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Pompey's deadline day activity

Friday saw the transfer window come and go with Pompey letting two players go, bringing two players in also.

It was little surprise when Dejan Stefanovic was allowed to leave, the £1m that Fulham paid for him is good business for all concerned. Good luck to the fella, who will always have a special place in our hearts, as we will his from what he said upon leaving.

Little time was wasted in snapping up a defensive replacement as Glen Johnson returned for a fee of around £4m after being told he had no Chelsea future. Initially he had said he did not want to come here and wanted to go back to Chelsea, which was fair enough, but things did not work out for him, so back he comes with his tail between his legs. I am still not convinced by him, or his signing to be honest but if he can sort out his concentration levels and get the right attitude then he could prove a very good signing in the long run.

The transfer that most fans would not like that Peter Storrie and Harry Redknapp had been talking about happened when fans favourite and Pompey icon Gary O'Neil was allowed to leave for Boro. The deal initially looked in doubt after he failed a medical, but it eventually went through near the midnight hour, with £5m being the amount quoted, although this might have been re-negotiated after his earlier medical? If so this would be more ridiculous than his sale itself.

I have always imaged that he would leave, but also always imaged it would be to a bigger and better club, I say this with all due respect to Boro.

Shortly before the O'Neil transfer was completed Papa Bouba Diop arrived from Fulham for an undisclosed amount. I would think it would be something around £2.5m to £3m, as Fulham had offered £2m plus the player for O'Neil previously, so that makes valuation sense? As for Diop, again to be honest I am not sure of the benefits of signing him really. He is a big powerful midfielder but I just cannot see what he will add that we did not already have in some shape or form.

I hate moaning about this club, as I love Pompey, but it cannot be all sweetness and roses, I cannot always write glowing reports on what Pompey do.

Yep, moaning about the players that left and those that came in will not make a blind bit of difference, but as fans who pay a lot of hard earned money - sometimes almost beyond our means - we have a right to have a say, good or bad and for me that is what makes this site so great.

So overall my take of the comings and goings are that I do not think what has arrived has improved us at all, at a push we have about levelled things out, but even then being brutally honest I think we are possibly even worse off than we were, but maybe this is because I was so fond of O'Neil, as we all were, so just seeing him leave left me totally gutted as a little bitter - in a couple of days maybe I will think differently and things will not look as bad as I first thought.

To be honest I am glad that the strikers that we have will be given that chance, at least until January, but where was this striker that we were basically promised? At a push I might have been happy with O'Neil or even Matty Taylor being sacrificed if we got him, but we did not, so with that in mind I would have rather kept things exactly as they were.

The talk that some players that people might not want to leave would happen, did happen, but the talk that also said 'sometimes you have to sell players in order to buy other, better players' has in my thinking not been achieved, but nevertheless we have to move on and we will get right behind the lads, whoever they are, when they take to the field against Arsenal.

This is my view - but what is your overall thinking on the business we conducted, are you happy with what happened or would you have wanted something, or someone else?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 1 2007

Time: 9:25AM

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We are very much the losers if its GON out & Diop in.
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01/09/2007 09:33:00

since writing this and adding it, my thoughts have not change but i just said this on another article... 'looking at the overall transfer window tho we cannot doubt that we have seen some really quality come in, so as dissapointing as friday was the 3 months or so on the whole has been very productive hasnt it'... i still think that friday was anything but productive, but the in the context of the bigger picture it has been a pretty good transfer window.
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01/09/2007 09:38:00

There was certainly a lot of disquiet on the the streets of Eastney last night about the sale of GON. Most echoed what you have said rug but some were a little stronger. Questions about the signing were why another right back? and if we are improving the squad in Diop better than Gary? These were questions I struggled to answer I must admit. Put it mostly down to balancing the books.
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01/09/2007 09:40:00

i could have been stronger, but this is a family show :)
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01/09/2007 09:42:00

As I've already said, Diop is not my favourite player, (what did he achieve at Fulham?) and give me Gary O'Neil any day. I suppose B&Q Johnson can be seen as a decent aquisition, although I'd rather have the solid, concentrating, passes to our side Lauren at right back. But he's English and Harry, maybe can mould him into a consistent player, possibly in right midfield where he can't so much harm. 4 million for a young, England full back isn't so bad. Her may be better now we own him - can't always be easy playing your heart out for a club from which you can be called back at any time. Positive vibes man . . . . er, men.
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01/09/2007 09:51:00

we are in fact no stronger, you will find quite a few of the papers query the GJ deal given his known defensive failings, which is why chelsea let him go, not much point in a non defensive defender. Diop is worse than Gary O. So at first site we seem to have made a concerted effort to weaken our selves.
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01/09/2007 10:14:00

we already have Distin to get caught out of position and in fact herman, so with glen in as well we are triple covered in the likely to get caught out of position and make a rick department.
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01/09/2007 10:26:00

