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Vital Pompey competition

As part of the re-launch of Vital Pompey I am giving two registered members of the site a chance to win prizes this June. All you have to do to stand a chance of winning a prize is:

1) Be a vital Pompey member by the end of June (so if you haven't joined up yet, DO SO NOW!) Register here.

2) Leave a comment below on this simple subject 'how great was our great escape at the end of the 2005/06 season!'

So effectively all new and existing members will be automatically entered into the first draw and just need to leave a comment to be entered into the second. Easy!

The prizes on offer are professionally put together and finished pieces of signed football memorabilia 12"x10" in size - a photograph on high-grade board with a signature - of your choice. Players on offer from the current squad are Campbell (England), James, Hughes, Kanu (Nigeria), LuaLua, Mendes, O'Neil, Primus, Stefanovic, Taylor, Todorov or former stars Anderton, Berger, Sheringham, Stone, Walsh and Whittingham.

The items come courtesy of - which is my 'day job!' I have been in the football memorabilia field for many years so all items are of the highest quality and are 100% authentic - the items on offer would retail at prices from 14.99 to 34.99.

For your chance to win comment below on the topic in question or register now - if you haven't already.

Good luck.


Competition rules

The signed prints will not be framed due to the danger of damage in transit. The draws will end on June 30th and the winners will be announced on the site and contacted by email. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 6 2007

