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O'Neil set for Boro switch?

The News is reporting that Gary O'Neil is closing in on a move to long time admirers Boro.

Since the days when Spineless Steve was the man in charge they have been chasing O'Neil and the reports are that he is believed to be at the club having talks over a reported 5m move.

It is also claimed that Fulham had yesterday offered Papa Bouba Diop plus 2m in cash to take O'Neil to London, but the deal 'stalled' with personal terms not being agreed.

The News also say that David Nugent is highly unlikely to go, nor will Pedro Mendes, as had been rumoured.

I had been worried that both Matty Taylor and Gary O'Neil could be sold, but always thought that Taylor would be the most likely, but maybe that will not be the case after all.

I have rated O'Neil since he was the scrawny chicken legged 16 year old that made his debut against Barnsley all those years ago, fully believing even back then that he could and would go on to play for England, which he has at all level and still will the full side.

Hopefully this is nothing more than just rumour, but it is not looking good fellas and I fear that we could well lose him by the end of the day, if so Boro will get a fantastic footballer and we will lose one of our best, along with part of the clubs heart that will be near on impossible to replace.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 31 2007

Time: 1:31PM

Your Comments

Would be a real shame if we let him go but I think Kranjcar can fill his place more than adequately. I'm pretty sure if GON goes, Harry will have something spectacular up his sleeve.
the biggest question is WHY would he go? It could only be for money
Jacky B
i hope so mate as it is not just losing him - which someone else can fill in like you say - but also losing part of the clubs heart that will be near on impossible to replace...
nope, o'neil isnt that kind of player - he would only leave if he had no option... if they can offer him the regular football he deserves that is why he would go, he is not a money hunry mercenary like so many others.
Medical confirmed on SSN. I'm a bit worried that Harry sees Johnson coming in as the perfect opportunity to push Lauren up to Right Mid. GON has been a consistent assister to the team. Harry MUST have something up his sleeve.
Hate to say it, but GON seems to fit in terms of the outbound player. As stillthewhizz says, there are a few options at his spot in midfield these days and you just get the impression that Harry's tactical approach is a lot different now that he has quality throughout the squad. Really hope it falls through though.
I dont think he wanted to go but loss of captaincy, new midfield and HR leaking news of his availability for some while, he probably felt he had no choice. I dont know whome the wonder replacement will be but it needs to be some one a bit special for commercial reasons, Gary O was one of the leading shirt sellers and english tom boot. I guess we now know what jack a storrie meant when he said there will be a departure that the fans wont like.
Big, Big fan of GON and I will be gutted if he leaves more for what he means to the team, I think we will cope without but do we really need too! I have just read on the BBC website (text message sent in) that Del Assandro is at Fratton Park this morning (well according to a security guard) Anyone else heard this?
and there was me hoping this unwanted departure would be dejan :) more than alittle miffed at this tbh - but not as miffed as i would be if matty taylor followed him aswell!
i would love d'alessandro back here but would that mean another sacrifice - other than o'neil? it will be the end of an era if o'neil goes...
Russ. Is it confirmed then ? (if not, why are talking in the past tense already ?).
Its a shame if he goes, but lets not turn it on Harry. Its a 2 way thing, he has a long contract, and if he really wants a change, the Pompey are right to NOT stand in his way. I like Gary, but dont think he has been up to his capable form now for a few seasons, maybe he does need a new challenge, and if that is his thinking i wish him all the best.
Diarra from Chelsea sounds o.k.. I hear he's Makelele's protege but with some offensive talent.
This is shocking, wheeler and dealer you may be Redknapp but this will be your biggest boo boo since coming back to Pompey. Why would GON leave for Championship bound Boro? He's been forced!
Gutted.. I hope Harry does in fact have a "top quality" striker on hand, and that he hasn't sold GON just to fund the purchase of Johnson.
looks like it's a done deal on the GON Front - lots of reports now popping up on web saying he's gone to Boro.
Totally gutted -GarryO was 100% Pompey -totally commited
Quotes from Southgate on the Mfc website now...
Can I just say that the TEXT MESSAGE sent in to the BBC website was NOT referring to D'allesandro but was about ALLESNDRO DEL PIERO coming to Pompey as told by his mate whose a security guard @ Fratton Park - what a load of tosh, I love but at the same time hate Transfer windows and especially transfer deadline day - All I hope is that HR has got something up his sleeve coz to sell GON is like selling Pompey itself, I've not known a Pompey player like him - PFC running through his veins.
