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A Chelski point of view

What made you support Chelsea mate?
Good question! Being a Lutonian, my old man used to take me to watch Luton when I was a youngster but I sort of got converted in the mid eighties. I scraped all my cash together to journey up to Maine Road to watch that epic match when Raddy Antic scored and David Pleat did a jig of delight across the pitch. On the way home I was gutted to hear the club were on the verge (but it never happened) of relocating to Milton Keynes, what gratitude. I decided there and then they could stuff it. At the same time, a lad (Kerry Dixon) who was a cousin of a guy I used to hang around with moved to Chelsea and that was the catalyst. It was like discovering religion and I've never looked back not even during the bad days of relegation.

Are you happy with how your season is going so far?
Ecstatic! After the departure of Jose Mourinho I guess everyone was unsure as to what the season would hold, would we self implode like everyone suggested? Thankfully not! Avram has guided us in the same direction, despite a plethora of injuries and the African Nations thingy. All credit to the guy, he's certainly starting to grow on me. However, if I were to be honest I think our best chances of success are in the Cups! As for the Premier League, watch us go next year!

I know it is some months since it happened now but Jose Mourinho had done a fantastic job at Chelsea, he did not see eye to eye with Roman Abramovich at times but surely it was wrong to let him go?
At the time I'd have said yes but time has mellowed me. We're no longer always in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons; we just go about our business. I guess Jose just made his bed and laid in it. In the end it was a clash of ego's and the man with the money (bless him) was always going to win!

Avram Grant has come in; this was always likely to be the case though once he left us for you… How is the job he is currently doing being portrayed with the natives?
Like I said before, he's slowly growing on us! He wasn't seen as fit to lace Jose's boots (so the phrase goes) but then again the vociferous 'Special One' was always going to be a hard act to follow! They're like chalk and cheese but their records are identical (at the time of writing). Let's see how the season pans out before we get too wholesome in our praise though!

Are you happy with the signings he made in January?
It's hard to say! Anelka most definitely but we`ve not seen the other two, Ivanovic and Di Santo, play yet.

Chelsea are a classy side, full of quality so they are all dangers but who is the main Chelsea danger man that Pompey should watch?
With our depleted squad still waiting for the return of Terry and Lampard plus the African quartet, I'll go for Anelka. He's got a point to prove and he's keen to prove it! Mind you, saying that, Joe Cole always performs well at Fratton Park. I recall a game, was it two years ago, when he should have had a brace of penalties as you couldn't cope with him!

Where do you reckon Chelsea will finish this season?
Aim high - top! Seriously, after the drama of September, I'd be happy with a top three finish and then move onwards and upwards next season.

What about Pompey?
If you can keep the momentum going there is no reason at all why you can't clinch a UEFA Cup place!

If you could take any Pompey player from our squad and put him in yours, who would it be and why?
Glen Johnson, I never understood why we sold him. He has the class but all he ever needed was a good confidence boost. One day, he'll get the international recall he craves for.

Somehow you managed to beat us 1-0 at Stamford Bridge in August, even the most Chelsea of Chelsea fans must admit we were more than a little unlucky not to get at least a point - either way what did you make of that game?
Get a point! How much did you have to drink in the way up to Stamford Bridge?

Go on - who is going to win, Pompey or Chelsea?
Do you seriously expect me to go for Pompey?

Questions answered by Merlin from Vital Chelsea.