Time: 9:05AM

Your Comments

Excellent competition and a great opportunity for many more to become involved in what will be the biggest Pompey fans site on the net. So come on, join up and let's hear for you!
technically, even though your comment was not about the topic in question, you are entered into this prize draw now TPB - i am not though, for obvious reasons... are people not interested in winning a prize - or are the prizes on offer not appealing enough? or are we lost for words on how great our escape was? say something or TPB wins one prize by default...
sweet. well what can I say, most incredible experiance of my life when we survived. Everything was perfect. Best moment was that my dad was there lol. Way home was amazing!
Blimey, please say something someone, it would be wrong for me to win this being a co-editor so I withdraw from any competition anyway. These are great prizes, so why not enter? It costs you nothing to register, it's free!
i personally feel that you should not have to withdraw TPB but at least you are now down to a 50% chance of winning as opposed to the 100% you had yesterday... PompeyGleamer is showing the way, i know you are talking fells as you are doing it on other stories! does no one want a free prize here? you will have a better chance of winning through this draw than the overall members one tho so do it now!
How great was our great escape? Very, very great indeed. And yes, sign up for this site - it's one of a rare breed that let's you comment on and debate the articles, and it's always nice to have a bit of input.
Tantona throws this hat into the ring, 33.3% chance of you winning now mate - i would have said very, very, very great myself tho... yep do what Tantona says for the reasons he says...
The great escape was a great escape. We made the unthinkable happen. Pompey fought and fought and never stopped unitl that whistle blew. The fans played a huge part in the great escape and that makes me proud to be a Pompey supporter. The noise in the ground was remarkable and every team that came to Fratton Park were intimidated by it. Pompey is a great club and a great city and it shows at football how proud we are of it. Most clubs attendances go down the drain when thay are not performing but Pompey never give up. When we play well, we cheer and sing, but when we play bad we cheer and sing more. I'm proud to be a blues and i'm Pompey til I die. PUP
cracking response POMPEYMEV - the entries into the competition are growing...
Toward the end of the season pompey look doomed, Linekar and Hanson would so often boom, Pedro popped up and hit THAT goal, Then the Fratton Faithful were on a roll. It was here that it started, No longer downhearted, The great escape, Began to take shape. Week after week we all believed, Linekar and Hanson now down on their knees, We all went to wigan to sing, sing, sing.... WE ARE THE PORTSMOUTH, HARRY IS OUR KING!!!
Supposed to be set out in 3 verses tho.
What makes a escape great? is it the effort of the electric players pushing every team driven by their passion of the club? Is it shear battle against the odds when no one believes that the impossible goal is possible? Is it the irony of a traitor who defected to the darkside only to return & save us from almost certain destruction? or is it the trigger of one mans right boot twice restoring the faith to fight on? No, the grat escape is thousands of blue shirts showing the world this is our time! & May I never make a great escape from the fortress they call Fratton!
It was so great, I missed most of it.
this is the spirt fellas - more of you to draw from now! i make that 7 in the hat now...
I feel for you Lysimachus. One of the best moments was when me and my dad was on the bus home my mum rang lol. It was the first person I told about what happened and I swelled up with pride. I told her to tape MOTD and when I got home I watched it, and then again and then again. Did this with Pedro Mendes goals as well.
i was watching motd and i only knew that pompey had been one up so when mendes got the second i coulldnt beleive it. the start of a great thing
retro hat
the entries are growing - excellent! much like most pompey fans, altho i never gave up up, until the city game i was not too hopeful we would stay up. the sheer quality of both mendes' strikes and the lateness of his winning one was the moment when i knew - even tho we were still some way from safety - that we would... even after the charlton defeat - i still cannot understand how we lost tho - i was convinced we would survive, and how we did...
It was the time that i fell in love with my girlfriend.... SHE BOUGHT ME THE TICKET AND FLIGHTS TO THE GAME..... what a babe.... the 1st half we were doomed, second half benji (what a day to get your goal boots on) and D'Alessandro tore them apart. We met the team at the airport, they were on a flight back to scumpton, i told some of them not let Harry hang around in that shcity too long it all got difficult last time. We went to the bar and met a brum fan ( you will recall that they went down in our place) spent the night drinking. walking on air the whole time, applauding DeZeeuw for winning Wigans player of the season award and apologies to wigan fans for ruining their end of seson party.
The only games I saw were Fulham and Charlton. I think that's it... No wait, I saw the Arse game on telly. And the rest on MotD.
Just watched the DVD for the first time. (the free present from the club). Brought back great memories & some bad ones. Thank heavens we stayed up, just imagine what we would have this season? Scary stuff!
it is a brilliant dvd to watch isn't it storagematt, worth every penny - well if you paid for it that is...
So great it even got Benjani Scoring goals, I will not write reams and reams like some, as the Great escape is best remembered with a beaming grin everytime I think about it, a moment in every Pompey fans life that I think we will never forget! (a bit much? Hell No.)
Lost in the forum archives was a thread called "does anyone really believe we can stay up" it makes interesting reading to look back on! I will try to find it
Can't tace that thread, Page 9 of the 2005/2006 article arhives is as close as i can get to the mood at the time
'a moment in every Pompey fans life that I think we will never forget! (a bit much? Hell No.)' - it will live in mine forever no question mate... when i get a bit of time i will try and look into it also paultsmouth...
