Portsmouth - Everybody's happy, will Kanu be too?
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Everybody's happy, will Kanu be too?

We have all read and maybe even heard - thanks to the fellas at Vital Football with their audio articles - what Harry Redknapp thinks of the new signings, what David Nugent is hoping for and what and who persuaded John Utaka to join, but what is going to happen to Kanu?

Utaka has said in The News that he hopes one of the men that helped convince him to come here will stay 'of course I would like Kanu to be around and hopefully he'll be around. I'm friends with him and he told me it would be good to come here.

'He convinced me to join. He talked to me a lot about the club and the fans.

'If he stays it will be easier for me to advance'.

No matter what has or what has not happened with Kanu, what he has said in the media or not the fact that he helped convince his countryman to come here must say something about the way he does feel about this club?

It looked a near certainty that Kanu would leave if he did not get the contract he wanted, with Pompey unwilling to give him that - but my thinking now is that he will stay. And if he does it will certainly help Utaka settle at the club, which cannot be a bad thing can it.

With the new arrivals I though it would be hard for Kanu to play the 20 games he needs to earn that second year extension, but Redknapp is convinced that he will and still wants him to stay - honestly, do you?


The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 12 2007

Time: 9:55AM

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nugent waited to gove harry an answer because he was hoping for an offer for a bigger club, but when it didnt come he went to portsmouth so he could play in the prem. if he impresses and scores goals this season, and an offer comes in from a bigger club then he'll be off. benni mccarthy at blackburn is the same. has nugent got a release figure in his contract?
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12/07/2007 10:19:00

mate this should be about kanu, not nugent altho when in rome - why would that have to be the case? yep, he wanted the everton move but he did not get it - so i would not say he 'was holding out for a bigger club' as everton may have the history but we will be up with them this season... this is not something that usually happens with pompey, so i would not expect a release clause - nor would i epxect him to leave after a season. he will be here for the full contract at least...
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12/07/2007 10:30:00

I hope kanu stays - he'll help make Utaka and Nugent better playors - and for that we only need him for a year...very mercinary :) But Harry is right, he can come on and change a game - just look what he did agaisnt blackburn last season (opening game, had been at the club 2 days, and nearly got a hatrick off the bench!)
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12/07/2007 10:33:00

and Nugent will be here when we play champions league football too!
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12/07/2007 10:34:00

Is there a sell on % clause for PNE. They all want to play for the top 4. If Arsenal can't hang onto Henry what hope do we have. When a player wants to go he goes. We have gained with James & Sol.
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12/07/2007 10:37:00

Although i'm probably in the minority on here i think Kanu was a great signing for us, i know the goals dried up, but he has a lot more to his game than that. i hope he stays on, i think he probably will as he does seem to have a lot off good things to say about the club, if only in private. I can understand a player of his age trying to get the extra security of a longer contract, and i can understand the clubs position as well, someone has to give a little and in light of yesterdays signings i think Kanu will realise it has to be him. Despite lots of Paper talk nobody else has made him an offer as yet.
Steve C
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12/07/2007 10:42:00

Under OUR terms I always wanted Kanu to stay. His potential and availability for a year has got to be worth his salary. Plus the JU aspect. Hope he stays for a year.
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12/07/2007 10:54:00

I reckon Kanu will stay; he's got his mate here now, and he knows the fans like him after the surprising number of games and goals he chipped in with last season.
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12/07/2007 10:57:00

just thought i would mention this...Harry said that every club should have 4 strikers, at the moment, we have Nugent, Utaka, Benji, Lualua, Cole (is he still here), and kanu will probably sign. harry also said that he wanted either ANOTHER strikier, or a wide man - this is looking like we will have 7 strikers next season!!!
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12/07/2007 11:46:00

We all want a happy Kanu who wants to be here. will give so much on & off the field. All providing he wants to die for the cause.
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12/07/2007 12:26:00

Hope we do have 7 strikers during the African Nations Cup we will be down to 2 or 3!! The Independent is still running that Aliou Diarra is the next (or last) signing. He too is however waiting for bigger club - now where have I heard that before?? Is that true or is our old friend Alain Perrin (Lyons Coach) involved advising him?
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12/07/2007 12:36:00

i think it is important to remember fellas that not all our attackers are are actually strikers! there is a difference between a striker and a forward isn't there... nugent and benjani - altho himself not an out and out striker - are the only real strikers we have, assuming cole wont stay? kanu will stay i now think and this is fine with me if the club thinks it is for the best...
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12/07/2007 13:03:00

Yep, his mate John Utaka's here, more reasons for Kanu to be happy to stay I'm guessing.
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12/07/2007 13:53:00

Kanu will be a squad player this year,but what a great sub to bring on with 20 minutes to go. And he'll get his 20 appearances,so hopefully everyone is a winner.
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12/07/2007 14:45:00

theres no better super sub to bring on apart from ole gunnar at manchester. why would he want to leave now that his mate has arrived?
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12/07/2007 16:02:00

Kanu is a class act as he has proved apart from the glitch at WBA where he was unhappy. We will need him as it is inevitable that we will get injuries, suspension and loss of form, plus hopefully David Nugents England call up. He should be encouraged to stay as he will get us another 10 goals this year, do your best Harry !! And i agree his mate is now here.
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12/07/2007 16:57:00

i dont know where to put this (my thought) but if everton and sunderland want to spend 5.5 mil on kieron richardson i dont see why we dont. now before you all beat me down with a stick (ow it hurts ;)) everytime ive seen this guy play ive been mezmorised about how bloody fast he is and how he runs at people. now i know we have a plethora of midfielders but lets continue our new trait at buying young english players and being nugent his crossing man, a steal at 5.5 mil if you ask me!!!!
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12/07/2007 17:07:00

as for kanu i think 65% he will stay, i think it depends on his motivation and influences from harry and JU etc. i hope he does though, he needs to fill the role toddy had, sub hero!
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12/07/2007 17:08:00

