Portsmouth - Storrie - Benjani deal explained
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Storrie - Benjani deal explained

I was outraged at the fee received being claimed by City for Benjani and this showed I think! I am as placid as they come but when the red mist descends it often descents with vengeance...

In all honesty I still think that the arrangement is not 'what it could or even should have been' but Peter Storrie has 'explained' this on the Pompey site and it does sound better than it first appeared: 'Today's deal has been structured to enable Benji to join Manchester City without any more delay.

'We were asked by the Premier League if we could work with City on restructuring the original deal. We were under no obligation to do so as the Premier League had received all of the necessary documents before the transfer deadline.

'However, Benji has been a tremendous servant to Pompey so we have agreed that City can pay half the £7.75m fee up front with the other half being split equally over 25, 50 and 75 appearances.

'City expressed some concern over a knee operation 18 months ago but as Benji has never shown any sign of trouble since the operation and rarely misses a game or training, we were happy to come to this arrangement.

'We, of course, are confident of him playing the required amount of games otherwise we would not have agreed to the deal.

'Fees from transfers are always spread over a period of time so this is nothing new and we could well be paid the full fee quicker this way than in other circumstances.

'The Premier League has thanked us for adopting this sensible solution and Manchester City are also grateful that we have come to this agreement.

I feel less aggrieved having read this to be honest, as being paid further instalments - of around £1.29m each time - after 25, 50 and finally 75 games does make the deal sound better than the 'original' 75 game figure quotes, and City did not mention the 25 or 50 game marks... To be honest I still think that we will do well to see the full '£7.75m', but you never know...

Storrie also said that this deal being sorted as it is allows Benjani to carry on his footballing career now and wished him well: 'above all, Benji is no longer in limbo and everyone at Fratton Park wishes him continued success'.

Yep, we must not forget this I know we have already done this several times thinking the deal was done, but now it is 100% no two ways about it confirmed we must wish Benjani all the best. He has been fantastic for us, and as said several times before City have got a special player, I just hope that they will appreciate him as we did...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 5 2008

Time: 4:53PM

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as long as pompey tie up the defoe deal asap then it will finally put this saga to bed and we can concentrate on finishing the season well with all our players back which could see the most exciting pompey team ever!!
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05/02/2008 17:05:00

Glad you're feeling better Rug. Hope to see you in the Brewers!!!!!
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05/02/2008 17:09:00

Well said knocker, but a taste will be left in the mouth.
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05/02/2008 17:14:00

I wonder if we are paying for Defoe by instalments?
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05/02/2008 17:19:00

Would it not have been better to let city have him on loan and then see where are finances stood at the end of the season? If Defoe is as commited as he says he is then surely we could sign him in the summer and then if City aren't happy with Benji they can send him back and we could sell Nuge and a Midfielder to raise the funds (if we need to raise funds then as we should surely be high in the table and looking at a european tour).
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05/02/2008 17:25:00

Hmm, all very well, but I bet he doesn't play even 25 games for them. We've been royally ripped off methinks....
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05/02/2008 17:26:00

this issue needs to be put to bed, and right now we need to take whatever citeh offers (********s). I agree with you rug, I dont think we will get the full 7.75 but I think he will play 50 games so we would get 6+ for him, which is still decent. SolDestroyer I think that loans are not the way to go, because the fees could change by then, Benji would be 30 by then and less attractive to sign on a permanent basis as a matter of fact getting rid of him would just be stupid, we would get rid of our top striker to one of our rivals to use, we certainly wouldnt be able to get 7.75 for him. As for Defoe, his price may rise he is still young and if he did perform well for us his price would no doubt rise and Spurs would shop him around to the highest bidder.
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05/02/2008 17:32:00

hm I didnt know you couldnt say b@st@rd here :)
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05/02/2008 17:33:00

i find it hard to believe that 'svenis' will not buy a couple of strikers in the summer, so 3.8m could be pocket change for the thai to tie - pardon the pun - them over until the summer... so i would almost put the house on him not getting 75 games in his citeh career, it could be pushing it to make 50 as you say pfc123 25 might not even be made? all we can do is wait and see now i guess...
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05/02/2008 17:34:00

SolDestroyer, defoe is saying all the right things and so long as he plays regularly - as he will - he will be happy and we will do well, but it is essential that we now make his loan permanent in the next couple of days to applease the fans - but please dont put a 'clause' in his contract... well unless it is a very large one...
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05/02/2008 17:37:00

