Portsmouth - Redknapp very important to Pompey!
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Redknapp very important to Pompey!

Harry Redknapp is very important to Pompey! Not my vote, yours - although these findings from muffdaddy1983's poll are thoughts that I do share.

This poll had only been on Vital Pompey for some 24 hours but I think the was things were going were unanimous enough to say that it would not change too much so I thought we might as well change the theme already.

Redknapp was the only man that could have saved us from the drop in 2005/06, so it was little wonder that former Pompey captain Dejan Stefanovic led the charge to Milan Mandaric for him to get him back from the lot down the road - so he did.

Since coming back he has helped move us forward like not too many could have.

Yep, at times Redknapp's methods can be 'unusual' to say they least and some of the things that he comes out with boarder on downright lies, but I would not change him for anyone.

He does frustrate the hell out of me at times but his importance to Pompey cannot be denied, he most definitely is 'very important' to Pompey.

What the poll asked - How important is Harry Redknapp to Pompey?

How you voted - Very important 92%, Not that important 5%, Not at all important 3%

Current Poll - August was an up and down month but on the whole most players performed well enough really.

Out of all Pompey's performers in August who was the standout best player that month, this is what I want to know as I ask - who was 'Pompey's player of the month for August?' Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 11 2007

Time: 7:00AM

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Of course he is. As for the 8% muppets out there, smell the coffee. Yes money is important but it's HR who attracts the players. He is highly respected in the game & outside the big 4 & probably Everton, Spurs & Newcastle we are rught in there for attracting the players we have had or have. I fear the day he leaves.
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11/09/2007 07:20:00

i feared the day he would leave before mate - and when that happened we went to the dogs... as much as he can wind me up at times this is only very minimal so i too fear that day again, but hopefully we will be better equipt to deal with it when this day - not for a long time yet tho! - comes...
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11/09/2007 08:30:00

Of course we need him, you only haveto think back to those dark days of Rix and Pulis to remember how poor we really were. I often try to imagine where we would be if Harry and Jim had stayed and not been forced to go by Milan. We were on our way then to being a good side, probably near to where we are now, but we had a squad of decent players then, who really went out to play for us, and slowly this is coming back to Fratton. Harry is an integral if not pivitol part of the club, and if he went who would come in?One of thr managers on the merry go round of in work and then sacked, we have tried that and it does not work.
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11/09/2007 08:59:00

not many have the draw that 'arry does do they... joe jordan - could he step up to the plate if asked? if adams decides to hang around we could have a ready made replacement, altho i feel sol could do a job in a few yrs time... whenever adams talks about leaving im always keen on jamie redknapp joining the team as he knows his stuff.
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11/09/2007 09:16:00

i also 100% agree, we need harry. I for one Do believe he felt he made the mistake going up the road, and it was all politics between Milan and Harry, nothing more nothing less. I do also feel his Move was needed though, as it unlined in Milans mind the need to bring in another (Gaydamac), and if this hadnt happened, i dont think we would have moved past bottom 3rd of the division, and spent year after year looking over our shoulders. i am beliver in fate, and i really believe we nneded to make that Nail Biting step backwards, to enable us to regroup, and move forward. I love Milan for all he did, but i love where we are now more... and that is With Harry and Sasha. PuP the giant is awake.
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11/09/2007 10:39:00

Totally agree with you boys!!! I dont like feeling so realiant on a manager, but Harry, clearly, is one of the good ones! would we have big Sol is harry wasnt at the club??? HELL NO!...lovin tha twitchy freak!
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11/09/2007 12:22:00

Totally agree guys, I start every weekend expecting a Pompey win and Harry gives me that belief. When he went so did my confidence in the team and I'm just a supporter!!! Perrin just didn't have it. It will be interesting to see how we do this season with expectations running, that is something Harry has not had before along with 30M....
L L Blue
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11/09/2007 12:27:00

expectation levels have risen, but 'arry has been in the game long enough now to know how to deal with this and i am sure that he will do us proud again...
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11/09/2007 12:36:00

