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I Quit Proud Of This Site!

When I first took the site over, (around this point in the month) Vital Pompey had about ten members and we had thirty points and a forum with 15 posts! Six months later we have 1930 points and 6374 posts in the forum.

Some people on this site make it difficult but not impossible. I know that Vital have a replacement already lined up as I made them aware I wasn`t happy about a week ago.

The majority of you have been fantastic and I will stay a poster on this site for a long time to come. I will also offer any advice that the new guy wants. I have enjoyed running this site but I have taken it as far as I can and now I will leave with my head held high!

Don`t ruin this site, how many sites can you post comments on the main page without being checked? How many websites don`t have rival fans having a go at Pompey on their forums? How many websites does registering take ten seconds?

Thanks for everything lads,

Les Matthews

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The Journalist

Writer:  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 18 2006

Time: 1:48PM

Your Comments

FAF you choker, day before the season starts PMSL
hahaha come on pompey
Sorry to hear that Les i think that is just playing into the hands of morons that don't have the balls to have a go at running the site themselves but are happy to knock those that do.
Steve C
Well done for all your work on the site Les, funny time to sling in the towel though!!
lol no its the right time to quit! It gives the guy some time to sort stuff out, i'll still be posting on here
Try running one for ten years. That's what I've been doing
I think it's hilarious that you think your quitting is major Pompey news! Sums you up, with your "scoops". It was one big ego ride for you wasn't it? Steve C- who are the morons, those that complain about poor information, or the ones that assume that everything on here is gospel?
lol clap clap for laughing Les, good luck out there *)
Les, thanks for all your time. Not a Pompey fan but this is one of the most enjoyable Vital sites going. All the best mate.
The morons are the people who insist on carrying out the arguments in public. There are proper procedures that should be followed i.e deal with it in private, first go to Les if that fails move on up the ladder. I don't believe everything that i read on here and i don't agree with everything thats said on here either. But running any site is not a job for the faint hearted and we should be prepared to help thiose that run sites improve them rather than embark on vindictive public assualts.
Steve C
Good work Les "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more" Matthews. Enjoy the new season!
cheers mate
about time too
cheers pompeyscum
This is the best news I've heard this week. The only way is up for this site! Head held high - you must be joking. Hopefully this change in author will put a stop to the random, fanciful, fabricated jack-a-nories. Bye bye Les =)
haha go on earlofpompey now change over to your other username and post a similar comment
bye mattso
Les, I don't understand this, you've pourd your heart and soul into the site and made it a great place to log onto. SO WHY ARE YOU QUITING AFTER EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE!
Les, seriously, give it a rest, there is more than one person who find your 'journalism' beyond amateur. Get over yourself.
the time it takes and i am getting married soon and have other family issues, some things come first if you know what i mean
doodicus i know! Its probably split i'm like marmite lol
I completely understand that, cheers for all the hard owrk. (this isn't Les by the way, im a real member).
lol cheers mate, i've enjoyed it
Good luck les. Family should ALWAYS come first.
Bye Les. Its been fun, but surely you understand where the criticism comes from. Hope your 'family issues' resolve themselves positively. Maybe give 'journalism' a rest for a bit though.
cheers FEn_100 you've been great for this site
pompey4europe i just wish you had come direct to me with any problem! thanks for the family comments
Les, you are a great lad and you will be missed alot by myself and the rest of us Pompey faithful lads that post on here everyday. Every morning without fail I come onto Vital Pompey to check the new updates etc and there is always something new to read. Please make sure you stay posting on the site as your comments are some of the funniest stuff I have ever read. Hope you enjoy your new lease of life and the time with your family mate. You have made such a diference to the site and I hope the new lads can continue to work up to your high standards. good luck mate. Keep your head up high, and play up Pompey!!!
Good luck with your wedding too!
Congratulation Les ! This is a terrific site and always worth a read. I'd say it's pretty impressive that you've managed to get readers from across the atlantic and parts elsewhere overseas no doubt. Sorry to hear you're packing it in. If I could make one suggestion for the future, it would be that people who are genuinely interested in the site's theme ignore those who come on here just to have a go at others. If we don't respond to them, then eventually they'll just bugger off and take it someplace else. Anyway, job well done. PLAY UP POMPEY !
as i said Les, i couldnt have run a site, good luck with the marriage
thanks everyone i'm hoping the new guy will let me do a weekly article! I will stay posting on here, it's the best website with the best members and if the guy who i think will get it, gets it you will have loads of articles lol
Sorry to hear you're going, Les. Good luck and make sure you hang around.
i will, i hope he keeps you on mate
LoL Les its not pompey4europe is it ?
Did you fail a 2nd medical Les?!!? Maybe now the site will have some exclusives and not regurgitated crap from other sites on the net.
what is russ
good work les havnt been on for along time just logging on for the new season shame youv'e given it up anyway up the pompey
yer good season i recon
Good luck with the marriage les. if you thought running this site was painful just wait for marriage lol only kidding.
Steve C
haha get more abuse then lololol
bye bye les lol, biggest pioece of news today. You see yourself as a Milan of the Vital website dont you. What a prat.
all my favourites are here
Sad to see that even after people have got their wish they still can't resist one more twist of the knife.
Steve C
