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Long time Pompey followers

I first saw Pompey in the 60's or even before! Not my vote, yours - and these findings from pentonpompey's poll are thoughts I cannot share, as I was not even born that long ago!

There seems to be a pretty healthy split of fans throughout the ages on Vital Pompey with little to split those who first saw Pompey in the 90's to the majority that first saw them back in the 60`s or before.

Just because some have only seen Pompey since we reached the Premiership, or as little ago as last season this does not make them any less of a fan than anyone else, as the chances are they are just starting out their footballing lifetime?

I cannot really sum this poll up too much, as it would completely be based on assumption, so it would be better for people to actually add their own thoughts and comment on when they first went to Fratton within the comments section below really - this is your cue fellas!

What the poll asked - When did you first see a Pompey match?

How you voted - 60's and earlier 26%, 1970's 24%, 1980's 21%, 1990's 19%, Last Season 6%, Since we reached the Premiership 4%

Current Poll - The talk of a new stadium appears to have more backbone than ever before, so our hopes of actually seeing this bare fruition are higher than on previous occasions.

Should this happen many we would expect at least one legendary figure cast in bronze to overlook our new outside forevermore, so pentonpompey wants to know 'if we could erect a Statue outside our proposed new ground who would you like cast in Bronze?' Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.


The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 28 2007

Time: 11:01AM

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Just as I thought, we're a bunch of Lifers, unlike the fickle Madchester and Chelski hangers on..... PUP
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28/07/2007 11:23:00

we certainly are mate... i moved away from pompey as a kid, so with the age factor, financial constraints, being able to travel and so on i didnt get to fratton for my first game until the 90's. altho i had seen them at other grounds around the country and obviously seen them on tv before this...
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28/07/2007 13:26:00

Lost my eldest boy to the Mancs in the late 9o's, typical fickle youngster although he always looks out for us ( think he's a closet pompey boy really). my youngest whose 3 1/2yrs old is a Pompey boy, took him to his first game for the Kanu charity game, loved it!! was standing on his seat, cheering and clapping, made his old boy very proud :-) One sour note is that is that my ex has a brum tw*t as a boyfriend, and he has been trying to turn him(needless to say I have already threatened to garrotte him) There is only one blue and white team to follow, and it certainly isnt one with a stupid accent!!!!! PUP
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28/07/2007 14:59:00

yep, get them while they are young and keep them! keep up the good work with making sure the youngest one does not get turned to brummy side - what a waste that would be...
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28/07/2007 15:24:00

The first game my old fella took me to was against Derby County when they won the old 2nd division all i can remeber is they beat us 1-0 i think, my old man berating brian Clough their mananger--that was a spelling mistake but it looks almost fraudianly appropriate- and falling asleep on the cushion we had bought at a markey behind pompey station where we parked the car-we as ive said hail form the basingstoke area. the first game i took any notice of was a couple seasons later beating SWFC 1-0...HOOKED,... Piper, Trebilcock,smith,Ley,Jennings,Blant Milkins munks...boy we were bad
plymouth graham
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28/07/2007 17:39:00

I've been watching Pompey for a while now, starting casually in the late 80's but if you want to increase your fan base to take the club to greater things you have to accept that many fans will be newcomers so there can't be a problem with that. The clubs aim seems to be to raise the profile to such an extent ( 50% shares in 3 radio stations etc) that all the indoctrinated little gits in their chel***, Man *** and Ars*** shirts will eventually be wearing Pompey blue. That will be a fantastic thing to happen.
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28/07/2007 17:43:00

My first game at the Park was back in the early 83 or 84 when I had the joy of seeing us win 4-0 against the mighty Chesterfield. The likes of Biley and Dillon did us proud that day. I remember having to sit on one of those bars they used to have on the terraces to see any of the game as I was only a youngster.
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28/07/2007 20:37:00

My dad used to take me to where he called the boiler makers 'ump. In the milton end. Does anyone else remember calling it this, or is this just one of those things my dad used to make up?
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28/07/2007 21:24:00

i could not tell you mate, sorry - i will have words with my old man and see what he says... ive never been to fratton with my old man before, infact ive never been to a football match with him full stop - which is a shame... he used to play for pompey schoolboys and altho he pretends not to be interest in football, whenever he hears pompey mentioned i see his ears**** up! im determined to go to a pompey game with him at some point in the future, god knows how many years it is since he went to fratton...
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28/07/2007 22:43:00

Pompey4me Its a dockyard tradesman expression, i recall my grandad said the same or something really similar. Rug my dad took me to one of my first games in the seventies, we drew i think with palace they had young players like Hilaire and Gilbert, and a dodgy red n blue diagonal stripe across their shirts. i must admit im not sure i would want him to come now, all i would hear about would be "neither Jimmy Dickinson nor Ian st John would have made a mistake like that" blah, blah,blah. Anyway my boy is says his name would be pompeytoulousebutwin
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28/07/2007 23:22:00

Good to read your stories guys. All of you are important to Pompey and the Pompey experience. I have always said when the blue blood of Pompey is injected into your veins there is no other and that's the end. When my Dad took me down as a nipper we were being beaten by everybody as we limped into the 2nd Division in the late 50's. When I returned one year from Australia he was too ill to accompany me when I was able to set up a VIP game, something he would have loved and enjoyed. I sponsored the match ball a few years later and he was proud that he had handed over the Pompey batton (support) in safe custodian hands. Good luck to all of you no matter what walk of life you enjoy. When we follow this club we are united (no not them), but no era is necessary better than another. Having said that we are highly elevated at this moment in time, whereas I have followed this team in all 4 divisions, as have many others. Your club needs support more when struggling then the opposite. Enough said... the love never ends in the life of atrue Pompey Supporter. Join the Club it is like a roller coaster but well worth the ride.
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29/07/2007 10:24:00