'lovin tha twitchy freak!' :) great stuff CharlieChimes, he is highly amusing to watch isnt he - the more under pressure he feels the more he twitches and if he is 'bending the truth' he not only twitches alot but his blinking becomes uncontrolable...
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11/09/2007 12:46:00

On the Quay, i hear some guy STILL travels to away games, but wont go in all the time Harry is there, calling a Scummer and a traitor. Is it just me, or do people like that wind you lot up too. For petes sake, he wasnt a traitor or a scummer, he was someone who went off to lick his wounds, picked them up the road out of spite, and then came back when he counted to 10. By staying away from games, all that person is doing is Missing out on Pompeys greatest years in over half a century. I watched at Wigan 2 seasons ago, when a young lad Really wanted to sing along with the fans, but his dad clipped him round the ear for joining in as he was another Anti-Harry fan, that poor kids day must have been ruined as that was a day of joy for the rest of us there.
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11/09/2007 16:30:00

CAn you imagine whre we would be now under Perrin? and who else he would have cleared from the decks? according Linvoy, it was His way or no way, so you know Linvoy would have gone sooner than later.
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11/09/2007 16:33:00

The Perrin days were like a bad dream, he really had no idea of what it was like in the Premiership. He might have been a nice guy, but he would have taken us down and we would have been down amongst the dead men in the fizzy pop league.We had struggled to stay in that league and until Harry arrived never looked like getting promoted. Whatever happened between Harry and Milan is all water under the bridge, and we know that we have the best man for the job.
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11/09/2007 16:46:00

Have to say Perrin was a joke and I hated everyone laughing at us. The Southampton thing is really a joke now as far as I'm concerned! I was down there on business last week and went out for a few drinks with some lads we had nothing but a bit of fun and a laugh. They were quoting the good old days and how great they were and I just smiled!! Importantly we need to treat it as local banter only and move on with important business and improve this club for the kids and the future. No place for the violent past, we are not in the same place now. We are not competition for them now and they know it! Even if they don't admit it.
L L Blue
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11/09/2007 18:10:00

...harry went to southampton with the sloe intenston of getting them relegated - FACT (why else???...and yes, i do know of the reasons he gave). Harry is important, but as we (the club) get better, Harry gets less important as we (the club) will be able to attract other top quality managers when he leaves. The chalenge for us is to get to the level that when he does eventually retire, we can find a manager of equal callibre who is willing to step into his shoes - but to get there, Harry is our man!!!
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11/09/2007 18:44:00

I dread to think who we will get when Harry moves back upstairs to oversee football matters at the club. All the good young managers in this country seem to get a job and then get sacked pretty quickly. Harry needs to stay for a few years yet and ensure thar Tony Adams is ready to take the reins.
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11/09/2007 18:48:00

I found this site when redknapp had just returned, i remember an article entitled "has Harry (really?) lost the fans", the new boys from Spurs were still finding their feet and the Man city game had yet to come. It was a very mixed response, the forum at the time was very split between pro-Harry and the hate mob, a few weeks later I went upto Fulham and witnessed the first chants of"Harry Redknapps' blue and white army", some people to tried to hush it (one prominent fan recognisable to all, among them) but this time the majority had swayed and Redknapp was back!
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11/09/2007 19:56:00

PompeyGray may remember the above debate?
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11/09/2007 20:00:00

Harry is to Pompey what a Hand is to a glove.....The glove just aint no good without one!!
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11/09/2007 20:09:00

Straingly though, we had one of my most memorable games under Perrin..can anyone guess which one that is????....I am genuinly smiling right now!!
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11/09/2007 20:18:00

