Portsmouth - Nugent could be 'sacrificed'
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Nugent could be 'sacrificed'

Harry Redknapp has given the clearest indication yet that David Nugent may well be ending his brief spell on the south coast.

It might not mean he will, but with what he tonight told sky sports news after out league cup win, it seems like Nugent could well go after all, 'you need to raise money sometimes, you have to sell people that you're not so keen to sell because you want to get somebody else in.

'It's no secret Derby would like to buy him. His old manager fancies him at Derby, we'll have to wait and see.

'Derby have been in and they would like to sign him, they would like him very much. Billy knows him and if David wants to go... if people want to move then you let them go.

'It's up to David really, I'll have a chat with him and see what his plans are'.

I am absolutely shocked by this news, I cannot believe that after less than two months Pompey would consider selling him, what was the point in signing him in the first place if he is going to be let go already - if indeed he will?

And it does not sound as though Nugent could be the only sacrificial lamb as he also went on to say 'I might have to sacrifice one or two players who people think are good players because I want to improve the team.

'It's not a case of if it's David or someone else. If I have to raise some money to buy a top player, it's who you get an offer for.

'If someone makes an offer you think 'OK, I'll have to do that, because I want to get this player in,' and that's how the business works'.

Maybe this is a knee jerk reaction by me, or it could be a case of putting two and two together but my thinking is we can expect to see Matty Taylor head through the Fratton exit doors to Spurs for sure as well then by the end of this week.

I do not really know what to say, some players have to move on eventually, but some, even if personal difference make things difficult must be kept, Taylor in my honest opinion is one of those that has to be kept.

We will all just have to wait and see now, how quickly jubilation - after our league cup win - turns to sorrow - after this news.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 28 2007

Time: 11:44PM

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Trouble is, there just arent many left footed wide players out there!! Matty displays on the pitch what the fans do off the pitch, never give up! Hope, hope, hope he doesnt go. Cant believe Nugent would be sold just a few weeks after buying him?? As i said in another thread, time to start making replica kits with velcro names/ numbers!!
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28/08/2007 23:51:00

Apparently the sun is reporting tomorrow that spuds and chelski are gonna swap Defoe for SWP. My god, getting dizzy with all these merry go rounds!
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28/08/2007 23:57:00

Yeh i heard the interview too and it did sound like an exit for Matty. However..in all fairness some weeks back I expressed -and have carried on doing so-my not all together positive feelings about Nugent being good enough, I have little to base this on as he has played little and run around alot.. but we have 3 strikers and Utaka. If Kanu goes missing later in the season,and not just in the ANC that leave two runners but not marksmen.We need Defoe,Crouch or Anelka-Marksmen..and if Matty has to be sacrificed i can live with that as we have Sulley and Krunchie, if its the mighty GoN..i will find that hard too but again i can live that as we have Utaka and Lauren (wide)and Mendes inside. I was talking to my wife earlier telling her i like to stay up late on window deadline day because its like Xmas getting presents and Santa Harry clause appears to hinting at a gig pressie
plymouth graham
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29/08/2007 00:06:00

Could never understand why you signed Nugent in the first place, a lot of money for a very ordinary Championship striker. Harry has obviously realised he dropped a right clanger with this one so good luck to him if he can recoup most of the money and give Derby the problem
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29/08/2007 00:12:00

Being the first Ive heard of this I am completely gobsmacked. I thought we had money. I understand that books have to be balanced but it just dont add up. Lets say Nuge does go (5m) and we bring in Anelka (12m) thats a 7m spend. Only last week we were led to believe we were in for Yak at say (10m) Does this mean that if Yak had have come back 'somebody' would have to go ? and if its a yes (which it probably is) then who else other than Nugent have we had 'confirmed' interest for - Seems to me a Harry has been wheeling & dealing with Nugent to Derby to fund a move for Anelka or Defoe for longer than we might have thought.
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29/08/2007 00:15:00

I couldn't believe it either but seems like Nugent's already gone. Only question remains, who is it that Harry values highly enough to need 6 million. He's quoted on Sky as saying "You need someone in your side who can get you 15 to 20 goals a season, and if you can find somebody like that they're like gold dust. There's only a certain amount of people capable of doing that around. " Question is, who's out there that can do that ? It's not Yakubu, it's (apparently) not Anelka which seems to leave either Defoe or Crouch. If it's Defoe then Matty's gone as well but then why would HR need the money from Nugent ?
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29/08/2007 00:19:00

Plymouth g, i wouldnt be so understanding of Matty going, but o think something is going on, he has been on the bench most games so far, Always think a wide left man is better being left footed, Sulley plays very narrow when out on the left, and Krunchy is a class player, but doesnt help his full back out. Lauren doesnt have the pace to play wide right, and Utaka wants to play up front. I thought HR wanted ANOTHER foreward, not one out, one in.
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29/08/2007 00:20:00

I don't even wanna think about Taylor going. This is giving me a headache all this merry go round stuff.
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29/08/2007 00:20:00

Crouch - How and when did he come into the equation - We are being linked to a few past players - apparently theres a Bulgarian striker at Charlton who we may be interested in !!
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29/08/2007 00:24:00

I heard that one today chix, think it was on the Quay radio all day.
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29/08/2007 00:28:00

Crouch b/c he's under used at Anfield and there's been some talk of his exit. Someone also mentioned Adriano on another link but it would be a bit of a gamble given that he has no EPL experience.
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29/08/2007 00:29:00

Adriano ... whoever next - So far we've had Bianchi, Giovanni, Yak, Kanute, Defoe, Anelka, Crouch, & now Adriano - Does anybody still have that picture of Terry Henry in a Pompey shirt ? Maybe its him - It wouldnt matter that he's only been in Barcelona for a few months now would it ! With the current goings on I reckon it's plausible :0
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29/08/2007 00:50:00