Les, I know that when I check in to this site, there is invariably something new to read. If it is not all 100% accurate and contains some regurgitated material I don't mind as I might have missed it and can make my own judgements on what I read. If all football journalism had to be 100% accurate and devoid of the author's 'slant' on the subject, papers would be thin indeed. Those who take exception to what they read on this site have a simple choice. They can look elsewhere. If they have an issue, they should take it off-line, particularly with a site like this where people are free to post what they choose. You will never please everybody and I was saddened by the need that some had to gripe and score points and celebrate your giving up. This site clearly has many ardent Pompey fans who's main interest is to discuss whatever news or speculation there is and if it turns out to be ill founded, so what! From what I see that has not been through a desire for self promotion but in a genuine wish to share matters of interest. Whoever picks up the reins from you would do well to heed the advice of Toronto4Pompey and not react to those who just want to publically have a go at others. Enjoy your 'retirement'!
lol i'll be back one day thanks for your remarks
Thought i'd check out the pompey online forum, it's surprising how many usernames crop up there that were giving Les a hard time here. As things stand i shall happier posting my messages here rather than on a board where people talk about knocking one out if a particular player signs.
Steve C
pompey online have had it in for this website (anyone read their pompey forum article?)
Hey Les, ive only been registered on this site for about three weeks, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the articles & thank you for your efforts on a great site for our beloved football club! I think it must have been real hard work over the past couple of months with possibly the hardest club in football to keep track of. Well, I wish you luck in your future endevours!!!....& one thing every one can agree on "PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!!"
So when has life been perfect. Easy to knock someone else effort. use hindsight to batter the messenger. Thanks Les for your contribution. We all have opinions on everything & it's rare to agree, but whilst we are a 'free speaking' country, we will disagree, often. To the knockers, you're welcome to do a better job, if you can?
cheers i have enjoyed it
Steve C- I will knock one out if this site starts to be honest and do proper reports and not use other sites' news. Oh no, the dirty talk has started on here now! Get use to it.
Well i suppose you'd be quite practiced in that art doodicus it's obviously what you do best.
Steve C
perhaps you should change your screename to reflect it.
Steve C
If you do end up doin a weekly rticle what will it be on and what day is it likely to be?
I agree wholeheartedly with Pietro, and simply let's not react to the knockers on this site - simply don't reply, they love the attention. Well done Les, this site has great Pompey Fans who want to speak up positively and speak their mind. To those of you who are the complainers I say " ".
You're both right of course i will attemt to keep myself in check in future.
Steve C
Look forward to talking about the Blackburn game - when's the preview coming ????
Les, don't mean 2 be rude, but you haven't answered my question. If u do end up doin a weekly article, what will it be about and what day is it likely to be?
I agree wholeheartedly with what Pietro had to say in his last entry. We knew that some of the things that we were discussing were not 'fact' as hadn't been announced on the official site, but there had been discussions about this in the past and many agreed that it was fun to chat and speculate with fellow Pompey fans rather than have nothing to read/discuss at all as the season drew close. There were those that liked this and those that didn't - those that didn't just joined in on the threads that appealed to them...whether they be set in stone fact or otherwise. Regardless, I find it very sad that small minded individuals should get stuck right into Les in a very public manner. Some of the comments that I've seen from people who obviously report for or have input for other sites has been ridiculous and childish in the extreme. It's likely that this is a sad reflection on their site, and unfortunately also makes Pompey fans in general look silly. Please go back to your own site(s?), you will not be missed. P.S. Well done again Les, don't let the eejits get you down fella.
Yes, let's invoke the "We are staying up" spirit and keep this site the most enjoyable Pompey site to make comments on. I think our team is going to beat a depleted Blackburn this day 3-1 - looking forward to it !
Pompey to win 2-1 with Kanu to score the first goal!
I have money on Pompey to win 2-0 with Toddy to score first goal. Come on Pompey. Good luck for tomorrow. How harsh is this? I swapped a shift with a work mate so I could go to magaluf last week. I was so stoked on getting the time off that I didn't pay much attention to the shift I would do for them. I am working Saturday 12.00 til 21.00............. Gutted!!! tried to swap with someone else, yea like thats gonna happen.
Good luck Les with your marriage and familt life. Familt must come first and unfortunatly Pompey come 2nd. We have had some great banter over the month. Please keep posting on this site.
Well Les the time has come the walrus said. I have always defended your efforts. It is a thankless task at times. Criticism will always come from those that would not choose to be in your shoes. I only wish that they now take time to look at themselves before firing below the belt. Good Luck in whatever you do but promise not to leave us....who knows you might start a revolution or a domino effect. If you retain your email we can always find you. CONGRATULATIONS on all your efforts....and now let the season begin. Hope we all enjoy it.
cheers pompeygray cheers nelson cheers the 99% of fans on this site!! Westov it depends what the new guy wants?
whilst i've been a member of this site for some time, it is only recently that i have started to post on here regularly. The general standard of comments on this site is of a higher quality than most other sites i have tried and rejected. I was impressed with the serious discussion/light hearted banter and advised my 15yr old Pompey/football mad daughter to sign up as i felt she would be able to post her thoughts on here and recieve reasoned response. Thank you Les for what you have done now it's up to the rest of us to carry forward the job you have begun but hopefully with your help too.
Steve C
yer you will

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