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Benjani deal to be 'reviewed'

Benjani's transfer to Man City 'could' go through after all with the premier league apparently revealing that they will 'review' the paperwork of the proposed switch.

Man City made an 'official announcement' in the early hours that the deal had not been completed, but now sky sports - and others - are reporting that the premier league are 'examining the paperwork'.

I do not know what will happen fellas, but sky sports were saying late yesterday evening that the premier league had already been stressing that 'no leeway would be given and midnight was the cut off point with - no exceptions'.

It was thought that both clubs had the paperwork in before the midnight deadline to complete the deals - as we know Defoe has signed, and I assume this cannot be changed? - but now everything seems to be up in the air again as far as Benjani is concerned, and basically this is becoming a bit of a farce...

Maybe this is my heart speaking - as I do not want Benjani to go, and thought we would now keep him - but it would seem that rules are just being made as they go along if this deal can go through after all, as what would be the point of a 'deadline' if it is not met? It would make a mockery of the transfer window, would it not...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 1 2008

Time: 11:08AM

Your Comments

Just as you thought it was all done, now this!!
will it ever happen
I always thought that midnight was the deadline but I also hear that the Defoe deal was completed at 00:40 hrs. I'm getting confused. Does Benji want to go? No. Does 'Arry want him to go? No. Do we need some money in to counteract Defoe? Almost certainly yes. Have MCFC complained that the deal wasn't done? Not to my knowledge.
Harry has quoted (on Skysports) this morning that Benji is still in Manchester. I agree, that if this now goes throught, it will make the whole transfer window a complete farce. What will happen next?? I hope Benjani stays, as I recon he is one of the few who would come back and play his hear out for us again if it doesnt happen, to show us that he is too valuable to loose!
tbh i dont know what the score is - i thought that if paperwork was in before midnight - as defoe's definately was, and we were led to believe benji's was - it was okay to complete the formalities after... however it appears that city didnt get this through by midnight - at their own admission? i have a few thoughts on 'things' but i would not be able to share them on this site probably for legal reasons :-)
Benji and Defoe partnership! sound better than Baros and Defoe, and I think a hell of a lot more leathal!
Does any one know if Diop is back intime for the Chelsea game?
yep dave.jolley81 is right, 'arry has spoken to sky sports about this, tbh fellas i just cant write another article on this until it is sorted so here is a lin to what 'arry has said - click here
benji and defoe is the ideal partnership for me, totally agree and is the one i have always wanted us to have... diop should arrive back today, so i would imagine he will be in the squad at least?
i'd rather have benjani, strange to let him go, great player
The 2 would work but if it means we keep Defoe & have to sell Benji, then so be it,
Have to agree with matt, would be great to keep him but recon he will go and if it means we get defoe then its worth it. We have been missing a player who can put the ball in the back of the net consistently. Would off like to seen 'Spiderman' at pompey as feel Utaka needs to fight for his place.
hello and welcome imazav - its nice to see you and so many other new faces joining in with the chat :-) ive thought long and hard about this, and altho i would love the two to play as a pairing, as much as i love benji - man love! - and as much as he offers us something that i dont think we will ever see again, and very, very few club have - if any - we have been lacking that out and out goalscorer, and defoe is that so if i had to choice between one or the other as much as it would pain me i think i would be leaning towards defoe... but i cannot stress enough i hope to god we can still keep benji too!
Thanks Rug. Lets hope benji stays today! I have a feeling though he will leave...
we now have two amazing centre forwards available for saturdays game, with baros on the bench too, so lets keep it like this eh peter storrie? stop arguing with the pl, it couldnt have gone better for us!
Yeah, unfortunately if the paperwork made it in before midnight then there's no real argument for not allowing the Sacha will probably be quite eager for the money after splashing on Defoe.
I keep checking sky and BBC websites - it would be a complete farce if they ignore the rules - Benji/Defoe partnership sounds good to me. Very difficult to figure out what was really going on though. Did Man C really tell Arry that they were faxing the paperwork and then only send half of it? Have they never done a transfer before? Was there a problem with the fax transmission?
