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Pompey's next generation

The next generation of fans is crucial for Pompey, yep us lot, along with the people before and before them etc have been and are important still, but the next generation of fans are as important, more so - not that it will make them better or worse - as they have to continue the traditions after us.

Being one of three brothers and a sister, all of us bar the youngest brother supporting Pompey - he as seduced by an Arsenal side including people Ian Wright, Paul Merson, Tony Adams and so on in the early '90's, so took an acceptable red route - you would expect, or at least hope for future generations to carry on our legacy, both as a family and as Pompey fans.

The next oldest son - behind me, I am the eldest son - and his girlfriend became the first to make our parents 'Nan' and 'Grandpa' shortly before midnight yesterday, so here is number one.

Congratulations to them, I am made up for them.

Yesterday had been a fantastic day for me personally, as I had said when I found out Sol Campbell had signed new contract, but the news late in the day that the much anticipated little one had finally arrived really did make it a near perfect day all-round.

The little fella has little option but to support Pompey, not just because of the company he will keep, but as he already has plenty of Pompey knick knacks to feed the early years of his life, as well as his little 'Pompey's no.1 fan' baby suit, his first mission to Fratton will hopefully not be too many years away!

The next generation of Pompey fan has started in our family, now as the littleman grows up we have to make sure that we keep him - along with others that the lot of us will hopefully bring along - a Pompey fan, not letting him be seduced by the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, United, Liverpool and so.


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 8 2007

Time: 9:04AM

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congrats Rug,
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08/09/2007 09:18:00

My boy will one day be logging on as pompeytoulouse and one of the things and having taken hima nad his cousins to a few games now the thing i like about it is because they the next geberation mostly havent seen football in the cola league they are positive pompey fans and are not obssessed with anti scum songs
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08/09/2007 09:23:00

Congrats to all of your family Rug, especially your brother and his girlfriend - Tell him the sleep deprivation kicks in after about six weeks. oh an also to get used to wondering around the house in the early hours when everybody else is asleep but he is wde awake... You do you think Im so often on here at ridiculous hours of the morning ...
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08/09/2007 10:10:00

thanks fellas - will pass on the well wishes... yep, they certainly do have a fun time ahead of them dont they, he will have to get himself the internet next as then he too can come on here at supid o'clock :) you never know the little fella could maybe one day be a future pompey star!
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08/09/2007 10:21:00

Chix - thats right cheer em up!! Congrats from all my crew grandchildren nieces nephews etc.
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08/09/2007 10:29:00

The next generation of Pompey fans is a great subject of debate and as Russellm says they wont have the memories of Pompey outside of the top flight (well lets pray they don't). Being seduced by one of the bigger clubs is always a threat but unlike us they will grow up in or have links with a city that boasts an established 'premiership' team. They wont have to experience cold nights at Shrewsbury or lashing rain at Oldham .... but is that what made s who we are ?
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08/09/2007 10:42:00

Congratulations rug, preach the word of the Lord (Harry that is) to the young one and they will surely blossom into devout followers of the Pompey Gospel, and lets hope the path is smoother than the one we have had to tread the last few seasons. Well done mate, make the most of them as they soon grow up, and they NEED, the latest gear!!
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08/09/2007 12:32:00

Congrats mate! Its just like i said a few weeks ago my lad has never known anything but the Prem, which would be a worry but I keep telling him about the old day's much like my dad told me about the FA cup winnning side and the Div 1 winning sides. We have a real spread in our clan.
L L Blue
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08/09/2007 12:53:00

as much as i would like to be a dad myself, im happy being the uncle for now - giving him back is prob a preferred option to me at this point in time... i will preach all things good about pompey, but will also let the little fella know about the bad times too - the times that make where we are now all the more amazing... our old man was a pompey school boy, my bro sucked, i was good but prob not good enough, hopefully the genes have been passed to the next generation and he can be a pompey star...
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08/09/2007 13:44:00

Rug, does he require an Agent? I will send you and application form, just think mate we could clean up. However it will be an 80-20 split.
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08/09/2007 13:48:00

The youngsters of Pompey need to get into watch a game from time to time, thus the need for the new stadium. The locally who may still favour the big 4, will styill have soft spot for Pompey, that may grow as, as they grow. I first went mid 70s & it was crap, the slide down 3 divisions to the fourth, but I kept going & I'm still here. Wants it bites & you can go you go. The kids will grow as will there support for the team.
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08/09/2007 19:42:00

