in all, better than Chelsea but the service to Crouch and Defoe was abysmal. You can't pass your way past the top four.

Gordon Strachan was in the stands. Looking at Sean Davis perhaps?
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 22:03:00
Just got back from the game. Plenty of effort but no class in the final ball which undid the effort. Traore shone for a while and will be great against lesser opposition and Thomas woke things up when he came on. Chix forgot the T shirts to top a great night.
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 22:32:00
Credit where it is due, Diop did ok again
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 22:46:00
I thought the team seemed a lot better than last week, I'm relieved to say. OK, so we still got a lot to do but I was really worried after last week. I'm getting a real complex now! I missed you all at the Torch and NOW I went to the Milton tonight and missed you all there! Were you hiding?
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 22:56:00
Did anyone else realise John Westwood and the drummers got kicked out at half time?? The atmosphere certainally suffered second half because of it. Why would the club decide to conciously take away the crowd advantage?
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 22:59:00
Westwood walked out, he was told to stop ringing his bell and walked out in protest
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 23:05:00
Well, I missed some of the call, but he was very emotional on the quay. So, why let him take the bell in if he isnt allowed to ding it??
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 23:12:00
Don't know, but he is very upset with the stadium manager Roger Stone or something, he thinks he has it in for him. Also on the Quay, they seemed to think Distin was left-back, don't you think he was 1 of 3 center-backs with Jonno and Traore wing backs?
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 23:16:00
TBH, Paul, it looked like a back 4 to me, although I sit so bloody low to the pitch it can be difficult to see formations some times.
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 23:20:00
1st half 5 at the back, 2nd half distin without a doubt played at left back...
we lost, but i was very happy with our performance tonight, much better than last week against chelski - we are just lacking that creative cutting edge, but couldnt really ask for much more - that creative element aside - as i wanted more effort and commitment and i got it...
match report will hopefully follow tomorrow, just waiting for it to come through, but im off to bed now anyway...
Report Abuse
25/08/2008 23:47:00
23:58 and just got in .. Rug agree with your take on the game in a nutshell we tried hard but lacked invention.. Traore and Thomas both look better than ok and I thought Kabol played well too. Of the regular Diop is working hard and Sean Davies although ever the cleverest of players battled hard in the middle. Little and Large lack service but I also thought that Rodney got penalised far too often... Diarra.. class as always.. who have I missed oh Jameo was solid .. Johnno likewise and also make Rooney look stupid (loved that) ... Sol was not compromised, Dist (legend) Utaka 'I've got something to prove' didn't prove it ...
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 00:07:00
Re Westwoods Bell.. Yes he did walk out .. yes he is *****ed off and yes he feels he is being targetted.. and yes (going on tonights evidence) he is ....Love him or loathe him John has been part and parcel of the Fratton End and indeed Pompey FC for as long as I can remember and a truer Pompey fan you will not find.. a more sensibly dressed one you will no doubt come across in any pub around the ground at 2:45pm a Saturday .. BUT ... As I mentioned in the forums back in June.. John and his compatriots (some of whom I know very well) were asked to move seats this season for a health and safety reason.. a H&S reason that hasn't existed for the previous nine years he has sat in his seat, John and co obliged .. In addition to this ..the rest of us in the Fratton End were sent a letter informing us that we had to sit down for the entirity of the game or be ejected.. Now whatever my personal thoughts on sitting down I'll leave to one side,.. BUT .. my guys sit roughly along the back five rows of the Fratton End across the four middle sections and when walking out of the ground we all commented on how the letter we had been sent had not been inforced in fact we were joking with the stewards on how they were going make 200 actually sit down.. those that sit near Johnny Westwood however commented that he was conttinuallyy 'picked on' about his bell and some people sat around him were complaining.. Now I understand that those who have sat in the seats near to where John has been move to probably don't want a bell in the ear for 90 minutes (I wouldn't) but Pompeys inability to warn those people that John had been moved (remember not his choice) has lead to a situation whereby they feel that they have to complain and John and Co. feel unwelcome in what they consider their spiritual home.. As I said at the start of this rant love hom or loathe him it makes no odds but if Pompey are targetting Mr Westwood (which I personally) believe they are then we will be a poorer club for it . John has lived (as have a fair few of us) through a lot of the dark days of PFC and if he want's to ring his bell he should be encouraged to do so and PFC should ensure that those who happen to sit in the immediate vicinity are advised that that is what he is gonna do... Portsmouth Footbal Club is built on firm traditions and generally supported by those who we born and bred in the city or who have very strong links to .. If a 'suit' wants to stop John ringing his bell and he has the backing of the club on this issue then things are seriously wrong at Fratton Park .. we are not and hopefully never will be a 'global brand'.. so PFC support those who have supported you...
