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Now Pompey play the waiting game

Harry Redknapp has told sky sports news that a deal to bring David Nugent to Pompey 'is possible'.

Talks are said to have taken place and Redknapp said 'he's a good player, a young player and is an England Under 21 international.

'Whenever I've seen him I've been really impressed with him. He works hard, he scores goals and he's a good lad as well.

'I think he's got a couple of clubs interested, so we'll wait and see what he decides to do.

'I've had a meet with the lad. I was really impressed with him as a boy, he's a great fella.

'Whatever he does I wish him all the best, but I'd like to have him here if possible'.

All we can now do is hope Redknapp has worked his magic and wait and see what happens.

I think it is pretty clear that most of us would like Nugent but he does seem to leave people hanging - Sunderland got fed up with waiting for an answer and reports are suggesting even people at Preston are finding it hard to get through to him?

So hopefully he will not leave us waiting too long - if he does then it is quite clear what his answer is before we even get it.

On the topic of strikers and Pompey, after seeing what storgematt had to say about Svetoslav Todorov I had a little look around and it is being reported that he has signed for Charlton?

Nothing has been officially confirmed but quotes attributed to Todorov suggest it has happened and happened quickly.

Good luck to Todorov - hopefully he can give Ben Thatcher an 'accidental' knock in training though.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 4 2007

Time: 3:57PM

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I'm fed up with Nugent and his waiting games. I certainly don't want a player who is so desperate and adament to sign for another club, to settle for us. Use your noggle Harry and put your 6/7m elsewhere.
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04/07/2007 16:23:00

He is holding out for his beloved Everton to sign him thats why I think Sunderland got****ed off with the waiting.
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04/07/2007 16:27:00

whilst his boyhood club was everton, that can still change! with a bit of harrys magic, and a good run in our first team,i would think that he would come to like us a lot more. Frank lmpards boyhood club was westham, yet he said that he wanted to play for chelski for the rest of his career (and he could get the bg ages at west ham - so that stops that argument!). Letts let harry work his magic, and if he signs, then im sure he will do well for the team. If he doesnt, its because he doesnt want to - and so we wouldnt want him.
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04/07/2007 16:35:00

how much have you offered? he looks a better player than bent, but bent cost spurs 16.5million - crazy money. the sad thing is that if you sign him and he does well you wont be able to keep him - he'll hanker after a move to a team in the CL.
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04/07/2007 16:41:00

I said yesterday, we'll struggle to get him. Don't much like his tactics, i think he's playing up to Everton. Even if he did sign, i reckon he will only use us as a shop window. Still if we make on the next deal then who cares and good riddance...
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04/07/2007 17:14:00

As I could have told Harry at anytime, yes anything is possible, but whether it actually happens is a completely different thing.
The Rabbi
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04/07/2007 18:02:00

dales_dad, you may wish to recall it was only the lack of a goal scorer that stopped us getting Europe football last season
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04/07/2007 18:24:00

His favourite club is Everton, but they dont want to pay the money so are waiting for preston to get desperate and cash in at a lower rate. We could get him and i have no doubt he will be great but we will need another striker for the Toffee's games. In our business we would give him a decision day deadline he takes it great news, he dont take it we move on
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04/07/2007 18:24:00

I dont see anything wrong with him wanting a couple of days to think about things. If he met Harry yesterday, then hes only had a day, whats wrong with that?? apparently Sunderland wouldnt meet his asking price, but we would! alot of people slag us off for not meeing these prices for a striker, but when we do, the same people are moaning about, Nugent in this case, not being worth the money...give him another day or so, if he agrees to come to Pompey, great! we get a young, English striker! ok, not proven in the prem, but you cant have everything! If he turns us down, we move on!....guys...the fact hes come to talk to us is good news!!!!
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04/07/2007 18:41:00

Toddy giving a dig to Thatcher would be nice. However would be pretty ugly and one-sided if it turned to a punch up. The first time my girlfriend saw Toddy she said "Aww, isn't it nice they let one of the ball boys warm up with the players".
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04/07/2007 18:54:00

Charliechimes i think that is a good comment, its a career thing and yes he should have a week or so to make the decision, we want a happy player. I think the concern for most is he is overtly keen on Everton, having said that Matty taylor is a spurs fan and Harry Redknapp is an Arsenal fan
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04/07/2007 19:06:00

it doesn't matter who players support does it - it is a job for them and most do the job without much fuss... yep, nugent should be given some time to decide what he wants to do - rightly so - but a week is a little too long dont you think?
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04/07/2007 19:12:00

Im glad you see it that way Russellm, it just seems like nothing is good enough anymore for some. I hope he comes to Pompey, he really does fit the bill in my book! hes not proven prem, but the silver lining is the guy will be desperate to prove himself, hopefully making for a hard working member of the team, maybe like a Benji that scores goals!!! sounds nice dosnt it!? :)
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04/07/2007 19:12:00

Lets give Nugent the benefit of the doubt, this is a huge decision for him to have to make. He is in the England squad and knows that his chance will come again this season, we are not helped by the fact the England manager is a complete idiot who won't come to Fratton Park, so Nugent will have to take this into account which i am sure his agent has told him.
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04/07/2007 19:15:00

Owenspompey's flipping good comment that i really wished i had thought of 1st :-) about the England manager could well be a large part of the decision making process. I also think Nugent would fit in well Charliechimes but a goal scoring Benji.. how can i put this erm..did your teacher say " chimes stop day dreaming and get sensible boy" a lot ?
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04/07/2007 19:34:00