Abromavich: "Why is cinderalla no good at the football? Because she always runs away from the ball." Kenyon: "sounds like Glen Johnson." This happened.
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01/09/2007 10:27:00

Russ: I'm glad someone has mentioned Distin being caught out of position because I've noticed it quite a few times. However on closer inspection, it's been Distin covering up Hreidasson and Traore for their mistakes.
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01/09/2007 10:56:00

Better keep hold of Sol, then.
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01/09/2007 11:05:00

stop stop stop, something must be wrong. I get back from holiday, and not only find that gary o'neil has gone to boro, but we didnt even get the yak in exchange. WHAT IS GOING ON??? in addition to this atrocious piece of news, we have also lost our club captain to fulham (who are going to finish above us, remeber) and we get an average playor back - who i have barely heard of ;-). glen johnso is really a bit of a "so what" - he was part of our decent defence last year, and is a good youg playor, but still, why gary???why not seun???
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01/09/2007 11:10:00

and the rest of the stuff thats happened leaves me completly baffled - did jamo play against germany? why was it even discussed that nuggent may leave? why did i read in the telegraph on the plane home that someone thought we should sell muntari? why did we only loose 1-0 to chelsea? oh, and did i mention, why has gary left??? The only good thing that i can see having come out of the last 2 weeks is that...well...errr...ah ha, we still have matty!!!
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01/09/2007 11:13:00

mate, welcome back - i am sure this is not thek ind of news you wanted upon your return tho... if you go over the recent articles and look at the forums you will soon get up to speed and your questions will be answered... maybe?
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01/09/2007 11:18:00

Crap transfer day, but, true what you say rug, it's been a good window on the whole. At least Matty is here, but why has GON gone to boro?? Bad move for him i think, but maybe he knows it is still mcclarens baby and he feels his chances of playing for england are better there?
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01/09/2007 11:28:00

And, there is no getting away from it, incase you hadnt guessed, i'm really not happy about Johnson coming back, he has a lot to prove.
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01/09/2007 11:38:00

You have to look at the activity and say, has the squad improved any. Diop and Johnson together do not make half a GON and I think we have gone backwards after the dealings of yesterday although maybe not financially.
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01/09/2007 11:43:00

right, i have now prepared a little list of answers to my questions: gary went to boro cos actualy, he wont get first team football with us, with utaka plating wide right, and he feels his england chances will be improved (thanks pompey4me), jamo and sol are back in the england squad, telling me that stevie has had his fun choosing his favourite lads, but has at last realised its time to pick the playors in form - not just the ones he likes, although downing is sill up there. People thing sulley should move because they feel chelski will buy him for 25million. nt a good deal for anyone, and sulley is a pompey fan. no chance. We didnt loose to cheski because we have have quite a tasteysquad now - and despite having played our bogey team (bolton) a prem new comer (derby) and last seasons top 2, we are now 8th - which is sill very respectable (but why are man city still flyingso high??? they seem to be trying to copy us now...) but we did beat bolton, and matty is still at the club, and sol and jamo are in the england squad, and cranie is in the u21s, and everyone is looking forward to wolopping arsnal at the emirites. oh, and aparantly, fratonise is in someway related to blue??? - oh well, word association games always did baffle me.
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01/09/2007 11:45:00

Rationality starting to kick in, remember transfer window not transfer day! If you had told me we would get Utaka, Muntari, Nugent, Distin, Herman in, and re-signing Mvuemba and Kanu and losing only GON and Dejan, i would have gladly taken it, Offer me Johnson tho i would have politely said no thanks!!! Look, in all this has to be a good window, and we will always be POMPEY TILL I DIE!!
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01/09/2007 12:10:00

yep agree mate, as i said somewhere up the top... friday was a bitterly disappointing day - and i am still flat as a pancake, but the bigger picture has seen much more quality come in than has gone out so over the course of 3 months not 1 day it has been a really productive transfer window.
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01/09/2007 13:06:00

