Portsmouth - As a Pompey fan what would you do?
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As a Pompey fan what would you do?

With it being the international break and nothing much else is going on, as well as the transfer window being closed so we cannot even make any 'surprise signings' here is a 'hypothetical scenario' for you to ponder!

It all started with the talk about a possible move for Andrew Surman from our neighbours down the road. Clearly I knew he played for the Saints, but I did not actually realise that he was also a massive Saints fan until recently, so even if such a move did come off how hard could it be for him to play for Pompey - particularly against the Saints if he had to?

Anyway as the chat moved on Chix brought up this scenario, 'could anybody here, after supporting Pompey all your life go and play for the Saints… Imagine if you found yourself in the cup final against Pompey and with a minute to go it was 0-0 and you as a scummer player had to take a penalty… Could you ever show your face in Pompey again if you scored… could you just 'do your job?' would it be a case of 'Pompey 'til I die, unless I play for the scum'…'

It would be quite a predicament to be in do you not think fellas?

So, to keep us active and for something to ponder while we whittle away the hours before England play Russia, which then brings us ever closer to getting back to business with Pompey, even though it is purely a 'hypothetical question', what would you honestly do if you found yourself in that situation?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 12 2007

Time: 7:00AM

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At the risk of being shot at, if i was a premier league player for scum, i'd feel i would want to honour my rediculous salary of around £20,000 per week and bury that pen. But, as Dennis Law did against ManU (help me here eastneyd) would not celebrate. After all, whats the difference, if u play against the club you support, you can take a pen. There, ready to be shot at.
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12/09/2007 08:33:00

it is a difficult position to be in isnt it mate - most would say they wouldnt have signed for scum anyway, but that is easy to say when it isnt going to happen! if i was a professional footballer and id sign for scum i would have to be just that 'professional' so if i was the penalty taker i would step up and do my duty... if i missed i mised but i wouldnt be trying to miss, you dont bite the hand that feeds you do you, even if the other hand is offering you something that has and will last alot longer...
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12/09/2007 08:56:00

Great attempt at being ethical lads, but this penalty is going so wide they are going to be ducking in the tunnel. I coud not ever contemplate scoring against Pompey,I would have to accept the wrath of Burley and the board and go back to my luxury home in Pompey in my Hummer and smile myself to sleep.
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12/09/2007 09:01:00

Jimmy Case only brought up the fact that Surmans' a lifelong scummers fan to scare us off. Worked for me..... Given the hypothetical question, in that instance I'd either take the penalty and do 'a Quashie', or tell someone else to take it. They'd be no glory in scoring that penalty....
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12/09/2007 10:34:00

do a 'quashie' the scottish answer to johnny wilkinson isn't he :) i suppose i could hope that i was the player fouled - then i could pull the arsenal trick and say i couldnt take it as i was fouled...
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12/09/2007 11:41:00

Pompey4me . yes Denis Law scored the goal for Man City in May 1974 that relegated United. He had of course spent many years as a United star but not a United supporter!! Incidentally did you know that Denis Bergkamp was named after Denis Law!!
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12/09/2007 12:28:00

And of course (the late) Bobby Stokes, born and brought up in Paulsgrove, scored the goal that won Scum the cup in 1976.
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12/09/2007 12:30:00

The shame of it!!
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12/09/2007 12:35:00

I would not be on the pitch, i would play for scum, as you say its £20,000 per week minimum, but you have a month or so before that final to get yourself injured, so that would be my ploy. I would be proffesional and NOT be in the lineup.
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12/09/2007 12:46:00

My heart says miss it, my head says bang it straight down the middle and score, after all who pays my wages, hopefully i'll have played well enough for Harry to want to sign me, at only 44 i'm in with a chance! lol
Steve C
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12/09/2007 13:33:00

No, No, No lads, it goes wide of the goal, and i run to the massed ranks of Pompey fans behind the goal and receive my adulation from them. Forget being nice, who pays your wages etc. its Scum v Pompey and its going wide.
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12/09/2007 13:40:00

I take your point Owenspompey but i'd like to think that i'd have the integrity and profesionalism to put aside my own personal feelings. Truth is it's an irrelevant question the way i play football i'd probably take Quashie's crown, not to mention the world record for the worst penalty miss.
Steve C
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12/09/2007 14:09:00

i was a pretty good footballer tbh - but for injuries was told i might have made it, so had i tried a quashie i think people would have known... being a full back by trade tho i think i would have been safe anyway, as not too many take penlties anymore do they, not like the days of lee dixon and dennis irwin and so on. yep, i know matty taylor could be classed as a full back, but he is a midfielder really isnt he.
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12/09/2007 16:13:00

