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I Say 'Come On Arsenal!'

I don't know if people are aware but if I'm right us Pompey fans should be getting behind Arsenal when they take on Spurs in the Carling Cup tomorrow as an Arsenal win sets up a final with Chelsea that would, if I'm right guarantee an extra European place next season via the league.

An Arsenal verses Chelsea carling cup final would mean a top seven place would be enough for Pompey's European dream to come true. Should two from Arsenal or Bolton (who look like finishing in the top six at least anyway?), Chelsea or Manchester United also make the FA Cup final it should mean the top leagues top eight teams gain European entry; but this is for another day!

I don't know about the rest of you but I'll be supporting the young gunners hoping that they can finish the job they started in the first leg… Another possibility would have to see Chelsea beat Spurs in the final if they did overcome Arsenal as I don't think the carling cup's runner up gains automatic entry if their opponents are already destined for Europe, it certainly wasn't the case last season when Wigan were beaten by Man United. So to keep things simple and assure us of a little more breathing space lets hope Arsenal can beat Spurs (no offence Spurs fans!) on Wednesday.

My heart ruled my head, I ran an article without thinking it through properly. All has been explained by the site editor in his article What Pompey Need for Europe - so check it out


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 30 2007

Time: 12:02PM

Your Comments

given that you take all our ex players anyway, you should basically be semi-Gooners!
No offence taken, would be hoping for the same if we was in your position. This Europe lark is GREAT!
You should never worry about offending Spurs fans!
Little Dutch
as for taking half of *********s ex players, think you got just as many from Spurs.. more if Cu*tball's included!
Dan Mac
Pompey are **** anyway and will start their usual decline very soon !
It won't make any difference to the number of available European places as I expect us to qualify through League position anyway! 7th spot should see you qualify!
shiv club no fans shiv club no fans!!!! fucx all you never won fucx all
Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 3 places are available in the UEFA Cup. If the FA Cup final is contested by a team outside the top 4, only 5th and 6th placed clubs will qualify. Likely to be Bolton and Spurs. 7th will enter the Inter-toto - if they wish. Pompey should hope Spurs win the UEFA Cup, the Carling Cup or get to the FA Cup final and lose interest in the Premiership
With a team of has beens and rejects thinking that you'd finish seventh is the best joke I have heard in ages. Besides there is no guarantee that an extra place would be handed to seventh spot. So it's just wishful thinking Pompey so why not concentrate on staying up instead which is what you always have to do.
As pompey have never been in Europe and the thought of them doing so in the immediate future had never entered my mind, before the current one, I'll take any help we can get so Arsenal finish the job you started and open up another place in the league. Bolton or Spurs won't win the FA Cup, this will probably be contested between Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea anyway.
Pompey are so **** superspurs91 they are above you in the league, that must make you extra ****!
UEFA can't take a place away can they 5th and 6th get into Europe through the league, carling cup and FA cup winners the same so if Arsenal and Chelsea are both already in Europe this reverts to the league so top seven will make it in, without question should any two from three of Arsenal Chelsea and United be contesting the FA Cup also....
This bunch of "has beens" is doing fine for me, maybe some of these "has beens" are what are missing from the Lane... Whats the matter Spurs fans frightened that the "little club from the south coast" is attempting to break the monopoly of fashionable clubs who think they have a devine right at finishing in the top six or seven...
Maybe if you get into Europe you'll spend some money on that toilet you call a ground - get a roof on your stand you pikeys, you're supposed to be in the premier league.
That's not right pompeyrug. Only three teams are destined to get in the UEFA as a matter of course not four - 5th place, the winners of the Carling and the winners or runners up of the FA Cup (although these revert to league places if the teams have already qualified). There are other ways in though, by winning it this year, by playing in the Inter Toto, and by being drawn out of the hat after winning the English Fair Play award.
yeah get a stand, not a caravan!