Get over it for god sake. He wasnt FORCED out, he obviously fanceys his chances of prgressing more, in a team with less competition for spaces. Plus as Harry said, sometimes sacrafices have to be made. Its not nthe Fees its the wages too. If Gary and Matty are on 40k each per week, and we have lots of cover midfield, dont be surprised if BOTH leave today, freeing up 80k per week, wnough to buy 1 top quality striker... Defoe? Kanoute? Crouch?
There's no way he'll sell Matty as well. Too many fans are mega *****ed at him as it is after GON. Anyway, with O'Brien, Cole, Lua, Dejan and now O'Neill gone, there should be plenty of money for wages.
Sorry if previous message appears rude, but we are up there with the top 6 now, so we no longer lose medium quality players to bring in better ones in other areas etc, we have to accept we are going to lose household favourites too. I dont doubt Spurs, Man Utd, Arsenal fans all go through this year after year... if we want to be in there or with the others, things sometimes involve big names, but leaving as well as joining. I love that man but i can see it from both sides. We need strikers, we need to free up wage bill, or do we want our tickets to be like chelsea's 55+ per game...? Sorry to see him go, but i think it was inevatble someone had to be the first, and now its Gary it hurts people that Success also brings pain.
I have a feeling that Defoe is on his way
But will it be with Taylor in part X-change???
Point well taken Midge. But to get rid of Taylor would be the abolutely stupidest thing he could do. He just isn't replaceable.
I read on BBC 606 a fan crying that Harry's trying to recreate the team of nations he had at West Ham. Well as far as i'm aware we still have a strong English backbone running through this team. Yes GON is Pompey, but he wasn't born here and he doesn't even support us - with the new academy we'll have many bigger and better young stars coming through and hopefully born in Portsmouth. Best of luck to Gary, I was one of your biggest fans ever since your debut but I know that Pompey aren't selling him because we're a selling club. It's because we've got quality behind the scenes.
whilst i dont believe that 'team of nations theme' i do think that o'neil will be increasingly hard to replace, and not just because of his footballing ability... i really hope you are right about the kids that might come through mate, if we can have some with the passion and commitment o'neil - and more - we will be massive in the future.
seems to me like its a done deal... "We've agreed a deal with Portsmouth and pretty much agreed everything with the player"
You would think if hes selling GON hes going to bring in another midfielder... Im thinking maybe Diarra, i would also love to see dudu here!
The loyalty thing is key here. I like Utaka and I like Kranjcar, but they are not going to give us the same attitude. People like GON, Matty, Linvoy and to an extent, Dejan have been the thread which has given an identity to the team. The moment you remove these types of players, the 'team' struggles. I really hope Harry has got something up his sleeve cos Glen Johnson aint worth losing GON for....
I think if Redknapp gives Kranjcar a regular spot in the team, then he will do amazingly well this season.
Summing up those above, we all have different opinions but no-one wants GON to leave. But that's life I suppose. The only remaining link with the 90's and Pompey's youngest ever player.
Thinking about things in the cold light of day - which is difficult today of all days - we are probably trying to balance the books.We have spent a lot in the last few months and HR may have been told to get some of the money back to pay for the building works etc. He has seen his new players perform and felt he could not reject 5M for GON. We do have a plethora of midfield players and someting had to give. Arnold Mvuemba could not even get in the team on Tuesday. There may of course be something else in the air.
I agree a bit with Midge but i think Midge has failed to grasp that Gary O is as good as or better than anything we have in midfield with perhapse the exception of Muntari and Mendes. Ok HR wants to persevere with Niko, completely understandable but when Niko is injured dont tell me Diarra, Hughes, davis are of the same quality as Gary O. Furthermore he was part of an english spine that gave the team some grit and secured the great escape. Nobody seriously thinks O'Neil wanted to leave. HR needs to ensure that there is a strong performance from the team or people will turn on him rather quickly.
I just noticed sothing weird....Garath Southgate & Gary O have the same mouth!!!!!....strange....
the deal seems to be taking along time - but i suppose o'neil has to think this one through completely as its a massive decision to leave a club he has been with for so long... as much as i like kranjcar and think he could be exceptional if anyone 'big' shows and interest in him the fella would be off like a shot, he has said as much in the not to distant past... loyalty is very rare these days but some players are/will be more loyal than others.
Long lost cousins perhaps?