This was out of the blue. Did anyone see this coming? From Sky; New Sparta Prague signing Jiri Kladrubsky has revealed he rejected the chance to join Portsmouth. The 21-year-old defender has left Ceske Budejovice to join the Czech champions, but claims Harry Redknapp also made an offer for his services. Kladrubsky was part of his country's disappointing European Under 21 Championship campaign in June, but was one of the few Czech players to create a positive impression in the tournament.
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04/07/2007 19:41:00

I think a week is a fair period for a player to know if it might happen or not. he needs to speak to other players in the team and as Owens has said talk to steve mctw*t. he needs to take a look at the area, it is different down here, he might want to find out find out where he can buy some meat pie, tripe and chips with gravy . But seriously dont criticise pompeyrug you could help , maybe put in a request to quay radio that they play black pudding bertha by the goodies or you might want to paint him a mural by the eastetrn road with match stalk men and match stalk cats and dogs
Report Abuse
04/07/2007 19:42:00

Jiri Kladrubsky ! i thought that was a beer
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04/07/2007 19:57:00

I think Nugent will decide by the weekend, if Harry has made an impression on the lad he will make his mind up sharpish, no other clubs appear to have made an offer, and pre-season is now under way
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04/07/2007 20:10:00

I think he would be a useful signing but maybe not a first team regular, he has scored 1 international goal from 2cm out and it's unlikely Mclaren would come to Fratton to watch him for future squads. He'll be at Goodison by the weekend!
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04/07/2007 20:43:00

Nugent could hold Preston to ransom. He could turn every offer down. Offer the option of staying but won't give the 100% next season or let me go to Everton for the 4-5m they want to pay.
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04/07/2007 21:51:00

thats a good point storage matt. russellm, I have been know to dream a little....ok, Nugent doesnt have the dredds, but if he does half the running our Benji does, id be a happy man..& as I say, the odd goal would be nice too!
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04/07/2007 22:06:00

what you say storagematt is what i say, either way he (nugent) cant lose
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04/07/2007 23:28:00

Nugent or Agent either will decide in the next 48 Hours. Pompey are 5/4 to sign him, Everton 4/6 favourites.
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05/07/2007 01:12:00

according to the Net he will complete a transfer somewhere on saturday
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05/07/2007 13:29:00

in radio says they understand Pompey will confirm Nugent on Monday, so just long enough for Everton to hijack the deal then
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05/07/2007 14:00:00

we'll find out by monday - hopefully we get the outcome we want but if everton decide they will pay what preston want we don't have much chance really... if that happens we become frustrated - even more - but move on...
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 15:03:00

rug i think Yak will most probably go to MCFC, defoe has made it clear he will stay where he is, if Nugent goes to Everton then i think it will be Utaka and Kanoute.
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05/07/2007 16:54:00

just a thought rug, thinking about the ACoN if its not nugent it will probably have to be harewood..s0d it
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 16:56:00

I'd like to see us jump in and offer Carlos Tevez agent 35m to see how much he'd like to play for Manchester United?
The Rabbi
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 17:05:00

Nugent is allegedly in talks with Storrie now, if its got to that stage they are discussing contracts and wages, Everton don't have long!
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 17:45:00

i ould like to see lots of things...teves playing for us included, however that is about as likely as torres and drogba playing for us...which puts it at 9/100. If we dont get nugent, then it will be harewood, i hate to say it, but it is looking more likely. IF nugent decieds he wants to play for everton, and threatons his club with underperforming, then actualy, he isnt the sort of playor we want at the club, so it is not a bad thing, if he decides to join us, then he is. I doubt yak will go to MCFC, as they dont seem like his sort of club...not in europe, only 16 senior playors...etc.
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05/07/2007 17:54:00

You would hope that the Yak would realise that a move to Eastlands would be a massive step back in his career. The Nugent situation will be sorted soon, and he does not appear to be on Evertons wish list as they are now after Koumas. Teves is another mercenary, he really does love it at West Ham doesnt he, let him go to United and then Real Madrid and then Milan and finally Juventus.
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05/07/2007 18:28:00

Yak my old dad would love to see him at fratton again,Im not so sure. mindyou at the begining of last season I sent him a txt saying Campbell was too old and kanu had lost it..he still reminds me of that txt. I'm not sure about Nugent but have not seen him realy where as i would love to see defoe...oh yeh and the Yak back
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 18:32:00

the reason yak may got to MCFC is because footballing world apart from the english ( doesent mean we are wrong) really rate Sven, they genuinly think it was our press and the Premier league who screwed it up by forcing team selection. Sven also has a well respected network of agents and is bestis mates with Zahavi. Rightly or wrongly Sven and the money the corrupt thai owner will invest will be able to attract players to MCFC that wouldnt normally be in their league.
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 22:51:00

if storrie is talking to him we'll miss him for sure due to his penny pinching - im only joking fella :) i think you are right russell if we cannot get nugent then harewood - as much as i wouldn not want tbh honest, unless the price is right - could be very much on the cards... unless some of the other non african european footballers we have been linked with were followed up afterall? im not so sure tevez is a mercenay Owenspompey, i think those around him are - my thinking is he just wants to play football...
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 23:55:00

I just feel that Tevez should show some sort of loyalty to West Ham after saying how much he loved the club and being in London etc. I realise that United is a big attraction for any player but it would be great if he said he would prefer to stay and help West Ham. Then again iam not being realistic am i, there is so much money to be made by these players.
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 19:12:00

Whatever the reason for all this delay it is slightly disturbing. If it's because Nuge doesn't really want to sign for us and wants to keep his options open, let him slide. If it's because Storrie or Sacha needs to seal the deal or something, then fair enough....just hurry it up lads! As for Everton chasing Koumas....surely a smokescreen for another deal. Rumours are they're prepared to pay almost as much as we did for Muntari? Koumas ain't bad, but six million is laughable.
Report Abuse
07/07/2007 09:41:00


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