That "toilet" would be seeing European football though and that would be good enough for me... I'd get so much satisfaction should Spurs lose the semi tomorrow, go out of the FA cup, stay pretty much where they are in the league and not win the UEFA Cup (although as I'll back any English side in Europe I'll not be wanting them to lose!) hence not making Europe at all next season... Too many of you Spurs seem to think you are owed something by the game when you're not...
Mesmo - true our ground is far from Premiership standard, but how many clubs before us have spent millions on a superb stadium, only to be relegated and fighting off administration? Just take a look at Leicester City, what a mess. When we've stabilised on the Prem then we can look at investing in the club. After all, no point in spending money on the bodywork of a car if the engine is no good is it, priorities my lad. As for the rest of you who are full of sour grapes (can only be Spurs, poor lot), we have no need to fight relegation this season as we are already as good as staying up. It appears to me you are in fact more worried of our league position than that of your own, perhaps you should concentrate your efforts more in putting that right first - i.e., people living in glass houses should never throw stones.
***** i hope yous finish above tottenscum in the league. I thought it was just us they spat their mindless drivel at but apparently not, bunch of hateful jealous ****s they are. You have a very good signing in 'Ralph' Lauren we were all sad to see him leave. Love Kanu to, and Campbells okay just coz the tottenscum hate him so much. I think they dont like you coz they could use Mendez with their useless midfield. We will happily oblige in doing you the favor come wednesday, the kids should steam roll them. You know what they say respect your elders so up the Arsenal retiring home
Ozi Gooner
all u are is arsenal reserves!
to true pompey blue, yes the toilet might have had millions spent on it, but the word TOILET and going down the pan spring to mind.
Fair enough, I'm wrong on that point, I'll hold my hands up billy_nick... Just as well Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd are most likely to clean up the domestic cups between them, with two from three contesting the lot...
Good luck with your Tottenham rejects.
I've seen it throughout vital football, Spurs think they are owed something as they are a giant of the game!!! As I said Ozi Gooner too many Spurs seem to think they are owed something by the game when they're not...
Pointless article because you are wrong. Why don't you check your facts before wasting your time. What a prat
David Frost
Yeah couldn't agree more seems to be exactly whats happening to Spurs thfc69 so the two go togther well, valid point...
thfc69 - seeing as you lot spout so much **** then it is clear you know one hell of a lot about toilets and going down the pan! At least none of our players DIVE!! As for David Frost, nice piece of constructive criticism, what a shining wit you are - and that is a piece of Spoonerism for you! [Edited by TruePompeyBlue]
Pomper Rug, I think a lot will be determined by the draw, the teams your talking about could knock each other out before the final and just leave one team in it. if thats the case I would fancy spurs at home or in the final gaainst any of them.
The way the FA Cup draw is going the earliest any will meet would be the semi-finals which with all three likely to be still in it would very likely mean two of the three would be in the final...
OK, OK, reading through all this it's like having an argument with Alan Bennett... football fans that still try to have a jolly reasonable argument that merely slagging each other off... strange concept... maybe we HAVE been near the Woolwich Wanderers too long. What DID you expect though, writing an article like that? If we posted one saying 'Come on Saints, stuff Pompey', how would you feel?
Well you can't argue with Sir David Frost can you... I've been called a lot worse for a lot less, coming from Sir David makes this constructive criticism OK so its fine TruePompeyBlue (welcome to the team by the way we've not been introduced)...
Im a Spurs fan & a redknapp fan i think both will go through then we can all laugh at the hammers
Tottenscum, Giant of football! HAHAHAHA, I've heard of sleeping giants, but if spurs are giants there past sleep, there in a ******** coma and the life support shouldve been pulled along time ago. I wouldnt be to insulted by that Arsenal reserves comment our reserves have done alright for themselves and will continue that by finishing off what we started at No Heart Lane Wednesday
Ozi Gooner
I despair, I really do. Some of the comments I read make me wonder about the intellect of people. Much as I'd love Pompey to do well and get into Europe (spent 3 years studying at the uni there), it won't be at the expense of Spurs. If Portsmouth finish the league above us, it'll be because they deserve to be there. I can't see the team doing particularly well in Europe, however.
