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Matty Taylor's gone

It is a sad, sad day for Pompey today - yep we have signed Lassana Diarra but Matty Taylor has finally made his exit from the club...

After 6 years with Pompey the fans favourite has bid farewell for a final time and signed a 3 and a half year contract with Bolton for an undisclosed fee, thought to be around the £4m.

He was not without his admirers and could have chosen any one of a number of clubs in England, as well as Rangers in Scotland if 'reports' of an interest from them were to have been true.

Taylor played a major role in our promotion into the top flight and this always led me to believe that this form would earn him England recognition in our first season in 'the promised land'... sadly injury and loss of form that season set him back.

But he came back with a bang and will be remembered forever more for his willingness to never give up, his sensational strikes against the likes of Everton - which still gripes me that this was not voted that seasons goal of the season, Arsenal and Sunderland - not forgetting his crucial penalties for us, none more so than his match winner against Wigan that ensured our survival at the end of the 2005/06 season.

His form last season brought him to the brink of an England call up and I feel certain that he would have earned this - at B level at least - had he not picked up and injury at the tail end of last season. Had he managed this maybe he would not have been sold, almost certainly not as cheaply as it is said he has been?

This season however he has barely had a sniff, Niko Kranjcar has been preferred on the left and even when John Utaka was having a shocker Harry Redknapp stuck with him and refused to switch Kranjcar to the right and bring Taylor in on the left. When Noe Pamarot was selected at left back ahead of him during Hermann Hreidarsson's absence the writing was well and truly on the wall.

I am gutted to see him leave, but he wanted to play football - he was not getting this chance here, nor was he likely to. He does not figure in Redknapp's plans, so this is something we have to accept and move on from. I - and many of you - might not agree with his being sold, but Redknapp has a vision for the future, which sadly does not include Taylor so I accept this and hope it proves the right call...

If someone had told me last summer that we would get to the middle of January 2008 and both Gary O'Neil and Matty Taylor would have gone I would have laughed at them, but it has happened... good luck to Taylor, he will be missed but never forgotten.


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 17 2008

Time: 1:59PM

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Good luck to Matty. Never forget the goal against Everton-one of the greatest ever scored at Fratton. Sad to see him go-just hope Krunchie doesn't get injured saturday -that would be sods law
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17/01/2008 14:10:00

Nice "obituary" Rug. I suppose we have to bow to wiser football heads than ours, but still think Arry's made a big boo boo on this one. Thanks for a terrific run Matty. You'll be sorely missed but I'll wager you'll save the Trotters from the Championship next year.
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17/01/2008 14:10:00

Liked Matt, thought he was awesome, but not intoays set up. I dont agree with the comment Harry made a mistake, read this when gary left and harry got that right. Every player has a Time limit, and although both gary and Matty have years left in them, the era at Pompey that suited them both has gone. God bless both, but the bigger picture for us as Pompey fans is Pompey, so Good luck lads, and all the best.
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17/01/2008 14:22:00

intoays as stated above is meant to read In Todays Set up.... lol
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17/01/2008 14:26:00

Has anyone else heard yet or is pure rumour that Dani Guiza is about to sign.
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17/01/2008 14:27:00

Loyalty is a rare thing & Matty has been that to us. Saw him from day racing down the wing crossing for someone to score in the great championship winning season. The great goals away at Notts Forest & Leicester. The strikes at Sunderland & Arsenal. The wonder goal against Everton, which will live with us forever. Those penalties against Sunderland & at Wigan. We thank you & wish you well forever. Time moves on & things change & that time is now. Play up Pompey.
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17/01/2008 14:31:00

A sad day but happy memories will linger long; the goal against Everton at FP (I was right behind the goal at the Milton End that day) was outrageous; his willingness to take the responsibility (penalty v Sunderland) will always endear him to the fans; God, I'm writing like he's died! Good luck Matty and please don't return to haunt us.
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17/01/2008 14:42:00

Yes it's like writing an obituary. Away to Bolton 9th Feb!
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17/01/2008 14:49:00

Am gutted we didn't get him! Really admire him as a player, his work rate, commitment, and most of all, his ability. Perhaps it's a signal that we're holding on to Stewy D, but I can't help feeling we've missed a trick here.
Boro 01
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17/01/2008 14:55:00

Nice words Rug, all deserved. Taylors exploits are well listed. But his major attributes were 100% effort and a great club man, both not found easily today. Where did it all go wrong, I would like to know?
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17/01/2008 15:07:00

