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Walk away then...

So much for 'wanting to talk just about football again' eh, but then again if the man at the head of the Portpin bid to 'reluctantly' regain control of Portsmouth Football Club is so disinterested in the footballing side of things how the hell can you talk football!!!

I think it is pretty safe to say that most know Balram Chainrai would be far from the head of my Christmas card list, I have little to no time for the guy...

The latest draggings on of Portpin's 'takeover' are doing little to enhance my fondness of him.

Do me a favour, all this rubbish about 'investing the money he saves' into Pompey should the administrators 'reduce their fees' is nonsense, surely there are not many who genuinely believe he will do this!

As per my thoughts yesterday I, in some ways, understand his thoughts regarding the administrators and how maybe they need to take a look at the fees they will bring in from a financially ruined 'organisation' but at the end of the day Portpin KNEW admin fees would be incurred when they agreed to takeover again, 'if' certain conditions laid down by them were met...

These were met! Met with the dismantling of our 'squad'.

We literally cannot get rid of anyone else as every senior 1st team player has gone, as per their - and to be fair - The PST's request. Of course that squad was unsustainable financially at this, championship and 'maybe' even premier league level for a club like ours.

Now today we hear, according to The News, that 'the budget' that Portpin are prepared to invest is to be cut from £4m to £1.5m?

In all honesty I think that a £4m budget is excessive!

Whilst £1.5m, in the modern game, does not sounds a lot, albeit 'tight' is probably achievable as a league one club - but more to the point WHY was a £4m playing budget offered if it was not being given? Even more to the point why was £4m on offer anyway, as that is not sustainable for PFC anyway is it!

Not only has the budget been 'slashed' it is said that Portpin have no plans to retain an academy set-up!?

How the hell can you plan for a future when what is meant to be the future is not even going to be in place!

Quite clearly BC has no interest in owning this club so instead of threatening to walk away lets just see him walk away - I did not want him to takeover, and still do not want him to takeover, and if he does I am amazed how anyone can think we have 'a future' under his ownership...

Maybe The PST, as many people feel, could not 'pull it off' but I know I would sure as hell be run by people that genuinely want this club to have a long-term future than those that have no interest in anything bar clawing back as much as they can before kicking us to touch.

I wonder if I (well we) can ever get back to just enjoying football again...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 13 2012

Time: 1:30PM

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The man is a complete CTNU!!! ( re-arrange as you wish)
plymouth graham
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13/08/2012 13:44:00

The Admin fees (to date) were also published in the PKF statement which accompanied documents circluated to Creditors and they were around 1m then - so Portpin knew!! It is TOO late to turn back now.
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13/08/2012 13:50:00

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13/08/2012 13:59:00

moving the goal posts all the time... oh, and is it TUNC!
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13/08/2012 14:05:00

The predictive text on my old phone used to type aunt.
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13/08/2012 14:55:00

I used to think that anything was better than liquidation but I'm beginning to wonder if a metaphorical trip to that clinic in Switzerland wouldn't be the best thing, cos like you PR, I'm sick of this.
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13/08/2012 14:59:00

If BC pulls out, the PST offer is better than liquidation so should be accepted.... fingers crossed! Seems BC wants the club to lose the first few games every season judging by his delaying actions in pre seasons..... I am royaly fed up with all this too.
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13/08/2012 15:44:00

What a winker, surely he should be trying to protect his so called investment by making the club more attractive, ie competitive on the pitch and doing well. Oh well, defeat tomorrow night and the possibility of additional income from a Home draw in the next round. More money out of your pocket BC!
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13/08/2012 16:39:00

Agree with everyone, but if the administrators fees were already at 1m, why has PST also only budgeted for 700k? I'm pretty sure the administrators won't settle for that? If they did then Prtpin would only offer that too. If its 1.5m that's still 20 players on 1.5k a week though? Or 25 on 1k or a mixture of younger players on 700-800 and others on nearer the 2k? So although not best news, let's keep faith all the time Appleton does. When he walks, that's when we should accept defeat.
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13/08/2012 17:27:00

Fed up with all of it. As soon as you think things are getting sorted, they're not sorted. Fed up with the 'aunt' making promises he has no intention of fulfilling - like last time he was going to pay in full all the smaller creditors and never did. If he's saving Pompey, he's doing a great job by getting rid of all the players and still haggling about stuff 24 hours before our first competitive game. I know things would still be uncertain and money too tight under the PST, but at least we'd know where we stand. He won't walk away. He still thinks he'll get his 17million back. He must be nuts!
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13/08/2012 18:58:00

i will be in the brittania pub prior to the game and then over to the fan fest at the club if any one wants to join me
plymouth graham
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13/08/2012 19:04:00

Who is he threatening? Surely the administrators will not give a tinker's cuss what he says or does. Did you ever think he would invest 4 million? He welshed on his promises before so he is not trustworthy, I would not trust this guy to sit on a toilet seat the right way round and we are stuck with him I'm afraid. Slow death is still on.
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13/08/2012 19:18:00

