Portsmouth - Official - Baros deal is close
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Official - Baros deal is close

Harry Redknapp has confirmed to the Pompey Site that a loan deal for Milan Baros is close - and he could feature this weekend: 'were hoping to do something with Baros - bring him in on loan. Peter Storrie has gone to meet up with his agent and try to do a deal.

'He`d be a good loan signing and it would be a terrific opportunity to have a look at him.

'It would be a loan deal until the end of the season and then we'll see how it goes from there.

'It would be nice to have him available for Saturday if the international clearance can be sorted out in time.

'He's a good player who's played at Liverpool and Aston Villa and he's been the golden boot winner at a European Championships.

'He's got pace and he makes good runs.

I know it may be seen as a bit 'presumptuous' but I would say that the deal must be almost 100% certain as we would not be making such announcements on the Pompey Site if it was not...

I would not be surprised if I came home tonight after work to find the deal had been confirmed, if it is not the case before I go?

As far as the deal goes, a loan initially seems a fantastic way to go as it almost leaves us with nothing to lose.


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 24 2008

Time: 2:58PM

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Please Pompey. I can't bare another Baros article!
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24/01/2008 15:07:00

you'll have at least 1 more when he signs ;-) i know what you are saying mate but in all fairness this is the first 'official' sign that we have had that a deal is remotely close, and it must be almost nailed on for 'arry to be saying what he is... i have this feeling it could be concluded today but as i have to go to work i couldnt wait and wait so this will also spill over into a 'baros has signed' article if he does when im at work...
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24/01/2008 15:09:00

Oh the tension...
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24/01/2008 15:33:00

Hey, what about this bit then? "If I can get Baros I might still look for another loan or buy somebody else if another club comes in and offers me silly money for one of my team." Who's he talking about? Davis? Hughes? Pedro? The Nuge?
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24/01/2008 16:01:00

whizz whats wrong with Baros articles? If he signs and scores 10 goals before end of season you will want more!!
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24/01/2008 16:01:00

et_tu... I hope he's not talking about nuge, the others you named are a lot more expendable, and someone does need to go
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24/01/2008 16:10:00

That's a strange comment for Arry to make - almost offering anybody up to the highest bidder. I've seen rumours about Everton being interested in Davis. C'mon Arry we've put up with losing Matty this transfer window, there's only so much I for one can take!
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24/01/2008 16:44:00

im not especially excited on this one...not in the same league as i was when we got nugent, utaka, diara, muntari etc. i dont know why though
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24/01/2008 16:54:00

I like Baros but, to be fair, I hope he's improved as a player since Villa as I thought he was better at Liverpool. At least he's a 'proper' striker, ie, one who has already done the business (to a certain extent) Within 2 matches, I hope to be singing "there's only one Milan".
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24/01/2008 17:11:00

Looks nailed on now, he is totally different to what we have already
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24/01/2008 17:18:00

totally diferent. i hope that doesnt mean having to chane the style we play in order to accomodate him!
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24/01/2008 17:45:00

He has done it at the highest level, if we get him we will have a quality striker to play alongside Benjy.
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24/01/2008 18:44:00

The backstabbing knives are out again from Harry. Praise you, get you playing well and then sell you even though you don't want to go. If I was a player and didn't want to go I would ask ridiculous pay from the buying club so they didn't want me then if Harry got mad at me, just sit out the rest of the season at Pompey whilst being paid and then go at the end of the season for a lower transfer fee just to spite Harry. But then I am a revengeful ******** and can play Harry's game. Pride goes out the window. Watch out Nugent, Mendes (in particular) Benji, Utaka, Kanu, Davis, Lauren- well all the team in fact. What happened to "we are really short of players and need to bolster the squad"- How many extra players have we got this transfer period? It seems like one in , one out. Hardly adding to the squad numbers or isn't that the aim anymore?
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24/01/2008 19:43:00

Oh, I forgot: Harry 1 was adding to the squad;Harry 2 sells players. and Harry 3 makes statements that contradict Harry's 1 and 2. Then add the Storrie teller and every one knows whats going on don't we. Yes I do; no you don't-who do you think you are talking to. Why don't both of you shut up and listen to what he has to say.
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24/01/2008 19:49:00

whos he back stabbing now? im a little confussed by that...
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24/01/2008 20:58:00

