Portsmouth - Kanu: 'I can't work 4 hours a day'
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Kanu: 'I can't work 4 hours a day'

It has been revealed in the Times today that Pompey`s Kanu is not happy with the contract being offered at Portsmouth. He has allegedly said "You can`t expect me to work four hours every day on a one-year contract, it will take me five months to buy a house and then the season would be over and I would have to move again. Portsmouth are ambitious and moving forward and I would be happy to stay if they show their commitment…Portsmouth are a good team and if they commit themselves I will stay, if not, I will move on — that`s football," he said. "I have done my best."

Pompey feel they have tendered a generous offer but Kanu is reputed to have rejected it as "a joke" and has said he will leave if a better offer is not given to him. But this is coming from a player who has just slapped the faces of every Pompey supporter, if his words are indeed true. How on earth can anyone feel that they have a right to make such demands when many of the supporters who pay good, hard earned money each week have to work over 40 hours per week and in many cases travel hundreds of miles for their jobs? All this indicates is that Kanu has become too big for his boots and quite frankly should be shown the door purely for his lack of respect towards the supporters.I am sure thousands - even millions - of people would love to work for just four hours a day on a one year contract and be able to buy a house in just five months, especially if all the work consisted of was just 12 goals in eight months of football. How many has he scored in 2007? Just two league goals, hardly the sort of record that is worth a two year contract or longer. For the majority of us, promotion or reward is generally given for what we have achieved and not what is hoped we will achieve, Kanu really should think about giving the club something to work with. Todorov was offered a one year deal a week ago, but do we see him throwing his bricks out of the pram? Or do we see a model professional who applies himself to the cause with dignity and enthusiasm?

f Kanu feels he is worth more then there really is only one option open to him - go elsewhere. He may have been something at Arsenal but he was nothing at West Brom before he came here, he had a lucky few months before Christmas but has really contributed little to warrant an improved offer in recent months. The club owes him nothing, he in turn owes Harry Redknapp a great deal for helping him to get his career back on track and should not be so quick to bite the hand that feeds him.

When you leave Fratton Park Kanu, please do not slam the door.

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The Journalist

Writer: TruePompeyBlue Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 11 2007

Time: 9:49AM

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i'm not sure if we should keep him
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11/04/2007 10:13:00

He started the season welll because the service was there from midfield, if the service improves again he'll score goals again. Whilst not having the same workrate as Benjani I still think he'd be a good player to keep, i think some of the criticism leveled at him is unfair as I doubt any striker would be scoring regularly with the service currently being provided.
Steve C
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11/04/2007 10:41:00

But is he really worth a longer contract Steve C? I feel the club have got it right in offering a one year deal, but even if the service is not as good from midfield he should still be scoring more than twice in four months. Even Matty Taylor has scored more often and he has not even played up front and has not played in every match. Also, Kanu will have angered many with his overworked and underpaid claim if what he said is true. No doubt of course he will deny it and say his words have been taken out of context.
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11/04/2007 10:45:00

It's difficult to say, if he's worth longer than a year, i think i'd offer him 2 and maybe an option if both parties are happy. As players near the end of their careers they all look to get themselves a deal that will see them through to retirement. If the club hints at this possibility by a deal with an option maybe that would be enough. However this whole thing is typical Portsmouth contract negotions, whether it be trying to sign players or offer new contracts. i'm sure he will claim that his words have been twisted and there's always the chance they have but we will never know the truth on that.
Steve C
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11/04/2007 11:27:00

lets end this farce now. this guy won the european cup at 18 with ajax and has spent the rest of his career living off the back of it. most of his clubs have seen an early electrifying period of goals and effort followed by a barren period with a distinct lack of goals and effort. I'm sure his words about a 4 hour day have been taken out of context but he should keep his thoughts to himself in future or employ a press officer! Let him go and lets sign a striker capable of lasting beyond xmas, and with a basic idea of where the goal is.
The Rabbi
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11/04/2007 11:43:00

