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'Controversial Article'

The following controversial article has been created by a Vital Pompey member. Views raised in this article are that of his and may not be shared by Vital Pompey. The article has been published to generate discussion and not to offend readers.

Club Shirts

Text is : It must be me but why do some fans get so wound up about shirts. I've seen quotes today to the effect that we've been 'made' to buy new shirts. Surely there's no compulsion in this. If you can't afford a shirt don't buy one. As for kids whatever happened to saying no? I know I must sound like miserable old what name but I've always thought that anyone over
30 looks ridiculous in a football shirt anyway, besides it often prevents admission to many pubs and this can be particularly irritating on away trips.

I like to make a statement about my allegiance, which is unswerving by the way, so usually wear a badge or a garment with a subtle Pompey logo. As to changing the design of shirts, why is this so essential?

Surely a minor, subtle change would do for marketing reasons, after all, Newcastle stick to their time honoured black and white stripes and they seem to sell in their thousands. I've also seen comments today to the effect that the new shirt sales are a mere money making exercise. Come on get real what else?

After all the club can't get buy on gate receipts alone. Where are the missing 700 of our loyal supporters by the way?

Probably saving up to buy their new shirts.

By member: bstanle

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The Journalist

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Date:Tuesday September 12 2006

Time: 7:17PM

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Your comments suggest that you're under 30 & have no children. I'm very old at 40 & I wear the current top to the games. Call me ridiculous to my face! You can't always say no to children & if this is far as your knowledge stretches it may be a good idea that you don't!
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12/09/2006 19:55:00

what a load of rubbish, football fans wear their colours, if you don't understand that bynow, then maybe you should take up knitting.
The Fear
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12/09/2006 20:00:00

I don't have kids so only buy the shirts if I like 'em...hated last seasons shirt so didn't bother. I don't feel forced to make a purchase at all. Of course, Storagematts point is very valid - kids will always want the latest shirt if their friends have it, and it's hard for parents to say no.
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12/09/2006 20:02:00

He does sound old and like he has no kids!
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12/09/2006 20:04:00

people don't want to be wearing out of date stuff
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12/09/2006 20:18:00

Sorry lads didn't `mean to be offensive but at least it woke you up a bit i was getting a bit bored with who we're going to sign an d who were not going to sign. none of us know till it happens. Yes Westov I am old but I do have kids and grandchildren and I buy them shirts, usually for Christmas and birthdays, if I can afford it. As for taking up knitting, perhaps I should have done this 56 years ago when I first started to live and breathe Pompey, I wouldn't half have saved a lot of money and heartache. If I'm sounding cynical, it's probably because I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms, I've been used to watcing my dear old lads week in week out, home and away on Saturday afternoons, now you have to wait 2 or three weeks at a time and then it's on a Monday night in black pudding land. Forgive the typographical errors but I'm not yet used to this infernal machinery. Editor permitting I'll send you another little missive shortly perhaps less controversial as I would not want another stiff note from 'The Fear' Bye the way what does lol mean?
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12/09/2006 20:40:00

laugh out loud and your article started a debate so cant be too bad
Report Abuse
12/09/2006 20:44:00

sorry everybody the guy is half right here, i have a 7 year old pompey fan son and i am over 40 and you can say no. he's delighted just to go to a game. I have the latest shirt, thats because i liked it and the Goodmans transfers were starting to fall off the last one i brought. Of course the shirt is a marketing exercise for the club, what else could it be? I have my shirt on for home games, most away games and any visit to scumhampton airport, I spend most of my life in London now in places where it is not considered appropriate, so i wear the badge i bought in the pub by the Wigan game at the end of last season, it gets noticed and normally a freindly comment. In fact the most moaning i have heard recently is johnny come lately fans who still think dougy reed was better in the Milton end at home games... your team is in the premiership, we are regarded as one of the best value for money clubs in a very expensive business...give it a rest why dont you.....Les you have a point but IS wearing last seasons shirt so hard on a kid ( unless of course you bought the red away strip in which case you should be reported to social services). Tantona agreed its hard but it is possible. Thefear , to criticise without any constructivity well im scared for you. Storagematt Im over 40 and still wear my shirt with pride (did say he was only half right) .but its good that someone puts their head above the parapitt and anyway just because your contraversial doesnt mean your wrong. Unlike the Pasties which clearly are so personally I would really appreciate bstanle next doing a critique of the pasty quality. Oh and i took my nephew to the Wigan home game and bought him the 30.12 yr old shirt, on the way out of the shop un prompted the kid who serves us shouted out, mate if you have the two season shirt, bring it in and we'll give you half the cost back, we did and they did. nephew got him self some more pomepy stuff with the money. try seeing how that goes down with Gunners, hammers and wanderes & spurs fans.... tssccchhh fans these days, well they dont know they are born do they....etc etc etc.....
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12/09/2006 21:17:00