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 00:36:00
Rug.. as a site I think we should (obviously if the majority agree) Jump on the publicity bandwagon this will create and pin our colours to the mast and come out in support of Johnny Westwood on this one.. Pompey FC is a 'working mans club' and needs to remain as such.. forget the bell.. it's just one example but if that goes what's next... no drinking.. no singing.. no cheering... everybody wearing suits ?? we must not let the current incumbants of PFC's media/admin/publicity depts (few of whom actually SUPPORT the club) kill OUR club by trying to make it into something it is not...
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 00:46:00
I've just posted the above comments into a forum thread so please feel free to join what is now a debate in there rather than hog the match report (as I have) ... sorry !
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 01:08:00
Chix I hear you and agree with the majority of what you said. However I'm a little baffled by the "we are not and hopefully never will be a 'global brand'" and "we must not let the current incumbants of PFC's media/admin/publicity depts" statements. With the type of football we are currently demanding at Fratton Park, we have to move the club forward and as such it has to be run as a 'proper' business. Without the corporate tie-ins, sponsorships etc, the club wouldn't be quite as good as it is now. You can argue that we are perhaps losing the soul of the club, to which I may be inclined to agree with you (it certainly doesn't rock with the same passion as years gone by). But I would much rather we watched the quality of football we have witnessed in Gaydamak's reign than languish on the edge of Championship relegation.

I realise you're probably speaking from your heart but in regards to Westwood's situation, I shall remain impartial until I hear a response from the club tomorrow. Although I'm not Westwood's greatest fan, I cannot deny that he is arguably Portsmouth's biggest fan. But like I've said before, no-one is bigger than Portsmouth Football Club.
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 01:57:00
Cheers STW .. It was written from the heart and after a long journey home to boot so probably more passionate than normal but in response ..I think there is corporate and there is corporate.. Arsenal v Man City is a fair comparison .. Arsenal have ripped the soul out of their club by moving to the Emirates and becoming 'global' whereas Man City (albeit not as big) have moved (and forgetting their current problems) are still a 'local club for local people' .. I'm not suggesting that we don't have to move forward (although in truth I prefer the 'old' days) but I want PFC to move forwards taking with it all that it good .. regenerating rather than reinventing itself.. It's also a fair shout to suggest we wait and see what the club have to say 'officially' tomorrow .. but I bet they (the official site) won't reference it at all (as I'm sure they don't want the association) but if I'm wrong then what we'll get is a hide behind ... "a couple of people complained and Mr Westwood took it upon himself to leave .. it was afterall his decision.. " but we will see. Finally..agree that no one person is bigger than PFC but that applies to the employees and their views/strategies as much as it does to the fans .. it'll be interesting to watch it unwind.. although if I'm right Pompey won't officially acknowledge it .. despite Mark Moodys public "I'll go down with John and speak to the club tomorrow" comment... It'll also be interesting to see how the Quay deal with it as they are a 'corporate tie-in' too .. Will they have to back down or risk loss of sponsorship...
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 02:22:00
We played well against you, but I was really disappointed with your display? Whenever United come down to Fratton Park, you expect a tough game, but (certainly once we took the lead) I never really felt United were going to lose (or indeed do anything but win). The season seems to have started without you, and your confidence seems to be next to nothing. Any clues where you're going wrong???
Man utd champions
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 09:10:00
Sorry mate but we are not talking about the game anymore. No you are right but a lot of that was down to the way United controlled the game for periods and did not allow Pompey to get on top. I feel SAF would have worked hard on them to do that.