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11/04/2007 13:58:00

bye bye Kanu, Kanu bye bye. Kanu bye bye, bye bye Kanu. I do more mileage then him for peanuts. The greedy pillock
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11/04/2007 14:08:00

When all is said and done Kanu isn't a striker so the amount of goals we've had from him is in line with, if not beyond what I had hoped for, so I'll not turn on him now... The papers print crap all the time and twist words so I rarely believe anything they say anymore... As far as I'm concerned with Kanu and have been saying this for a while now - if it is best for Pompey to keep him we should keep him, if not let him go with thanks for what he did... Saying he got 'lucky before Xmas with his goals' is total bollox, he earned them all and more than played his part...
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11/04/2007 15:24:00

He got lucky before Christmas pompeyrug because as mentioned by others I've spoken to, he scored most with his head which was unusual for him. As a result, opposing sides finally got wise to that fact and have since stopped him from scoring in such a manner.

Equally, is he really worth keeping hold of if he isn't happy to be here? Every couple of weeks he'll be mouthing off that he wants a better contract, it's high time this club stopped pandering to the whims of such players and tell them to put up or shut up. We can get far better players for a little more than it costs us to keep Kanu, but the benefit will be a much greater return.
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11/04/2007 17:18:00

I'm going with pompeyrug. I don't care what he says. You can't have 11 Linvoy Primus's on your team. He's done the job asked of him this season and should at least get a pat on the back on his way out. Where's Toddy? Did he get lost on the way to Watford?
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11/04/2007 18:45:00

After working another 10 hour day, that makes refreshing reading, I'd better hammer in a few more hours so Pompey can put up prices and Mr. Kanu can get a few more grand a week for his efforts.
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11/04/2007 21:36:00

Greedy b*stard. All that, and it's even too much trouble for him to sign autographs for the kids after the game. Dont think thats too much to ask of them. Still, at least i've only got 22 years left on my mortgage now. Grow up Mr Kanu.
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12/04/2007 00:09:00

From time to time you get greedy pigs who expect more and more and who give less and less. Kanu appears to have joined the club. Harry had him firing but now he is sitting back and enjoying the spoils. His loyalty and work ethic requires to be revisited or else he will go.....and most probably start with a couple of goals for the likes of Preston, Cardiff or Plymouth. We do not need PreMadonnas at Pompey, we need hard working players who get what they give.
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12/04/2007 03:36:00

Pompeyscum - Toddy was injured mate, received a knock on his knee.
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12/04/2007 06:50:00

Despite English being Mr K's first language is doesn't always express himself clearly, he obviously wants as much money and as long a contract as he can get. Add this to the deceitful, twisting, 'sell papers at all costs' hacks and you have a recipe for misunderstanding and falling outs. In truth, N*****wo is worth keeping, albeit on a sensible wage (Coles no more!) as he does add a combination of things to the team which no one other player can do. Having said that if his gripes have been accurately reported, he can bugger off!
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12/04/2007 09:42:00

Hey, what's wrong with N*****wo? Poor guy can't help his name . . .
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12/04/2007 09:43:00

How do you figure that TruePompeyBlue? Goals with his head - unusual or not - how does this make his goals lucky??? A goal is a goal, does it matter if it comes off his head, foot or backside... Lineker didn't score too many with his head, neither does Henry for that but they are not considered 'lucky' when they did/do... If Kanu is whinging then he is either told to put up or shut up, if the papers are twisting his words - which is likely, as they do - then we'll just see. I'll trust the club will do what is right to them not a player...
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12/04/2007 09:56:00

pompeyrug I think you are misinterpreting what I meant by lucky - what I was implying is that he is lucky he scored the vast majority of the goals when he did, if he didn't then he'd have even more problems trying to justify a better contract deal as he goal rate is hardly encouraging.