How true charlie, brought a smile to my face too! On my birthday
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11/09/2007 20:42:00

you must mean actually beating charlton at home? can't remember any others, especially the day after st.georges day....
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11/09/2007 21:33:00

ive had this debate with someone else before i think b ut as bad as perrin was - he wasnt all bad, if 'arry and perrin could have worked together, 'arry showing perrin the ropes then we could have had one hell of a team in place with a really class manager who would have learnt the ins and outs of the english game to take over when 'arry did call it a day - in another time and place perrin might have been a success here... as soon as perrin went tho there was only one man i wanted back, but tbh i couldnt see 'arry being that man - but once it became apparent that he could walk away from the lot down the road i knew it would! even when he went to scum i didnt hate him, how could you after what he had done here? when all is said and done he was free to do what he wanted - after all he got the job done, he sent scum down didnt he :)
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11/09/2007 22:53:00

im really loving pfctv but the thing that winds me up a treat is on the 'seasons best' selections from the last 5 seasons or so that most famous of wins, perrin or otherwise is not one of that seasons best! how the **** could a 4-1 win over scum that virtually condemed them to relegation not be classed as one of our greatest wins of that or any other season? come on pfctv youve got to sort that one out...
Report Abuse
11/09/2007 22:55:00

How much does pfctv cost rug?
Report Abuse
11/09/2007 23:01:00

cost me 39.99 for a year - and that is not a seasons year, that is a whole calender year! there were a few teething problems but ive got value for money already the interviews are quality - just seeing twitchy 'arry in his post match press conferences and some of the funny stuff that goes on is worth it... the match day highlights are fantastic and not one sided like they are on motd! i think that it was money well spent, plus you get match commentary on every game - which is handy, particularly if you arel ike me and you wont get to many games this season.
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11/09/2007 23:07:00

'arry... I can forgive, but can I (or indeed we) forget... It's interesting that the poll was about how important he is to the club but the majority of the comments concern him working up near Junction 3 - It will always stay with him... as for Adams, Jordon or indeed Redknapp jr as managers .. no thanks - Carpets opinion is similar to mine - Harry does and will continue to do a great job, but we must set our sites higher if we are to progress ... we need (with his help) to be in a position whereby when he goes upstairs or retires or whatever we can attract a big name manager... not a trainee - (look at little sam, or southgate... at least Bruce, Keane and Moyes cut there teeth outside of the prem) - We (the club) should be thinking about his successor now and if it is to br Jordon or Adams send them off for a couple of years, being a No2 or No3 is not the same as being a Number 1
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11/09/2007 23:23:00

Didn't get to see the poll but would've voted for very important, I don't always agree with his decisions but despite that he has a good idea of what makes a player tick and how to fit them into a team, yes he's made mistakes but his record overall is pretty good. On the playing side of things he's really got us ticking over nicely, any chance they could put him charge of the ticket office and public relations as well?
Steve C
Report Abuse
12/09/2007 14:28:00

might be an idea mate :) yep, the poll only ran for 24 hrs mate, sorry about that but it was looking a landslide so i though it may as well be changed - as it will again tonight, or tomorrow morning...
Report Abuse
12/09/2007 16:14:00

bit of a no-brainer poll if you ask me!
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12/09/2007 20:59:00

people set them up mate and i use then, no-brainer of not :)
Report Abuse
13/09/2007 00:02:00

It is good to know how we feel about things at the club, this poll gets you to thinking if there was no Harry who would be in charge, that is a frightening thought, as there is no-one to take his place really is there.
Report Abuse
13/09/2007 08:53:00

Harry is the man let no one take him away.
Report Abuse
13/09/2007 14:40:00

i thought at this tiome of the season this pole was a somewhat silly one, but i dont think it will be in mid january and its a rarity as one that should be revisited in january / early february, because having spent a lot of money results and UEFA are now expected. so cone feb if god forbid we are not challenging pompeygray might not think he is the man.
Report Abuse
13/09/2007 20:13:00

it was a scouser that put forward the poll mate - obviously with us playing them saturday it came to mind for him, with nothing else lined up at that time i took him up on his offer... but agree we can and will revisit this at a latter date.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 00:36:00


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