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Derby, Birmingham and Wigan - gulp!

Derby, Birmingham and Wigan are the teams staring at the relegation trapdoor this season! Not my vote, yours - although these findings from Et_tu_Pompeii's poll are not necessarily thoughts I completely disagree with.

We all, Harry Redknapp more than included, say how tough this season will be at the top end of the table, with a whole bundle of clubs believing they have a real shot at a European finish - but it is not all about the top is it, the scrap down the bottom should be equally as enthralling.

Derby are the team that would be most peoples first tip to go down, which with all due respect they will be heavily favoured to do, but good luck to them all the same.

Who the other teams will be, to be honest I am not quite sure as my thinking is that it is quite possible that the same number of teams that will think they can challenge for Europe will also be involved in the battle for survival, with some of the teams that think they can be in the top half, also being some of those that will quite possibly end up battling in the bottom half.

Pompey are not too good to go down, but my own view is that we well and truly turned that corner of looking over our shoulders week in week out, month in month out, season in season out when Pedro Mendes crucially scored his screamer to beat Man City during the 2005/06 season. Since then the only way has been up in my mind - and with our on the field, as well as off it progressions since then, this is so far proving the case.

What the poll asked - Sit down if you're going down! Who will be in the bottom three at the end of this season?

How you voted - Derby, Birmingham & Wigan 38%, Other 19%, Derby, Fulham & Wigan 15%, Derby, Middlesborough & Wigan 15%, Derby, Birmingham & Fulham 8%, Derby, Birmingham & Sunderland 4%, Derby, Birmingham & Bolton 1%, Derby, Fulham & Blackburn 0%

Current Poll - The season gets underway on Saturday with Pompey off to Pride Park, Derby. Several players give you the impression they could score, but who will get our goalscoring exploits underway this season - will it even start against Derby?

Even though we have not travelled well recently and Derby will be keen to start the season well you would expect Pompey to at least score once - wouldn't you? Who will this man be though to get our season going, this is what pentonpompey wants to know - 'who do you think will be the first player to score this season for Pompey?' Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 8 2007