Hi to imazav and davejolly81- i know a guy in plymouth with that name- any way. I would love to keep both JD & BM, but HR said we got MORE THAN DOUBLE what we paid for Benjani so 4.5 x2 + 9m+. and at that price we would have to take it. Benjanii had finally hit some scoring form so it seems sensible to take advantage of it, if it meant we got JD. what i dont get is that BW was in Mank-chester the day before.why did he not stay there.It now transpires that these deals were being put together the day before
plymouth graham
If i had to choose just one of them it would be Benji, he contributes all over the pitch. With Defoe when he's not scoring you get nothing but a passenger. Besides Benji's riding third in the scoring charts this season so why should scoring be an issue? But i'm sick to death of the whole thing now, the deadline was missed that should be it end of story anything else will just bring football into disrepute.
Steve C
SteveC, I think that might have been true of Defoe at Spuds, but now he's at PFC, you will see a big change in his attitude. HR will get the best out of him. Like everyone else, I want both of them but, if I can only have one and we get 9m for Benji, I'll settle for Defoe
does this mean that benjani was in manchester for the utd game, returned back yesterday only to go back up there for a medical at midnight in manchester, and has now returned today? how will he be fit for tomorro?
Having problem offloading your players eh? ever considered the possibility he was there on time, but Citeh had a change of hearts? :)
Blue is the colour
I have to agree with you Tony, even though Defoe hasnt really played that much this season, he has still manager about 8 goals in all competitions according to sky! If you consider the likes of Nico, Sulley, and Lassana putting balls in, and, please god, Benji being his usual unselfish state, then i see no reason why he cannot get into double figures before the end of the season. Just heard on talkSport that HR has named a 20 man squad for the Chelsea game, and Benji is in it!
as i keep saying defoe is a goalscorer - weve been crying out for this all season, he will get on the end of the balls that others werent...
that would settle it then wouldnt it - 'if' 'arry has named the squad and benji is in it that must mean he is staying?
I wish the FA would get on with this decision, I keep checking and nothing is announced. Benji won't know where he is. Whether to stay in Manchester or come back down here. He might even have stopped smiling!
he'll never lose his smile! and if he plays tomorro then theres no way that he can suddenly move to city, well, at least this can be finalised within the next day. better than the tevez saga!
This transfer didnt make sense to me - Benjani has been performing well this season, and 'Arry seemed to be pleased with his performances. Out of curiosity, anyone care to explain why the deal progressed in the 1st place ?
'arry had to 'sell' to balance the books, he's always wanted defoe, now he has him... right fellas - and fellaettes - i have to go to work now, hopefilly the benji situation will be clarified by the time i get home...
the benji saga is very confusing...but overall, he pfferes more to the team than defoe, so if i would rather have just one, it would be benji. of course, defoe is "technikly" the better player - butbenji puts so much more effort in, and plays with passion, that only 2 other players in the legue play(ed) with - and we just sold them too.
I wish everyone would stop talking about how they'd prefer Benjani over Defoe. Yes Defoe won't win the fans hearts, yes he won't run up and down the pitch but he is a better striker. He'll do something that Benjani can't do - score regularly. I know he scored another hat-trick against Derby but you all know as well as I with Benjani it could be another 5 or 6 games before he scores again. I trust Harry on this.
I'm with you STW ... Defoe is a Pompey player now and how people can compare I don't know, we haven't even seen him play in a Pompey shirt and forgetting what he did at Spurs (attitude wise) look at his goal games ratio of when he played for Harry at West Ham and Bournemouth... This guy is class and he will bag a hat full for us..... it looks like the Benjani saga will roll on until next week now but I wouldn't expect to see him anywhere near Fratton Park (or Eastlands come to that) this weekend.... Bottom line is that Harry thought Defoe was a better, younger more talented prospect than Benji and I have to agree ....forget personalities and smiles.. it might win hearts and minds but personally I don't care if we have the grumpiest, most misearable forward in the premiership (not suggesting Defoe is) If they can score 15-20 a season on a regular basis that has to be good enough for us .......Benjis career hit rate is 23% thats 1 in just over every 4 ... Defoes is 34% that better than 1 in 3 and he has played nearly 100 more games than Benny....... Now who would you rather have ?
A lot of Defoe's appearances have been from the bench which pretty much sums up how well he's done at Spurs.