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 09:30:00
maybe im alone here, but sorry Man utd champions i thought we played pretty well, very well im periods and deserved at least a point... manyoo had a spell early in the 2nd half when they were in control, but that was it!
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 10:38:00
What really annoyed me was Diarra taking that free kick in the last ten minutes! the lad has been way off the money lately.. i think last wk they found one of his shots in North London Zone 4! Bouba had already taken 2 decent long range efforts, but it looked liked Diarra just assumed that he would take it.. Had to get this off my chest (MEGA ANNOYED) well less now, thanx
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 10:52:00
Totally behind Westwood -the bell might be annying but the geezer is proper pompey hardcore-so what if a few prawn sarnie jcls get annoyed..Wsetwood was there making nose when we really needed it-- anyone remember Stockport.
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 11:21:00
We played better than the previous week, which wasn't too difficult. I though we could have nicked a point but sadly not. Creativity & width would be helpful to Defoe & Crouch. Not sure about Distin at left back, prefer him at CB with Sol. We are not yet clicking & the games don't get much easier.
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 11:32:00
Well said Chix! I managed to get home last night and only missed the first 25 seconds of the game. Although we looked much better than last week ther eis stil a lot of improvement to be made. Diop falling asleep with Evra behind him at least 3 times cost us a weak goal and the match. Traore and especially Thomas looked much more lively than Knranjcar has been on the wing. I did notice the lack of crowd support in the second half and it only just occurred to me that the drums and bell were not there! Shame on PFC!
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 13:51:00
good game , i thought we played well in first half and in spells of the second. diop has to play in the centre now his work rate was class and he wears the shirt with pride thought traore was class after being out for a month and kaboul was solid except from some fancy stuff while trying to tackle !! Shame westwood had to leave it was very dull second half and he is mr pfc for sure he goes to every game starts the chants surely we cant kick him out he is so passionate about our club he had to sit against swindon but he still carried on singing and that so come on pompey show the guy respect please !!! PUP
stfc ballboy
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 16:56:00
Neutral point of view. Man Utd were a different class with possession and had some nice moves BUT didn't make the kill and so Pompey - who battled well could have sneaked a draw and it wouldn't have been undeserved. However, Utd (as they do against most of our teams) did look like they had another gear to step into if they needed to. Was praying for a Pompey goal as I thought it would have made the game very interesting! Pompey will cause a good few teams problems this season if they play like that.
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 17:14:00
Im baffled to how you can say that was a god performance from you? We dicked on you from start to finish.
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 17:54:00
And that's why United fans are thought of as arrogant sons of *****. Y'all are almost as blind as the Spurs fans.
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 18:30:00
united4life you could not have been at Fratton Park & must have watched on sky, my advice turn down the volume & watch the game as Andy Gray & co are right up your ar*e
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 19:26:00
Phew loads to talk about here, and I haven't even started on about getting the worst seats in the ground!!! Nice to meet a few of you in the Milton. Re the game, thankfully we did play much better than against Chelski, I have 2 minds at the moment. Currently the one that says we started the season against the 2 hardest clubs, didn't expect to get anything, plus we have fitness issues and it will all get better is winning over the 'doom and gloom its the start of a miserable season' mind. (Blimey it sounds like I have voices in my head, I don't, honest!) Re Westwood, seriously concerned that the powers that be are going to kill the club by taking the character and passion, and heart and soul out of it. How about everyone turns up with a bell next home game and rings it constantly?
Report Abuse
26/08/2008 19:28:00
united4life... I'm baffled too... united4life... ??? .. why?... sad...anyway how's sunny Guildford today .... Rosy with those glasses on I bet !
Report Abuse
27/08/2008 07:52:00
^Touch a nerve did I? Obviously this blinded loyalty to your club runs deeper than first predicted.
Report Abuse
27/08/2008 13:30:00
***** off you smug little git!
clearly you were on of those that watched it on tv right? hence why you think you were so dominant as andy gray probably told you you were...
Report Abuse
27/08/2008 13:56:00

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