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Primus - Pompey days might be over?

Linvoy Primus is now recovering from his knee surgery but will not play a game this season, and with him out of contract in the summer he has admitted to The News that he might have played his final game for Pompey: 'Dr Steadman gave me the all-clear, there are no more crutches or knee braces.

'I now have a four-five month plan to get my strength back in my leg, in my knee and then get running again.

'There'll be lots of conditioning work in June and then I'll be back in time for pre-season. Although, I don't know whose pre-season that will be.

'Realistically, I won't be back before July and if you look at it that way I could have played my last game for Pompey.

'It's not something I'm trying to contemplate. Who knows, the club might see the knee is fine during pre-season training and produce a contract?'

I hope that he gets a new deal but it is not looking good judging by recent goings on is it to be honest fellas...

As he said Primus is not trying to think about not getting a new contract too much, as simply getting back playing - which he will - is the most important thing to him at the moment, but he has paid tribute to the club for all the have done to help him through this period: 'I'm just trying to concentrate on getting the knee right first, the contract does not mean anything if I am not able to play.

'To be honest, I am more concerned with the knee than the contract. It's literally knee first and then contract.

'There's not much been said to me on the contract front, we haven't gone down that road yet.

'In reality, my problem is small compared to where the club are.

'There will be a time to talk about it, first there are still a lot of unanswered questions for me personally.

'The club have been great, they paid for my flights to see Dr Steadman and could easily have turned round and said 'No'.

'But at the moment, I have to accept I might not be able to play for Pompey again.'

Primus shows his class alone with his comments though does he not? He is thankful for our help and he always refers to his doctor Richard Steadman as Dr Steadman - what a fantastic fella he is. As much as the other 'fans favourites' have been favourites of mine too Primus has always been my 'most favourite fans favourite'.

I have no doubt that Primus will play again, and will play for a couple more years at least, however I really do fear that as much as I would love it to be here my head is overruling my heart and I do not think that we will see him again in a Pompey shirt, and out of all that have left should this happen the circumstances of this would devastate me the most...

The way players have been ruthlessly moved on when they were under contract makes you think that Primus does not really have much of a chance, and he will probably go the same way as Svetoslav Todorov did when he was out of contract.

Primus has been written off many times before, so you can never say never... but if he does get released at the end of his deal I would love him to stay and train with us to work on his fitness for a few weeks and play a pre season friendly for us so he can at least say a proper goodbye...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 6 2008