Good Luck Matty it's a Sad Sad Day, but you are too good a player to keep warming the bench. That said Diarra looks like a good signing though it appears he sees us as a stepping stone.
Steve C
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17/01/2008 15:09:00

good article rug, its sad to see matty leave but we all knew it was going to happen, im just dissappointed about the way it was gone about. He went to one of the key players in the team to a bench warmer and we paid the price. Now I think its time to sell some of our bench players (Mendes, Traore, Hughes) to fund those rumored moves. I dont think you should be worried about Diarra's attitude on his move to pompey Steve C. All these young quality players we have are ambitious and rightfully so, they want to play for the best clubs in the world and unfortunately Pompey isnt that (not just yet). These young player join us because they want to get playing time and learn their trade, you shouldn't criticize them for being ambitious, im sure if the grew into one of the bigger clubs in the England and went on to win things they would be more than happy to stay.
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17/01/2008 15:23:00

Sadly Matty was severely left behind in terms of quality though. Kranjcar and Utaka are both strides ahead in terms of ability and unfortunately Matt just couldn't keep up. For all his effort he simply wasn't good enough for this current squad. When he got chances this season he played poorly and then moaned when he wasn't an automatic starter (who would you replace? Even if Utaka wasn't playing well why would you shift Kranjcar out of position just to accomodate him?). Thanks for the memories, Matt, and good luck but onwards and upwards for PFC. Diarra is a really class player and a quality signing.
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17/01/2008 15:30:00

Everything else has been said already so: Good luck Matty and thanks for everything.
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17/01/2008 15:32:00

sad day. sad sad day. slowly, out most loyal heroes from the champioshhip winning season are departing... it is upsetting to see one of our best players leave, but good luck to him!!!
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17/01/2008 15:59:00

How many are left of the heroes of the promotion season -only the great Linvoy & will we ever see him play again?? Would have been nice to have a chance to say bye to Matty at Fratton
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17/01/2008 16:22:00

I'm sure Matty will be back with Bolton next season. But agree with all; we have to move on. Thanks Matt for everything and good luck in the future.
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17/01/2008 16:30:00

...good luck, and whilst i know we have to get over it - but he was one of our best players last season, and has been kicked off the team seemingly becasue of a disagement with harry.
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17/01/2008 16:36:00

Well no, he was kicked off the team because he wasn't as good as Kranjcar or Utaka and because the centre-backs didn't want to play as a back 3. The only thing he and Harry disagreed on was the fact that he should have been somehow shoehorned into the team.
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17/01/2008 16:47:00

Oh well now he has gone, lets move forward and worship a new band of heroes
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17/01/2008 17:50:00

Nice article Rug - I bet you prepared it in November didn't you ? Yep the writing has benn on the wall for a long time and in some respects I'm glad 'Taylorgate' is finally over, for him, for us and for Harry - Bolton have a cracking player who will give his all as they plot their course away from trouble - As for Pompey he leaves with the supporters wishes in his heart and will always be remembered (as Rug says) for those stunning strikes (for me especially when in the Arsenal end last season at the Emirates.. I just couldn't sit down!)
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17/01/2008 18:21:00

..(Clicked submit to soon).. So he has gone and he will be remembered as a pompey legend and as you know that ain't a phrase I use loosely.. See ya SuperMatt but as Paultsmouth says we are fans must now move on and get behind our current crop who will no doubt take us to a new level based on the foundations Matt Taylor and co left behind..
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17/01/2008 18:23:00

chix - whilst my memory is pretty rubish...was it you that went with your son/friend and nearly got kicked out of the game when theo "scummer" walcot came on?
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17/01/2008 18:25:00

matty taylor has left behind a legacy that will be very hard to follow. very few other players in the premiership will put as much effrot towarsd the casue as he has!!!
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17/01/2008 18:37:00

We will live to regret letting Matty go, we should have found room for him on the left side of midfield. If i hear Harry or Tony Adams complaining about the fact that we are weak down the left flank i think i will go mad. He was a good solid pro, he lacked pace, but he had a big heart and wants to win. Good luck Matty we will remember you fondly, hope the rest of your career is a great one.
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17/01/2008 18:37:00

he was always going to leave after being linked to 72 clubs you were never going to keep him at pompey
ozanne park rangers
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 19:06:00

oza get real if we had played him, he would have stayed
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 19:14:00

rug what bothers me is i really am not convinced harry does have a vision at the moment, that would imply planned long term thinking. he knows we need to strengthen but currently there is not much evidence he is thinking past that traditional 40 points
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17/01/2008 19:21:00

Gutted, but resigned myself to this long ago. Matty will i am sure give his account soon in the news and i am interested to see if he says he and 'arry didnt get on.
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17/01/2008 19:22:00

He was in demand because he is left footed, scores spectacular goals and is a good team man. However HR wants to move on and didn't see Matty as part of that apart from as a bit player. Defensively though he was not up to the Premier League or he could have been an England regular. We will miss him though.
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17/01/2008 19:23:00

now if we want to have a young player in the england team, that has got there through playing well AT POMPEY, we will have to go for glen johnson...i think he is nailed on to get in the next squad!!!
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 19:35:00

me too pompeycarpet!! seems like hes in his 30s now!! but Glen is a great prospect!!!
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17/01/2008 20:27:00