Always thought BC was the best of a bad job but now I think anything would be better. He's no intention of funding a competative club. I wonder if Birch wants him to walk and may have stuck to the 1.8m to force his hand - and maybe ne will do a deal with the trust.
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13/08/2012 20:30:00

To be honest I was hoping that it was Appleton that was being talked about walking away, our club is an embarressment and this decent honest and genuine guy deserves a hell of a lot more than the ***** he is being served up. I really feel for the guy and he must surely be wondering if he should go now.
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13/08/2012 23:20:00

Looking at MA's comments in the News, he is saying we WILL be relegated with a playing squad budget of 1.5m. Why (does it appear that) nothing is happening at the moment? Why is Birch still dealing with this Shyster? Why can't he give (and he's good at this, at least) a deadline to deal or no deal? Wednesday at midday sounds good to me. Let the PST have a go. And what's this from Mike Hancock saying that Birch stated at a meeting of councillors that the Admin fees were 'taken care of' from current funds or something? Now they appear not to be taken care of. Birch now has a lot to answer for including dealing with the Indians in the first place - he must have known what an untrustworthy g!t he is. And there's the slashed budget - that figure seems to have come from Birch, too. I don't mind getting stuffed this evening but a season where we are doomed to relegation from the start is not worth the cost of my two season tickets. I'm so regretting that purchase now! Lastly, I honestly think Mr Appleton will leave, and who would blame him. He's only here now out of a mixture of sympathy and obligation to us supporters. Birch is now the main villain and unless he does something to justify his company's fees (remembering they total more than that MA's entire playing budget for the season) he will be vilified by Pompey supporters throughout the coming decades. Sort it out Birch, we have long memories.
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14/08/2012 11:36:00

By the way the Trust has said it has not budgeted for TB's fees - at all. The PSThas confirmed that they have NO ALLOWANCE in their "plan" . And you wonder why TB is not taking the trust seriously and Chan feels he can force the issue. Goal post moving Rug, you have to be able to afford one to move it. The inconvenient truth - short term BC is still the only real option.
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14/08/2012 12:04:00

I don't make a lot of comments these days but I believe Appleton is still here because he knows he's the only reason most of the supporters have that small amount of sanity/belief left... the guy's a hero to be honest. If he walks/gets sacked then there will be nothing left at Pompey, I would scarcely call FP a shell right now. The season's ended before it's already begun! I hear from my toon mate that Newcastle have bought a stake in New Rangers, why can't teams with surplus cash buy a stake in us (the PST bid perhaps?) to prop everything up whilst getting an obvious reward? There must be SOMEONE out there who KNOWS they can make money out of Pompey AND leave them with solid foundations? I suppose the problem we have is the deferred payments and parachute payments... it's all a bit of a tangle with every TNUC trying to put his finger in the proverbial pie! When all that comes to ahead 'New Pompey' can move on!
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14/08/2012 12:05:00

In short perhapse someone can explain how if it is so rude to try and get a 200k discount and defferals it's quite correct to ask for a 700k plus discount and no further payment cos we hadn't budgeted for it ? This is the detailed complete open and hobest bid people keep telling me i've received it. Do me a favour.
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14/08/2012 12:10:00

RussellM, Rug and co. are so anti-BC that they look at the PST offer with blinkered eyes. Goalposts? I wish they could all be moved if it means there'll be more money to plough into Pompey. If BC makes savings and then reneges on his 'investing the money he saves' then is the time to slate him. And to condemn him for reducing the budget from 4m to 1.5m whilst stating "why was 4m on offer anyway, as that is not sustainable for PFC anyway is it!" is a bit of nonsense. Perhaps Rug it was forced on him by all these 'deferred payments' negotiated by Birch to get rid of the high earners. Simple accountancy really!
Report Abuse
14/08/2012 12:39:00

4m seems to be the average amount a division 3 team budgets for it's playing staff, according to Michael Appleton, anyway. 1.5m seems to be a middling division 4 team's budget. If that is the case, why are we even trying to compete in this league? If the figure of 1.5m was agreed some time ago then why didn't Chanrai suggest we drop down a division to begin with? I'm sure the FL would have looked seriously at the proposal. He could issue statements of information and/or intent to reassure 'his' clubs supporters. But no, nothing; not a sausage. PFCb, this is the guy you are championing (ok, a little bit over the top) with 4 days to go until Pompey, our club sans squad! You seem to be accepting a rubbish, relegation season (almost said sch1te, there). Either Chanrai is a businessman or he's not. If he is, then with multi-million pound legal advice, are you seriously telling me that the deferred payments came as a surprise to him? On the back of the FL's directive, he refused to deal with the purchase unless all the players left. Do you really think he expected them to shrug their shoulders and leave, with a 'C'est la vie' and a whistle on their lips? Bah!
Report Abuse
14/08/2012 14:48:00

A bit of health & safety advice for mssrs chanrai and birch, lower case used intentionally for this pair of no marks, this is not a threat, merely a sound bit of advice. I do not recommend either of you show your faces around FP in the immediate future because the natives are seriously unhappy!!
Report Abuse
14/08/2012 22:14:00


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