Time: 11:27AM

Your Comments

wat a stupid manager you have. mendes on the bench,pamarot cb, signin defoe and sellin benjani. i truely feel for you's.
Stevie Mc
I hope we don't wave goodbye to Linvoy, as he's been great for Pompey - but with some of the players we've lost lately I wouldn't be surprised. I wish him well whatever happens!
Stevie Mc - that's a bit uncalled for? Mendes is on the bench because we've got better players on the pitch and he can't get in - I'm not sure what you're trying to say about Pamarot, but much as I loved Benjani, the Defoe deal looks a step forward. Terrible eh? James, Campbell, Distin, Diarra, Defoe, Kranjcar, Utaka, Muntari, Baros . . . . Poor us!
i would love to keep optimus primus, but as said my head is overruling my heart on this one and the ruthless streak being shown will most probably continue with optimus and we will be saying out goodbyes - 'if' we do i really hope that we can at least see him play one final pre season game...
yep, agree tracy with you... i might not agree with some of the 'ruthless' calls that have been made but its a 'cut throat business' the football business these days. 'arry lives by the sword, so he will now die by it if things dont pay off, but given the squad that we have i cannot help but think we are in for our best season ever - in the modern era - so again as you say, poor us whatever are we going to do...
It will be a very sad day when we have to say goodbye to linvoy. undoubtably the greatest personality and loyal servant PFC has had for a long time. Would I be right in saying he is the last of the promotion squad? Unfornately, as we've learnt so painfully recently we have to say goodbye at some point.
Rug I agree with you about this season but as you know I think we will lose a good number of key players in the summer due to the ruthless calls by HR and I think we will struggle next season if the ownership remains the same, and HR will "die by the sword" as you put it. If as I have predicted the club is sold then eveything will change including the manager so I think HR will lose either way.
As for Leroy; if the club have any heart or respect at all they will offer him a contract, loan him out and then bring his back in a training role for younger players.
who is 'leroy' thats what lawro calls linvoy isnt it... when we played liverpool in the cup and lost 2-1 the other year, he kept saying it over and over... i cant see that happening tho tbh frattonaussie, if he stays it will be to stay here, he wouldnt get a contract 'just to be loaned out' will he?
SolDestroyer, hughesie and ashdown were part of that squad too werent they...
Thanks for that bit of bollox Stevie Mc. Now sod off & haunt someone else.
Linvoy. Top bloke on & off the pitch but reality kicks in & what will be, will be. sad as it maybe. A hero & legend of our time.
ah yes rug, oh the benefits of being a loyal benchwarmer not having to up sticks too often. although in the current climate surely they must be looking at themselves and thinking is loyalty worth anything anymore? I think linvoy should be kept at the club as he is not only a great player but a world class ambassador for the club his charities and just generally all round nice guy.
Whateverr happens, I just hope he gets back to fitness and has a few good years hopefully at Pompey, but if not I hope somewhere decent as he has turned in some outstanding performances and from all reports is a good guy! On another note, defence will be somewhere we need to strengthen as I can see Sol leaving in the summer as well!
hey pompeyrug, i sent u a email, just wondering if u got it mate, if not give me a yell on the vital blackburn site or send us a email cheers mate
no mate, i never got any email from you - try it again, if it doesnt come through i will let you know...
SolDestroyer, Agree 100% well said.
Sadly his playing days for Pompey are over. I wouldn't like to see him go but if he wants two more years then he'll have to go elsewhere. Maybe he could come back to do an ambassador role when he's finished playing. He'd be the ideal person for getting kids in Portsmouth passionate about playing for their home club.
it would be really sad to see primus go if it happens, i still think he was better than campbell last year! and this season our defence has performed worse yet we have distin instead of linvoy... linvoy is in my opinion pompeys best centre back, with last ditch challenges, great headers, good mind, great ambassador etc. how he hasnt been considered for england in the past i dont know! he can still do a job, keep him here. or defensive coach?
I think we're writing him off a bit prematurely. Remember how stellar he was last year - some might argue better than Sol at times. Let's wait and see.
dont get me wrong t4pompey i hope he stays, but if i prepare for the worst it wont be a surprise 'if' it happens... tbh i think we could give him a year with an option of another as providing he comes back ok from the injury he could still do a job if asked as he literally gets better with age! sol was fantastic last season but i agree i thought sol was better as at times you thought optimus was the one that had won 60 odd caps...
...still we 'could' give him a year but im not so sure we will...
Keeping Linvoy within the club & community would make a lot of sense. Especially with the kids/academy. There ain't too many out there with his special personality, we've got to keep him within the Pompey family.
Great idea Linvoy would make a great ambassador. I have met him twice a he is an unbelievably lovely bloke. Really hope he plays again and here would be fantastic.
When you have such an immense person as Linvoy at your club you, surely, have to find a niche for him somewhere. Men like this don't come along very often and they are like gold dust. Pay him what he needs and set him to work for the club; ambassador, coach, player, there must be something. He must not be allowed to go the way of Gary O, Matty, Benji and Toddy. Please, Pompey.
I really hope that the club give him the chance to prove his fitness, he deserves as much time a she needs to fully recover and then give it a go.
we salute you linvoy a legend in every pompey fans eyes!!!
lets get a letter sent off to pompey with our wishes, i'll write it post it on here and you can leave your comments - i'll send the whole lot to the club...
Rug, sorry about using Leroy intead of Linvoy. The purpose of giving him a 1 year contract would be to allow him to get match fit, assess his form and then look at bringng him back to Pompey to play. It's very hard to assess forn if he sits on the bench each week and he certainly wouldn't get match fit. The contract would also tie him to the club and maybe get him into a coaching position. He deserves help from the club for his future.
not a problem - it just reminded me of lawro, and i cannot stand the fella! hopefully he can get a contract like he was meant to this season, 20 games and he gets an automatic extension - so giving him a new deal, if he proves his fitness in the summer would be good, then i guess we could loan him out for a month or so then bring him back?
You guys have said it all already .. sad if he has played his last game in a Pompey shirt but somewhat inevitable unfortunatley.. Linv you're a legend mate. chin-up.......... Love the idea about the letter too Rug.. a nice touch..
Lawro's OK just a typical journo. Have a bit each way and then blame the other guy if you are wrong both ways. Reminds me of posters on some other sites.
For his dedication and his loyalty Linvoy deserves a reprieve from Pompey. I don't compare him to Todorov and I don't think the club will either. I think his fitness will be re-assessed and Pompey will go from there. He is too good a bloke and player to be treated just as a number.
I don't agree with frattonaussie that mass players will leave in the Summer and that we will struggle. Part of what Harry and Co has put together is for the future, we are on the up, the team is getting stronger and all things are looking positive. My only moan is regarding a new stadium that befits a Premiership outfit. Apart from that we are heading in the right direction. frattonaussie you are not a scummer in disguise are you ?
Wash your mouth out pompeygray. But years ago I did enjoy a few games at te Dell.I agree that PART of what Harry has put together is for the future- 2 or 3 years in the futire. I am concerned about next season. I think we will struggle because I don't think Sasha has the cashflow to keep some of the players. It can't be disputed that I have said for a long time that Sasha doesn't have the money he would like us to believe he has got. Russellm, on this site, also has reservations in this regard so I am not alone. The Times has conducted its own investigation and also has reservations. Whilst Sasha has spent big on players he has got some back from transfers out of the club and has also recieved considerable royalies from TV rights etc that more than cover this expenditure. He has at least 50 million coming in the summer from the same source. You will see some big name players sold in the summer to lessen the wages bill and unless Sasha sells or gets a wealthy partner, the players won't be replaced with the same quality. Thats why we will struggle. The stadium wil be forever in the future if we have to rely on Sasha paying for it. Development around the stadium with housing, shops etc would eventually pay for the stadium itself but a large start up capital is required first. Again time will tell. The positive thing is we have a good base to build on and IF the money thing is overcome then all will be well.
i try to believe that sacha does have money that is suggested, and often told to me he does - but ive got reservations however 'unless' they want to go i cannot see the point in the 'bigger' players being sold in the summer, even with 'lack' of funds it woul be pointless as we would never move forward, hence never make him bigger money, longer term im thinking regular uefa cup maybe even champions league... something has to give as there is no way we will be able to replace these 'better players' with even better ones, some just are not possible to replace with better ones - well not that we can afford...
We won't want to sell the better players, we will have no choice. They will want to go and we won't be able to afford to keep them.
we'll see eh, we'll see...
Top half finish again next season - no worries sport.

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