Really like him as a player, qaulity left hand sided footballer. Just cant understand a bigger club didn't come in for him.
will it ever happen
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17/01/2008 21:26:00

if taylor does the business with bolton he will be sold for double the amount in a year... well i do hope that 'arry does have a vision russ - as if not we have let a quality footballer go for the sake of 'personal' issues then... good luck to matty taylor, as said he'll be missed but never forgotten.
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 22:21:00

I honestly think the writing has been on the wall for this one since the season before last-which i have mentioned on this ste before..any way CHEERS MATTY you will be a legend. I suppose now only Linvoy and Hughesie remain from championship side and they both will be gone soon. I had a thought the other day..just came into my head ..of Linvoy playing for Scum...I would love that because i am of an age when they nicked our good players and gave us their .senior citizens -Macca Excluded
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 23:28:00

Another English player gone. Are Pompey planning to establish themselves in a non-white policy. Watch out Nugent, Davis and Hughes you could all be next on 'Arrys hit list....
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 01:52:00

Sell Nuge if Gaydamak isn't offering more money
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18/01/2008 03:27:00

I wasn't the greatest fan of Matts this year or last. I think he got carried away with his goalscoring ability and forgot everything else. Still we had him 6 years. I can't see any of the present squad being with Pompey in 6 years.so good luck Matt. As for othe players going now or before next season; Davis will still be here. Mendes, Lauren, Songo, Mvuemba, Hughes, Traiore, Sol Campbell, Utaka a, Kanu, Ashdown and possibly Benji will all be gone. The off season and next years transfers will make or break Pompey. Also to be gone- and u heard it here first- Sasha.
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18/01/2008 04:53:00

Fred has turned down Spurs as not a big enough pay cheque for him. That rules Pompey out as well. That also rules Defoe out fo anyone as Spurs have said they would only let him go if they got Fred even though they don't want Defoe. Bent is ruled out because of the ridiculous price that has been put on him. Strikers are getting scarcer and scarcer.
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 05:03:00

We are on the up frattonaussie, things are looking good, don't be so pessimistic. On a positive note India are looking good in the Cricket ?
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 07:47:00

Carpet - Re your earlier post - Yep it was me and my nephew who nearly gt kicked out the Emirates for celebrating Matty Taylors goal last year... We got a very stern look from the stewards and a bit of verbal abuse from Arsenal supporters when Tommy shouted 'Scummer Scummer Scummer when Walcot came on. The warned us to sit down or get thrown out after Tommy went beserk when Pamorot scored but when Mattty made it two we just sat there with two very wide smiles almost giggling to each other .... as you say we were in with the Arsenal fans !!!
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 08:29:00

It's about time we got some competition in the cricket. Your lot aren't much of a challenge. I'm not being pessimistic but its a fact there are only a few good strikers around and fewer wingers. I've been quite the opposite as I have said Harry should stick with the squad he's got and wait until the summer transfers for better pickings. We are going to lose a number of players in the summer and our needs may be different to now. We aren't going to get relegated this year, we are not going to be in the Champions league and we are a 50/50 chance of Europe. If we get more players or not it won't change things.Harry just needs to put players where they play best. He has enough players to do that and cover all positions with the possible exception of left wing.
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 11:05:00

I'll never forget his contribution at palace in the promotion season when we were 2-0 down and he helped us come back to 3-2. He was brilliant that day. Best of luck Taylor (hello sailor)
The Rabbi
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 12:24:00

gutted to see matty go but he deserves first team football after proving what he can do last yr, its just a shame he wont be playing first team for pompey any more good bye and good luck taylor
ronnie redknapp
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 13:06:00

sorry, i just still cant see why we let him go! its just something i truly dont understand...and probably never will
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 17:09:00

its just means another MOTD match I will watch. not that gutted, as although he is a legend, its been on the cards for months, and strangely, i had accustomed to him not being a pompey player a couple of months ago, when he still was. shame, but niko is just a more gifted talent, in my view.
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 21:27:00

i thought (and sort of hoped) bolton would struggle without anelka...now i hope they do well, and think they will...its odd how things change isnt it!
Report Abuse
18/01/2008 21:54:00

A decision that puzzles me! Wasn't he mentioned as being a potential England candidate last season?
Report Abuse
19/01/2008 19:26:00

Yes by Pompey fans he was but not by anyone else. His first game for Bolton wasn't anything too startling. Diarra for not much extra money was way in front of Taylor for value.
Report Abuse
20/01/2008 06:50:00


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