Time: 11:10AM

Your Comments

Under estimate us at your peril. With Koumas and without Jewell you are going to see a different Latics this season
Sorry worbo, i still think brummies and sunderland will escape, and losing baines is a big blow to Wigan. Koumas does not replace what the latics have lost so i still see them dropping along with fulham and derby.
Friend of mine had a chat with GAry Megson when he was Baggies manager about Koumas who he described as the laziest player he had ever coached. I think there will be a surprise team amongst the strugglers.
reading a few web sites it seems Deby's main aim is to not to lose on saturday so we could be facing a 10 man defence counter attack team. so it may be a lua lua Nugent starter pair
tbh i still am not quite sure who will join derby - who, lets face it really dont have much chance of staying up do they? i think sunderland will stay up and birmingham should do but at this point i have wigan - sorry worbo, boro, fulham, bolton and maybe even west ham as teams who might find it hard going, plus i dont know why but maybe everton...
you can understand that cant you russ, altho 1st game back and at home i would want my team to show something tbh... but we have enough quality to create chances - we just have to take them.
As for the new poll - Kranjcar will score first.
tbh mate im not even so sure that kranjcar will start on sat? so unless we dont score until he comes on then i think it will be someone else 1st - and my money will be on lua.
Lua Lua should have featured in the Poll so I had to vote for the majority (other). Really Derby are already looking like a Watford (scrabbling - sorry scrambling, wrong choice of letters, there way to the Prem via the Play-offs) and not buying big name players. Don't get me wrong if they beat the odds they would have done extremely well. I have nothing personal against them but the fact that everyone, including me, keeps pencilling them in for the drop could help prove a catalyst against it. The worry is that no one is a safe bet to join them. Lawro made me laugh on BBC when he predicted that many sides would be in the EUFA Cup places when at the same time banishing sides to the bottom 6. Even Derby were tipped to finish in the bottom 6. I am sure the Rams supporters would take that rather than the bottom 3. Sorry Lawro but please be more specific with your final placings you prat !
Why Were'nt Pompey Listed In The options? :-)
Sorry Gray, when I did the Poll, all the talk was of Lua leaving, so I didn't bother to name him. Then what does he go and do? plays like a demon, scores goals for fun and now he's staying!!!!!!!!!!Doh!
I don't really mind who goes down, gut insitncts say though Derby, Wigan and Sunderland or Birmingham. Can't see West Ham down there as they have bought a team of battlers and got rid of the moaners. I can see Bolton struggling a bit, but they still have the quality to finish top half. Fulham I think will be down there battling as always but will probably get their usual escape. I think Lua Lua will start on Saturday, he has been the most inform striker so far, and although Benj's constant running is enough to tire any defence, I feel that Harry will want the strikers with accurate finishing for the first game. As for Kranj - he def won't be playing as he is out for up to 6 weeks by the sounds of it with a fracture in his little toe.
There are actually about 7 teams I'd like to see relegated so as long as it's not us I'm not too bothered. Derby will be a long ball bunch so they can clear orf for a start and the winging, Man Ure obsessed Steve Bruce will not be missed. Wigan are about as charismatic as S ****horpe or skegness so bye bye to them, hopefully.
yep rug i can, their main aim will to not get absoloutely tonked at pride park in first game, the only way will be down if that happens.. In the vote i have gone for Nugent i just think he is really motivated where as some of his team mates may be a bit blase about the game. I guess most people will go with "other" meaning LuaLua and i have to admit i wouldnt mind them being right. i am dissapointed about Krunchie picking up an injury i think he will do good things this season and given that we play the "big 4"within 7 weeks, i feel that is a bit of a blow, a ghood start is essential to us, maybe more than most others.
looking at the other end of the table, Sky sports have us to finish in 7th and in Uefa
we are getting praised quite a lot when you look around so it is not just the majority of us that think we are in for a grand season!
Fingers and everything crossed, this must be the first season that none of the pundits are predicting we will go down, not even the scummer on Sky, the three nominated teams in the poll will not be missed.
Why do Pompey fans think their superior? One fluke season! You've made average signings and you're certainly a favourite to go down amongst most fans. So ***** off Pompey start looking at yourselves not other teams. Derby, Wigan & Pomepy too go. See you ***** face Redcrapp.
Why do Pompey fans think their superior? One fluke season! You've made average signings and you're certainly a favourite to go down amongst most fans. So ***** off Pompey start looking at yourselves not other teams. Derby, Wigan & Pompey too go. See you ***** face Redcrapp.
oh simone, how naive you are. It is very hard to "fluke" a season, as 38 games, and 9 months, is a veryu long time to "fluke". Sure, we got 1 or 2 lucky results, but we also got 1 or 2 unlucky ones. We had playors last season who were in the Actim team of the season (jamo), and others that, the game before joining pompey, scored in the champions league final (sol). We have now signed england internationl, Nuggent, who almost everyone agrees has a very bright future. Sulley Muntari, in italy, was regared as one of the best playors last season, and is a deffinate household name there, Joh Utaka is the same in france. Mvuemba was the 2playor of the tornamant" in the u21 world cup (which he played in), and Benjani, and Kanu both captain there national sides. I dont think that there is any lack of quality. We have a proven manager in redkap, and we play attractive football, and can get results against the best teams, consistantly (3/4 wins against man u at fratton). Please be sensible simone, or just go away.