Sorry aussie i love a riddle and i could easily live in a mighty boosh episode..but youve lost me my old cobber. Baros is the real deal, no doubt about it, any side of our stature would have him. So who is he going to sell...Is Duffey still around? Hughes would be a great addition to loads of Championship clubs. who?
plymouth graham
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24/01/2008 21:52:00

Harry has said, actually that if any club comes along with a stupid offer then players are up for sale. From that statement one assumes it doesn't matter who the player is or if they want to go or not, if the price is right then they are on there way out. The other report was."after Baros there will be no more transfers in but could be some out if the price is right". Yet another report has him saying" this is not the finish of the transfers in or out". If you are a player who has given his all and are then transfered, mot at your request, then that is backstabbing in my book.
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24/01/2008 22:27:00

I have no problems with Baros coming that wasn't an issue. I do have a problem with Harry claiming he needs to build a bigger squad and that he is down to bare minimum numbers of players needed, then selling perfectly good players at the first sniff of a profit. It is a great way to build loyalty in players. If I was a footballer there is no way I'd sign a contract with Pompey for any more than a year. Then screw Harry once I'd used him for my benefit.
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24/01/2008 22:32:00

Frattonaussie, I don't know how long you have supported Pompey for but I remember 30 years BH (before Harry) and it wasn't much fun. Harry is the best Pompey manager in living memory and you just have to trust him. 99% of the time he will get it right!
Pompey Half Pint
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24/01/2008 23:03:00

Although over the top, their is some truth in what frattonaussie says. HR is contradictory and I believe many do not understand his so called wheelings and dealings. My concern is does he understand them!!! Also was his loyality bought for the reported 20.000 extra per week. Just asking.
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24/01/2008 23:04:00

for once i am lost for words... ok im usually lose for words in the real world but sat in front of my computer im not often - but i am here, i just dont know what to say to these thoughts tbh...
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24/01/2008 23:52:00

Really don't give a *****, at the end of the day we're a small city team with a ***** ground and we've got some real quality playing for us. I've read on the internet too many times about how Harry hasn't got a clue. Without Harry in the first place we wouldn't even be here. I'm not suggesting we owe our lives to him but his transfer market methods are legendary. Even if we don't finish as high as last season this year will be an improvement because you can see we're a better team - the rest of the Premier League has upped the anti. So we've lost a couple of our favourite players? And we don't know exactly why they left? But if we're still riding high in the Premier League I don't really care. We play good football, have some top players and we are Portsmouth FC. Harry, Peter, Sacha and all.
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25/01/2008 02:20:00

Still the whizz. i agree with your first sentence. To a point i agree with your 3rd sentence I have never said Harry hasn't got a clue. I have always said he is a natural wheeler dealer first and a football club manager 2nd. Unfortunatley the 2 mixed together don't inspire loayality amongst players and don't always work in the best interest of the club. Fair enough if loyalty and improving position in the league each year aren't a concern to you then HR is as good a manager as you will get. I don't believe it is enough. Loyalty builds great teams and great managers want to improve each year; thats where Harry falls down. He agrees with your first sentence and lowers his ambitions accordingly. That is a receipe in a year or two to be back in the relegation fight.
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25/01/2008 07:35:00

POMPEY HALF PINT. to answer your question I supported Pompey when Jimmy Dickinson and Peter Harris played. I was the snotty nose kid you always saw on newsreels at the Odean Cinema North End who stood on the centre line opposite the players entrance.
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 07:39:00

Odean Cinema in North End... what the one opposite the Gaumont.. ah rolled down socks, jumpers for goal posts, shopping with mother dear in Vollers, Central Sports, the No15 bus to Alexander Park, burnt toast scrapped to make it not matter, Parrafin from the dispenser opposite Freds Sweet Shop in New Road.. ... I can smell it all now ... Back to Baros .. Bring it on Harry !
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25/01/2008 08:53:00

Unforunately you have to come crashing back to eart..Baros has reportedly said it has all got to complicated with Pompey so he's not coming here. Another Harry/Storrie stuff up?
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25/01/2008 09:21:00

this is what i said on another thread in response to a comment... 'i have this feeling baros is getting cold feet - maybe thats just my 'it wont happen with a striker' worries'... maybe these worries were worries to be worried about...
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25/01/2008 09:35:00

"Loyalty builds great teams and great managers want to improve each year; thats where Harry falls down. He agrees with your first sentence and lowers his ambitions accordingly. That is a receipe in a year or two to be back in the relegation fight."