Steve, i love the words integrity and proffesionalism, but the ball is going further than a Quashie or even a Geoff Thomas against France at Wembley, i will explain it to Burley later in the bar!!
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12/09/2007 16:49:00

Bobby Stokes came home eventually though, Darren Anderton was scum supporter but was one of our favourites, Kenny Dalglish a Rangers fan, Robbie Fowler Everton..
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12/09/2007 17:35:00

I would have a cyanide pellet ready before the penalty.
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12/09/2007 17:44:00

I can understand your point of view owenspompey, whilst my dream come true would be to play for Pompey, i don't see how any up and coming footballer could afford to turn down a contract with any club, even if they are s***. Having signed you then hopefully do your job to the best of your ability or do you? Perhaps we should ask Steve Claridge this question, after all he missed just such a penalty. I believe he was later quoted as saying that maybe he hadn't really wanted to score.
Steve C
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12/09/2007 17:52:00

sorry, you'd score wouldn't you?
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12/09/2007 20:57:00

So there I am, eighty ninth minute of the cup final, needing to convert a penalty to enable my team (scummers) to lift the cup ... I wipe the mud from the ball onto my red & white striped shirt and place it gently on the penalty spot. I take three steps back.... look up and see my brothers face in the crowd. I know this would shatter one of our boyhood dreams, I know I could never look him in the eye again.... Despite the noise in the stadium all I can hear are my own thoughts... don't do it, don't do it,....I start my run up....,I pull my left leg back as if it were a trigger ..... and deliberately chip the ball into the arms of the Pompey keeper. I then take my saints shirt off, throw it to the ground, jump the hoardings and barechested go and join my bother and all the other kindred spirts in the blue army and cheer Pompey on to an extra time victory.... Pompey til I die.... too *****in right
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12/09/2007 22:59:00

Glad it's only hypothetical!
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12/09/2007 23:12:00

so am i as i would hate this to be a real life thing...
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Simple. Score, get Pompey to buy me, and then stick 3 past the scummers in the Cup Final rematch the following year. Result 2 Cup winning medals with 1 more important than the other.
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13/09/2007 03:51:00

Chix, well done mate, how we would party after Pompey lifted the cup!! Would you come to the Dorchester to party with us, then we could sign you from the scum and rescue you from every players nightmare, playing at St. Marys in front of them.
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13/09/2007 08:51:00

I wouldn't, couldn't sign for them my choice! Now your kids, that a real hard one?
L L Blue
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13/09/2007 20:34:00

Surely as a parent yoy have to bring your children up to have the same values as you.. I am 100% certain that neither of my kids would turn out for the scum......... They're both girls.......phew!
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13/09/2007 22:48:00

hang-on ... just a thought ...have the got a ladies team ? - Does the same situation apply ? or what happens if they want to marry a scummer ...... Oh God..... more sleepless nights sat up in bed wondering ..... I think Ill lock em up in their rooms until they are 45 ... nobody will want them then... and it'll save me the cost of two weddings....... Oh God.... imagine having to pay for your daugther to marry a scummer...... I'm hitting the whiskey now, I can't cope
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13/09/2007 22:53:00

Sorry all, if Scum had come to sign me, before PLAYING for pompey, i would have gone!! Just so, when 1 of my sons get scouted this year, lets hope it's by Pompey, but if it's by scum, i'll be travelling the m27. What an opportunity that would be!!! But, chix, paying for them to marry a scummer....NO!!! Was speaking to an ex Scummer at havant and waterlooville the other day, seems the loyalty lies mainly with the fans, not the players, they will go wherever there is someone willing to pay thier wages.
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14/09/2007 00:08:00

if my nephew could one day be a footballer if he had the chance to sign for scum i would expect him to take it - unless pompey were in for him too, in which case there is only one winner! if he wanted to be a footballer i would want him to go where he could play and i would assume he would too...
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14/09/2007 00:34:00

Chix, he already has a sound understanding of the situation but it would be his decision. I'm with Rug mate !......
L L Blue
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14/09/2007 22:58:00

Getting a daft here. As die hard fans sometimes we need a reality check.
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15/09/2007 09:59:00

You're right storagematt, as i've said before, as a pro, you would just get on with your job and play for the team that pays your money!!
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15/09/2007 16:27:00

it is a difficult position to be in isnt it mate - most would say they wouldnt have signed for scum anyway, but that is easy to say when it isnt going to happen! if i was a professional footballer and id sign for scum i would have to be just that 'professional' so if i was the penalty taker i would step up and do my duty... if i missed i mised but i wouldnt be trying to miss, you dont bite the hand that feeds you do you, even if the other hand is offering you something that has and will last alot longer...
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05/01/2008 00:20:00


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