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Unfortunately finally it happened...

Finally my little nephew Reece suffered the first league defeat of his Pompey following career - after not knowing this in his first 11 games - when we lost to Spurs at the weekend, but it was not a bad start to life as a Pompey fan was it?

He was born on September 7th 2007, a few days after we were spanked by Arsenal and other than the league cup defeat to Blackburn, a game in which we were also horrendous he had not known - not that he would know much to be honest! - the taste of defeat in the league until Spurs beat us 1-0, in yet another game that we were poor.

I am gutted that we could not have made it through until his first Christmas unbeaten - but even after this we have some mighty tough games coming up anyway - and that he could not quite get his first ton under his belt, my thinking is he was 98 or 99 days unbeaten - in the league - in his lifetime, so he still had a good innings really didn't he.

Clearly we never want to lose, I get worse with defeats with age but in many ways I reckon that this defeat could be a very good thing as it will hopefully give a few of the players a kick up the backside that they need to perform at home again, not to mention finally open Harry Redknapp's eyes to a change in playing style at home, hopefully!

Well 'little spoon' as Reece is affectionately known - there is that actress called Reece Witherspoon isn't there, so we call him Reecey little spoon, or simply 'little spoon' - you had a good run little man, not many of us, hardly any in fact can say that we managed to go more than 3 months at the start of our Pompey following days without knowing a defeat can we?

In fact maybe some of us can probably say that before this none of us had ever known such an unbeaten stretch like this at any point in our Pompey lives either?

Let the unbeaten stretch re-start again now - hopefully he, and of course us, can reach the 100 this time...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 18 2007

Time: 9:00AM

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If he's going to be a Pompey fan, he's going to have to get used to it sooner or later! He's cute!
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18/12/2007 09:51:00

What a waste of time. Just like your mid season choking team - (as predicted on Friday) here here
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18/12/2007 09:54:00

bullers, should you have called yourseld bull***** mate, why dont you just ***** off back to vital spurs, you are not wanted nor are you needed on vital pompey so sod off... sorry fellas, thats my bit said...
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18/12/2007 10:22:00

tracy litle spoon is alot cuter now... im hoping that he will not have to go through so many disappointments as so many of us did over the years tho, times are changing :-)
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18/12/2007 10:23:00

Wow, wherever I go on this site, it's always Spurs fans bitching about something. And it's always someone new, I guess they've got one asshole for each of the other teams in the league. :)
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18/12/2007 10:47:00

Let's hope little Reece doesn't have to put up with lots of lower division heartache and years of trying to catch up with the scummers like we have...! On the contrary his first game will be at a new ground, we'll be in Europe, and Spurs will be 'underachieveing'....cough.....
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18/12/2007 10:50:00

Yeah bullers, nice one, get a one off win which brings you up to a mighty 18 points (12 behind us if you hadn't realised) and now Spurs are going romp away with the Premiership I suppose ha!! No doubt you England No 2 or maybe 3 will cock up as he normally does and you slip back down to your rightfull underachieving best
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18/12/2007 10:51:00

They are a bitter lot the Spuds. Hi Reece welcome to VP.
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18/12/2007 11:12:00

Good luck in life little man, apart from boxing day of course.
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18/12/2007 11:24:00

I would PMSL if he followed Southampton!... Merry Christmas
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18/12/2007 12:08:00

Yes ere ere Merry Christmas young fellow m'lad. Don't need to worry about unbeaten runs just yet or these strange white shirted blokes from North London.
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18/12/2007 12:26:00

Reece Little Spoon? sounds a bit like 'Reese Witherspoon' which sounds a bit like 'wetherspoon' which funnily enough is the chain of pubs that own the John Jacques in Fratton Rd. the car park of which could be the place he was conceived
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 12:27:00

why dont you sod off back to vital spurs too dannispur! you are bang out of order - joking or not - with what you have just said... do you not anything better to do with your time? considering his parents dont live in pompey and have much more class than 'to use a car park' - obviously you are speaking from experience - that would not be anything like how he would have been conceived... sometimes i worry about the world he has come into with cretins like you around...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 12:59:00

and please fellas at vital football do not 'unapprove' the comment that dannispur has made - i have 'approved it' myself as i think people seeing what a muppet this person is is something that i do want people to see...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:02:00

cheers for all the kind words that have been spoken towards 'little spoon' when he is old enough and is going with us to games - hopefully in a new stadium by then! - i have no doubt that he will be shouting to drinks :-)
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:03:00

Reeeeeeceeeepect Danni Boy!!! Ther are all still piking around after the weekend. Gonna work us over - weakest defence in the league must certainly re-iterate how sh it they actually are. I for one feel sorry for young Reece. Hopefully, like myself, he'll not adhere to his neanderthalic parents desire for him to suppport a lower league team that is flirting with the Premiership. You wanna hear something funny, well a close friend of mine supports the Hornets - yes I know what a fool. Anyway I was at Vicarage road the otehr day and thinking to myself what a sh it hole - and then I went to Fratton Park!!!!!!! Give young Reece a break for fecks sake! After all, he's already got ginger hair!
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:12:00

ginger hair? not quite sure how you managed to work that one out mate - he doesnt but even if he did, what of it... he will not be forced into doing anything, if he wants to support pompey he will, if not he wont - but i wonder if he will still be hearing the cries of 'were building for something big' from spurs tho? something ive heard for 20 odd years....
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:23:00

okay fellas i may have bitten a few times but try not to let this muppet get you to bite - people like him have nothing better to do with their time... also we have to remember that spurs are notorious not only for the crap they talk but for being wind up merchants, i dont want us to start stooping to their level...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:24:00

My apologies, I assumed that was an actual image of young Reece above but nevermind library pics eh? How many trophies have Pompey won in the last 25 years? None. Nor will you ever. So give th ekid a break. Sour grapes. Yes we arew ind up merchants and yes we have so much money that we can do whatever we like all day long rather than sweeping floors and give parking ticket like all you splitters. I wish you'd sweep up Fratton park with all those dirty needles lying around - Not a place for youngs Reece I assure you. Here is another question for you? Your name is Pompeyrug right? Is that becasue you wear one to cover up all that ginger hair??? I see a pattern forming..................
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:32:00

reece isnt even my son you tool he's my nephew... the picture is of him, but he doesn't have ginger hair, nor do i - but again if he or i did what would it matter? mate you're starting to embarrass yourself now...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:37:00

touchy pompeyrug! a little light-hearted banter never hurt anyone!
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:56:00

I must say that his hair does look a bit ginger on my computer (not that there is anything wrong with that - I'll even admit to having had red hair before I went bald)
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 13:59:00

okay dannispurs - light-hearted i can do - fair play, water under the bridge... yep, it probably does look red but seriously he isnt a red head - not that anything is wrong with that - he had black hair like his dad that is now going blonde... not 'strawberry blonde either...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 14:17:00

Rug, your status would be elevated by not responding to personal attacks. Lets just discuss football, Pompey and associated subjects.
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 16:36:00

within reason - say someone being critical of what ive wrote per say - i am happy to let things going over my head but when it comes to things like personal attacks on family members - joking or not - im not just gonna sit back and take it tbh mate, thats not the way i am...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 17:22:00

check this out fellas - it is something in the forum... i thought that reece had a good run going, but this is a fantastic alternative take on pompey's recent events - click here...
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 17:37:00

pompeyrug I wish the little lad and his family (and you) a very happy christmas. (that's from a spurs supporter who lives in Bournemouth!) Friendly Banter Rules OK
Report Abuse
18/12/2007 22:58:00

cheers mate, same to your and yours.
Report Abuse
19/12/2007 08:30:00


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