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Benji sold for £3.87m - disgraceful!

Now that City are the ones 'to announce it' they are happy to 'confirm' 100% no two ways about it that Benjani has signed for them and to be honest if what they are reporting is true they have well and truly done us over... but we have sold out by allowing them too!

Pompey are 'claiming we will' receive the full amount agreed on deadline day 'said' to be anywhere between £5m and £9m, although the common ground said around £8m, but the Man City site reports the fee as being 'a mere £3.87m'.

£3.87m for a fella with 12 goals this season! Sorry, that amount is f*****g ridiculous and I am outraged, as that is less than we paid for him 2 years ago, and if anyone thinks that he is not at least twice the player he was then they are out of their mind!

They also say that if he plays over 75 games during his 2 and a half year contract we will get more, but given the fact that he is 29 and no doubt Sven Goran Eriksson will be wanting to spend again in the summer we could quite possibly be lucky to see him get anywhere near that amount, despite us knowing how good he is.

£3.87m for Benjani, rising depending on appearances - sorry but this is just wrong, I am absolutely livid at this. So much for 'it being a great deal for Portsmouth Football Club'. Disgraceful, I cannot believe - forgetting it 'might' rise - that we have allowed him to leave for less than we paid for him...

We will - well might - get more on top of the initial £3.87m, so the fee 'will' rise to £7.6m... but only when he plays 75 games, which over 2 and a half years is going to mean he being a virtual ever present!