Yes, Lineaker had his bad spell, as do all strikers - but Kanu seems to manage one every season, apart from one in particular at Arsenal, a fairly good one at Ajax and that is is lot. Let's also not forget that when Harry got him from West Brom, absolutely nobody else was interested in him for their club, because he is far too inconsistent. If you have a guy banging in goals regularly then of course you would expect him to be teeny bit upset if he is not offered a contract that reflects his ability. But if you have what we've got, which is a strike force that in total has scored just five goals since last November, then you of course offer a contract that reflects that too. < [Edited by TruePompeyBlue]
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12/04/2007 10:37:00

I'm not saying you are not entitled to it TruePompeyBlue and not saying I don't respect it, people don't always agree and sometimes they misunderstand what is said but it just seems to me like Kanu is always getting a bad break is being made that easy targte, a scapegoat because he isn't scoring now - but lets face it he isn't a striker anyway - and he is saying this and saying that... I've given up listening to what he is meant to have said or not and I'm just going to accept what the club decide to do with Kanu as the right thing to do. But I've not once suggested he should be kept down to what he did do... If he is greedy and ungrateful then he should ***** off back to the park where we found him 'running on his own' keeping in shape I don't want mercenaries like that here but if he is being fair and the club are being unfair to him - which is also something we have to think about, see that side of the coin - then he should tell us to ***** off... He may end up back in that park but he won't stay there, he'll find a club someone even if it meant going to the middle east, maybe even America...
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12/04/2007 12:07:00

Why is everything in bold...
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12/04/2007 12:08:00

Bold as brass, lol!!! I'll look at the format, give me a mo...
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12/04/2007 12:38:00

Oops!!! Me bad, I left a tag open, have adjusted it now. See what happens, you pay peanuts and you get monkeys, lol!!!
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12/04/2007 12:42:00

Going back to the Kanu debate and fully supporting what pompeyrug is saying about the club doing the right thing, all else aside I feel they are most certainly doing the right thing in offering both Kanu and Toddy a one year contract each. I feel that the club are beginning to look after their interests a little more now and not tie themselves down to long contracts with players who are finding it difficult to defeat injuries. Let's not forget the Rory Allen fiasco, we paid him all that salary and he never kicked a ball for nearly two years. Then after we paid all his medical bills, he severed his contract with us and swanned off to Australia to join the Barmy Army to watch cricket!

If we offer Kanu a two year deal when it so far seems he struggles to fulfill a one year deal, then perhaps this is not right for the club.
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12/04/2007 12:49:00

Get rid of him. I work 70+ hours a week and he earns more a week than I do in about 8 months
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12/04/2007 13:10:00

It's a fair call mate, you can see why Kanu would want a two year deal but can also see why the club won't give it him, if in fact they won't... His contract was always likely to have been a two year deal anyway wasn't it - didn't he have a trigger that made it a two year deal anyway? - so if he had maybe started looking closer to pompey for a base sooner he'd be setup already... Change of subject, although you do mention him what is Allen up to these days? Anyone know...
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12/04/2007 13:34:00

He's probably scamming some Australian football club pompeyrug. Not much available on Google or Wikipedia, only the usual stuff about him before he packed in football really. Apparently he's now a a civil servant at the Foreign Office in London.
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12/04/2007 13:41:00

I felt for Rory, really thought we had a quality striker on our hands. Looked impressive early on and I really hoped he would be able to come back, but always knew if I was honest, even from his first injury early in his career that somehow he wouldn't... I was at a match in Crewe with Crewe - think it was Crewe? one year when he made one of his attempted comebacks as a sub, can't remember if he came through but think he did. Was also at one attempted return at Fratton one time when he broke down... I stopped feeling for him when he shafted us to go to Australia after all we'd done to help him back...
Report Abuse
13/04/2007 09:50:00

Lol!!! Think we all stopped feeling sorry for him when he did that.
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13/04/2007 09:55:00

rory never liked im, neverb liked any of the animal crackers
Report Abuse
13/04/2007 11:49:00


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