Simone who are most other fans? We aknow we are going to have to fight for every point, but we do that every year. What gets on our ti** is the so called bigger clubs telling us that they are better. Then when we go to their ground it is half full, for example, Middlesborough, Fulham, Bolton,Everton, Tottenham to name a few and when they come to Fratton, the taxi waits in Frogmore Road to take them home. As for buying mediocre players look to some of the other clubs and see what they have spent on average players, would you pay 9 million for a goalkeeper from Hearts and 16 million on Darren Bent etc. we have paid what we had to and try to improve the squad,we are not a big club or a sleeping giant but we are the best supporters in the land, the Sunday Mirror trophy proved this,we were brilliant and loud in Hong Kong and watch us at Pride Park on Saturday.
Poor Simone. Is she really a deluded female who prefers to write destructive rather than informative script. May I suggest that you join the girl guides Simone and go for a hike or get on your bike. Either way p1ss off. My bin outside is already full of rubbish, you have just added more of it to this site...pathetic really.
Oh poo I have to agree boys....favourites to go down amongst most fans!!!! Please Simone I have the prerogative on here to down the skates and if you haven't got any real facts don't belittle the fairer sex PUS
ease up there Simone - that was quite some rant there! its a shame that none of it made any sense, or had no truth at all...
Oh yeah Simone great accent...... what are your chances of staying up???? with a manager that is sooooo quick to slag off his failed signings
Hey Simone you sound as bitter and twisted as your Bent nosed manager and Board. You hate us just because we beat you to the survival spot, and you and your sad ilk will foreever hate us.....please carry on, at least I don't speak with an accent that the whole of the UK hates!!!!
ive just been on Ebay and seen Hossan Ghalley on there, apparrentley He had been sentback to the previous owner because he wouldnt run. they also said he needed bigger boots because he was too big for the ones he had.
plymouth graham
*double take* - did a southhampton fan just support portsmouth? surely not, considering we would never do the same for you ;-) ...i must have mis-understood...
ummm yes, must have had an off moment....Rug do you have the ability to delete messages????? ;-)
yep, i do but i liked that one, so that is a keeper and potential framer :) tbh credit where credit is due if scum deserve it i will give it to them...
I aint a women got no idea how you thought that. Portsmouth are not thought very highly off by any club most clubs hate Redknapp and they hate Portsmouth too. I shall laugh when you get relegated this season. SOP!!
tbh mate i couldnt give a toss how others view us really - i love the club and the place and know the other pompey fans do so that is all i care about... if others like us - which personally i think the vast majority do anyway, as they do 'arry too! - good, if not it is no skin off my nose.
simone - im sorry to see you hate us, but you have no justification to do so. We entertain well, we have made all your required stadium improvements, and have even designed a new one, and harry has done a great job resurecting everyones "rejects" and transforming them into superstars. quite frankly, i am shocked at your attitude!!!! And i disagree with pompey rug. If I didnt think that you were talking complete **************************** then i would be offended. However, the fact that our clubs greatest rivals support us against you (and has comletly changed my view on southhampton fans), and you seem to just have a personal vendebta against portsmouth FC. When we win the title in 10 years time, in our new stadium, and with the biggest worldwide fan base, whilst maintaining all our local lads, THEn we will be lauging. Now, we must hope for a top-10 finish, or better, as we having everything that is needed for that.
You may not be a woman 'Simone' but you're obviously a child or you just have the mental age of one to be posting such stupid comments on here...grow up.... Anyway cheers carpet, back to the saints site to chat to myself!!!!
Who is this Simone? Is she the wife of Steve 'we are a big club'Bruce, what a load of garbage, we are hated are we, where i live thet said if they had to lose to anyone then Pompey deserve to beat them because of Harry and the support that we have, and Liverpool fans can be harsh about other teams.
Worbo, you still have Heskey, Camara, Melchoit and Scharner mate and they are enough to hold you back. Without De Zeuew to lead you mate it could be a long season.
pompeycarpet, im not quite sure what you are disagreeing with me about mate?
Derby, Wigan and Middlesbrough. Southgate is completely out of his depth and no amount of feigned wisdom by chin scratching for the camera is going to help, especially once Yakubu moves on. Simone. Get a boyfriend.
Woops...just read that you aren't in fact a woman. Sorry mate, but there must be some alternative explanation for your irrationality (or am I sounding too superior ???).
Simone a bloke. His parents must have hated him. Reminds me of a boy named Sue. Come to think of it wasn't Johm Wayne Marion ? Anyway I think most of us would agree that Southampton has more chance of being relegated than we do.
...which isnt that much. And pompeyrug, i disagreeing with your point of view that you dont care what others think of the club - becuase i do care, as if everyone hates us, then we wont be able to fill a larger stadium, and REALLY deafen the oposing teams...
either way tho it just isnt true that everybody hates us mate. Simone - he/she - is wrong arent they... pompey are quite the opposite, my thinking, for the past 5 yrs or so has always been that we have quite often been most people's '2nd team'. even if people did hate us tho, so long as you, i and all the other millions of pompey fans around the world like and love us that is all that matters really tho isnt it?
Rug, we are used to people having a go at us, it is usual the media who have a go at poor old Pompey. opposition fans therefore they can go **** themselves. I agree with you rug many many fans have a little part of their hearts which want Pompey to be successful. It is only the so called big clubs, or sleeping giants who usually have a go, we realised as Pompey fans that nobody has the divine right to success and if it all goes wrong you can find yourselves down the divisions and looking back at your past glories. We know to make the most of all the good times as we struggled for bloody years, loads of promise but never delivering. As i have said before i live in the North West and apat from the pompey fans up here and i keep in touch with 27, who travel to games together, we all get comments, the vast majority favourable about our love for Pompey.

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