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 5 2008

Time: 3:18PM

Your Comments

wtf?! 3.87m?! thats not even what we paid for him. I'm in shock... We need a statement from PFC explaining wtf has happened.
This is truly ludicrous!!! a player of his quality in todays market should go for AT LEAST double that amount!!!
So much for your wheeler dealers...Got what you deserve I think !!
So nif they don't him in the next 12 months & sell him for £6-£8m do we get anything? £3.87m is bollox, we may as well have kept him rather than give him to a team that may take a uefa cup place from us.
sod off alphieblues - go gloat on the citeh site mate as im not in the mod, we weren't trying to rip you off - weve just pampered to your needs...
exactly matt - why sell the fella for less than we paid, he is at least twice the player he was when he arrived, 'good deal for pompey' my arse what was the ******** point in selling him, for £3.87m we may as well have kept him and live with the consequences - 3rd top scorer in the league and we sell him for peanuts, typical pompey and answers are needed, non of his bull***** 'we will get what we agreed' pompey or citeh are lying as both a saying 'contradicting thing' on the face of it, as there is no way we would have 'agreed' less than we paid, plus more after 75 games - he wont play 75 games for citeh!
I've seen Benji a lot of time in France, and he was aweful, really bad player, i really think you paid to much for him, but now that he is becoming good and scores, you sell him less than you have bought him two years ago, i don't really understand Pompey political......
I'm incandescent with rage about this. It was bad enough Benji going for £9m but at least it could in part be rationalised by Harry's claim that it was "good business". This outcome is, however, a real slap in the face for the fans. £3.87m in today's market....f***ing outrageous. City should have been told to stick it where the blue moon doesn't shine. No matter what Defoe may achieve, does anyone else think that, quite literally speaking, we have been sold short here. This stinks. Let me just run this by you again; Pompey have just sold a guy who is not only a fan's favourite and runs his socks off for the cause but a striker who has scored 12 goals this season, yes 12, to one of its main rivals in the quest for a European place for £3.87m.....wake we up, this is a bad dream.
granted FloG for some tiime i thought we were done with the £4.1m we paid, but after 2 years of seeing the fella - and there isnt another player like him playing in this country i can assure anyone of that - week in week out he is worth his weight in gold. he has added goals to his game this season, and is twice the player he was when he signed... pompey have done it again, how can this be good business?
im livid i really am, and think that i probably have to get off this thread as im boiling over...
Peter Storrie what a business brain! 75 games in two and a half yeers he'll need to be a virtual ever present/ wtf is going on at Pompey, one things for certain there's no money available or city would've been told to take a hike.
Steve C
we got 6 for faddy!
Only two weeks ago HR is banging on about his great relationship with Benji and how Benji had offers from big clubs like City and newcastle but opted for Pompey and how if he (HR) had gone to Newcastle then Benji would have followed him because of how close they are. Yeah right.....! So now we let Benji go for peanuts and what is really galling is that it's like he didn't ever exist.
I must say this figure is an absolute ***** take and cant be 100% correct.
the fee 'might' still be around the £7m mark or more, but it seems that this is dependant on him playing 75 games, which over 2.5 years is highly unlikely - as said he will need to play virtually every game, and he wont... sven will buy again in the summer and benji might not even see out his contract. weve sold out, we sold our player down the river and us - the fans - have been dealt the same hand... im delighted that we have defoe, but we will still be several million down to pay for him - can we even afford to pay for him having got so little for benji?
Calm down Rug!!! We will never know - we never do - the ins and outs of any deal. I look at this way, its the job of Sacha and Peter to worry about the cash and my job to support the team. Have we got a better squad than we had a month ago? You bet we have!!! So be positive and watch us climb in to the European places. And if Sacha is a million or two down, in the short term, I doubt if it will make much difference to future investment in the team and facilities if the team keep playing like they did last weekend. Stay happy!
sorry steaming, i am a calm person normall but when i go i go and this - more so as benji is loved so much here - has set me off big time... in all honesty the squad is better as it is, but i think that our 'comprimise' with citeh here is not as 'good a deal' as we were lead to believe... we might get the other half of the money - which if we do £7.6m will be exceptional business for benji, but i think he will do well to play 75 games wont he?
This is appalling - I'm gutted we've let him go at all, if it was for big bucks I could have taken it, but for this - this is disgraceful. 75 starts!!!?!!! What?! So he's on 74 starts, I'd put him on the bench and bring him on after 10 minutes. City must be laughing, they'ver ripped us off big time.
its not starts tho is it, just 75 games - but even so in 2.5 years he will do well to make that wont he? i can see citeh buying again in the summer? in all fairness to citeh tho, we agreed to the 'compremise' so we are more than accountable here tbh...
75 games is never going to happen in 2.5 years. in this day and age 75 games makes a player look like a real long term servant.
Steve C
I'm with Rug. The fans have been tucked up and I'm STEAMING steaming! Another thing, will we ever know the truth abouth the Defoe deal now? Afterall, they conveniently didn't tell the fans it was a loan deal until it broke in the Sunday papers. Indeed, on Friday it was desribed as a long term deal. I loath this "poetic licence" - polite term for b***s**t.
has benji even played 75 games for us? he must be pushing on 70 in the league, but we aint played many cup games since he's been here have we...
Just read the news on SSN and i am shocked to see what i have seen and read. This must be a kick in privates for you pompey fans!!
will it ever happen
You can be sure if he get injured, you won't see the money colour......
And what happen if after one year and a half, City sale him.....
benjani played 69 games for us. this is ****ing ridiculous
im not sure if its just me, but in recent years peter storrie hasnt made many good deals...jermain defoe is perhaps one exception. we sell benjani for what will end up being **** all, sell matt taylor and gary'o for **** all, buyinbg nugent and utaka for what appear to be amazingly overpriced deals. we could have got more than £3.75m for nugent! F**ks sake.
Sickening.....he was worth far more to the fans than that....what's more, he'll pnly have the chance to make 14 appearances this season, and they'll no doubt sign more strikers in the summer so we might not even get the money for 25 appearances! Grrrr...
