Portsmouth - Nugent wants to stay with Pompey
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Nugent wants to stay with Pompey

David Nugent has confirmed to sky sports news that he is happy and wants to stay to prove that he is good enough to play for Pompey, as well as England 'I am happy at Portsmouth. I don't want to leave, I've never wanted to leave.

'I am happy to compete for my place and try and get this club into Europe.

'I understand I am going to have to fight hard to get a place in the team but I am prepared to do that.

'I want to prove to Harry Redknapp and Steve McClaren that I am good enough to play for this club and my country'.

That will do me, this is all I wanted and had to hear.

If I did not like the fella before, which I did, I certainly do even more now as he has only upped his estimations in my mind by deciding he does not want to take the easy way out by moving on.

We have said all along, well the vast majority anyway, that Nugent will be a big hit with Pompey, not just this season, but in the long run, so although this does not necessarily mean this is the end of the matter it should be, so his goal against Leeds can now hopefully be the first of many for this club.

Harry Redknapp said it was up to Nugent what he did, he has made his feelings known, so now we will find out if it really was up to Nugent what happened.

So, this is hopefully one player kept that we wanted kept, now it is time to see if the others, such as Matty Taylor and Gary O'Neil - for example - are allowed to remain here as well.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 29 2007

Time: 5:40PM

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Hooray. I for one want him to stay and prove his point to HR and SMcL.
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29/08/2007 17:52:00

Lets hope thats the end of it then, to see his face when he scored last night was almost worth the admission money in it'self. I think that he could be the 15 goal man Harry's looking for anyway, if he keeps getting into the rigt positions the goals will come.
Steve C
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29/08/2007 17:53:00

im made up that he wants to take this route - he could have easy thought 'sod this im off', but he wants to be here so that will make him loved even more. yep, it should be the end of the matter now, 'arry said it was up to him, he has made his decision, end of really isnt it... you would hope!
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29/08/2007 17:58:00

Get in - I'm over the moon - had a crap day at work but this has really cheered me up - fantastic news.
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29/08/2007 17:59:00

Might mean I get to have another couple of pints with his Dad.
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29/08/2007 18:00:00

i was in a savage mood last night when i heard he might be allowed to leave, didnt much cheer up today... until this. buy his dad a pint mate if you see him again, keep him sweet :)
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29/08/2007 18:03:00

Who knows what goes on in HR's head. This i feel sure won't be the end of this and I think arry still wants another striker. With apprently no funds available, expect Matty, GOn to be the sacrificial lambs.
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29/08/2007 18:36:00

as much as i would like another striker - why not just see how we go until january? there will still be players, quality footballers at that, available then wont there? we can hopefully be in a good position too, to make attracting players even easier...
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29/08/2007 18:44:00

thats a good point rug...why not wait till jan??..as much as we rib redknapp, I bet David said somthin about wanting to leave..
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29/08/2007 18:56:00

As above from me too. Well done David,you know it makes sense !!
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29/08/2007 18:57:00

Of he says he wants to stay. If he says otherwise, he is admitting he has failed. If we can't sell him then what. Still rather have Defoe or Anelka. Dead against MT & GON going.
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29/08/2007 18:59:00

Nugent is a great asset to your club, he's young and would be great for the future. saw him play a few times and I'm sure now he has got his first goal in a blue shirt his confidence will grow and grow. He's confirmed he's loyal to the club, compared with Anelka who's past history shows he's only interested in himself and why the heck would he be called up before Kanu and Utaka and Beji who have proved more than their worth....Harry needs to see the light.
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29/08/2007 19:24:00

Glad he ts all see what happens now transfer deadline day is near. Thought HR was thinking he had his line up sorted when 'king kanu' re-signed, what has changed his mind?
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29/08/2007 21:43:00

For the above read :Glad he wants to stay , lets all see what happens.............(bloody laptops!!)
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29/08/2007 21:45:00

except pompeyrug that our manager is on sky saying that he will seel Nugent first option, seems HR is being a bit slimey to me and also makes me feel the club web site is worthless
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29/08/2007 22:29:00

Pompey4me, there has just been a 5 minute article on 5 live, it seems Redknapp has always wanted Gudjohnsen and tried to stop him going to Barca, who apparently now dont want him and will accept offers of around 7 million. I'm worried we have another Andy cole fiasco here. i.e. redknapp gets rid of a good player to buy one he has always wanted. Some chelsea fans called him Eider Duck, i.e got no goals cos he couldnt hit a barn door with a banjo.
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29/08/2007 22:44:00

charliechimes, 5 live said Nugent said he wants to get the chance to play regular football for his england carreer, he is taking time to settle like the others before him, nothing unusual there. they also said that HR wanted to but could not sell either GON or Matty as it was politically unacceptable to you me i.e. the fans. This farce it appears is not of Nugents doing.
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29/08/2007 22:49:00

Well, 7 million for gujohnson, dont think he can bring much to the team we dont already have. Doesnt have pace does he? Dont like the sound of that scenario russ, does HR's heart sometimes rule his head then?
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29/08/2007 22:52:00

Russ, do you really think that the fans carry enough weight to stop HR wheeling and dealing with GON or Matty T?
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29/08/2007 22:54:00

