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2017-18 Pompey Predictions League
04 August 2017 07:30 Post ID: #185068
Vital Pompey is happy to announce the 11th annual Pompey Predictions League competition will be running again this season, kicking off against Rochdale at Fratton Park.

Many of you will be familiar with the format having taken part in the competition in previous years. In actually fact most would have been involved every year we've run it, for that I again say thanks as always.

The squad is basically sorted and looking good so it should leave us confident for the season ahead but we'll keep the games format as it has been of late just going for the score needing to be predicted, not the scorers.

Simple but again effective... well, hopefully anyway.


As before this is a very simple idea that will take minimal time and effort, but should be a bit of fun for us throughout the 2017-18 season and also see just how much we go with our head or our heart.

To take part in this, as I say simple but effective yet best of all free, idea all you have to do is be a member of this site (sign up here) and be willing to spent a few moments before each game Pompey play to put forward your prediction on what you think the result will be.


You will have up until the time of kick off to get in your predictions – anytime after will not count less so with myself unlikely to be calculating the points again this season – with points then accumulated throughout the season. I would suggest predictions in the forum match day threads will be fine and if I get any predictions personally to me I'll pass them on.

Each league two game Pompey play will have a new thread within the predictions league forum created and you simply give your prediction on these areas.

1 - Pompey will win, lose or draw...
2 - What the score line will be...


Points will be scored for correct predictions in each category and will be given as follows.

1 - Correctly predicted match outcome = 5pts.
2 - Correctly predicted scoreline (You must specify which team will win by the result you enter!) = 5pts.
3 - Bonus points. If you are spot on with the exact result you also get a bonus of 10pts.

It is that simple really, but for example for the opening game with Carlisle I may go for Pompey to win 5-0. If this happens I would get 5pts for the win prediction and 5pts for the 5-0 scoreline prediction, so 10pts overall.

There would also be the 10pt bonus for being spot on with the outcome = 20pts in total.

Only predictions within the prediction forum will count. You only have until kick off to register a valid prediction. Although, as said, I suspect we'll accept them on the 'match day' threads for each game and at a push on the front page preview articles...

Points are carried forward continuously and the member who has the most accumulated points at the end of the competition will be the winner.

Only league games are covered in the overall game – play-offs if needed too – although there 'might' be spin offs for the League Cup, FA Cup and Checkatrade Trophy games as well?


As with previous seasons 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will all win something, the higher the placing the better the prize therefore something for nothing – but your time – cannot be bad can it. This really is something for nothing as there is no catch as you do not have to payout anything.

Predictor of the month. The member that scores the most points each month will be put into the end of season draw for the predictor of the month prize. The more wins the more chances you have to scoop that prize.


This is quick, easy, effective and best of all free. It is a bit of fun and should get some banter going so I hope plenty of you get involved again.

What have you got to lose guys?

It is not as if you are not coming on the site anyway, despite less actively getting involved – for whatever reason – now plenty still view so take a slight detour before each game we play, in the forum thread, and join in to stand the chance of winning something.

Well, that's enough from me, who is in?


As a note for the competition from last season I have to admit I completely lost track of it.

I'm not entirely sure who won what and who didn't. If anyone feels they missed out PLEASE let me know and I'll sort it out, otherwise, should I not hear anything by the end of August, I'll simply make a donation to a charity I plan to support to wrap it up.


Follow @VitalPortsmouth.
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11 August 2017 18:15 Post ID: #185159 - in reply to #185068
Pompey Predictions League – table update #1

Over to uspompeyfan with his first update to the 2017-18 season...

It's always good to start a new season and today was no different. New season, new division, new owners, new Captain..... same crowd atmosphere and a nice 2-0 home win. Rochdale stuck around till the second goal in injury time, but the Pitman brace sealed the points for Pompey.

In the new compo league, the top three from last season, Daughter of Wiggy, Dorking and Jim Smith's Wig all secured a modest 5 point haul, but it was the ladies in general who showed up the men as Dasha, Morgan and Lorna all went for the maximum with a correct prediction.

Solid past players doubted Pompey's resolve in the first game and are duly stuck on 0.

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12 August 2017 09:15 Post ID: #185181 - in reply to #185068
Pompey Predictions League – cup table update #1

Over to uspompeyfan with his first cup update to the 2017-18 season...

The first cup game saw Pompey travel to Championship side, Cardiff in the EFL Cup. The side didn't disgrace, falling in extra time, after taking the lead.

The game may have caught our predicting team unaware with a decreased list of predictors; however, there was plenty of drama in the USPF household. The prediction is for the result and not 90 minutes. There would have been a bonus for saying draw at full time and naming the correct winner AET or winner after penalties.

Dasha therefore failed in her quest for points for that very reason and is duly fed up with life, like any teenage girl has a right to be, but tough, Rug's rules (and he was the arbitrator in this situation).

Next week is the Checkatrade (unless they went bust sponsoring it last season) Cup first game, but before then we have a fun affair in the league at Oxford......

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17 August 2017 16:15 Post ID: #185238 - in reply to #185068
Pompey Predictions League – table update #2

Over to uspompeyfan with his latest update to the 2017-18 season...

Welcome to League One Pompey. After a celebratory home opener, we were brought back to earth by a solid Oxford side who may surprise a few people this season. After a good first half, Pompey were frail at the back and got what they deserved out of the game.

Langston got the only points in the competition, the only person who seemed to know that Pompey had to fail at some point. He has jumped over the pack and slips in behind the three leading ladies who got it spot on last week.

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