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 1 2008

Time: 2:13PM

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cheers merlin, however i still think we were robbed at stamford bridge - how we didnt get at least a point i still dont know... well johnson has got that recall you wanted, hopefully he stays in when the squad is cut to 23.
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01/02/2008 14:18:00

jermain defoe to finally break our chelsea hoodoo! Heres hoping
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01/02/2008 14:20:00

so will it be defoe and benjani up top for you then?
Boro 01
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01/02/2008 14:31:00

lets hope so! im putting both in my fantasy team! and yep gj has his recall, so lets hope merlins right about europe too :)
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01/02/2008 14:43:00

apparently benji is in the squad - so if he is then there has to be chance of that Boro 01...
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01/02/2008 14:51:00

Oh we so did deserve a point at Stamford Bridge! Lucky deflected Lampard goal. Defoe to score on his debut I think! Can he take penalties? At least Frank's not playing, he usually scores against us.
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01/02/2008 14:53:00

...UEFA CUP place ?????...Merlin, surely you jest...with a strikeforce like we have now, there'll be two blue teams in the top 4 this year mate !
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 14:54:00

i think defoe missed a penalty for spurs this season didnt he - wasnt it against west ham?
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 15:01:00

Defoe to score pompey to win 1-0!
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01/02/2008 15:03:00

Nice article Merlin; here's hoping for a good game, but I think it's our turn to scrape a win now.
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01/02/2008 15:22:00

oh great we possibly let one guy who cant score a pen past rob green and we turn around and buy another ;)
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 15:23:00

Merlin the Mad Hatter!!!
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 15:25:00

oi! I just read that!
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 15:33:00

heres to a good game, benji to stay at pompey, and get a hatrick to show his loyalty. GJ has one his deserved england recall, can he start?
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 17:10:00

The optimism of you Pompey supporters is to be admired. Pompey have been playing rubbish since long before the African saga. If they had been playing good football I could agree with your positive comments. The defence with one or two exceptions is slow and ponderous and very vunerable, no playmaker exists, but we did have Benji.
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 17:11:00

Don't listen to Merlin. He's an idiot. Pompey to win 2-1. Defoe with a brace. Stuff that lot of ****s from The Bridge. WE 8 CHELSEA
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 17:52:00

Nothing personal merlin, more a play on hat links.
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01/02/2008 18:49:00

Defoe to score and Pompey win it`s written in the script. He never scored against the big four for us but I bet he will for you guys. Chavski are nothing special nowadays.
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01/02/2008 19:13:00

Merlin.. the king of one liners actually has more to say ;) Nice one fella and thanks for a good read ... Chelsea are a good side but not one that can live over a sustained period with the Gunners and Manx... as last season and this season proved (well nearly) ... I think (hope) the only Silverware you get this year will be the Carling Cup and that'll do for Avram's first season I reckon.. As for tomorrow even with your Africans & Terry & Lamps out out I still think your a cut above (most) so I'd settle for a point .... but I've just got this sneaking feeling that if we can cut the supply to your forwards and contain Joe Cole then Diarra and Defoe might haunt you a little .... Have you got a ticket to come and see the shiney new roof on the Milton End ? Oh sorry .. of course not, Chelsea fans don't go to 'minor' games do they ;)
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 19:17:00

3rd in the prem, but seveerly depleted side against a mid table team struggling for form. not gonna be the best of game is it?
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 19:46:00

We are in with a shout providing Baros, Benjani and Defoe are on the same wavelength already. Well done agent Redknapp
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01/02/2008 20:10:00

We won't play Benji as it will scupper any chance of the move. If they say it £9m then we should all we can to sell him. Sadly no Distin tomorrow, which is a concern with Anelka's pace. He already ran us ragged when at Bolton.
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01/02/2008 20:16:00

they say avram had big boots to fill, well potentially, defoe could have even bigger boots to fill! avram showed that it is possible, but if benji goes, it will be a massive ask.
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01/02/2008 20:36:00

Defoe is more thatn capable of filling those boots, and he knows that he has a lot to prove.
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01/02/2008 20:50:00