I still cannot believe all of this; take a look of the picture of Nugent and Kranjcar on the Pompey website. This is perhaps one of the finest English talents together with the finest Croatian talents for a generation...in a way its like Shearer hugging Prosinecki. Alan Shearer, after hitting a hattrick against arsenal went nearly two seasons before scoring again. Ian Wright only scored 9 in his first season at Palace. Henry failed to score in first ten games. Bergkamp eight. The point is even if we get this '15 - 20' goal striker - whoever that is - does this mean anything? Four players had 16 - 20 goals last season and we arent going to sign Drogba, Ronaldo or Benni McCarthy - Viduka, the fourth went to Newcastle. Yakubu, admittedly, smashed a few but what position did Middlesbrough end up with last season? 12th. How did McCarthy fair at Blackburn? 10th. Pompey were 9th and Kanu was the highest scorer with 12 including cup goals. Would a '15-20' suit us? Perhaps but 15 - 20 goals means for nothing if other players fail to hit the net - look at Yak he scored a boatload and we still ended up 16th in 04 - 05. If Arsene Wenger had not taken a chance on Cesc, Vieira, then what would have become of them? For everyone who thinks Nugent is out the door how would you feel when your employer told you you were surplus to requirements when you knew you could do the job. If Nugent wants to go, fine but give the lad a break, sure he is not Thierry Henry but neither was Henry when he joined Arsenal. People want too much too soon. If you want immediate success go support one of the big four. F off. From a Northender.
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29/08/2007 03:01:00

This shocks me. Alot of money on a player just to sell him a couple months later. I say alot of money, 6m might not be but it is for us. I can understand Matty. As hes looking for something bigger. Maybe CL. But if thats what he wants why would he want to go to Tottenham?
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29/08/2007 03:38:00

KEEP BOTH, both are young, both are assets
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29/08/2007 07:13:00

Choard brilliant rant mate and spot on, although I cant help thinking that you may have taken some of these comments out of context - I think all posts on here are in support of Nugent even if they seen a little sarcastic (well maybe except the chelsea fan at the top) I for one am desperate for Nugent to stay, I think hes got a cracking future and hopefully itll be in a Pompey shirt. In support of your every word. Get back in your pram. From another Northender :)
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 07:33:00

I agree, Choard, Chix, but I don't know anyone who wants to see Nuge go, you must realise that?
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 07:53:00

I want Nugent to stay. Dead serious. I think the guy could be a legend in a Pompey shirt. I think my last comment might have confused rather than clarified- I was trying to say that SOME comments may have been sarcastic, mine was not meant that way. I am in total agreement with the masses - Nuge must stay. Hope this clears things up:)
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29/08/2007 07:58:00

The big problem is that Harry likes big black blokes, he always has, so Nuge and Matty (and Gary to a certain extent) are wrong colour and wrong size. When he went to the scummers I told my unfortunate mate he would fill the team with BBB's and he did. hence the interest in Diop. The BBB's we've got are excellent but we need a blend and I don't want Munter on the left side, nor Diop. Krunchy, yes but he can't defent for toffee. Keep MT and GoN and Nuge.
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29/08/2007 07:58:00

Don't care what colour they are, but think we do need to keep a blend of British in the squad. At the mo, James, Campbell, Matty GON & Nugent (among others) give us that and add to the talent we have from elsewhere. As long as they are 100% committed when they pull on their shirt Im happy - POP
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29/08/2007 08:11:00

Choard, to back up what others have said mate, yep i agree with you and none of us want nuge or matty taylor to go - it totally took me by surprise when 'arry came out with what he did, well not the '1 0r 2 might have to go', as that isnt a surprise the fact that nuge might be one certainly did... i just dont know what is going on with this club now, everything seems great then something like this happens, why, what is the point?
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29/08/2007 08:57:00

Will the club refund all the fans who have paid for NUGENT and 10 on their new shirts?? I know of one that has been bought as birthday present and not given yet!!
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29/08/2007 11:45:00

i will keep hoping nothing comes of this, but if it does then the club should quite rightly refund, or replace shirts - you accept people leaving, but not after 2 months so they cannot try using the old 'we are not responsable for players leaving' chestnut, as it wouldnt wash in this case. as i say tho, fingers crossed its something and nothing...
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29/08/2007 13:23:00

Lol, no offense to Chix or anyone else with the last comment and man it was a rant, with all this palava and from you read in the News its like you want to shake some of these people and say come on.
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 13:38:00

Dave. If it happens, mail in the receipt with your letter of complaint. It is a contract after all, and nobody needs that kind of publicity, especially if it was bought for a kid. You might mention the " velcro " suggestion to them as well !
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 14:02:00

Yeh just to add my support to the debate I dont want any of the trio to go Taylor Nugent or GO'N..but i do want a marksman and my favourite is Defoe with out a doubt, but I feel his ego is toooooo big to condecend to come to a little club like us...and listen before any one starts spouting off about us being a big club. We were in the 2nd 3rd 4th 3rd 2nd new 1st championship etc whatever they called the lower leagues but now we are ina bigger pond and Defoe and his generation see us as smaller than Blackburn im sure...
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 17:34:00

if we have to 'make do' with what we have for now, so be it, so long as we keep o'neil and matty along with nugent, which it looks like we will now i will be happy. why not give the fellas here a chance to prove that they can be the 10-15 goal men he wants - i think they could...
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 18:06:00

Velcro letters and numbers toronto, i tell you it's the future........remember you heard it here first.
Report Abuse
29/08/2007 22:04:00

my theory is just not to have names on the back :) but i will certainly take the velcro approach if i ever do again - i may just by an a-z collection changing it whenever i want...
Report Abuse
30/08/2007 00:24:00


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