Oh and in the vote. Peter HARRIS it is but for mine JIMMY DICKINSON, not because he came from the past, and therefore recognised by the old codgers, but more importantly because Gentleman Jim's loyalty (1946-1964) and later as manager proved his dedication to our great club. Every club needs an icon. Believe me this is one of a kind we may never see again.
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29/07/2007 10:41:00

those are good comments mate, i enjoyed reading them - not that i am saying i dont enjoy, or didnt enjoy reading the others, as i did...
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29/07/2007 11:21:00

I too Rug have never been to a match with my Father, however it's because of him that I am a Pompey boy. When he was Young He and others used to have organised trips by train From Overton down to Fratton. He and the others were lucky to have seen our Championship side, That has stayed with him for life. I will be forever thankful to him for making me blue, while all around me were Stains (Plymouth will know what i'm on about :-)) His 70th birthday is next Feb, I think it's about time we changed the fact and myself and my brother treated him to a trip down memory lane!!
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29/07/2007 12:02:00

I assume the more astute of you will have realised my deliberate mistake, Guess who signed in on his girlfriends computer, and did'nt log in as himself!!!!!!!!! The secret is out she is from the other side....how embarrassed am I............................
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29/07/2007 12:08:00

I am beating myself violently with a very large stick as we speak, so come on lets get the abuse out the way early!!!!!
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29/07/2007 12:11:00

you will get no abuse from me mate, my brothers mate - who is also a pompey fan and went with us to the yeovil game is married to a scummer! she is not just from scumhampton, well i think she is anyway, she supports them too... it was an easy mistake to make mate, just dont let it happen again :) altho it is good to see that i am influencing the other half with their choice of names tho - the rug bandwagon rolls on...
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29/07/2007 12:34:00

Have to admit Rug, Took her down to the Wigan Cup Tie, She did admit to enjoying herself more in the atmosphere, than at St Scumries, We went to Havant, and on Tuesday down to Bournemouth, She at least knows talent when she sees it :-)
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29/07/2007 12:57:00

well, you may still convert her yet! i have always said that tbh i dont have the massive hatred of the scummers that so many others do - and altho it is not entirely the case, i think many put this on as a 'front' as they feel they have to... clearly i do not overly like them but why worry about what they are up to, im more concerned about what we are doing... to me, altho the rivalry is alittle stronger than this, they are almost 'just another team'...
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29/07/2007 13:07:00

Now for a big revelation. My niece - Brother's daughter (domiciled SOUTHAMPTON) was Amanda Holden's best friend at school and still keeps in touch....oh dear I think I've let the CAT out of the bag !!
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29/07/2007 13:47:00

Ok...Deep Breath.....in 1976 i went to a new forrrest youth club weekend on the bag of one of older lads motortbikes...as we stopped and all the scummers were travelling up to the cup final i happily waves the blue and white scarf ind indicated with my two fingers that we were both in division two- "honestly constable"..but when i watched the game later.....i was....glad they beat United.
plymouth graham
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29/07/2007 23:13:00

Embarrassing secrets hmmm…..I have a very large stick which I will be beating someone with for plastering it over the internet that I’ve not only been attending Pompey matches, but enjoying them!!!!…Or maybe I’ll just ‘treat’ you to ANOTHER visit to St Mary’s penton ;-) PUS
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30/07/2007 10:01:00

the other half fights back! what is the st mary's like anyway penton or SaintRug? tbh i would not mind going there myself, obviously as an away fan tho, but havent as yet...
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30/07/2007 11:35:00

My sister is marrying a Scummer (oh the shame) but she is making him pay the price, he has had to go to loads of pompey games home and away (when she has refused the mere mention of her attendance to a scum game) and makes him drink tea from a Pompey mug all rather amusing..... It is when she suggests the wedding at Fratton Park I will truly laugh!
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30/07/2007 13:02:00

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30/07/2007 13:11:00

It's dead Rug, and the beers carp!!!!!!!!!!!
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30/07/2007 21:27:00

Live with a scummer....bllluuuuuuugh ( like the w.i. lady from little britain!) I can honestly say the best day of my week is my family trip to FP every other saturday with the wife and kids! Pmpeyrug, have to agree about the scummers only being another team, but there isnt a team i could ever enjoy losing a playoff game more!
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30/07/2007 21:31:00

im not missing anything then penton... that is true mate, altho if i am completely honest i wasnt even that bothered about them winning or losing that play off match - but it was satisfying to see them lose nevertheless...
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30/07/2007 23:29:00

Well it’s not the Dell Rug…..though I appreciate the reasons why we had to move, it would have been an idea if we‘d built a stadium with a little individuality to it, rather than the ‘out of the box model’ shared by a number of other clubs. Positive points….ummm, not a pillar in site, so you get a great view from all seats!!!!! And there’s over 32,000 of them so you can choose the one you want and have a lie down as well. The two large screens at both ends allow you to re-watch all those exciting moments!!! There are loads of cloudy water and dodgy pastry places to relieve you of your fivers, when you’ve already forked out £460 for a season ticket. The size of the pitch has enabled us to become experts in the art of hoofing the long ball from end to end!!! As for soul and atmosphere this can be found in the Northam Stand with the occasional song/muffled comment from other areas of the stadium, whether this is down to the stadium or the apathy of the fans, who knows, hopefully you won’t experience the same fate when you move from Fratton.
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31/07/2007 13:36:00


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