Rug cheer up mate. Johnson and Diop will do a job for us, i was livid when Coleman stole Diop a couple of sesons ago, what with him Pedro, Sulley and Arnold plus Sean in good form we should be glad to secure a couple of internationals, after all it could have been Danny Murphy and Kenny Miller!! Harry will get the best out of this current squad and we should realise that Jermaine will come in January, trust me.
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01/09/2007 13:32:00

I don't see it as doom and gloom either. I think GON was a good player but not been in best of forms for the last year so if we can move him on and upgrade the squad (Stefanovic for GJ another example) then all the good. Be interesting to see who plays where now - will Lauren be a midfielder now? Will any Midfielders become strikers - Utaka as an example. We keep hearing big name striker lots of money every transfer window and they never come - I've kind of got used to it. We have however spent a lot of money by our standards this time round and perhaps Harry has been told to reign back his spending until the January Window - strong finish and all that after we've got through the tough start. Just thoughts no more than that!
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01/09/2007 13:55:00

As I said on another article 27M!!! This is Pompey! Just remember what we used to spend, and get! Like what you said about DJ out and GJ in that looks great but GON for Papa (Nicole!! Get used to it fella's). On the whole a record breaking transfer window for us, lets hope the season is. God bless GON we will miss you.
L L Blue
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01/09/2007 14:08:00

im starting to cheer up Owenspompey, just wish it had been a match day today - that always cheers me up, even more so if we play well, im over the moon if we win. yep, like i have said in the cold light of day after alot of reflecting friday was crap, no two ways about it, but the last 3 months have been brilliant as we have signed so much quality it is unreal, the kind of quality and for money spent that i never thought i would see pompey spent, or buy players of that quality.
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01/09/2007 14:45:00

We've got to give Johnson a chance, if he can concentrate for more than 5 minutes and not let his mind go wandering off, what with his toilet fetishes, he can be world class. Lets not forget he was touted not long ago as the ideal replacement for Gary Neville.
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01/09/2007 14:55:00

he still IS touted as the ideal replacement for gary nevil. When he plays well, he is better than any left back we have. In fact, when he plays badly, he is better than any left back we have, so lets cut the lad some slack. he aint as good as lauren, but i wouldnt be surprised if he had a good season. Its a nice improvment at least to see so many young playors being signed by 'arry.
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01/09/2007 16:42:00

Whizz I agree we have to give Johnson a chance. He must be the next regular England Right Back. He looked good at the start of last season and it is all concentration. Lets get behind him and set him on his way!!
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01/09/2007 17:17:00

Oh my god, you stillthewhizz and eastneyd, you must mean a different Johnson to the one i was watching at FP last year. England, give me a break! And pompeycarpet, aint seen him have a decent game at right back, let alone switch him so he has to kick with his swinger!! World class and Johnson, stillthewhizz, never be said again in a sentence written by me!
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01/09/2007 17:40:00

Reality check everybody, 3 days ago everybody was tipping us for a top 6 finish, now we lose gario and its mid-table at best, I loved gario for his work rate, never say die attitude and loyalty, much as everyone else did, we have lost one player, in fact we have have lost one player who cannot hit a cows arse, Johnson was our player of the season up to December, give the bloke some slack. Diop is a man mountain, when he is fit he is an asset, but his fitness remains questionable, so did Toddys but we loved him for past glories. Harry Redknapp has given us the strongest squad for 50 years, lets sit back, support and make judgement come may.
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01/09/2007 19:51:00

Well said paultsmith i agree, Johnson has not become a bad player overnight and he will be an England player allowing Richards to play alongside Sol Man, i wish. Come on lads we are on the way to becoming a good side with a solid squad.
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01/09/2007 20:01:00

Here Here Owenspompey.... we must be positive... GON (as much as we all rate him) or not Pompey are on the up ...
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01/09/2007 20:57:00

That 'or not' refers to the fact that we havent got him NOT that I dont rate him...
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01/09/2007 20:58:00

nope GJ became an arrogant lazy player over a couple of seasons, he is not good enough for cfc, nor any of the other so called big clubs, all we can hoppe is he has had a wake up call.
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01/09/2007 23:16:00

Let's not be too hard on the kid russell ! You gotta admit he looked pretty menacing at times on Saturday and he was part of the unit that kept many clean sheets last year !
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03/09/2007 17:07:00

I'm just looking at the " wish list " strker poll to the right. You know what, screw defoe. If it's true that he'd rather sit on the bench at Spurs than play regular football for us, then they can keep his ear biting pigmy act at White Hart Lane. Lita would have been my choice but we'll make do I'm sure.
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03/09/2007 17:10:00


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