It is important to get the kids to the game, my two loved going, even in the fourth division, and although they are long gone they still go when they can and look for the result when they are abroad etc. I have always thought supporting Pompey as the biggest part of my life, although my wife thinks i am stupid, but if we win i have a good week, when we lose then i have a bloody long week and go through the ganeuntil the next one. Pompey is for life, no matter what, and it breaks my heart when you go around the area and see United shirts and Chelsea etc.
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08/09/2007 19:49:00

everyone has a soft spot for there local team - i'll always check the aldershot results...they'll be top flight soon :-)...but unfortunatly, you can possibly fit me into the "glory supporter" category, as i have only really followed pompey since the beggining of last season - when they started doing well (actually, this was just coincidence...they werent linked what-so-ever, it was just when i got talking to a friend about the club... ...but thats beside the point) - and they are my closes premiership team (i have always laughed at southhampton, i dont know why) - and so they are the team i choose to support - and i doubt that will change. ...The point is though, that pompeys fan base will grow quite quicklynow that we are (touch wood) doing well in the premiership, as people realise that there mums brothers dog came from portsmouth, so therefore they should support us. More supporters means we can fill the bigger stadium, and create more revinue, and by better playors, and do better...(and charge more for seats...doh), and so hopefully the only way for us no, is UP!!!
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08/09/2007 23:00:00

When I was at school in GODALMING Surrey all thekids followed Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal. I managed to find 1 other Pompey supporter and years later he emigrated with me to Australia. Alas he lasted 2 years and went back. However we still run into each other every 5 years or so, the last time in the Connaught Arms in Guildford Road. Congratulations Rug I don't have kids but my father before me and now my brothers son were and are carrying on the family tradition. I have been spreading the word out here for Donkeys, now finally people are starting to take notice. I even have banners assembled in Bangkok bars.
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09/09/2007 05:55:00

The club has a part to play too ... I'm not sure what it is like now but I can remember Alan Knight, Steve Foster & Keith Viney, regulary turning up at schools to present medals to kids and I once had a talk by Malcolm Manley & Alan Stephenson when I was a six year old ... The first football medal I ever won was presented by Jimmy Dickinson ... Pompey were a 'sleeping giant' and players lived in and got involved with the local community, (Eastney, North End, Cosham) then , now the giant has awaken the players have some dosh, and they live in mansions and waterside apartments at Port Solent and the like... im not bitter in anyway, just rooted to what we are. Whoever is in charge at Fratton Park now or in the future must ensure we strive for the top of course but never forget where we have come from, how we got here and who we are... PLAY UP POMPEY
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09/09/2007 08:28:00

i would like to be wrong but i cannot see to many making that many local trips to schools and that nowadays - im sure some do sometimes, but i doubt nearly as many footballers on the whole do what others before them used to... most, not all, are too busy with their endorsements and that arent they. keep sreading that word far and wide pompeygray - telling them about this site too ;) but above all as Chix says - and something i am always very aware of myself - we can never forget who we are and how we got to where we are now and might still get...
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09/09/2007 08:51:00

I got 3 boys, done my bit for future support!
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09/09/2007 09:15:00

In Leeds I have 2 Pompey mad nephews, the youngest of which trains with Leeds under 10s academy in full Pompey kit every week!
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09/09/2007 09:17:00

maybe he can be snapped up by pompey mate - so long as he didnt start training in leeds kit when at pompey...
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09/09/2007 09:38:00

I've got 2 boys, doing my bit fot the future, we are all family section season ticket holders. Love the day out as a family day.
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09/09/2007 10:14:00

Took my lad last season twice as we live miles away up country, players were fantastic after the match. Nearly all came over and spoke to the kids gave autographs and had photo's taken. I thanked Jamo and he said "no prob's these kids are the future of the sport". So some at least realise the importance! Both day's out were as unforgetable for both my lad and I. I just hope the new stadium doesn't lose this. Can't see many other club's letting the fans get this close to the players.
L L Blue
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09/09/2007 10:30:00

Sadly, I married a scummer & now live with them. Sorry lads. Would need an expensive divorce to move back to Pompey. Our daughter, like her mother only want Pompey to win because it keeps me in agood mood. My brother due to his work is now in Norwich (no he's not a farmer) but he has 2 boys of both under 3 but I send them lots of Pompey stuff to wear.
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09/09/2007 20:03:00

You married a scummer !
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10/09/2007 23:50:00

....... mind you I married a spud....... but a scummer
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10/09/2007 23:51:00

a scummer .........jeese
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10/09/2007 23:52:00

I just hope she's worth it ;)
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10/09/2007 23:53:00

I lived in Fair Oak (between Eastleigh & Winchester) a few years back and my brother never forgave me (still hasn't) for having a Southampton postcode ..... To make matters worse - He sent me a postcard (from Pompey) In the message section he just wrote Scummer as many times as he could - nothing else - Then he posted it and deliberately left the house number off .... By the time it got posted through my door (about three wees after he sent it) it had been to about thirty different houses .... all you could see on it was numbers crossed out and the words 'not no41', not 36, not 72 not no 9 - I reckon it had startd at no1 and worked its way down the road .... I lived @ no91 !!
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11/09/2007 00:02:00

spuds, i dislike these lot, on the whole - not your wide tho Chix, obviously she is a lovely woman - more than i do scum... :) that is a great story mate, i love it!
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11/09/2007 08:40:00


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