But aussie we've never been involved in a relegation fight with Harry at the helm. The only time we were really fighting relegation with Harry was because he was cleaning up Perrin's cowboy handywork.

Back on your point of loyalty - I think there's very little in football anymore. You only have to look at what Harry did to us to know that. But if we're supposed to carry players because they were loyal servants in some of our dog fights, then we will start to have problems. I know Utaka and Lauren haven't been great but I don't think O'Neil would have fit into the style of our team now. We play with pace and strength now which are the two things that Pompey Premiership sides have been missing until now. I know we've had a dip of form of late but this is the first year where I've universally heard good things about our team.
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25/01/2008 10:18:00

Nice one Chix, you made me come over all sentimental.
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25/01/2008 10:45:00

Just because loyalty isn't great in football doesn't mean it should just be thrown out altogether The owner and the manager have to take the first steps and then players will respond. if a player is too old, too slow, doesn't fit the style of play or is not up to he task then it is fair enough to tell him and move him on. But if a player is loyal and does everything right and is then sold without warning just to get money for him then that will breed unrest. That is what has happened at Pompey and although it is only showing in small doses at the moment I believe it will come to the fore at the end of the season and we will lose at least 6 squad players. Next season will be the one that we will find out if Harry has what it takes to takes us higher or lower in the EPL. My feeling is we will struggle.
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25/01/2008 11:41:00

i see what you are saying mate, but i certainly hope that you are wrong with your final sentiments...
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25/01/2008 11:52:00

Well Alain Perrin has confirmed that we are in talks with Baros and that he will see how discussions go before he decides wether to have him in the squad. I think its all looking good, and i'll say the deal will be done by tomorow! Hopefully...
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25/01/2008 13:57:00

if u had a player liek baros, would u just let him go out on loan? maybe this is a little present from perrin to say sorry for almost gettin you relegated... or he thinks that karim benzema and hatem ben arfa are better than baros. this is from the manager who sold yakubu
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 14:18:00

and arjen de zeeuw!
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 14:19:00

perrin suggested to a player (cant remember who?) over the summer not to join us, and as a result, i think he went somewhere else (or stayed put...i really cant remember!) - so i dont think he feels sorry for us, if anything, he dislikes us for almost ruining his manigeral career! although selling yak was just plain stupid!!!
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 17:34:00

Is there any more news on this move, or is it dying a death? Surely a decision must have been made by now?
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 18:11:00

It's been 2 hours and we haven't been linked with another player. Are the papers running out of names? I am sure there is another player somewhere in China we can be linked with or is coming for a trial. By the way what happened to the Korean guy. He was going to be given a trial and that was the last we heard of him.
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 23:32:00

Carpet it was that Souleymane Diawara or whatever he was called. Signed for Charlton instead of us.
Report Abuse
25/01/2008 23:43:00

The Korean player has been released and has now gone on trial at Fulham.
Report Abuse
26/01/2008 10:25:00

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! give it 2 weeks and you will have your head in your hand's everytime he touches the ball. I'm gonna be honest, when we signed him i was over the moon but the............ ALL DOWN HILL every time he touches the ball, he loses it! he runs with his head glued to the floor! AND WORSST OF ALL HE *****S HIMSELF WHEN HE SEE'S THE GOAL! HE IS ABSOLUTLEY W.A.N.K
Report Abuse
26/01/2008 22:04:00

we'll see mate...
Report Abuse
27/01/2008 02:30:00

Let's hope he scores a injury time winner against Man utd :)
Report Abuse
27/01/2008 10:37:00


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