Portsmouth - And how did they work that one out?
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And how did they work that one out?

According to the Daily Mail - when it appears that he is saying quite the contrary to me - Dave Nugent has 'paved the way for a move to Sunderland or Derby' with what he told pfcTV recently: 'I've had a bit of trouble settling in. It's not nice being away from your family and being all on your own. But I'm getting used to it a bit more now.

'Sometimes you just need that one bit of luck and it can all change. When one flies in, I'm sure a few more will come after it. I just hope I can get another chance soon and hopefully get a few goals'.

How this 'translates' to paving the way for a move I do not quite know as he seems to be saying quite the opposite to me. You can read between the lines sometimes, but this is almost looking for the smallest of small crumbs...

I think we have all made our feelings perfectly clear and the vast majority of us would like him to stay and develop into the top class footballer that we do mainly agree he will be - be it here, ideally, or somewhere else - in the future.

As said in a recent article I wrote, he looked more up for the fight against City 'to save his Pompey career' than I had seen him before and he went about it with more purpose, not charging around like a mad man, he seemed more relaxed and calm not pushing things just taking it as it came, but also showed for the ball intelligently - which we know he can.

Okay, maybe he will go, but one thing that I am almost certain on is that he was not opening the door for a move with what he said at all - for starters if he was Pompey would not be using his quotes on the Pompey site or showing his video on pfcTV.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 13 2007

Time: 12:26PM

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It's the press. They could not report anything strait the gits.
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13/11/2007 12:29:00

it winds me up so much... its always seems like the are happy to build something or someone up be equally - if not more so - happy to knock it down when they can... nuge wasnt 'paving the way' for a move away, maybe he will but this wasnt what he was doing here at all - completely the opposite!
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13/11/2007 12:32:00

The national press have really got it in for him, haven't they - they smell a story and they won't let it go. Glad to read those comments from him, and 'Arry seems to be backing him a bit more now - hopefully Nuge knows the majority of fans are with him. I'm sure it'll come good for him soon.
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13/11/2007 13:37:00

im not bothered, the person who wrote that article is probably a fat american, who doesnt no anything about football. I just hope harry can read through all these articles like we can
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13/11/2007 14:09:00

Trouble with the press - The Mail is as guilty as the more lurid tabloids - is that they try to WRITE the news rather than REPORT the news. Come on Nuge, prove the doubters wrong and the Mail can stick it where the sun don't shine (Sun?....No pun intended).
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13/11/2007 14:54:00

well, next two matches, brum and everton. he would want to play well agaisnt everton since thats the team he supports, and he probably wants to show moyes taht hes missing out, so hopefully, we will see a quality perfmance, him bagging a couple of goals, and thats him up and running.....hopefully
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13/11/2007 15:04:00

People seem to forget he is still only 21. To leave ALL your friends and family behind at 41 is hard, so at 21 it must be hard. Therefore i believe Harry has given him space, and encouragement to settle in, and i also believe thats why he hasnt taken the bait and responded to the news articles. Just a quiet work in Nugents ear to let them get on with it. But as for the media, its a disgrace, the lad is just that A LAD... for god sake its unfair to keep trying to derail todays young players. They kick them, they abuse them, they hurl abuse at them, they spread rumours about them, and then complain there are no players (English players) coming through. Well maybe if they got off the players backs, and let them develop in the teams, with the coaches and managers, and stopped writing crap, then maybe we WOULD generate some decent english players, and young enough to erform at international level without fear of being crucified. I believe we are building a young team for th future, alobgside the one for today, training, learning and practiicing with the likes of Cambel, Kanu, Lauren and James etc. Nugent will (Fingers crossed) stay here and be a real Pompey legend.
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13/11/2007 15:28:00

Midge, completely agree mate its easy to say that its the 'xbox' stopping kids playing football but with the crap that the media come out with its little wonder that talent wont come through, kids are probably terrified of what will be written about thm - in fact the parents are probably more terrified so they shield them from it...
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13/11/2007 16:24:00

yep, nuge is going to make it here im getting more and more convinced by the day now and sunday really showed what he can be about - i dont think he will start against brum tbh, as i think we will revert to 1 up front but i do think he could well start alongside benji against everton as i think we will go 4-4-2 at home more often than not now...
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13/11/2007 16:26:00