Agreed Whitestones, nothing we 'PFC cashmachines' can do about it anyway. I think peter Storrie could do with one of those memory zapper things, Ian Holloway was going on about a couple a weeks ago. Lets all move on with our lives. LONG LIVE THE LEGEND THAT WAS BENJANI
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05/02/2008 17:39:00

i can see pompey buying benji back soon enough as soon as we see how much we miss him. there better be some plyers that are will to work bl00dy hard to repay what we are missing without benji. and if he gets sold, do man city pay up the rest? i cant see him even playing 25 games for them, let alone 75! and according to bbc, jermaine defoe deal has been confirmed...
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05/02/2008 17:44:00

just a final thought, this is all very reminisent of the 15m Andy Cole Transfer to Manure. Newcastle didn't do to badly in the end???... did they???? - well they ended up with Shearer at least. Not sure where I was going with this comment but never mind. Going for a beer i think we all deserve one after the last few days.
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05/02/2008 17:46:00

yep, ive seen that on the beeb too bakes... however until something official shows up on the pompey site im not falling for that one again :-)
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05/02/2008 17:52:00

i think i know where you were going with your thoughts SolDestroyer, the barcodes were up in arms werent they and it was a 'shock' transfer... but they did get 15m which probably softened the blow, plus as you say shearer in the end - defoe will have to prove to be our shearer i guess...
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05/02/2008 17:54:00

At last, common sense prevails. Sorry to see him go but at least he can get on with his career and us with the campaign for Europe.
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05/02/2008 18:08:00

The worst we've done is 'signed' JD for 3m. I'll settle for that.
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05/02/2008 18:45:00

My thoughts exactly Matt.. now if all the Benjani business is done and dusted can we get on with our lives ?.. Ive been AWOL from work with depression since Thursday ;)..... As I think P4me said on Saturday the King is Dead... Long live the King........ until he is sold for 2.75M of course...
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05/02/2008 19:10:00

It's done now lads. Besides, there aren't many clubs who'd turn their noses up at Baros & Defoe for your front 2 are there ?
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05/02/2008 19:20:00

Quite right Chix lets get on with things and look forward to Jamo starting for England tomorrow and JD scoring the winner!!
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05/02/2008 19:39:00

Did I miss something? I thought we desparately needed the money fromthe Benji sale to pay for Defoe. All of a sudden we don't seem to need it. If we only needed less than half the amount why didn't we sell Davis instead as Fulham offered 4 million for him. We could have covered his loss better than Benji's and he will be worth less than that by the end of the season as I don't think he will get too many more starts. There are things happening behind the scenes that, as usual, we are not being told about. Agatha Chritie would be proud of this story and it will take Sherlock Holmes to get to the truth.
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05/02/2008 20:11:00

"defoe will have to prove to be our shearer i guess..." theres no way im having jermain defoe manage pompey in 10 years time cos we havent won anything and are struggling down the bottom of the league! woo thunderstorm!
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05/02/2008 20:26:00

Did you know Frattonaussie that Sherlock Holmes was written by former Pompey Goalkeeper Arthur Conan Doyle ?
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05/02/2008 21:40:00

Yes, elimentary my dear pompeygray. He also got a yellow card for poor poetry.
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05/02/2008 21:59:00

thats a good point aussie, davis is excess there in the midfield and if we could have gotten as much for him as benji then harry should have really taken that offer seriously
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05/02/2008 22:05:00

fulham didnt offer 4m for davis - he would have been sold if they had... i still think that a striker - and still probably benji would've gone in anycase so we would have been a striker and a midfielder down and 1 player in for nothing... i think as frustrating as this whole thing is we now just have to start moving on and appreciate what a fantastic striker we have in jermain defoe and enjoy the goals he will score.
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05/02/2008 23:15:00

The reports I read said they offered 4 million but that was early in the transfer period
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06/02/2008 03:13:00

can you honestly say that we would have turned down 4m for davis? he might be 'one of 'arry's boys' but i dont think he would have said no - he would have been injured at the time anyway wouldnt he so he wouldnt have been unsure about selling him as it wold have left him 'light' in midfield...
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06/02/2008 08:38:00

Good luck Benji and thank you. (Well not too much good luck, I want City to finish below Pompey!)
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06/02/2008 09:29:00

You're all being very civilised about this now. Me? I've moved from fuming to abject disappointment - bad enough losing Benji but the way we lost him is utterly disgraceful. I'll get over it though.
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06/02/2008 16:30:00

what can you do mate, i was livid, absolutely seathing at first - when we meet up before a game sometime mate my brother will tell you, i called him and he got a right earbashing! - but now im like you just disappointed, as no matter what is said this isn't a good deal... but as said, what can you do, we cannot change it can we.
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06/02/2008 20:16:00


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