Portsmouth - Pompey back in for Anelka?
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Pompey back in for Anelka?

Harry Redknapp tired unsuccessfully to bring striker Nicolas Anelka to Pompey last summer - although at one point it looked as though we could have pulled it off.

Now the Daily Mail is claiming that Redknapp is to revive his interest in the French international as Yakubu - who seems to be the number one target - is being heavily targeted by Everton, who saw an apparent £10m bid rejected, but they will be back with an improved bid and could spend a combined £22m to sign him as well as former Pompey loanee Manuel Fernandes.

It is said that Anelka has a £9m 'release clause' in his Bolton contract, so Redknapp will allegedly try to activate this?

If this could have any truth in it at all then Anelka would fit the vacant No.9 shirt very nicely, although his temperament and commitment to a cause have often come into question - however his quality cannot, can it.

Pompey need another striker, simply as but Jermain Defoe will not sign, well not in this transfer window anyway, Yakubu appears 'too pricey', things with Freddie Kanoute seem to have gone quiet again so if there is a genuine £9m release clause in Anelka's contract I cannot see any reason why Pompey would not be willing to play that - my only reservations are temperament and commitment issues previously mentioned.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 12 2007

Time: 9:07AM

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i agree, he is a quality playor, who would hopefully get us the goals we need, but how long would he stay with us, before wanting to move on? If we could get him for 9 million, then it would be worth it, but would he join us? - bolton are in erope, and we are not.
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12/08/2007 09:15:00

Carpet - Thats the onlt thing with a guy like Anelka, your prob loking at one season before he jumps ship, and you gotta finish in the top 4 to stop him! Good luck
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12/08/2007 09:29:00

oh, and having watched highlights from the man city - west ham game, i am even more upset about having lost giovanni - he was one of the best playors on the pitch!!!!
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12/08/2007 09:31:00

yep, bolton are in europe but they are in for a hell of a long season i reckon and if they lose anelka i really think they might find the going to tough to handle... there was talk of arsenal coming back in for anelka but in all reality they probably wouldnt, chelski nor united would either, liverpool have also been there before so wouldnt go back again and dont need to - if 'arry pushed it hard enough he could get him i reckon. tie him down to a contract then even if he did want to go unless we got what we wanted what could he do, so long as he is playing and we have good players - as we do - i think he could be happy here? with his goals we would have a better chance of europe too, he's got to be about 28 by now, so we could get the best few years left in him.
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12/08/2007 10:01:00

i texted russ after the game to say that i had seen geovanni had scored, he almost got a 2nd too didnt he... its only 1 game tho.
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12/08/2007 10:03:00

Yep the club really f0cked up letting Geovanni go, just like D'Allesandro, Storrie and his arrogance. Not to mention LuaLua also, ( although now we know why) sometimes i wonder if our club staff we will ever learn. As for le sulk, well it seems to me the club have got themselves into a real mess regards strikers now, we will not make the top 4, Sulk knows this so he will score a few goals then but dont expect to see tackling back as for team spirit he'll contribute nothing, he is not one of TA's defence from the front types. Many say the p[roblem is not le sulk it is his agent brother but get us 20 goals and we will forgive all.
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12/08/2007 10:36:00

rug, apparently we cant afford 8 mill for a striker and still get those additional "quality players" Sol says we need and HR says we will get. I am now confused as to how we cant afford 8 but can now afford 9 mill to get said quality players. Those of us who are unfamilliar with pompey might sense a hint of panic at the club.
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12/08/2007 10:43:00

who said that we couldn't afford 8 million for a striker? A strkier is what we need, a striker is what we have left space in the squad numbes for, and i am confident a striker is what we will get. The only problem with this, is that it still leaves the left back position relativly open, unless matty pulls back to left back, with spiderman in front of him? and our defencs isnt getting any younger...but then, maybe these could come next season...we arnt in THAT desperate need, and there is no requirment to become a top 4 side over the summer...
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12/08/2007 10:50:00

So we get rid of one ego and are trying to replace it with possibly the the most over inflated ego in the premiership...talk about bad news. Anelka must be one of the richest men iin footie with all those sign on fees!!!!...He won't come to us, we're even smaller than Bolton in his eyes, we're not even in europe, and as he's stated manytimes he 'dosen't play for small clubs'
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12/08/2007 11:02:00

As for Giovanni, We must be mugs letting him go. From what i saw he looked sharp and was playing for fun.
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12/08/2007 11:03:00

there is a difference between 'not being able to afford 8, 9 or 10m' and not being willing to pay that isnt their. we sold yak for less than 8m a few yrs back didnt we and even then we didnt get the whole amount as we had to give some to maccabi didnt we so maybe 'arry is thinking has he really improved to the degree of paying that much... he has improved but now that anelka is 'back in the reckoning' then if we could get him for 9m - and he would come here - i would have some of that, as i think 'arry would too.
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12/08/2007 12:59:00

i was one of those that really wanted to see more of geovanni, but we have to judge him over a few more games, personally i think he would have been worth taking a 'gamble on' like city did as he has the past to justify this but until storrie changes his ways this wont happen will it... however we have to see what else he does this season, he might be crap for the other 37 games... as for the left back area, if dejan is 'fit' for united then it would probably be best to get him back in, altho djimi is really starting to win me over - from what i heard, would he be any worse than hermann was...
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12/08/2007 13:03:00