Well I know I have said it before but lets just look at HR's record of Forwards he has signed. Goalies,backs and midfield he hits the mark with acute accuracy... but with forwards...hm mornar..perricard..burton..fuller..Kamara..the guy on loan from wba went to wigan..and evan Andy cole. ok there has been Yakubu, who was decent Sherringham who though class was at the fag end of his career, Toddy who through injury did'nt get a proper go at EPL and benjani who for all his good points has hardly been prolific. Now we are thinking of dumping some real quality midfielders to finance Eider duck..
plymouth graham
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30/08/2007 00:12:00

PS, Sorry..I am glad ,honestly, that Nuge is gonna stay and fight for a place because he can prove me wrong about my reservations and i will eat H/pie ..loads of it
plymouth graham
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30/08/2007 00:14:00

i love 'arry to bits and appreciate everything he has done for this club but he sometimes does my head in big time...
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30/08/2007 00:18:00

Im a Newb Pompey fan from Canada!! All I have here is a Toronto FC team that hasnt scored a goal in 6 games. I just ordered a brand new Nugent sweater to show pride in my new British premier club! Please dont make my luck for my new found love soccer any worse. I dont wan to go back to baseball!!!
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30/08/2007 05:30:00

I feel Nugent will want to stay, if he were to go now he would be labelled a flop, and have a stigma attached to him
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30/08/2007 07:26:00

Pompey canadian welcome to the fold. Hope your Nugent shirt arrives before we sell him. Supporting PFC is a rollercoaster after nearly 50 years I should know. :-).
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30/08/2007 08:45:00

I agree with plymouth graham regards HR's signings, and as i said somewhere else the sats seam to back PlymouthG up. Rug, dont get me wrong it is not sentimentality by the club. I am reliably informed that the club is " quiteconcerned" about the drop in commercial sales and seat take up. Purely as a leisure business Clubs know also know that happy fans are buying fans, and happy fans attract new fans who are still a commercial requirement. buying fans add greatly to a football club's capitilization and since we no longer have access to Gaydamak Seniors cash that will be a major factor in our ability to fund the new stadium. Put simply if you dont have 20K plus commercially active happy fans, how will you guarantee 30k plus of the same. Investors will look at past performance as a guide to future investment.
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30/08/2007 08:48:00

of course HR could just be giving Nugent a bit of a kick up the back side, he has to some extent done that with a Benji also.
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30/08/2007 08:56:00

Hats off to Nuge, just the sort of player we need at the club....committed, young, and a goalscorer. Don't let him go 'Arry for pity's sake!
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30/08/2007 10:35:00

anybody checked the other pundits and sites they all think we are mad to even consider letting him go
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30/08/2007 14:53:00

they would be right wouldnt they, dont you agree russ? he was the next big thing - i know 'arry sees him in training but he doesnt suddenly become, with all due respect 'derby' quality overnight. im hoping it is just to teech him a lesson that he needs to come to him and jordan for help and advice in the future, not billy davies...
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30/08/2007 15:36:00

so, sky sports news say he claims to have been tapped up. Explains the reason if there has been a fall out with him and HR. friendly calls with an ex boss dont go down well. Hope him, GON and Matty stay. Would rather they all stay than 1 big name foreward come, especially if that were 2 b Gudjohnsen.
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30/08/2007 23:23:00

No offence to the Nuge, but if Derby were the only club in for him, why would he want to do an Andy Johnson and be back in the second division (i mean " championship ") next year ? I want him to succeed as much as everyone else but for all we know, the point of this exercise may have been to let him know he's not guaranteed a spot and no amount of prodding from buddies in Derbyshire will change that. He'll just have to wait his turn til he proves himself like everyone else. Anyway, there's my grouch at 1am Toronto time.
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31/08/2007 06:16:00

And welcome aboard PompeyCanadian ! Thought I was only one out her among the sea of wannabe red devils. The journalism here is superb and if you bet on Proline, russelm and pompeyrug can make you a fortune (provided you catch them before they've been down the pub !)
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 06:23:00

betting kings, discussion points, you know where to come but you have to move quick to catch the tipsters before they go out for a tipple... thank you very much for your kind words about the site Toronto4Pompey your cheque is in the mail :)
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 08:32:00

Here's to you mate ! This site is a lot of work and much appreciated.
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 13:27:00

thanks again - it certainly is hard work but i love pompey so its not a prob at all... i will be glad when the transfer window closes tho as ive litterally been on here all morning writing comments and articles, so have got nothing on my 'day job' business done, there is always next week tho :)
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 13:41:00

Echo what toronto says - all much appreciated and sorry couldn't get exclusive from FP. If I get time might even write an article but cannot think of a subject.
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 17:28:00

get in there mate - it doesnt need to be something now, i keep meaning to write more kind of pompey memory articles but dont get round to it. ive hand written one on my favourite player, but have not go t round to typing it.
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 17:59:00

and thanks for what you said too eastneydave - today {friday} has been the kind of thing this site should be striving for day in day out... then no. of comments, along with first time posters has been phenominal, it proves the people are out there, so it is the standard to which this site should and hopefully will be looking for regularly...
Report Abuse
31/08/2007 18:01:00

i like nugent, i hope he stays, but not only stays, but starts playing well, and gets his chance. hes got great potential, and must of if he played so well for preston he gets into te england squad, harrys got a good eye, aswell as tony, therefore i think in janura, nuge will do the buisness, bag us a few goals, and take away the pain, that utaka and kanu will be gone in the jnaurary transfer window
Report Abuse
12/11/2007 21:20:00


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