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Police raid 3 clubs, inc. Pompey

A 'totally independent' operation to that of the Lord Stevens inquiry has seen warrants issued and police raids on 3 clubs take place today - one of these clubs being Pompey, the others Newcastle and Rangers.

I am not trying to bury my head in the sand in relation to this issue by not saying much, but I do not really know what to say or think so I would rather wait and see what happens to begin with really.

This is what the BBC had to say though on BBC News 24.

Check it out fellas then have your say on the issue so we can maybe gage what the feeling is on the matter?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 16 2007

Time: 5:20PM

Your Comments

Same old Harry ALWAYS DODGY ;) I love the bloke though, great manager with a great sense of humour, once he was talking to nikola zigic agent and the agent said five million wouldn't buy him and harry says and i'm one of them
Mike Forest.
Worrying for the fans when scandal hits
No point saying anything really, until we know more about it. Worrying all the same though.
I personally do not tihnk it has anything to do with our Harry. Take a look at the clubs that have been raided - Newcastle, Rangers and Pompey. One agent has had input with transfer deals concerning all three clubs - Pini Zahavi. Nuff said in my opinion, lets hope we see and hear the last of him if it is indeed him.
Sorry off topic I know, but am looking at my dream team for the season and wondering how much Lauren is likely to play for you guys. Is he a first choice?
Same s**t, different day! Leave us alone and let us get on with the football!
mate i would say lauren will indeed be a regular, so get him... i just want to be talking about football - if we have done something wrong, we will be punished, if not it will blow over but mud can stick...
We are Pompey. This is what happens to us. The mud sticks but however thick, we keep going. We are Pompey.
Thanks mate. I guess it's between him and Pamarot for that position so he would be 1st choice.
What the hell is going on??
The rozzers are having a visit it seems.
So the all real crime is sorted then? Illeagal Immigrants all sent back? No drugs, guns & knives on the street?Benefit crime sorted?Politcal fraud cleaned up? Good. What next how about football clubs! Sorry, getting very fed up with our priorities.
priorities, crime is crime, wherever and whatever form its in, everyone knows who the bung merchants are, fans get the clubs they deserve, try speaking out against it once in a while, instead of being happy cheating to success. not one comment acknowledging it. Winston churchill said "it only takes good men to do nothing for evil to succeed"
Who mentioned that it has to be about bungs, i dont think we ahve ever cheated for success, the Tevez affair is about blatant law bending. Agents have tarnished the game and if they want to look at our dealings good luck to them, i suppose it is all about Sam at Newcastle and Souness at Rangers. We are Pompey and always will be Knobhead
VanMan I think you are judging Pompey a little early, innocent until proven guilty? Pompey have been cleared in the bungs trial, Harry was cleared in the bungs trial, you can guarantee this is more about agents we have dealt with rather about us
Mark my words - Mandaric and Zajec, two names to watch out for.
no smoke without fire, points deduction anyone ! if its about agents, why is the club dealing with potentially dodgy agents, most of which are know,... to get an advantage thats why. FANS SPEAK UP and SAVE THE GAME.
They dare not take points off anybody, the precedence has been set and certain Championship clubs lay in wait for any decision. Tony be careful, we dont want to make any assumptions do we.
They have plenty of points to deduct from our current 0 tally.
Instant relegation for Pompey and Newcastle with West Ham who are also in the league after acting illegally.
Oh whiter than white are vanman. No not all crime is the fckin same & don't preach Churchill to me when this government think it is in our childrens interest to learn Urdu rather than Churchill. You may as well arrest every business man going for some white collar crime going.
to those ocming on here and thinking they are holier than thou - when you decide to read the facts first before confirming that you have the mentality of knuckledragging meatheads, perhaps you will then see that both Rangers and Pompey have in fact handed documents to the police concerning transfers to and from Newcastle and it is the Toon who could end up in court - not Pompey or Rangers.
How come everyone loves it when we look like being in the smelly stuff ? Once again we will come through it,and everyone will forget to return and apologise no doubt. Jealousy and envy are horrible emotions aren't they ??? Play Up Pompey !