1. There is no release clause 2. Bolton would only consider the sale of Anelka to a club in the Champions League, Portsmouth are not even in the UEFA Cup....
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12/08/2007 13:20:00

ok milky joe, if there is no release clause, then all this is pointless, as we all know that bolton would want sill amounts for him, and we were all talking hypotheticly if he wantwed to come. Are you sure there is no release clause milky_joe? i havnt seen his contract myself, so i only know what the tabloids make up ;-)
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12/08/2007 13:36:00

Agreed rug, Djimi wouldn't be any worse than Herman at Left back, he looked decidedly dodgy yesterday. Can't believe i'm saying this but Djimi has impressed me as well this pre-season
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12/08/2007 13:52:00

I've seen Anelka's contract. It's very nice
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12/08/2007 15:24:00

i too have seen it but tbh it isnt really worth the paper its written on... pentonpompey i was dead against djimi's arrivial - those of you who were on this site at the time will remember something i produced when i was a mere matchday report and nothing more :) - but soon thought, okay give the fella a chance. so i did, but was still not overly impressed! however like you mate djimi has quite impressed me recently and i go back to the thought that he played close to, if not more than 100 games for liverpool and they aint no mugs are they... altho we also have the potential option of using pamarot dont we, now this fella has impressed more than most in pre season.
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12/08/2007 15:59:00

thankyou, and newcastle is better than us how exactly? which club finished higher in 2006-2007? and how is that related to whether we will sign anelka? In regards to left back, we have paramot, dimji, dejan, herman, and matty - who would think it was our problem position? i cant see anyone coming in in this transfer window, and only in the next one if we are struggling. 'arry just seems to love dimji and herman.
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12/08/2007 17:17:00

i assume you have done some research mate and Milky_Joe is a barcodes fan or something, judging from you opening words?
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12/08/2007 21:05:00

I'll be surpised if he comes, but would welcome him for a season.
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12/08/2007 21:21:00

Sorry, I meant Distin - Keep Anelka at Bolton
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12/08/2007 23:06:00

Move Anelka to left back. He's played there before and would be a lot less susceptible there to the kind of f- - - up he committed yesterday.
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12/08/2007 23:06:00

Also, I know the guy didn't do much at Liverpool, but I hear Morientes may be available and would take him over Anelka.
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12/08/2007 23:08:00

Where is manky_joe from? the nation needs to know ! seems we are in a bind over strikers. You would assume before HR allowed him to leave he had a target tied up to a contract, but i the boss seems to have talked his way out of most options or they have talked there way from joining us. I genuinly think Redknapp didnt anticipate Everton putting in a serious bid for Yak, so we may have to continue with what we have. as for herman, hes worse than dejan, no wonder Charlton were desperate to off load him, (noting they hadnt played him most of the season even when they were being relegated). i think Djimi's pre season should have seen him picked.
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12/08/2007 23:10:00

Anelka is another Lua Lua, not as good in the trickery department, or maybe as prolific, but definitely the same kind of temperament. He really and clearly is not a settled player so a season at Fratton is probably all we would be likely to get. Is that worth an outlay of 9M and then get 3M later. Doesn't make good economic sense to me. Pompey, please look elsewhere or go shopping again at the January Sales.
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13/08/2007 07:45:00

There's no denying the boy's got talent, but could we really be arsed to put up with his whingeing and temper tantrums? Might upset the squad and cause rumblings in the dressing room....(maybe he likes to cook beans for him teammates)....
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13/08/2007 08:51:00

hes a talented lad - with a nasty brother...oh, i could right a fairy tale..."the amazing super kid, held back from his dream of playing for portsmouth by his greedy older brother" ... he would be aq good signing whatever happens. On a diferent note, Boro are aprantly in for dejan? - could this mena we could include him in a swap+lots of cash deal for yak?
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13/08/2007 10:43:00

If you really must know I am a Bolton fan sick of seeing a different story about Anelka every Sunday. The Sunday Mirror are the worst offenders, according to them in various editions throughout the summer, Anelka is off to Juventus for 11million, Anelka is off to Man Utd in an 8million deal as that's the value of his release clause, Anelka is off to Arsenal in a 10million deal as thats the value of his release clause, Valencia and West Ham have had 12million bids turned down because Bolton want 13million (which of course totally contradicts the release clause theory!), and now Pompey are set for a 9million bid.... I cannot wait to find out where he's going next Sunday!
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13/08/2007 15:59:00

Fear not Super White fan. I really doubt Bolton would get rid of Anelka. He fits in to their system well and I doubt Sammy Lee wants to tinker too much this season. Good luck to you lot !
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13/08/2007 16:21:00

well, as rumours go, i prefer the idea of us going to for lita anway - younger, already has a partnership with nuggent, already plays down south, a decent goal scorer, basicly, he would just be better. Although i dont know how reliable that is either?
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 16:22:00

Anelka has had more clubs than I have had hot dinners (And I hate Salads) Every season he leaves for another club, just for money. Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool, PSG, Man City, Fenerbache, Bolton and now just maybe Pompey. The list goes on. (i'm sure I missed a couple of clubs) If he signed then next season we will be looking for another striker. This isn't the answer to our striker problems. Make an offer to Spurs or Sevilla that they can't refuse for either Defoe or Kanote. Gaydamak is meant to be serious about getting us into Europe, well if that's the case delve deep into those pocket Saacha
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 22:57:00


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