I don't like scum but personally don't get as caught up in the anti-scum some do, more concerned about us than them, I wouldn't have cared less and personally wouldn't have got involved as such. I'll be honest I'm not that big a fan of Spurs because too many of you think that you are something you are not and deserve more than you get but this was never meant to get at Spurs fans just want something to happen that will benefit Pompey to help give us something we've never had EUROPEAN FOOTBALL...
But that's the point though mesmo, it was not actually a smear on you (though I can see why you would assume it to be), it is how the league placings could allow us to qualify if the Gooners were to win - you being below us would in fact give us no help at all, hence why of course we would want a win. I am sure that if the situation were reversed, you would have been quite rightly wanting us to be Saints if it would allow you to qualify too? For the rest of you, why not join the forum for a much better debate, it would be easier and better than flooding this article? HATEtheGOONS - how sad that you have not yet evolved, maybe a few more thousand years and your knuckles will stop hurting after dragging them along the ground.
Pompeyrug - thanks for the welcome, there is an intro on the forum by the way.
I love watching the Totts get angry (except outside the South Stabd turnstiles when they're throwing bottles at little girls). Anyone else see the irony in Spuds deriding someone else for being a small club? Pompey have won something in the last five years, which is a hell of a lot more than can be said for the Spuds. 61 NEVER AGAIN, 61 NEVER AGAIN!
Little Dutch
OK, I'll check it out don't often get a lot of time for the site anymore but just got drawn in here...
No offence taken, Given that half the team played for either team it's nice to see the 'neutrals' take an interest. Also good to see Mendes playing well, quality guy who just got injured at the wrong time and never fully got back at spurs. But definately pleased to see him pulling strings after 'that tackle/ mugging'. Hope you beat the goons next time you're up against them though. Good luck for rest of the season, looking forwards to some quality 'Harry twitching' as the pressure mounts in the second half.
Tricky the spur
In fact, if you're comparing resources with output, pound for pound, Pompey are ten times the club Spurs are.
Little Dutch This explains how to get into Europe!
yeah LD then so are Reading and Sheffield
Ozi Gooner
Mendes has been fantastic as has Davis, i'm not ashamed that half our players came from Arsenal and Tottenham you're both great sides!
Well said VPA, I do wonder if there is a ting of jealousy from some quarters because the likes of Mendes, Davis, Pamarot and Campbell are doing well here.
I always thought that pompey-boys were 'MUGS'... but NOW that I live on the south coast... I am seeing it 1st hand. You should be kissing JOL's feet, that the only real quality in 'the twitchers' line-up are ALL ex-yids. Apart from that... support, who the F*#K You like... It is NOT going to help the kiddie-fiddling nomads anyway. Although... You always have Your 'Bell ringing LARD-ARSE' to encourage the goon's!
At the end of the day, I can see why this article has been posted. If you think about it, as a Portsmouth fan, he's got every right to wish the best for his team, at the expense of WHOEVER. That's why it's a competition and a league. I have a load of Pompey supporting mates, and with Pamarot and Mendes there I wish them all the best. They've improved so much over the last season, that look at where they are now! I would say in Spurs' defence, we have been playing a helluva lot more matches than Portsmouth this season, and our league form could be attributed to fatigue. That said, I'm not one for excuses, and don't want to take anything away from Pompey's fantastic efforts so far. I agree with the comments, Spurs don't have a divine right to be up there, and we still have to work tooth and nail to get there... but you would be thinking with the resources, squad and coaching staff / structure we have in place - we should at least be getting a UEFA spot via the league, and maybe a cup (I'm greedy, two will do). However, I don't feel the season would be an abject failure if that doesn't occur, with the relative inexperience of our players and coach - you can see the potential there - and I hope that the players, fans and chairman have patience to help realise the potential that is obviously there with the current setup. End of the day, Pompey are above Spurs, however I like to think that we'll finish above you guys come end of the season - however that is a 'wait and see' job isn't it? Good luck Pompey...
Thanks DB, common sense at last!! Hackneydemon - that may be the way you behave on the marshes mate, it's the only place you are likely to find the type of people to which you refer after all. No wonder you are proud of your username!
Mendes is a player Jol regrets selling, he's hinted at such in the past especially as some that kept him out have now gone. Primus, O'Neil, Taylor just three names off the top of my head with real quality and not former Spurs players...