TruePompey well done matey, we are just making news at the moment as we are on our way to Europe, i agree with lincs as well jealousy and envy are awful, it must be the scummers with nothing to do in the summer as they have lost their crayons and mummy is out.
vanman is a Huddersfield Town girlie.
A few lines from Vital Huddersfield: 'Lets be glad as Huddersfield Town fans that our club is not involved in the shady world of corruption in football, that is ruining our national game'.
its a shame, my club htafc refuses to pay agents, thats why we are in fl1, but its also why we dont have all this crap to put up with, no jealousy here lets face it, your team is doing so well and good luck to em, it mustr make you proud, and is packed out with local lads.
A few seasons ago under Bruce you nearly got into the playoffs, even have got into the prem! Then what would you have done. Agents are a neccessary evil & until now you have little choice. May you stay small & pathetic so your club stays agent free.
i second that storage, thanks, theres a lot to be said for being straight and honest.
those nothern boys do like gravy on their chips,which is why they are heaping the brown stuff left right and centre,its in their nature. Right then let have a look at this. Pini is not the only agent in this, Ive watched a certain scots bookie called willie Mckay deal with all three clubs. think back Amdy faye us to geordies,at the same time Boumsong wnt from GRFC which i am pretty darn sure was a McKay deal. I have a feeling that this will be the link. Or it might be about Sascha's Dad in some way as he has had accusations of money laundering,but i cant see any link to the other teams. Yes Mandaric was around at the time of theese sales
plymouth graham
perhaps you will then see that both Rangers and Pompey have in fact handed documents to the police concerning transfers to and from Newcastle and it is the Toon who could end up in court - not Pompey or Rangers. oh yes like the club didn't know Allardyce was dodgy, thats ok then...
I havnt really been following this story...but, the fact that we are being raided puts us in a bad light with football fans across the country, and that does not make me happy. We are being thrown in as a bunch of cheating scum, that are only where we are becasue of how much we have spent, and cheated - and so if we do well next season, everyone will say its becasue we cheated, and if we do badly, they will laugh at us. Whilst i dont think (or hope?) that we have reached that stage yet, the comments of people from other clubs would suggest that we could have, or at least be close. This is concernimg, adn whilst i have no doubt that we are innocent, the fact that police are involved with the club is bad.
on a side not, is it possible to change the pasword on my account? - i lost access to my email assount at which it was saved, sometimes want to access from different pcs :)
Well vanman i reckon you might be right in some of what you say. I think it is deals to nufc
plymouth graham
storage, the use of the word pathetic, the dictionary definition of which is....causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable, which considering pompey were a once proud club filled with heritage, that is now yet again involved in the murky waters of corruption ????
Innocent til proven guilty. Coppers need to do something though these days they're not even worth a bob ! We like Rangers are co-operating so what are the Toon going to do.
Van, it is indded a shame that we are involved, or even mentioned in the same line as the word corruption, we must live on. The club will know that we do not apreciate it, as they themselves will not like it. There is very little we can do, other than support our club, for better or for worse...
I would be amazed if this wasn't indeed solely do with Agents. It all seems to point in that general direction. Just a shame our Great club is implicated in some way, no matter how tenuous, others will always associate us with it, regardless that we've been proven innocent in the Past! PUP
Water off a duck's back for me, we've seen it all before, we've done it all before and we've been here all before - time for a new story methinks.
Well said PompeyBlue lets move on from this, you can guarantee it will all fizzle out like the original Enquiry. Huddersfield, i remember them, Kindon in his face mask and Cowling, Ellam and Cherry, good luck to them and their celebrity fan Patrick Stewart.
Van Man , I like the way you quote Churchill however you are actually quoting Edmund Burke, NOT Churchill , I think this name reflects some of your remarks .
It might be the Churchill that flogs insurance though Benny, not our great Prime Minister !! OH YES !!

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