firstly i would llike to say, kudos to city they played a really good hand. pfc, peter storrie and more importantly harry judas redknap should have a long hard look at them selves. over the last six months they have sold the heart and soul of this club for a pitence. i so wanted to see how benji was going to do for the rest of this season, i thought he could do some great things over the next few months. but instead we sell him for basically nothing. i know exactly what i would do if i was city, i would play him for the rest of the season then see what they can get for him, they pay 3.8 million for a 7 million pound striker and then get to use the money they saved getting in a better one. i am absolutly gutted about this whole fiasco
Why the f'ing hell have we sold our prize striker, someone who is as big a fans favourite as Toddy was in our promotion season. To basically subsidise half of the transfer fee of a spuds bench warmer, massive prospect but a prospect is all he remains for the moment. To cap all this we've sold him to a team who could possibly take our prized euro spot from us. TBH if we really want that european place we do need to get the best players to come to us, but please don't screw the fans and the players. We are not idiots but there is chuff all we can do about it, and don't PFC know it.
Thanks for all agreeing with me lads, as said "Its a bag of worms". Heads should roll.
I suspect the balance will be paid pro-rata, something like around£1million every 20 games.
Also does this mean that Defoe will be on loan until Benjani plays 75 games for city? or shall we sell David James for 3 million to 'Balance the Books'?
SolDestroyer've hit the nail right on the head there. Yes, we'd have asked and got more for Nugent - that really puts this cr*p deal into perspective. This really is beyond belief. What the hell is Storrie's motive behind this fiasco or is he just plain stupid?
in all fairness jbaker were o'neil and matty taylor sold for nugent and utaka tho - arguably o'neil was sold for bouba diop and glen johnson, matty taylor sold for lassana diarra... as much as they were the heart and soul of this club there is a marked improvement... as said i dont like the way we are conducting business, but that is what football is now business - tbh i probably wouldnt have made it but im glad that i had to 'quit' as im not a hardened fella like most footballers are these days...
linvoyforengland whilst i appreciate what you have said, and it is a difficult time and an angry time i dont like the 'judas' reference towards 'arry mate tbh - i dont like that at all, and i hope youve just said that in the heat of the moment in anger, which i can appreciate...
agree with you rug about who they were sold for, but its just the amount of money spent on nugent and utaka (7 and 8 mil?) when we only get 4, 3.5 and what looks like being 3.75 for players that for the time being appear to be twice the players of the ones bought. but we move on and lets hope defoe keeps repeating his second half performance. im still convinced that utaka can be an amazing striker for this club, as with nugent. thats right, utaka, striker...
wasnt it £5m for o'neil and £4.5m for matty taylor? you would hope that utaka will justify his £7m, he has the ability i have no doubt its just his application that is lacking, if he can be 'bothered' he could be a superstar... nugent wasnt as much as was revealed was it, it was £4.5m plus add ons in the end wasnt it - keep the faith with nuge as i feel he could work very well with defoe and/or baros...
Not sure what to say. But I go along with steaming the club worry about the finance not us however seems strange as City have money. Storrie said the money would come quicker than in other deals; sounds like players are subject to Hire Purchase agreements!!
Benji now confirmed sold for 3.86 million or there abouts with the balance to 7 million plus after he plays 75 games. What a joke!! We sell him because we need the money to pay for Defoe and then we settle for half. Who do we sell to get the other half or don't we pay for Defoe until we get the balance for Benji? We may never get the balance for Benji.Even if he plays every cup and league game it will take 15 months to play that many games. If he gets injured or doesn't play every game, which he won't, it will take 2 years. What if he retires and goes back to Africa in 2 years as he has already says he will. If he hasn't played 75 games then don't Man C have to pay the rest of the money. If he doesn't do well at Man C and they transfer him what happens then? Do Man C pocket the huge amount of interest payments on the outstanding money and thus reduce the transfer fee even further? This looks like a bad deal for us for our best frontman. Why didn't we just put a ribbon on Benji and give him away as a Valentines present? Someone needs to provide answers or be shown the door.
Worse still this sets up future good Pompey Players to be sold for knock down know like 'Pompey are the local one Pound shop, bargains galore' moment we will be hearing that Muntari's on his way for 3M, followed by others and then maybe Redknapp himself !!
HR gone for 3 million. That's a transfer I would support. Maybe even a straight swap for Steve Coppell?
Frattonaussie, you have lost it! Unless you are a very old man the current Pompey squad is the best in living memory. That is due to the man you want to swap for someone who may well be taking Reading to the Championship! James, Cambell, Muntari, Diarra, Baros, Defoe. Do you seriously believe that any if them, let alone all of them would have come anywhere near Fratton Park if it wasn't for Harry?
Pompey Half Pint
sorry frattonaussie whilst you made very good sense with with post about probably never seeing the full ballance of the deal - which we almost certainly wont - the thought of 'trading' 'arry for coppell is just ridiculous... yep, 'arry really tries my patience at times but i'd not swap him for anyone at this point in time as Pompey Half Pint says few of the players we have here would come near fratton - apart from with away teams - if it wasnt for him, coppell is a very good manager but he is not in 'arry's league...
Manchester City just bent Portsmouth Football Club over a table and rooted them up the arse. Very bad business Pompey should have declined the deal and taken the player back no matter what financial implications that means.
frattonaussie you have support, I would have Coppell like a shot.
the feeling that i have TergeHauge, is that it either shows how much we 'needed' or 'wanted' the money if we took the deal we did, but what can you do its done now we cannot change a thing... sorry 007 as i told frattonaussie you are very, very wrong with your thoughts on coppell, yep as i say i dont like the way some players have been treated - and probably coppell wouldnt have done it - but he wouldnt have got half the players - at least - that 'arry has and there is no way we would be looking at a possible european place as much as i do rate coppell...
Ah rug!, but just think of the honesty.
My, My some of you get upset when your wire is pulled. Boys grow up and recognise when u are being wound
For the record. I would rather have Pompey in the Championship and treating players decently than in Europe through treating them like *****. That doesn't make me any the less of a Pompey supporter it just make me a bigger supporter of the players than of the hirachy of the club.If anyone one here doen't like that point of view they can take their opinion and shove it up HR's bum. A if you want to have me banned from the site because I speak my mind then go ahead.
alright frattonaussie chill out mate, who ever said anything about getting you banned from this site? people should speak their mind, that is the point of vital pompey - i dont want people to do anything other than this...

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