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Random quote: Nelson: 'My 1 year old son has better chance of keeping clean sheets than Pompey at the moment lol.'
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04 July 2009 13:25 Post ID: #66196

Each site has a dedicated forum, as time has progressed the standard set up has been added to by editors but the vast majority have an 'open terrace' where away fans are welcome for banter and debate as well as 100% dedicated forums for the use by the fans of the team only, not to mention off topic forums where talk on anything is allowed - well, nearly anything!

Logins to the forums are at the top of the forum page (forums can be accessed by the drop down menu's on each site).

On joining you should be able to login using the details as above. If not please email membership@vitalfootball.co.uk.

You can change your password by logging on in the forum, going to under the site banner and looking for 'my account' in the menu:

Search | New Threads Forums | Calendars | Albums | Quotes | My Account

From my account you can update your password, add a signature and upload an avatar (image by your username for in the forum) + change your password to something more easily remembered.

You can also change some of the options for the forum including the style of quick reply box. We recommend you set the reply box to 'full' so you can also view the emoticons! Your email address can also be updated there. If you wish to change your username or if you have registered on the wrong team site, please contact membership@vitalfootball.co.uk.
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04 July 2009 13:25 Post ID: #66197 - in reply to #66196
If you want to see emoticons nice and quickly, go to 'my account' and set the quick reply box to full.

and so on...! I don't have a life, I could play for hours!
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19 June 2010 14:34 Post ID: #105837 - in reply to #66196
Dickinson, Pompey 'til I die!
Rug, how do you add a quote?
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19 June 2010 15:05 Post ID: #105839 - in reply to #66196
these will need to be forward to me and then i will add it on your behalf - drop me an email, ideally, or a private message.
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30 October 2013 08:48 Post ID: #155818 - in reply to #66196
This board, as per our terms and conditions, is an unmoderated board.

You acknowledge that Vital Network Ltd has no obligation to actively monitor any User Generated Content (UGC) however we retain full discretion to delete such UGC, without dialogue, at any time as granted within these terms and conditions. However, a user is solely responsible for any legal risk associated with the UGC they create, worldwide.

You may however alert us to any UGC you believe is against our terms and conditions and needs to be removed. You can do this via the alert button on all posts.

1 - Excessive swearing WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This board is open to anyone with internet access. It's one thing swearing after a match whilst having a blowout - it's another having it in every post regardless of the subject.

2 - If you have a problem with the site or any member of the forum that you want to try to sort out, you can use the pm function. This is the correct way to address a grievance, not starting multiple threads on the various boards or by having digs within topics. If you have a complaint to make, alert the post or pm the site editor. ARGUMENTS IN THREADS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

3 - This is a forum for discussion. That means most of the time, most of you won't agree. Most people will debate the issue in hand as befits a discussion forum don't make your threads personal. If you are unable to reply without making a personal comment about somebody's belief then don't reply and save us all the favour of having to read it. You can 'attack' a fellow members' point of view, you cannot attack them for having that view.

4 - On every post submitted to the forum you will see an alert button (top right). Use this function to bring a particular submission to the attention of the Alerts Team. Please do not abuse the function, and please set out your reasons for believing the submission is contrary to Vital Network's terms and conditions.

Alerts Team: eastneydave, paultsmouth, Chix.

5 - Our Alerts Team help us respond to alerted submissions as promptly as we can, as obviously they receive notifications when I'm not online. I will not tolerate them being abused (unless they pay for the service!). We execute all alerts based on the terms and conditions of Vital Network Ltd. If you disagree with their response to a particular alert, you are free to raise the matter with me directly.

6 - Can people remember as well as quoting the source to copy and paste the article LINK into the thread please and don't cut and paste the WHOLE of someone else's article on Vital, it is a copyright infringement.

7 - Multiple LOL's, yeah's etc etc are not a suitable answer to a persons comment, either say something or don't post.

8 - Portsmouth Posts is for all Pompey fans to talk about all things football.

Open Terrace is for fans to discuss football with the away followers

Predictions League, what it says in the title!

Random is just that, an off topic for all subjects other than football. PLEASE, keep the random threads and chat threads to one thread at a time, and do try to stay within the realms of the topic of the thread eg, if the topic is about films, then discuss films. It isn't that difficult a concept honest!

9 - Enjoy. Don't abuse others, if you don't like a poster, just don't read/reply. This is meant to be fun and we are all adults (allegedly!). You can also add them to the 'ignore' list (click on their username, then you'll see the option to add to ignore list)

10 - No porn site links, pictures added or illegal streams please.

11 - Please don't use cap locks in replying to threads or in the subject headings.

12 - NO TEXT TALK please.
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