He will be ok, the more i see of him the more i am convinced he is learning all the time. He got a great reception on Sunday and i think he knows that we are really willing him to do well. There are not a lot of stories round about Pompey at the moment so i would assume that the press feel that they should make a few up about us.
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13/11/2007 16:31:00

I hope he does make it with you. as watching him a few times in the championship you can tell he has got it but just needs to be given the chance to prove himself.
will it ever happen
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13/11/2007 16:48:00

i just hope harry sees this, has a chat with him, and tells him, you will have your chance, otherwise, some rubbish team, aka sunderland will come in, other some cash, and harry being harry, could let him go, Im starting a petition, next home game, get a chant for nugent!
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13/11/2007 16:48:00

Yes lets make up a chant for Nuge! Midge, totally excellent comments - you are so so right, especially about the media and young english players.
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13/11/2007 17:05:00

honestly i looked at nugents comments, and my fears that he coul leave in january disapeared. i beleve that he was saying that he wanted to prove to us pompey fans that he was worth the money, and more to the point, he said he thought he had eventually settled in - completly contradicting the daily mails "home sick" title. but you must also remeber, muntari is 22 (as is nugent) - he has moved to england, he doesnt speak english as his first language, and he has moved country. the lad needs confidence, and whilst his age should not be used as an excuse, everyone IS diffeernt, so if he takes a whil to settle in, so what? would you really expect him to come in, and knock the leagues top goal scorer out of his position? i think not.
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13/11/2007 17:14:00

The Nugget knows he should be in for more time on the pitch during the ANC, so I doubt he'll be in a rush to abandon ship just yet..!
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13/11/2007 17:33:00

Good news or no news ain't news so as usual, it's either bad news or makie it up news. T055ers.
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13/11/2007 17:49:00

stay with us nugent, are only nugent, you make us happy when you dont score, so please dont, take out nugent, derby!!! na na na na na DAVE!
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13/11/2007 20:22:00

(to the tune of yellow submarine) We all love david nugent cos hes cool, nugent cos hes cool, nugent cos hes cool. We all love david nugent cos hes cool...you can see why im not a song writer!
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13/11/2007 20:38:00

sure can!
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13/11/2007 20:56:00

Tripe... Complete and utter tripe as usual from the Newspapers especially the Daily Mail (but I won't go there..) Nugent will know it's crap and to some degree will be expecting it, unfortuantley it's part of British life (Jim) that things get made up or misintepretted just for the sake of a story... but in truth that what it is just a story. I've said it before and although I (or we) can't stand it, the more successful we become and the more our players are in the public eye the greater the attention we will get from all sources of the media ... and as we all know there's probably not one single 'news' source that can be trusted (or believed). nuge will stay, I'm convinced of it and WHEN he starts banging 'em in I'd like to think he'll take NinjaTim's advice and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine (pun intended!)
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13/11/2007 21:09:00

Stick with it Nuge!
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14/11/2007 16:36:00

It's no secret that i'm a nuge fan, i'm convinced that he will make the grade, he reminds me a bit of when benji first came herewhere nothing would go right for him but if we stick behind him it will come good for him too. He's strong has pace and just needs that first premier league goal and he'll be away. a 6 million price tag is a heavy weight for a young man to carry around with him
Steve C
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14/11/2007 17:37:00

I agree Steve, but benji had games, when he wasnt scoring, he was still playing, regulary. and I hope harry gives him another chance. I mean he started his first couple of games, and I thougt he had a good game at derby. If harry does decide to revert back to 4 - 4 - 2, at home atlest I would like to see him back in teh frame. My personal 11 is James, Johnson, Sol, Slyvain, Paramot, Muntari, Diop, Kranjcar, Davis and benji and nuge upfront, basically what carpet sed about utaka coming out and taylor in, but nuge instead
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14/11/2007 19:34:00

another thing, nuge is a great player, but harry doesnt give him a chance even when were winning, perhaps he should not risk him at 0 -0s around the 60th minture, but if were winnign then i would love to see nuge to come on more
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14/11/2007 20:38:00

win, lose or draw i would just like to see a bit more of nuge - and do think we will in the next couple of months and he will have a few goals by christmas too i reckon...
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14/11/2007 23:18:00

Taken a while for me to think of a song for him. They want to buy David Nugent, we say No! No! No! He's going to be next year's Benjani, He can't Go Go Go
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15/11/2007 09:34:00


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