I was sitting down watching skysports when i heard the news, my heart stopped a beat, i was gutted. but after half an hour thinking, i admit (shamefully) that this is good for portsmouth. i feel that gary wouldnt start as many as he would of liked, and i would hate for him to be on the bench. muntari and mendes are certain starters, but then theres lauren, thanks to the aquisition of johnson, in midfield who is defiently are more accomplished player then gon. if GON, was foriegn i wouldnt be half upset but the fact that hes english is also an upset. i also think that the fact that portsmouth allowed him for sale was that a.) they needed the money and b.) he wanted to leave. but as im typing this i really am guttted. and if taylor would be an end to an era. but news that d'allessandro is back is great news, and if we can only get defoe then that will be cool. but i would rather have GON. i dont no who to blame,, errrrmm NUGENT ( I HATE HIM ) lol
ADA back where did that come from? BBC misquoted I think it Allesandro Del Piero who had been seen by a PFC Security guard.
i think someone said the the 'rumours' were it was del piero and not d'allesandro mate. i would love d'allesandro back, but cannot see it.
we posted those comments at the same time mate - but they did the same job :)
Rather unfair to say GoN hasn't been at his best for 2 seasons, thats the about the time he's been forced to play out of position. I'm hoping medical turns up some little problem that stops it going through but doesn't stop him playing for us.
Steve C
Del Piero is certainly not leaving Juve, less chance of him joining us than Frank Lampard joining us! D'Alessandro has just signed a deal to keep him at Zaragoza, so please can everyone stop touting his name as well.
ive had that same thought for hours Steve C :) tbh i wouldnt want del piero here anyway - for 1 thing we would prob have to sell another couple of players just to afford him, for another he is past it...
20 in 35 games in Serie B. Granted it's an easier league but DP is certainly not passed it. He has that same sort of vision as Teddy Sheringham that could help any team.
How long does a medical take ? - I'm wondering (hoping more like) that theres a problem
okay, maybe im being unfair - but he would hardly be a long term option would he, that is prob what i mean by past it.
Rug what's the biggest number of comments you've had to a front page article since youve been landlord - this one might take some beating as we are all sat here waiting for something to happen
El Hadji Diouf in the Kentuckt at Pompey Centre apparently
Diouf is a bit like a piece of KFC chicken. Looks cheap and greasy on the outside and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
GON is GONE! .... ok not yet, but if hes talking to em up north, then its basically game over isnt it?!
I think so spoiler, hes had a medical, if he passes..that I would put money on him doing...its done!
I put a rumour about El Hadji Diouf elsewhere on this site this morning. BBC running it too.
As to Chix questions about numner of comments it is getting crowded around here and a long way down.
The king is dead - long live the king.
Harry must have found his striker! I think Harry's desire for 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 means Gary doesn't fit his plans
that is a top comparisum of kfc and diouf stillthewhizz, brilliant!
Is O'neil still having that Medical, seems a long time to hear nothing ....
He's failed. There's hope. Unless they release him for less money which would be an absolute shambles.
maybe the exercise bike and heart monitor was set for Middlesborough rather than Portsmouth and packed up! Play up Gary.
BBC reporting GON has failed medical. For his sake hope nothing seriuos.
Breaking News: Early reports that Gary O'Neil has failed his Middlesbrough medical. Hurrah
I reckon he's got Pompeyitis - Too far away from Fratton Park - Gary come home mate the northern air is no good for ya...
Sounds like his obituary was premature.
Failed the sight test with all the chemical smog on Teeside lol.
BBC now quote Boro saying he hasn't failed after all ...maybe...or maybe just someone as clueless as we are on the other end of the phone..
Breaking news: Middlesbrough and Portsmouth are nearing agreement over Gary O'Neil after some problems with his medical. Boo
Sky now reporting deal near breakdown over long term ankle injury. Boro want to renegotiate the terms which means some down and some more after appearances.
Gary's dodgy ankle could be a saviour yet
no,looks like he's going on an appearance based fee. i feel crap about it. but we do have cover there. bye and thanks GON, a warm welcome when you come back 'home'
*****! We've done the deal and it seems we negotiated a pay as you play! GON gone and not for cash what are we doing????
L L Blue
Pompey have signed Papa Bouba Diop on a three year deal.
unbelievable transfer day nonsense again.... why are we always a joke at transfers. weve been doing alright the past yr or so and now we go and fluff this up. they must be laughing at teeside... that whole ankle trick has worked out for them. ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!
....gutted, its lookin so bleak now.....I think thats our lot boys...:(:(

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