I hope Benji stays i think it would be a frightener for opponents but either way regards Defoe there is no transfer confusion HE IS A POMPEY PLAYER a whilst my spurs mates say he is LuaLua in disguise i will support him until he dervfes otherwise, right or wrong he is here and we have to back him to get those goals. Make no mistake, anything less than two positions higher than last season will be considered a failure by owners existing or new
ok, defoe is a pompey player, im sure he will do well. but, i want benji to be a pompey player, and this is a site where i can express my opinions (i think). and in all honesty, whatever anyone says, i WOULD rrather have benji than defoe, so whilst at the moment it isnt a choice i have to make, why lie to anyone about it? if benjani does leave, i will always look at defoe and think "we sould benji for you", and he will have to do VERY well to overcome that feeling (although im not saying he wont, and i will give him time...but that is how i feel at the moment.)
Harry knows that Jermaine is the man, mind you i do hope that the FA make the decision in May. Defoe is a very welcome addittion to the squad, Benjy is a great club man and will always be welcome at Fratton either as a player in our team or if he comes with another club.
totally agree with u pompey carpet. defoe needs to win us over first. and latest on the benji front is that its being sorted next week. can he play aganist chelsea?
Technically Yes J he can but I don't think 'politically' Harry will play him.... although it'll be good to see them both together... and let's not forget Baros too... he's a cracking player... Carps, I don't think anybody is having a go, and of course if there's anywhere you can express your opinion it is on Vital Pompey .. but I (and some others) have just seen it all before ...loved ones move on... I was close to tears when David Kemp left, close to suicide when Biley left and close to murder when Walshy left but you'll get over it... the big difference this time is that we sold to make a hefty profit and bring in a better player... previously we sold to stay financially afloat and that hurts a lot more I can tell ya.... stay cheerful mate I'll all come good.....promise :)
If we have all the money Sasha says we have then why the drama about paying for Defoe. Can't money be taken fromanother account and then balanced again from summer transfers. Are we down to less than 9 million in the kitty. Will we have a very small stadium as we have no money.
we sold a star player, and then spent the money on yet another player. benji has been replaced becasue he was deemed "not good enough" not because the club simply needed the cash to stay in existence. all that has happened, is we have lsot a legend for no reason. You look at JD, and you can price on him. you know what you get, but with benji, its different. he puts in the effort no-one notices, and his passion is priceless. HR, sascha and PS have overlooked one big factor in this. you can by goals, but you cant buy a legend.
News just coming out that City tried to abort the deal. I heard this rumour from my 'source' earlier but it has been confirmed by television news. Poor Benj isn't wanted by either club.
"We've got Jermine Defoe....And Benjani did'nt go...Now Harry's Overdrawn.. ....All Sascha Cash is Gawn...-repeat until July 2008
plymouth graham
sorry carpet, whilst i can understand alot of what you have said - as much as i love benji and would love him to stay, which he might do for a few more months at last - defoe is what a striker is all about, strikers are there to score goals - benji is something special, something that will never be seen again with a player like him here i dont think but defoe is one of the best strikers in europe let alone england, give this fella regular games and he will score goals for fun - easily the best striker, and i say this before he has even played a game, that we have had for years no two ways about it... we have been crying out for a 20 goal a season man - defoe is this man and his goals could take us to another level... i will not be looking at defoe and saying 'we sold benji for you' i will be saying - in all honesty, i think? - 'yep, this is why we sold benji for you... when he was a regular with west ham he averaged almost 1 in 2 - that is an outsanding record when playing over 100 games for a club!
ill wait and see, but comparing the two is not really fair. Defoe is a striker, benji is a team player. last season, we had 3 "team" players that orked hard, and made goals for the team. this season, we have no-one running down balls, and i think that this could be one fo the reasons that we are failing to win games at fratton. we have no-one who wants to play football, we just sit back, and try to catch them on the counter. with benji gone, we are mooving closer and closer to the chelsea way fo playing. no, scarp that, we play exactly like chelsea! except we cant scrape out the 1-0 wins. we need to get with the times, and go back to the attacking, fluid football of last season.
muntari the next essien, diara the next makalele, a back 5 that would do chelsea proud, and now a striker built in the role of drogba. Much has been said about our ex arsenal players, but we are moulding our team on chelsea!!!

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