Portsmouth - Aubey arrives on loan
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Aubey arrives on loan

There had been thoughts that Pompey would complete another signing by the weekend and so we have, with the arrival of Lucien Aubey from Lens. He has signed on loan for the rest of the current season, and there is a possible permanent deal in the offing according to the Pompey Site.

The 23 year old former French U21 international can play as a left back and a left sided central defender so can put pressure on others at left back and could act as the much needed cover for Sol Campbell, and a lesser extent Sylvain Distin - I say lesser extent as I do not feel that he needs covering as much as Campbell - who I do feel will benefit more from the 'occasional' rest.

Harry Redknapp was pleased with another capture: 'he is big, strong and quick. I watched him several times.

'He can play left back, down the left side and centre half. I thought he would be an interesting loan'.

He probably is not the name that most were expecting, or had even hoped for but it is another signing nonetheless. I would not have thought that he would be available this weekend however.

We have now signed a midfielder and a defender - hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can secure the services of this goalscoring striker that we clearly need, we could not manage this in the summer but hopefully we can in this transfer window. Also a right sided midfielder would be nice...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 18 2008

Time: 1:16PM

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Lucifer Aubey.. So there was another one for this Friday press conference after all ... Well done Eastneydave your prediction was correct - Obviously as he's a left sided player he was what Uncle Harry was waiting for before he released Matty Taylor to Bolton... I wonder if he'll go straight in at left back tomorrow in place of either Noe or Hermann .. could be a interesting game with so many new signings on the pitch .. Derby have four (I think)
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18/01/2008 13:29:00

no need for him in my view, diarra can play rb, so can lauren, noe and hernan can play leftback, then we have cranie coming back, aswell as linvoy, pointless.
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18/01/2008 13:32:00

im not sure his international clearance is completely secured yet tho mate - so dont think he could play, even if we wanted him to? good back up for sol - and distin - and will put pressure on hermann... hermann has been 'ok' but ive still not been fully convinced by him, so this will be good pressure for him, altho i think he will get this slot... yep well done dave - spot on, ye of little faith eh!
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18/01/2008 13:35:00

sorry gleams... but i wouldnt be playing diarra at RB. Good signing, if he performs, i'd love to see harry sign him at the end of the season. Hmmmm now for Guiza!
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18/01/2008 13:36:00

he'll be worth it when he plays - and so long as a striker arrives this month we'll all be happy...
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18/01/2008 13:37:00

Right sided player no problem, give Routledge another go, he needs a chance and tie him to a short deal with a view to a contract if he impresses, but he is no worse than O,Neill was and Utaka is.
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18/01/2008 13:40:00

The official website makes Aubey sound really good and I don't suppose you play that many games in the French league, particularly at the top of the league without being half decent. Lets hope he turns out to be good and gives us the best defence in the Premiership. Apart from a couple of strikers, we are a seriously good team! Could even give Derby a run for their money this weekend!
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18/01/2008 13:41:00

I got a prediction correct!! Well as I said it was a little birdie but I am impressed you all believed me and stuck with it all week. Can we start a 'I love Lucy' Club now lol. Sorry some of you will not understand that and the others will comment accordingly no doubt.
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18/01/2008 13:42:00

Gleamer - Pointless ? Diarra will need to play in the middle otherwise he'll squinny, Noe, Lauren and Hermann are all 'make do' players at best (and always have been since joining Pompey) - Cranie & Linvoy are long term sick ... We are desperate for cover at the back and going on the Sunderland performance Sol is in need of a rest and Hermann just aint up to it .. This guy can cover both positions and as it's a loan deal there's no threat to either Cranie or Linvoy... "No need for him ?"... Plenty of need for him I'd say .. but hey we'll see..
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18/01/2008 13:54:00

Couple of thoughts on this. First is that (assuming Campbell, Johnson, Distin & Aubey as the back four), we now have a bona fide set of 2 capped French international defenders and two English. Second thought is that the more you think about it, the more it seems Harry's is trying to base his new improved pompey upon the Aresenal (Wenger) model. I think we ought to be pretty excited about the prospects of both.
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18/01/2008 14:14:00

Also agree with Owens about giving Routledge another tryout. He's got the pace alright and is a nifty little player, he's just lacks a bit in the passing department and seems to drift, probs which Harry & staff may be able to wean him out of. He'd also come fairly cheap as I understand it. So I'd take him and Lita (another cost efficient bargain) and that should do us til the summer (unless, dare we hope, there's enough money to bring in Guitierrez & Crouch !!!)
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18/01/2008 14:18:00

Totally agreed Toronto and I see this as an exciting prospect... Solid will need repalcing 'probably' (in full or in part) next season, but Johno, Distain and (hopefully) Aubey or indeed Cranie make up a pretty impressive back line... Oh just heard Djimi has gone out on loan to rennes until the end of the season... Does harry have a french ambassador at the moment ?
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18/01/2008 14:18:00

agree with you chix, we are awfully light in defense, particularly in the center and since this guy can cover for tiring sol and distan he is a good addition
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18/01/2008 14:22:00

left back?????? ok, glad this kid sounds like a good player, but Im far more concerned about a striker, we need a striker even when the africans are back!!!!!.....agree with Ownes & Toronto, Routledge is def wortha punt, could put in a cheeky offer if no-ones gone in for him!
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18/01/2008 14:47:00

QPR bid 1.8 mill for him, but Spurs want more, something in the range of 2.8. I think he would be a decent signing since we desperately need cover in midfield and he can play on both flanks which is great
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18/01/2008 15:10:00