Is 'Pompeyrug' inbred... like the other 'MONGS' who come from Portsmouth and Frattan?
No Hackneydemon, he is not - you seem to have such good knowledge of the type of people you like to use as insults, it is a shame however that you have not yet mastered the art of spelling. Run along, there's a good little lad.
I say again I wasn't anti-spurs or trying to be with my article, just wrote something on an issue I thought would benefit Pompey. But as has been proved to a degree I'm wrong as seventh will only come into the picture with the FA Cup. My heart ruled my head on this occassion, got an idea in my head any maybe ran with it too soon before thinking about it fully... Unprofessional but I don't get a lot of time for this site now so maybe my attempts to prodice something for the club I love came without proper thought, or even research... As for some comments I've made, maybe just bitting back...
Comments attacking clubs and to a degree supporters are "acceptable", it's part of football but when comments on here or anywhere else get personal Hackneydemon you've taken it too far, you make me sick... (and my inbred family!)
There is an element of fan here at Vital Football, that honestly, they're not even worth replying to guys. All they do is flame, abuse and put down people - shame this group of websites isn't better moderated.
Pompeyrug - I would not worry about offending some, it happens. You cannot make an omlette without breaking eggs, you did after all make it clear at the end of your article that you wished no offence to Spurs, sadly some of them know nothing more than to be offensive. A good article and one that was written with justifiable reason, certainly was not unprofessional.
Thank you TruePompeyBlue...
The article's definitely caused enough people to react to it, in both a positive and negative way - so don't discredit yourself mate. Newspaper journalists get it all the time, and if anything, intentionally want to be controversial / fractious / opinionated. If I'm honest, the whole European qualification palaver is so poorly defined / managed - it's a wonder that even the FA / UEFA / FIFA know what to do when certain situations occur.
Just seen the European Qualification article - that's a good bit of general footy knowledge right there. Thanks TruePompeyBlue!!! I never knew the cups rules before...
DB, credit must go to VitalPompeyAdmin as it was he who wrote it, but it is a very good piece of knowledge.
Very sensitive people are spurs fans. They don't like little teams like Pompey, Bolton, Blackburn upsetting what they see as their just right to be up there withe real big boys. Sad really as usually they live off their past glories like Newcastle.
I think you were a bit naive with the article but one thing doesn't change... WILL YOU PLEASE GET A ROOF ON YOUR STAND - I've got soaked three times there now and it's getting past a joke... oh and get a license, you're about the only club in the world that doesn't serve alcohol - which considering you're in the middle of a very dry industrial estate is NOT FUNNY.
As The Rabbi you would expect me to have some sympathies for Tottenham (for that is their correct name) tomorrow night. But no I have to say that football works in strange ways and due to the way in which European qualification now works, I shall be rooting for the Woolwich Arsenal. Apologies to all Spurs fans. Unfortunately despite the absence of any real silverware in recent times (don't mention the Worthington Cup) Tottenham fans still live in a world where the 'big five' rule. While Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United are still considered the heirachy of English football, Tottenham and Everton, while still big clubs , haven't had a team to match their lofty status in years. Worse still for Tottenham is that they have been replaced by Chelsea. Few other clubs can expect to match the top four now. It's all right having flair players upfront but your defence is at best ordinary, since Sol left. Teams like Bolton, Pompey, and Reading are now the second tier of English football. Roof or no roof, our team will be in Europe soon. Good luck in the UEFA Cup though.
The Rabbi
Dear Roofless Rabbi - sorry, I fail to see your point. Yes, I'll be the first to admit that Spurs have underacheived for decades, but they are still a club with a tradition of good, top-flight football... what's wrong with being proud of that? We maintain that tradition in the belief that, if we as fans do, our club will aspire to be great again - and currently, there seems to be a management in place that are prepared to do that. Or am I supposed to say "I know me place guvn'or" and doff my cap each time someone from Arsenal, Chelsea or Man U walk by? If you view having the quality to compete in Europe your benchmark, then the same should be said for everything about your club - including the ground... having Eastern European standard facilities hardly speaks of a belief in your permanence in the top flight. Complain, make something happen, or "Is it alright for the likes of you, Guvn'or"?