I think the big thing going for Richardson is that he would be playing wide in the left, but apart from his England debut he has been really poor, and every time he plays for United he seems to get taken off, but United dont have many bad players in their squad do they ? I dont think being on the bench all the time will go down with Kanu.
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12/07/2007 19:02:00

Kanu has to be involved in 20 games, that can mean 20 minute plays and then he gets a new contract extension, he would be daft not to take it, HR is bound to ensure it happens cos he likes the fellah. With JU at pompey he will also improve his chances in the Nigeria team, he is said to be a proud man but not vindictive so recomending Utaka doesnt mean he will stay. As i said somewhere before he is pround and if he doesnt get his head right straight away and his 1st team starts are few he will see his beloved Nigeria shirt looking under threat and will leave in january.
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12/07/2007 19:04:00

He is more than likely to reach the 20 game mark,as he has not become a bad player overnight. I agree he is a proud man, and i hope that pride makes him stay and fight for his place, he is a player that we need to have around for the duration of the season. If he did influence Utaka then we owe him one, especially as Man City and Newcastle tried to hijack the deal.
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12/07/2007 19:29:00

spoiler - i agree richardson could be our next target - and he fits our wideman/striker build perfectly. Its just very hard to tell whats going on at the moment, the club is so quiet - who suspected we wer close to signing nugent at all? - i would not rule out richardson coming dow south.
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12/07/2007 20:21:00

Don't fancy Richardson much, in fact I would prefer the return of Routledge for a third of the price
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12/07/2007 20:23:00

pompeycarpet i have just found your posting about creation and the 7 days of Sasha. I shall petition The Rabbi to bless those words. May i say i think that is one of, if not the most original postings i have read, frankly anywhere. LoL I shall nick the idea, adapt it and use it somewhere else as my own.
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12/07/2007 20:30:00

seems for me Richardson is more a creative wide man than striker and i think as fast as he is. we need another confirmed striker.
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12/07/2007 20:32:00

Wayne Routledge career appears to have stalled over the last few months and he must know that if Lennon is fit he will not be playing. You do feel that he would be keen to move away to play regularly, but he never really did it for us, occasional flashes but not consistent.
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12/07/2007 20:53:00

ahh ive started a 2nd discussion in the posts :) well.... russellm i never said he would be a striker if u read what i say ;p but I think as nugent and richardson know each other from U21 days I think he [richardson] is especially good at putting balls in the box... something, i hope, everyone agrees we really lack sometimes!!! richardson is better than routledge imho and we clearly have some money left over! also russelm (YES IM PICKING ON YOU :p) i never said he would be our last signing and I would fully expect another striker as well. we are being linked with henri camara (scum days with harry) but the kanoute link has gone cold, who knows who this final striker could be?! we will sign someone with 2 days before the season starts ;)
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12/07/2007 21:50:00

thanks russle - was a true shot of inspiration, even if i say so myself. a little refining, and it could be posted all over every portsmouth site, dont you think? and feel fee to nick it- i would feel honured if you did :) (post wason the "nugent and utaka to complete moves" article!).
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12/07/2007 22:17:00

and back onto the actual topic...kanu will stay, and im sure he will do well.
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12/07/2007 22:19:00

back to the topic (almost) richardsonwould be a great wide man if we could get him. we were linked a little bit with him earlier, and i would still like it to happen. harry would be pleased, but another (non african) striker would be needed as well.
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12/07/2007 22:19:00

spoiler pick on me all you like, i'll just go and have a grizzle but where have i said richardson would be our last signing
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12/07/2007 22:20:00

actually i dont care if Kanu goes, lets not try and revise histort here, we have all been complainingm about his complaining and atitude, and the fact that he went a few months not looking like scoring so if he wants to stay then good, if he wants to go then good riddance... :-) got me tough pants on today
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12/07/2007 22:30:00

russellm, only jokin with ya bud :) but agreed, non-african striker please!
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12/07/2007 23:44:00

I reckon you are right lads and a non African striker or squad member will come in, no doubt he will be a steal and Harry will shock us with whoever it is. I dont think Camara will ever come here, but some players who do not figure pre-season will get restless and demand to move on, and Harry will be waiting.
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13/07/2007 08:50:00

We don't need him. At the end of the day, Harry brought him back from the brink of obscurity and the Championship, and made him into a credible player again, but if he wants to leave us unless he gets more money because he thinks he deserves it, he can go. He dried up at the end of the season anyway.
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13/07/2007 09:04:00

dried up at the end of the season? more like christmas...althoughhis form did actualy pick up towars the end of the season...he had a shot against arsnal...and...errr... ... but yes, he will stay, and prove us all wrong :)
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13/07/2007 09:15:00

he hit the bar against watford and newcastle i think :) so he got closer...
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13/07/2007 10:09:00

Lets give him a chance lads, i remember his goals up at Boro and at home to Blackburn , i would have given him the freedom of Fratton after his performances , so lets remember he can get goals and he is a decent player.
Report Abuse
13/07/2007 10:29:00

im tempted to type owenspompey is a big nothern jessy but im doing the in with hate out with love thing at the moment, plus i might go looking for the northern pompey flag at yeovil
Report Abuse
13/07/2007 20:12:00


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