I love the quote from Harry on the official site ... something along the lines of.. " I've brought in Aubey, to give us cover at left back now that we no longer have Djimi and Matty Taylor".... Funny Harry I don't think we've used either of them much this season... Can we have a striker next pleeeeease
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18/01/2008 15:13:00

and also the fact that djimi has only gone because harry brought in aubey, anywho, we need goals tomorro lads, looks like itll still be songo'o or a young forward on the bench then, no attacking players have joined so we are still bummed if nuge and benji dont perform or get injured. we need a goal at home!
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18/01/2008 15:50:00

Another seemingly good acquisition.
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18/01/2008 15:51:00

One comment about Routledge good player but he cannot cross a ball and that is a problem for a winger.
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18/01/2008 16:33:00

not convinced by this chap - i have been told that he isnt that great, and to be honest, if they are swapping him for dimji, then he cant be up to all that much, can he?
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18/01/2008 17:05:00

Routledge cant cross? Fratton End v Arsenal, cross to the near post, Lua Lua rises like a salmon. one-one and another point nearer to safety, trust me the one thing he can do is cross a ball
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18/01/2008 17:19:00

to be fair, my nans better than Dimji so this guys has a good chance of being better, so dosnt sound like a bum deal to me! :)...all this one in one out bizz, wasnt Arry moaning about the size of the squad??? let get some players in!!!!! I still ike the idea of a nugent Lita swap...maybe not the whole answer to our problems up front but Lita does cause defenders problems, more than I can say for Nugget!
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18/01/2008 18:37:00

I think everyone seems to b forgetting that Harry HAS brought in two forwards this january.Danijel Subotic and the other young guy with the Moroccan name that i seem to have forgotton. I know these are young fellas but so is Aubey
plymouth graham
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18/01/2008 19:00:00

Until i read the postings here i didnt think that there was any doubt at all that the players bought were needed. Now it's Lita/ an other for the front line. Routelidge... burst of speed, 22 stepovers then stick the round thing over the dead ball line. Charliechimes, how can you tell? Lita had a 10 game spree for Reading we cant say that about our kid Dave can.
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18/01/2008 19:20:00

Good point Graham. I thought he'd labelled Subotic as " one for the future " though. As for Routledge, I have concerns on his crossing/passing too (and his apparent knack of " floating ") but the the kid does have a lot of pace and you get the impression that if somebody " schooled " him properly, he may have a future which is why I'd roll the dice on him.
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18/01/2008 19:23:00

thought about that garahm but subaqautic and Djerra are a long way from the 1st team yet, i seem to recall talksport said that they weren't anticipated to figure until next season especially if this season we look as if we are close to qualify for UEFA, but back end of this season if we are not
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18/01/2008 19:24:00

How expensive could Lita be ? - chump change if you listen to Steve Coppell rant on about how no one has even asked about him. Having the two of them (Nugent & Lita) up front together might work well.
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18/01/2008 19:25:00

official website says we have made 3 signings (including auberry) - i count 4...so im slightly confussed by that - does subotic/djera not count? Lita, i liked from last season - but then again, harewood was great the season before, and was then awful last season, is lita the same?
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18/01/2008 19:31:00

Still don't think he'd be any less of a risk than Defoe and at a fraction of the cost. Only problem is, he wants out of Reading because they aren't playing him. - how much play time would he get in a 4-5-1 once the Africans return ?
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18/01/2008 19:36:00

If Bill Aubrey is out of retirement things must be bad!
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18/01/2008 19:47:00

Phew, we look ***** down the left so hopefully he's good. Just wondering do we have many white players left?
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18/01/2008 20:04:00

As long as they bleed blue, who cares ?!
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18/01/2008 20:12:00

No it doesn't bother me at all, we can easily field an 11 of all black players. That must be a first for English football.
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18/01/2008 20:13:00

I just like Pompey being a first for records and that.
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18/01/2008 20:14:00

actually, it would be nice to see that - it would remind everyone we are still here!!!
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18/01/2008 20:19:00

dont mind at all, bit concerned about english players leaving, but with jamo, solid, sean, john and nuge in the starting lineup, thats 5 english, more then alot of rivaling prem teams
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 21:23:00

its intresting looking at our starting line up, as people think we have very few english players - but actually we do! although admitedly this is going down...
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18/01/2008 21:46:00

I liked the look of Routledge when he was at Pompey before. Obviously he didn't impress Harry. He won't be back as Harry rarely if ever brings a player back once he has got rid of him. I said in earlier posts that we wouldn't be signing any more non european citizenship players because Sasha wouldn't allow Harry to do it . I don't include Australian or American players in the non european. Sasha is more politically aware than Harry and that is one reason why the signings this time have been French and Scandanavian.
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18/01/2008 23:56:00

Well if New Zealand have the ALL BLACKS why can't we.
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19/01/2008 00:30:00

in all fairness to routledge i thought the fella was ok when we had him - but didnt really get much of a chance... there is no way he is 3m good tho is he - he has barely played the last few years to warrant this... im looking forward to seeing what aubery can do - he will take over from hermann i reckon, who will be another djimi traore - and possible even papa bouba diop? - style signing 'a stop gap'...
Report Abuse
19/01/2008 01:02:00

herman was a stop gap - i hope - as he really is not good enough for being a long term first team player is he? in fact, i cant say i have ever really like his...open...style of defedning...
Report Abuse
19/01/2008 10:58:00


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