Pompey are above spurs and i have to say so far... we deserve to be!
Errr, we'd gone past that I thought and on to Fratton Park (twinned with Katowice)? Pompey are above Spurs because they have more points... so therefore it stands to reason that they deserve to be... anyway, what's admin doing butting into a perfectly good argument?
It's not fair to talk about the has-beens. Not fair on the never-will-be's that is.
how ******** sad are you pompey fans having to cheer on another team just because your team is s h i t
Try following a team that has never been in Europe and you could learn to cheer on another team if it could help you... We may be a s**t team but we aint a s**t team living off past glories...
niallg, are you telling me you weren't hoping Wigan would do you a favour against Arsenal on the last game of last season?
The Rabbi
Rabbi - you're not getting this... it doesn't matter WHO play A***nal, whether it's Wigan, Accrington Stanley, Barcelona or TNS Wales - we want the other team to win. The only exception is Chelski, in which case, we hope the ground gets raided by the SAS and both teams get arrested and locked up in Guantanamo for an obscure tax evasion crime.
Dear Mesmo, there's nothing wrong with being proud of your club at all. You certainly shouldn't doff your cap at any of the big four. Only when you beat them (chelsea). Our ground is a disgrace. but it's our disgrace and we're proud of it. If it had been an animal, someone would have put it out of its misery years ago, along with some of the players. as for eastern european facilities, so what? If football is about a gleaming new souless stadium four miles from the nearest town and a PA you can hear, then i'll take our dickensian ground anyday. Over the past three seasons your fans have packed out the away end every time our clubs have met. So there's at least 3 000 Spurs fans who don't mind spending 90 minutes in the elements at our "dump" and paying £30 for the privelidge?
The Rabbi
Hey, I'll follow the Spurs anywhere... doesn't matter what the ground's like... I only have to be there once a year - it's Spurs I come to see not the ground. What I'm saying though is that a self-respecting club should at least make a bit of an effort for the away fans (and their own), who have to stand in the rain while the home faithfull truly take the p*ss. Still, if it all gives you a cheap laugh... just not very classy. As for new stadiums, I hate them - the souless empty bowl of Effeminates being the prime example. I just like a club to invest in a traditional site and try and keep pace a little with the 21st century (or 20th would be a start).
its fun on here today! I sence a little tension!
What a fantastic piece of sports journalism and what an avalanche of equally brilliant posts it has provoked. well done everybody. Coronation is really hotting up again I see. Tracey and David, eh?
I'm not a "sports journalist" weststandvoice and don't claim to be I'm a Pompey fan simple as... And as such this "fantastic peice of sports journalist" was written from a fan with passion and the love of his club to succeed not against as much help as we could get. I'd give anything to see Pompey get into Europe even cheer on another club if it could help... I didn't give it as much thought - reasearch into what I thought was right in terms league positioning to gain European entry - as maybe I should but this is because I'm a fan not a reporter my head ruled my heart on this occassion, got an idea and ran with it. Was proved wrong but the intent was never to provoke such an anrgy Spurs reaction, merely highlighting what I thought could benefit our quest for European football...
What I find interesting is this Mesmo character, running down our - or should I say his - ground. It appears that he also posts on pompeyonline too, I quote from one of his posts: "Would be nice to think that they will be as sympathetic should we wish to sign Young Edu." So is he Pompey in disguise on here, or Spuds in disguise on there? I wonder if they know?
weststandvoice, whats happened to david platts hair?
The Rabbi
DRY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE mesmo !!! there are at least 8 pubs within 5mins walk of the no roof end of the ground.
Cant Be TPB or he would have known about the pubs and that the Industrial estate is on one side only of the ground. Having said that have you been to WHL, bloody awful area and no trains after a Sunday Match. I spent a nice evening in the directors box after the game with old world cup winning martin where he apologised to me for Zokoras dive, hoped Jol would apologise and said he thought the result extremely lucky to spurs. I also one 50 quid on the raffle which i had to use to get a cab back to civilisation.

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