This was the bit i bottled out of putting in the article but i posting it anyway.....that was johnny come lately and grandads who love to moan and still think "Dougie reed was better", then ask "who's tha darkie in the goal, oh is that im isit".... :-) dont it make you proud
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12/09/2006 21:23:00

Good on yer russellm, at least you've given this some thought. By the way never did go abundle on Dougie Reid, far to slow and awkward. Much prefer Lua Lua backflips an all. Incidentally, I was not trying to criticise trhe wearing of shirts but this idea that you are compelled to buy every latest one that comes and it's all the fault of the Club for trying to make money! Of course they are and good luck to them. Where else is the money going to come from to pay extortionate players wages ? Not from 19.5 thou. gates.
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12/09/2006 21:48:00

All I know is the old TY shirt with the heart in the middle is a real conversation starter among the womenfolk out here in the colonies - wouldn't trade mine for a new one.
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12/09/2006 22:23:00

I've worn my shirt all round the world. Proud to show i'm pompey, and 9 times out of 10 you'll find that another pompey fan will come up and chat to you. BTW, Pompey got fined today for selling the new shirt a year early. PPS - Can someone please put a spellchecker on here?
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12/09/2006 23:08:00

bstanle, yep your right , and i forgot to pick that up the reason we are looking for a larger stadium development is because the original planned would not have been big enough to be finacially viable. FEN-100 is right a Spellchecker should be the next vital pompey signing and 2 year price fix & 7500 fine was imposed... my freinfd in media street was telling me that they regards themselves the gurdian of the fans....hmmm..LoL now in 2 years time the club will have to raise the price of the shirts by an extra over 5% to pay for the fine....
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13/09/2006 00:09:00

WOW, the controversy, was expecting Pompey shirts with baby seal fur. First thought was in a crowd of 20-100,000 blue and white doesn't stand out to an individual but FEn makes a very valid point as does Toronto. Based on that the new Spurs shirt with Mansion on the front may just get the gals thinking, then it's back to the tiny bedsit.
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13/09/2006 00:21:00

Thanks lads I enjoyed that. Now I've found out how to get into this flippin thing perhaps we'll have a go at something else next time. How about why do some people insist on standing , sorry sitting, behind the goal when you can't see the game properly from there? Don't mean it really, just for fun! Pretty fed up at the moment, S**mmers won and Reserves lost, yet again! Must retire with my bournvita and dream of Peter Harris, wearing my Pompey shirt, in private of course. Yes, I do own several!
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13/09/2006 00:48:00

At least the kids don't get laughed at these days for wearing ANY Pompey shirt. It wasn't that long ago when many would have been ashamed to wear one in public. Now that just goes to show what a fickle bunch us football fans really are. Success will ultimately sell more shirts, whoever buys them. If the shirts are knocked down on the cheap then one can only assume that we are in trouble or at the least relegated. How about 150 Quid a time. That might just mean that it is a Champions League one and we are doing very well. Sod it I'm not going to wear one, but it certainly won't stop me from supporting my famed club....now where that Bishops Printers one I'm sure I put it in the wash again last week !!
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13/09/2006 07:09:00

I bought my Shirt... Again this year, as i did last year, and the year before lol. I agree, it is nice to be over 40 and wear my shirt with pride, and i agree i may be a mug buying every shirt they produce, but i also agree i'm not made too. I just like to :-) PUP Pompey... PS... Cahnge of tune - KEVIN BOND.................................................................................................. Looks like Kevin Bond didnt part company on friendly terms with harry after all, when he left pompey for Newcastle. I have heard (And this will be confirmed if Panorama broadcast it Tuesday 19/09/06) that Keving Bond, was caught on tape naming Managers that May take a Bung. As Harry redknapp was named by Kevin Bond, Harry, then asked Kevin to leave Pompey, after managing NOT to get lured in... (which makes sence, as Harry must have smealt the rat having been branded time and time again... Lets be fair, Harry isnt that daft he saw it coming). Now Panorama is about to screen the recording, Kevin Bond is likely to make more enemies, as he names other managers. Hence his need for Personal leave, and probably the end of his short lived spell in Newcastle???? Watch Tuesday to see if the murmours i hear are true or false.
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13/09/2006 11:56:00

I agree with those who suggest that no one is forced to buy a shirt. You walk into any shop and decide to purchase or pass on whatever you want. Its like TV, if you don't like what you are watching turn it over or even better turn it off and find something better to do. Its called consumer choice and we all have it.
The Rabbi
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13/09/2006 16:32:00


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