There are only two words that can (in my eyes) describe HOW & WHY we stayed up HARRY REDKNAPP! that man is a god amongst legends. when he returned the WHOLE team seemed to have something (metaphorically) injected in them, I still can't over it myself. my nails have only just started to grow back. Not living in the area anymore I don't get to many games so I thank MOTD and SKY for keeping me (well trying to) sane.
another entry into the competition - anymore takers? you have half a month to go... motd and sky dont really give us much to go with but at least they give us something i suppose...
What I meant by MOTD and SKY keeping me sane is that at least I get to see the matches, whether it LIVE, Hi-Lights or Football First I used to get to go to quite a few home games before I moved up north
yep, i knew what you meant... i am in a similar boat mate, former season ticket holder myself - even from my current base, as it was then - but cannot really get to many games anymore, altho - and it sounds a long way off, but it will soon be here - the 2008/09 season will see the season ticket return!
thats a great prize, see more editors should take tips from you would certainly bring the members in. would you do one for Bristol Rovers lol, worth a try i guess
cheers mate - as i like what you said i may well put you in the draw sammy igoe or david hillier could be possbilities, altho i do have ian holloway...
holloway is a hero, or igoe would be amazing. you know i actually dribbled a bit when i read that. fingers crossed your serious
i hope you cleaned it up :) what the hell mate, i will put you in the draw... igoe was a hero of mine at pompey but things never quite happened as they could and maybe should have...
yea he was little bit light weight wasnt he, really fast until the wind direction changed or a player got within two foot of im.
An excellent account of events and feelings this Pompeyrug, think you've given yourself a hard task finding a winner now though!
it would be tough if i had to pick a winner by comment alone wouldn't it mate - luckily the national lottery are drawing it for me :) as well as the one for the lucky member from the 400 odd members we have all together...
I got up in the middle of the night in NZ to listen to 104 the Quay on the internet to listen to those last games - I remember feeling sick when Tommy Miller scored for Sunderland in the 70th minute for us to go 1 down and then Toddy scoring and then Matty's no-fear penalty - what a brilliant comeback ! This team never gave up - and I'll remember their performances for the rest of my days !
yep mate, not days that any of us will be likely to forget... i am unable to get to many games myself anymore - but pompeyrug will be back! - so i had to listen to that game on the radio. i went into it adimant that we would win, did not quite think we would lose when 1-0 down but the walls took a bit of a pounding - with my knuckles left swollen - for a few minutes until toddy equalised, matty taylors pen just saw us go crazy here...
Looking forward to seeing the winner, you certainly have alot to choose from. I have contacted the Editor on our site in hope that he will start running something like this, hopefully then i will get some members to talk to on my own site, and i wont have to circulate/hijack peoples articles like this lol
get your editor to contact me mate if he would be interested in offering any prizes like these on offer? i am sure i can do him a discounted editor to editor rate on a rovers item or items he might want to be put up as prizes... touting my business on vital pompey too :)
I dont think he makes much money as yet, so not sure if he would want to spend too much. I will email him and sound him out. cheers Pompeyrug
we would not be talking a large amount - editor to editor deal would see him get it even cheaper i am sure... no pressure, just something for him to bare in mind for future reference perhaps?
Thanks, i told him and he said he was going to email you. He liked to sound of the Holloway and Igoe ones!!!
What a brilliant idea. Have a word with the Blackpool boys as it would go down a storm on our site, I'm sure!
i look forward to hearing from him then mate... sandgroanun, much like i said to pandapops if your editor wants to get in touch i can see what i can sort out...
Pompeyrug, have you been doing this long? the memorabilia (sure i spelt that wrong) i mean.
yep, it has been my 'day job' on a virtual full time basis for about 4 or 5 yrs now but has been something i have been involved with for more than 10...
can I enter? If so, can I have a signed picture of myself please?
The Fear
lol at THE FEAR, why are you called that? are you scary (looking or otherwise) no offence meant, just curious as it doesn't relate to football in anyway that i can think of. Thats some commitment Pompeyrug you must enjoy what you do and be very good at it by now.
come to think of my name does not relate to football in anyway either. ignore me too many glasses of wine this evening...
Pompeyrug, one more question if you dont mind me harrassing you, only you seem to be the main person around here, are the Editors allowed to contact various companies asking for donations as prizes to be given to members? or is that not allowed?? as the Bristol Rovers Editor could contact various sports companies requesting prizes for competitions and maybe publish an article about them in return. Thanks in advance
some many questions to answer... from what i have been led to believe the fear - supply the picture then yes! - is a scary looking fella :) his words not mine. he is mr j p fear ergo the fear... yep mate i love it! i may not make a fortune from it but i get by so doing something you enjoy is better than doing a dead end job you hate, so until i have too i wont - which will be never all being well... no problems mate, ask as many questions as possible but maybe sending me an email would be better so i can answer you in reply...
ok cheers mate will do if i have anymore and apologies for last night, looks like i'm pretty annoying after a few drinks
Just checked out the Official site and we have signed Cranie from scum. Another Defender??????????
it was fine mate, really :)
and anyone else that wants to enter this will need to do so quick or you will be too late...
The fact that saving yourself from a hopeless looking position in the Premiership is now standardly referred to as "doing a Pompey" says it all for me.
they will probably call is 'doing a west ham' now tho wont they mate...

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