Carps don't underestimate Defoe - Pound for pound he is a better striker than Benjani... start thinking POMPEY not BENJANI .. the love affair is over ... well it might last a few more months but in a nutshell 'The King is Dead.. Long Live The King !... You'll change your mind after a couple of games I'm sure....... All that said I'd love to see them play together but I don't think it'll happen... It won't be tomorrow and the FA will either roll-over or make up their own rules as usual and he'll be in a city shirt by next Saturday..
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 20:52:00

chix - in all honest, he may be a better player "pound for pound" - although if that is the case, then it is only becuase he is small, and a bit of a lightweight, and goal for goal, he may be better on an individual basis, but benji creates goals for the team, and i keep referencing the Actim indec, where benji is FIFTH!!!
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 22:36:00

and besides, as a fan of pompey, i want to see players that play with passion, enjoy there football, and will work for the global succes of portsmouth fc. i honestly couldnt care less about the players that come in saying that they want regualr football to earn an international place, or the ones that only view pompey as a stepping stone in there career. I care about the ones that have shown loyalty, commitment, prideand passion. the ones that commit themselves to pompey everytime they wear the shirt, and play with the intent of the overall success of the club. i couldnt give a **** about the ones here to play for england.
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 22:40:00

so whatever anyone says about this transfer window, it shall be remembered as the month in which pompey last there passion and became yet another money making oportunity for the already rich. For a long time, i have looked at other clubs, settling back, and not trying, and i have said "not pompey" for oneil, taylor and benji chased down every ball, eevery player, and more than made up for the rest of the leagues incompetance to play with pride. and where are they now? matty is viewed as a pompey reject, gary has only played well in one game all season - against us - and benji? well who knows, but if were him, i would feel let down.
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01/02/2008 22:45:00

We looked better against MAN U when we got a chance to go forward and not just play defensively. As we now have Defoe and Baros up front (I can't see that Benji will even be on the bench incase he was injured) we can attack with force. We should play 442 and make use of the new strike force.
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 23:32:00

"We've got Jermine Defoe....And Benjani did'nt go...Now Harry's Overdrawn.. ....All Sascha Cash is Gawn...-repeat until July 2008
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 00:29:00

Nice one Graham. Enjoy our win today mate. Nice to meet you last Saturday.
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 00:37:00

weve been crying out for a 'proper' goalscorer, defoe does that and i reckon with the right service he can get into double figures for us easily by the end of the season... if he is a regular next season - which he will be - i have no doubt he will score 20+
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 01:01:00

Rug... I'm sure you are right and as you know I've been crying out for Defoe over every other forward we have been linked with .. He really is the 'dogs' He's gonna tear some of the best back fours in England to pieces and he really is a player to build a team around. For the first time in ages I'm really excited about a player making his debut ... sure we have had some good players sign recently, but we've either not seen them play too much (Muntari, Diarra, etc..) or have seen them (Hermann, Johnson etc) and noticed the odd mistake or as in James & Campbell, know everything about them but worried about their age... JD has got me all excited.. He is young, He is proven, he is hungry and wants to play and score goals... Under Harry at West Ham & Bouremouth he scored for fun... I just know he's gonna do the same for us ... If anybody would have asked me who the one striker you would love to see in a Pompey shirt ... It's Defoe and we've got him ..... This fella is going to be big Big BIG for us... and is gonna spark the Fratton End into song for the rest of the season..Ok I'll stop now I think I've gone on long enough..
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 07:45:00

Do you know Chix, you're right....I'm struggling to believe that someone like Defoe has come to play for us. It's like a dream, a proven top class striker, not World class but certainly European class, How bally exciting does it have to get.......And now i'll wake up and the papers will tell me Dofoe really went to Wigan......Ha Ha
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 08:38:00

having had my rant about passion and pride, i shall now wait till AFTER the game to see how we play. but im not exactly expecting bug things.
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 09:26:00

I'm not a Defoe fan and would rather have had other forwards. But Harry is a fan - possibly his greatest fan, so we have to trust him. Also, 7 million is ok and worth a punt at that price whereas earlier quotes in the 12 million were not. I would have liked our Owner to have coughed up for JD but retained BM but understand that 8.5 million is Very Good Business. So although I see Defoe as an irksome little chav kid, I really, really hope I'm wrong and Hal is right.
Report Abuse
02/02/2008 10:19:00


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